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3 Strategies to Recruit Members Through Association Software

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When it comes to recruitment for your association, you have to walk a thin line. So how can your association put this theory into practice? Ready to recruit a fresh pool of members for your program? One time-tested way to boost recruitment is through members-only benefits.

5 Places to Recruit New Members


Here are five places we recommend: association management association leadership Association ViewsNew members are great, but as you know, they can be hard to find. So where, oh where is the best place to look?

Association Subculture: Diversity in Association Management - the.

Association Subculture

Diversity in Association Management - the Association Subculture Weighs In. Associations arent a particularly diverse workforce. I just interviewed 200 association executives in my most recent research project. In large part, we use an organic recruitment process that many times results in our pulling potential job candidates from our own social networks that may be more homogenous than we might wish. association. (25). leadership. (9).

Is Your Association Difficult to Join?


If you’re like most associations, membership recruitment is a top priority for you. You need to recruit more members to help your association grow (and to make up for the members who are bound to lapse each year).

The Small-Staff Guide to New Member Onboarding


If we had to guess, we’d say you probably put a LOT of time and energy into recruiting new members - and that’s completely understandable. That said, because you put so much time and energy into recruiting new members, you absolutely want them to stay!

From #Ideas17: How to Simplify Your Association’s Messaging


But messaging is how you recruit people (and engage and retain them), so your messaging platform (the basis of your organization’s communications) needs to be straightforward and meaningful. association management association leadership ASAE membership management Small Staff Chatter

The Small-Staff Guide to Volunteer Management


As an association professional, you know that volunteers can be difficult to come by. So to help you out, we’ve put together a few quick tips for volunteer recruitment, onboarding, and retention. They can be hard to find, and sometimes, even harder to keep. We understand the struggle.

How Do You Get A Volunteer Board to Perform its Best?

Association Leaders

Whether you are a volunteer leader of an association or an association staff member, its critical that you are doing everything you can to help your Board of Directors perform at its best. Hopefully the reason is obvious – if a Board is performing at its best, the association it is leading should achieve its mission. I read an article on this subject in Association’s Now recently that was very interesting.

Checklist for a Successful Strategic Planning Event


And planning 2018 association priorities is likely on your radar. You have a clearer picture of the organization’s financial strength, including results of membership recruitment and retention efforts. It’s a magical time of year, folks. You’ve survived the summer conferences.

Eliminate Roadblocks to Planning—Integration Transforms Strategy into Action


The corner office of the Association for Ad Hoc Planning – Afternoon. The membership manager looks like a deer in the headlights. Membership Manager. Membership Manager shifts in her chair. Membership Manager. Strategy Meltdown —The screen play.

Eliminate Roadblocks to Planning—Integration Transforms Strategy into Action


the corner office of the Association for Ad Hoc Planning – Afternoon. The membership manager looks like a deer in the headlights. Membership Manager. Membership Manager shifts in her chair. Membership Manager. Strategy Meltdown —The screen play.

A Little Something About 20-somethings

Association Management

For over a decade, I have been attending standards and technology-focused events sponsored by client associations as well as forums hosted by venerable U.S. Are your board and committee leadership committed to recruiting new younger members?

Are You Boring Your Association’s Members?

SCD Group

if I looked at your association’s convention program for 2013 and 2003, would I see any differences other than dates and names of speakers? As a result, I struggle when associations keep doing things the same old way. Think about it.

The Right Tools for the Job

Association Management

Technology associations based on standards efforts share many common goals and challenges. Over the years, through the shared experiences of literally hundreds of such efforts, a set of best practices has emerged, including strategies on: How best to set up a new association.

Tools 173

Association 141+: Volunteers at the Center

Association 141+

Association 141+. Associations rely heavily on the work of volunteers to successful achieve their goals year after year. Labels: Associations , volunteer , volunteer-centric. Maybe they can "tell" your association's story in a guest blog post.)

There is no “I” in Team

Association Leaders

The leadership of the organization has to make one of their top priorities recruitment and retention of key performers. Association Management Companies CM Services Leadership Uncategorized VolunteerismRemember the old saying “There is no ‘I’ in Team”? I love this saying – in other words, for teams or organizations to succeed it takes more than one successful person.

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Tips for Managing Millennials - from a real, live millennial!

Association Management

Management is about coping with complexity. Leadership is about coping with change.”. writes that Millennials “yearn to work for managers who treat them fairly and respectfully, to form positive connections with colleagues and feel proud of what they do and its impact on the world.”

Building a board strategy

Aaron Wolowiec

Dean West, president/founder, Association Laboratory Inc. Good leadership requires vision. Association Laboratory recently released a whitepaper (scroll down to download) on how associations can build strategic boards.

What Hiring Criteria Does Your Association Use?

SCD Group

He shared a story about his son that may offer staff recruiting advice for association executives. And here are the coach’s comments that might serve association executives. Who you hire for your association is vital for your success.

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In the Beginning was the Leadership : Off Stage

Off Stage

30, 2011 - In the Beginning was the Leadership. The requesting group needed leadership skill and commitment. I know, I know: in the Realtor organization, every level has a leadership session-- States, some regions, the NAR, many local boards. The interesting part of this solution, though, is that the foundation’s process begins with a trained leadership and staff—not with the money or the strategic plan. 17, 2011 - RE: In the Beginning was the Leadership.

Building a board strategy

Aaron Wolowiec

Dean West, president/founder, Association Laboratory Inc. Good leadership requires vision. Association Laboratory recently released a whitepaper (scroll down to download) on how associations can build strategic boards.

Perspective as a Tool for Association Executives: 4 Questions To Ask

SCD Group

I was able to watch two master photo journalists: one at the Dubuque Telegraph-Herald and the other with The Associated Press. And looking at problems from a different perspective helps association executives find solutions to issues they face.

Tools 80

Hawaii Five-O & Monopoly Show Associations How to Engage Members

SCD Group

So, what does this have to do with associations? Many associations have been around 50 or more year. Most associations are seeking ways to engage members, renew members and recruit new members. Some members see their associations as the “same old thing,” almost boring.

Farewell, Associations 101

Spark Consulting

For the past two years, Spark, in partnership with Scott Oser Associates and Peach New Media , has sponsored the free Associations 101 monthly webinar series: “10 tips in 20 minutes” on a variety of topics, designed to provide a quick tactical overview of key issues in association management aimed at new – or new to the profession – association staff. Over the course of the past two years, we’ve covered: Volunteer Management.

Introducing STIAL: an example of association rebranding

SCD Group

Louis Society of Association Executives (SLSAE) celebrated with style and welcomed a more relevant and meaningful membership into the St. Louis Institute for Association Leadership (STIAL). Celebrate today with STIAL – and Make Your Association Stronger!

Associations 101

Spark Consulting

This Friday, we’ll be kicking off the 2014 Associations 101 #10in20 webinar series with a presentation by Rob Barnes on organizational culture. Fitness Australia worked for seven years on their internal culture, using some of the principles contained in Humanize , and it yielded amazing personal and organizational results, as detailed in their recent Associations Now profile. Same great format (10 tips in 20 minutes), but lots of new content and speakers!

Renaming and Rebranding Are NOT the Same Thing

SCD Group

Over the last year, I’ve noticed several association management articles using renaming and rebranding interchangeably. Your association’s name is part of its brand but not all of it. The brand is your association’s promise to its members, customers and other stakeholders.

Price 80

Chose Your Dimensions of Diversity and Get Started

Eric Lanke

Spark Consulting is out with another white paper -- this one on the sometimes challenging topic of diversity and inclusion -- and it's another thought-provoking read for association CEOs. First, it's good to see Joe Gerstandt getting some love in the association community.

Class 130

What do we do about apathetic association boards?

SCD Group

Back on September 12, I posted a blog “ 9 reasons to fire your association board members.” Thackwray Driver, Chief Executive Officer, The Energy Chamber of Trinidad & Tobago If the Board members are apathetic about the association you need new Board members.

Finding the Right Board Chair

Off Stage

I am using the word 'hopefully' advisedly, however: the truth of the matter is that many associations aren't thinking about it at all-they're caught up in perennial hope that the heavens will part and a qualified president will miraculously appear. General Association Management

The Folly of Suppressing Overhead

Eric Lanke

Suppressing overhead suffocates organizations and leads to higher turnover, poorer leadership, and worse service." He writes about the non-profit sector, and usually social service organizations, but so many of his perspectives are directly applicable to the association world.

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Session Summary on Super-charging Web Teams

High Context

Mark Athitakis, senior editor with ASAE & the Center for Association Leadership, posted a great summary of my presentation last week at the ASAE Technology Conference. In the session, titled Super-charging Your Web Team: Recruiting, Training, and Managing Your In-house Web Talent , I shared my top tips and secrets on how to maximize the value that your web staff can contribute to your organization. ASAE Associations Management Strategy Web Teams

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Listen up and pay attention. Please!


Crunch Predicted in Nonprofit Sector Groups Are Not Nurturing and Retaining Tomorrow's Leaders, Study Says "The nonprofit sector is facing what experts call an unprecedented crisis in leadership, with organizations in the Washington region and across the country struggling to recruit and retain talented staff. Next Generation Leaders Speak Out," could shake up the nonprofit sector, which has been successful at recruiting recent college graduates but not always at keeping them.

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SCD Group: Thoughts for Embattled Association CEOs: 3 Lessons.

SCD Group

AMR Management Services. Stronger by Association. Thoughts for Embattled Association CEOs: 3 Lessons from one who’s been there. Before creating and selling my association management company, I served in multiple capacities for a very large ($40 million budget with 200+ staff) international association finishing as the association’s Deputy CEO. When you interview, probe the association leaders. Reverse Mentoring and Associations.

Seven Secret Seeds of the Spirit of Success: Tips for Association Leaders & Association Executives

SCD Group

Association executives have a joint role with association volunteer leaders in establishing the association’s culture. Over 30+ years of association management, I’ve discovered seven key “seeds” to create a culture of success. Recruit & Involve.

Synergy in the Boardroom: From Chaos to High Functioning

SCD Group

Guest Post by Russ Lemieux, Kellen Company Description of the Organization: The Research Chefs Association is a 2,000 member professional society of chefs and food scientists working in R&D in food industry. A year-long Board development and recruitment process was established.

CEO of Small Association Responds to Staffing Small Nonprofits

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Guest post by Bill Knopf Steve, re your March 16 post headlined Staffing for Small Associations and Nonprofits. This ad is typical of micro associations with a dysfunctional board, limited volunteer resources or expertise to draw on, and little to no money.

Iowa 79

You Never Forget Your First

The Membership Blog

Tom Coonan gave me my first job in association management when hired me as his Assistant Membership Director many years ago. Even though I had some membership and fundraising experience before working for Tom, he taught me an incredible amount about membership recruitment and retention, and a TON about Chapter development and Chapter relations. After years in the association world, Tom went back into what had been his first love, public service.

Achieving Success in Diversity and Inclusion

Association Advocacy Chick

Association Advocacy Chick: What are some of the responsibilities for ASAE’s Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Committee? Mariama Boney : For nearly 25 years, the Diversity & Inclusion Committee has promoted diversity and inclusion in association management, develop recommendations on how to make ASAE’s leadership and membership more diverse, and assisted ASAE with integrating diversity and inclusion into initiatives, education, or programs.

Three Ways Associations Can Build Brand Awareness Using Technology

YourMembership Blog

What does your association’s brand say about the organization? For years associations have relied on word of mouth (WOM) to play a role in creating that awareness. Association Management or Membership Management Software. Membership Management