Daily Buzz: How Influencers Can Help Your Email Marketing Campaigns

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Looking for a new approach to email marketing? When influencers work with brands, their marketers are actually reaching out to the influencers’ followers. Once the right person is chosen, there are many ways to bring that person into your email marketing strategy.

Email Marketing for Associations: Deliverability vs. Delivery

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You’ve put together the perfect marketing email for your association. Association ManagementYou know it's going to land with a splash and set new records for click-throughs and conversions.


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A Handwritten Note Calendar: The New Email Marketing Calendar?


You’ve heard of email marketing calendars. You may even have an email marketing calendar. association management Small Staff ChatterIt’s a great way to plan ahead and get really strategic about your member and prospect communications. Plus, it’s a great way to ensure you’re not overdoing it. Or, just as dangerous, underdoing it.). But here’s an idea for you that may also add some value: a handwritten note calendar.

4 Email Marketing Tips Every Association Professional Should Know


Email marketing is a tricky business. To help you avoid the latter, we’ve put together a list of four email marketing tips that every association professional should know. association management member engagement membership management Small Staff ChatterDo it right and you could have friends for life. But do it wrong and you could push away even your most loyal members. Yikes.

Choosing the Best Association Management Software


Leveraging a robust AMS system engages members and helps you develop your association, while automating many mundane and repetitive tasks. Whether your membership organization is an association or chamber of commerce, feature-rich Association Management Software (AMS) is a must.

The Problems with Association Email Marketing (And How to Overcome Them)


Email marketing. Why aren’t they responding to/engaging with your emails? Well, it could be due to a number of things, but here are two of the biggest problems association professionals run into when it comes to email marketing, and more importantly, solutions for each: association management member engagement membership management Association ViewsSuch a tricky business.

Your Email Marketing Checklist: What to Review Before You Hit Send


Email blunders happen to everyone. We know that heart-drop-to-the-bottom-of-your-stomach feeling, so to help minimize those blunders, we’ve put together an email marketing checklist with everything you need to review before hitting send. Take a look: association management member engagement membership management Small Staff ChatterAnd when they do, well, they’re certainly not fun. Maybe your personalization was wrong.

Is an Email Marketing Price War on the Way?

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The pricing scheme for many email marketing service providers—which grows based on the size of your list—is one that feels destined for disruption down the line. You know how I know email marketing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon? Microsoft, whose email client has infamously been one of the biggest limitations of making good emails, just entered the market. And its model, if it holds up, could be attractive to small-scale marketers as well.

6 basics of member re-engagement: Part 2.

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This is the second of a two-part series from Real Magnet looking at best practices for re-engaging your association members. In March, we shared the first three basic best practices for re-engaging your association members. Remember, as an email marketer, your list of […]. For a refresher, read part 1 here. Now, here’s the other three.

Why Do You REALLY Need an Association Management System?


Association management system, or AMS for short. For those who don’t, an AMS is a technology solution that allows you to manage your organization’s membership using one integrated system, which includes your website and your database. Dues renewals, email marketing, event registration, and more - you name it, an AMS does it.). We say yes, and here’s why: association management membership management Association Views association software

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Compare Association Management Software Platforms


Could an Association Management Software (AMS) solution be the answer to the inefficiencies that plague your association? This article will help you evaluate ten association software options. What is Association Management Software (AMS)? In a nutshell, an AMS provides membership-based organizations an all-in-one member management system. Association Software 10 1. Popular Association Software Platforms.

Integrated, automated membership renewal campaign leads to $18,000 increase in revenue.

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How one association went from a low-cost email marketing program to a more efficient process and better data quality to streamline membership renewal campaigns. Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA) provides veterinary management professionals ongoing education, certifications, and networking opportunities.

Resolve to Maximize Your Association Management Software This Year

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This disconnect can be especially true for smaller-staffed associations, as it can be a struggle to balance a desire for sustainable growth with real-world restrictions on staffing and budgets. For these associations, it’s important to creatively maximize the use of existing resources, and use them in ways that may not have previously been considered. For example, let’s say you want to know how engaged your affiliate members are with your association. Happy New Year!

Best Association Management Software | Our Top Picks


The best association management software, or AMS, solutions are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of associations just like yours. With features spanning database capabilities, messaging and email tools, accounting and payment systems, and event planning, a top AMS solution is a smart move for practically any group. That’s why we’ve created this comparison of all the biggest names on the market – and provided our own reviews! Grant management.

3 Automated Email Campaigns Professionals Australia Used to Strengthen Their Association

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Associations are increasingly expected to deliver the personalized experience that members (especially younger generations) are used to. They can no longer rely on sending batch-and-blast, one-off emails to their whole member base as an effective membership recruitment and retention strategy.

What is Association Management Software?


Operating a member-based association is hard work. Do you need Association Management Software (AMS)? An AMS is a integrated online software suite ( saas ) where you can manage your database of members, events, donations, and other transactions with a modern website presence. More time to focus on growing and managing your business. Will Association Management Software reduce redundancies in my organization? association tools

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New Report: Gauging the Success of Your Association’s Emails


You probably send a lot of emails at your association. But do you ever wonder if those emails are actually effective? Fortunately, Informz , an email marketing software provider for associations and nonprofits, recently released its 2017 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report , and in that report, there’s a whole goldmine of information/statistics regarding association email marketing.

How to Create a Member Referral Program


You probably do some email marketing, event marketing (to attract potential prospects), and perhaps even some inbound marketing. But are you tapping into your strongest marketing tool - your members? Word-of-mouth marketing continues to be the strongest marketing tactic there is. If you don’t already have one in place, here’s an easy way to get one started: association management membership management Association Views

Aptify recognized as a best AMS for 2021 by Digital.com


With so many association management software offerings available, it’s hard to know which AMS is the right fit for your organization. To help you in your search for the best member management software, look no further than Digital.com.

Assessing the Landscape of Association Email


Just a few weeks ago, they unveiled the 2016 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report. The report includes a summary of email marketing metrics from nearly 2 billion emails sent in 2015 by associations located in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom. Below are just a few of the results we found particularly interesting: association management member engagement Small Staff Chatter

Strengthening Member Engagement: Tips From an HR Consultant


Why do members join associations? As an association leader yourself, you already know that this value often revolves around the experiences you offer, the people members will meet, and the abundance of opportunities you provide. Invest in a comprehensive management solution.

A Plan to Grow Your Association’s Membership: Company Targeting


Let me ask you this: Does your association have a specific plan in place to grow your association’s membership? Maybe you’re doing a lot of marketing : inbound marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, etc. association management membership management Small Staff ChatterMaybe you have a pretty good referral program in place. But are you targeting individuals exclusively or companies as well?

How to Get a Handle on Your Digital Workplace


You work in the Marketing department of a small professional association. While you prepare to respond to your manager, one of the designers in the Creative Services team shares a mockup graphic she created via her personal Dropbox account. Imagine this scenario.

How 3 Associations Used a Microsoft-powered AMS to Execute Digital Transformation


A ssociation management software ( AMS ) help s member-based organizations optimize processes, energize member engagement, enhance organizational decision making and transform their organizations. . The Protech AMS is the core of how we manage our business.

Member Engagement Strategies: A Guide for Associations


Association memberships are rewarding experiences and unique in the way that members pay dues in order to continue to be a part of the organization. Engagement secures your association’s relevance and fuels healthy member retention. Association member engagement strategies.

What Does a Digital Product Manager Do?


What Does a Digital Product Manager Do? Twenty years ago, almost no associations had a User Experience Designer, Digital Content Strategist, or Email Marketing Manager on staff. One of the newer roles is the Digital Product Manager.

I Hate My AMS – But Would Never Think About Changing It

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Dave Bornmann, Naylor Association Solutions. “I This is a direct quote from an association executive at a focus group I recently attended. Back in the day, an association management software system (AMS) focused on the basics of helping an association manage its membership data – things like contact records, member types, member applications, accounting and reports. Specialized association software grows popular. Updates to email addresses (i.e.

What is an AMS System? Your Association Questions, Answered


Each year, associations work hard to host memorable events and offer educational courses to keep their members engaged and invested in the community. Going through the daily motions of administrative duties and repetitive tasks can take up unnecessary time for your association’s team. Though you probably know a bit about association management software systems, it’s always helpful to recap the basics so you move forward with a solid foundation.

AMS Platforms: A Comprehensive Guide for Associations


Running an association can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Without the right capabilities in your association management software , it can be very difficult for your team members to navigate your association’s wealth of data in order to make the best possible strategic decisions. Upgrading to a robust, centralized AMS platform can be a particularly smart move for more established associations with a large membership. Membership Management.

Keep Your Association on Track: 4 Ways to Stay Organized

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For your association’s member businesses, this may mean mastering new emerging technologies in your industry or even hitting specific success metrics within their own internal processes. Your association’s management as a whole probably has slightly different resolutions for the new year.

Pull the veil back on HighRoad's Plus Connector Integration

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Here at HighRoad, we’re passionate about helping associations select the right tools for their marketing technology stacks. Choosing the right marketing automation platform and email marketing system is a crucial step toward growing, engaging, and retaining members and customers.

Where Should Associations Put Their Money?

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Currently, many organizations are embracing technology by attempting to implement an association management system (AMS) and new marketing platforms – and feeling the pressure to do so. Unfortunately, I’ve worked with several associations who’ve said, “Our AMS doesn’t work.” From an AMS perspective, an association may say, “Hey, we need to know what our people are doing. The post Where Should Associations Put Their Money?

What 600 Associations Say About Their AMS


From : Blog Entry >> Heather's Blog Entry Association management software/systems are arguably organizations’ largest technology investment. They provide membership organizations with vital functionality for delivering member services, and serve multiple business purposes—from operating as the core system of record to event and learning management, email marketing campaigns, and much more.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 4.30.21

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The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community…. Association performance and priorities. Senior Vice President of Public Affairs and Engagement, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. Host: Association Analytics.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.7.21

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The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community…. Research on associations. Amith Nagarajan writes at Sidecar about the potential for associations to issue accreditations and certifications on the blockchain. Association myths.

Connecting Associations in Person and Online: The Evolution of Naylor AMS

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The company’s association management software helped associations manage their member and operations data including event registration, committees, continuing education, directories, website data and reporting. Timberlake Membership Software offered associations an efficient way to organize and track member data, manage member dues, communicate with members and more.

The Top 3 AMS Pain Points in 2021


Membership Software, Association Management System, Association Management Software – regardless of how you refer to it, let’s face it – the pain is real. Most associations only want to make a limited amount of change during system implementation.

Compare Association Membership Management Software Platforms


Leveraging a robust AMS system enables membership professionals to engage members and develop their association instead of focusing on mundane, repetitive tasks. This article will help you compare and evaluate different association management software options to help you do just that.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 2.12.21

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The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community…. If you know an association professional or board member who needs a wake-up call, this MemberSuite post should do the trick. Association evolution. Host: Event Manager Blog.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 8.22.16

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This is the emotion you want to trigger when marketing your conference—that warm, happy, inspired, charged-up feeling of belonging to a tribe who gets what you do and loves what you love. Tue 8/23 at 9 a.m.* – 10 Website Design and Email Marketing Best Practices for NGOs. This webinar will demonstrate the importance of embracing new website and email marketing design and call-to-action trends. Planning and IT Project Management for Nonprofits.

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