Modernize your association with an integrated, cloud-based solution.

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As associations evolve, they sometimes do not have the time or resources to think long term about scalable management software and business productivity solutions. Leverage mobile capabilities to access member information anytime, anywhere.

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The Six Tech Tools Your Small Org Staff Needs to Succeed [eBook]

Higher Logic

Associations are usually labeled as “small” for one of two reasons: they have a small staff or a small budget. The small associations we work with have large memberships and far-reaching effects. Where does your association land in terms of email? Get your free eBook here.

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What is Association Management Software?


Operating a member-based association is hard work. Do you need Association Management Software (AMS)? An AMS is a integrated online software suite ( saas ) where you can manage your database of members, events, donations, and other transactions with a modern website presence. More time to focus on growing and managing your business. Will Association Management Software reduce redundancies in my organization? Download the eBook here.

How to publish a book and why you should care

Aaron Wolowiec

As a featured association management blogger on Alltop , I was recently given the opportunity to receive and review an advance copy of a new book written by Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch titled, APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur—How to Publish a Book.

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Personalization and data security for your association


T he Community Brands Digital Evolution Study shows that 79 percent of members of professional associations say it’s very or somewhat important that their organization provide targeted, valuable content. . GDPR ebook . Association Management Membership Software Implementation

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Webinar Recap: AMS Implementation Doesn’t Have to Be a PITA (Pain in the Association)

Association Adviser

Download the archived version of our webinar, AMS Implementation Doesn’t Have to Be a PITA , hosted by ReviewMyAMS and Naylor Association Solutions. I cover best practices and tips to ensure your next AMS implementation isn’t a pain in the association (PITA).

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GDPR: How Will the New Regulation Impact Your Association?


Learn More About GDPR and the Impact It Has On Your Association. If your association has employees, members, prospects or customers residing in the EU (regardless of their citizenship), you’re required to meet General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance standards. We put together a comprehensive GDPR ebook , and recently conducted a webinar that focused on the impact of GDPR on associations. What are associations responsible for? The clock is ticking.

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Webinar: AMS Implementation Doesn’t Have to Be a PITA

Association Adviser

Discover the three steps for executing a no-hassle, no-headache association management software implementation that doesn’t need to be a pain in the association (PITA). Read the eBook. The post Webinar: AMS Implementation Doesn’t Have to Be a PITA appeared first on Association Adviser. Don’t let the fear of AMS implementation hold you back from achieving more.

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Will “Subscription Economy” Impact Association Memberships?

SCD Group

Two recent stories outline changes in the economy that might impact association membership strategies. The question is will either of these impact association memberships and what, if anything, associations can learn from the media.

Completing the puzzle to decode chapter ROI

Mariner Management

Most associations know how much their chapters cost in staff support, rebates/grants, training programs, technology platforms, etc. Measuring the return on investment (ROI) of chapters is critically important to understanding the value they bring to an association.

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Get the Book


A little book of big ideas for associations navigating the social web. Written for the complicated and quirky world of associations and membership organizations, Open Community is about how associations can—and why they should—build community online. (Not

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.7.19

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… When’s the last time you talked to your AMS vendor? Wes Trochlil explains why you should meet with your association management system partner at least once a year.

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New Year Resolution: Invest in Association Learning Technology

WBT Systems

Back at the office, this process is paralleled as the new year kick-starts strategic planning sessions to set goals for association management, covering everything from membership growth and retention to updating education and certification programs.

Why Association Boards Must Step Back from Strategy: Part I

Association Adviser

In this column, we will consider why associations are long overdue to bring the era of strategic planning to an end, and why limiting board involvement can facilitate the shift to strategy as a process of learning. 3 reasons associations must think different about strategy.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 2.9.18

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events for the association community… Ernie Smith at Associations Now provides really smart advice on SEO (search engine optimization) for your website and blog based on Google algorithm changes over the last few years.

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5 For Friday: Resources & Reading for Association Web Design and Website Management

Vanguard Tech

Here are five articles or resources that caught our eye this week for people buildling and managing association websites. Five Forces Reshaping Associations. The fact is that association management and the business of associations is changing at a faster and faster pace.

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Which Association Learning Trends Predictions Came True in 2016?

WBT Systems

Which trends will be relevant to the associations attending ASAE Tech 16, looking to enhance or revise their learning technologies? Which association learning trends will still be important as we move forward into 2017? Learning Content Curation for Association Member Education.

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What to Do If Your Association’s Online Course Failed

WBT Systems

Here are a few other ways to test an idea and assess demand: Create a lead magnet (an ebook or report) related to the course topic and send traffic to it via newsletter links, Facebook ads, and other paid advertising. If your website and content management system, learning management system (LMS), or association management system isn’t intuitive or responsive enough, they’ll find their education elsewhere. You were so proud.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.2.18

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages transitioned into a benefits-based membership model. Tue 3/6 at 2 p.m.* – The Influencer Economy (Association Chat).

5 Questions to Ask Before Jumping Ship on Your AMS

Higher Logic

An effective association management system (AMS) helps your association improve functionality, streamline operations, empower your members, and increase growth rate. If this sounds familiar, trust us, your association is not alone in contemplating a switch.

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How to Produce Association Rock Stars for 100 Years and Beyond

Association Adviser

Wendy Kavanagh, Georgia Society of Association Executives. The Georgia Society of Association Executives is celebrating its 100 th anniversary this year. Association Adviser: GSAE has existed for 100 years this year.

Why I’m Optimistic About the Future of Association Governing

Association Success

In my new eBook, Foresight is The Future of Governing: Building Thrivable Boards, Stakeholders and Systems for the 21 st Century , I a rgue that associations must create a different future of governing by focusing the work of governing on the future. As I explain: Associations need their boards, with the support of their staff partners and other. New director— The arrival of younger directors is already making an impact on association boards.

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Build a Journey to Yes Using Marketing Automation


Mine the invaluable data in your association management system. Personas are the characters in your association’s story. Opportunity: visibility with associations Listing of Upcoming Local Events.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 2.2.18

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events for the association community… Amanda Kaiser (aka Smooth The Path) and Dynamic Benchmarking just published the New Member Engagement Study. What does it mean for your association? How can associations help people fill that psychic hole?

Association Marketers Choose Ca$h to Power Membership Marketing

Association Adviser

For our November poll, we asked Association Adviser readers if they’d rather have more staff to help with membership marketing or more money to help power their membership marketing plans. I’d definitely prefer to have more money to execute a membership marketing plan,” said Christina McCoy, CAE, of AMPED Association Management. Source: 2017 Association Communications Benchmarking Survey.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.9.18

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… As a history major, I’ve been waiting for virtual reality (VR) to shake up the way history is taught and it’s finally happening—or maybe it’s been happening and I just haven’t noticed.

Why Scoring Member Engagement Matters, Part 4


Here’s the latest post in our “INDUSTRY INSIDERS” column, where we bring you the inside scoop from several awesome association technology vendors and consultants who will share the insights they have gleaned from years of working in our association industry.

Nimble AMS Is Heading to ASAE Annual 2019

Nimble AMS

Join the Nimble AMS team August 10-13 at the Community Brands booth #1523 during the 2019 American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) Annual Meeting , August 10 through 13 i n Columbus, O hio. . Download the eBook.

Inbound Marketing’s Potential for Membership

Associations Now

Is your association ready to make the leap? There’s just so much potential for associations, because we’re so good at creating relevant content and have been for years and years. Associations need to think that way,” Martin says.

AUDC 13 Recap: Community and Innovation for Association Websites & Technology

Vanguard Tech

Technology is now part of every facet of your association and is part of every transaction and interaction between your association staff and membership. New memberships, events, email, association website content, organizing volunteers and even generating support for a new program.

What Does Member Mean to You?

Associations Now

The future of association membership models is a question of both business philosophy and language. Like any profession, association management has a common language. appeared first on Associations Now

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7 Reasons Associations, Chapters AND Members Love Auto-Renewal Membership Plans

Chapter Chat

Is it time for your association to become part of the subscription economy? Members already pay for monthly subscription services in their personal and professional lives – why not give them the option to pay for their association membership the same way? But, associations benefit too.

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How Your Association Marketing Plan Benefits from an AMS Upgrade


One of the most important players in your association marketing plan doesn’t have a place in the org chart, doesn’t have an office, and doesn’t even get vacation time. This silent supporter is your association management system (AMS), the hub of your association’s data. Does it support your association marketing plan in a 21st century way? Looking to up your association marketing game? ams upgrade Association Marketing

A 360-Degree View of Outsourcing Content Management

Association Adviser

If your association needs help bridging the staffing gap or creating effective, engaging communication plans, outsourcing content management could be a viable, cost-friendly option. Here are some guidelines to help you understand what the outsourcing process looks like for your association. By creating value for associations, outsourcing creates value for members & contributes to greater member engagement.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 2.23.18

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… Content is everywhere and a good deal of it is crap. In the last of their three-part series on AI for associations, Has your association considered podcast advertising yet?

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SCD Group: Why Content is Gold for Associations & Nonprofits

SCD Group

AMR Management Services. Stronger by Association. Why Content is Gold for Associations & Nonprofits. Content is gold for associations and nonprofits. Gold, or the wealth attributes associated with holding lots of gold, gives the bearer of gold status and influence.

SCD Group: 8 Great Articles to Help Associations Grow with Content.

SCD Group

AMR Management Services. Stronger by Association. 8 Great Articles to Help Associations Grow with Content Marketing. Here are five reasons why every blogger (association) should include writing guest blog posts in their blog marketing strategy. Pages. About. Contact.

SCD Group: 7 Association Membership Articles Worth Saving

SCD Group

AMR Management Services. Stronger by Association. 7 Association Membership Articles Worth Saving. Rewriting the Rules of Member Engagement: 5 Ways Associations Can Leverage CRM to Drive Interaction and Relevance eBook from Avectra. Manage the Member Lifecycle. Membership and the reason individuals belong to associations has shifted over the years. Industry (associations) Must Respond to Generational Shifts. Pages. About. Contact.