How Much Should Associations Care About Blockchain?

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A recent whitepaper highlights where associations and their members might come into play. The National Association of Realtors, as a part of its strategic investment arm Second Century Ventures, invested in a startup named Poppy that applies the blockchain to real-world transactions.

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Save People, Not Associations

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In short: Think about your members, not your association. Are these people bad people because they don’t join your association? Last week, I took off my association-management hat and put on my member hat to attend a conference for my own professional learning.

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Can Associations Corner the Education Market?

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A look at some of the roles associations can play as the price and demand for traditional higher education continue to climb. Can associations ever take the place of colleges? This was a question posed recently by Jeff Cobb , managing director and cofounder of Tagoras. Imagine filling current skills gaps across occupations, job titles, and industry sectors by leveraging the power of trusted organizations that have been on top of their fields for years.