15 Content Ideas for Your Association’s Newsletter


Does your association send out a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter? But don’t stop sending out those monthly or bi-monthly newsletters because they’re a GREAT way to engage your association’s membership. Instead, consider the following content ideas: association management member engagement membership management Small Staff ChatterIf so, you know coming up with ideas can sometimes be tough.

6 Ways to Supercharge Your Association’s Newsletter


So you have a newsletter and it’s filled with some pretty valuable information, but people aren’t really opening it or engaging with it the way you’d like. Well there could be a number of things impacting your newsletter readership, but the good news is there are several things you can do to revamp (ahem, supercharge ) it and bring it back to life: association management member engagement membership management Small Staff Chatter


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Naming Your Association’s Newsletter: 4 Questions to Ask Yourself


When it comes to newsletters, sometimes the name is just as important as the content inside. Now we’ll be the first to admit, naming can be tricky, so to help you out, here are four questions to ask yourself when embarking on the newsletter naming journey: association management membership management Small Staff Chatter marketingYou want it to be fun, catchy, memorable - something your members will want to open and read through.

Association Basics: How to Write a “Year in Review” Newsletter


With 2018 around the corner, it’s important for your association to show what was accomplished in 2017. One of the easiest ways to do that is to write a newsletter to recap your association’s year. This newsletter should cover the big highlights of 2017 as well as include your association’s updates for 2018. We think that this little newsletter can have a big impact. association management member engagement member retention Small Staff Chatter

Best Association Management Software | Our Top Picks


The best association management software, or AMS, solutions are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of associations just like yours. That way you’ll get a clearer sense of the particular balance of specificity, utility, and ease-of-use that will best suit your association’s needs. Overview of this Association Management Software. Powerful event management features. Plus, your members have the ability to form and manage their own groups!

Association Subculture: Lessons for Association Management from.

Association Subculture

Lessons for Association Management from South Park Creators. What could we do with this pattern if we put it into our association culture? What if it wasnt vision "and then" membership "and then" programs" and then "newsletter" but was vision "therefore" ???? What they describe is certainly what I associate with The Book of Mormon. It is such a simple but powerful device for building intention into what your association does. association. (25).

Navigating Change for Associations

Moery Company

Figuring out how to home school our children while simultaneously leading an association. Our company partners with over two dozen trade associations and we are helping our associations manage through these unchartered times.

Association Management - Simplicity + Volume Might Do the Trick

Association Subculture

Association Management - Simplicity + Volume Might Do the Trick. What if your association stopped creating so many services? What if, when someone asked what your association did, you could answer in less than ten minutes? Notice I didnt say "cram every link you can think of in your e-newsletter." What could your association do if you could simplify what you do while simultaneously amplifying your volume? Very simple association business model.

Why wait for an Association's Monthly Newsletter?

SCD Group

When sharing information for your association’s members, why wait for a “Monthly Newsletter?”. I love ASAE’s digital Associations Now , the daily electronic newsletter providing valuable information for association professions. It is totally focused on topics and issues related to association management. It provides its readers (like me) a look at what is happening around the world that impacts associations. Weekly newsletter?

Is Your Newsletter a 98-lb Weakling? : Off Stage

Off Stage

25, 2009 - Is Your Newsletter a 98-lb Weakling? Put the WAV group’s newsletter on your mailing list. Every AE needs a daily reading list, and in my estimation, this newsletter is one of them. Anyway, today’s WAV group publication sparked a thought about a topic for this blog— newsletters. What caught my attention was the following paragraph from WAVE (the name of the WAV group newsletter): “The old consumer problem was Junk Mail in the Mail Box.

Is Your Association Providing a Quality Digital Experience?


Rob ’s in-depth session offered suggestions on how association management software (AMS) and content management system (CMS) integrations can improve your nonprofit’s online engagem e nt and brand awareness. . appeared first on Protech Associates.

Cost 75

Association Rally Cry and Pivoting During the Covid19 Pandemic – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 225

Moery Company

Listener note: this is a special broadcast of the Association Hustle Podcast. As associations deal with the coronavirus in their associations, and on behalf of their entire industry, we are providing almost daily updates via video on our LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter feeds. We are thinking about you, your families, your associations, and your companies. This week’s episode covers some ways your association can pivot to move forward during a pandemic.

Field Report (March 18, 2020)

Moery Company

Another update for you guys, I’m trying to give you real time information about what we’re seeing out in the association industry and in the field. Transcript: Hi, friends, it’s what is it Wednesday the 18th?

Report 195

Transparency in Association Management : Off Stage

Off Stage

20, 2009 - Transparency in Association Management. and the accompanying issues are affecting government policy and workings, and – by extension – what lessons we, as association managers, can learn from what’s happening in Washington. ” In associations, it’s becoming clear that our members want information—in fact, they expect it. But in brief it means that as an association executive you must embrace the following: 1.

Economic Downturn: How to Prepare Yourself and Your Members


A marketing newsletter I subscribe to recently asked, “ Is your brand prepared for a recession? ” And it did get me thinking, in particular, about associations and chambers and your members. And THAT got me thinking.how far down the line of expenses to cut are association memberships?

7 association management techniques that come from having a teenager

AE on the Verge

I think those who start in association management after their kids pass the teenage years have the added bonus of the wisdom that comes from that parenting. Here are 7 association management techniques that come from having a teenager. It's really not okay to break the rules: Sometimes I read association blogs and they suggest breaking the rules or operate in an association world with no rules - so I assume they don't manage associations.

Survey: 9 of 10 Association Professionals Say They Aren’t Using Artificial Intelligence


Are you using artificial intelligence at your association?” . Thanks to many successful AI integration projects from association technology vendors over the years, it’s quite possible that your organization is using artificial intelligence without even knowing. .

Serve Your Members and Grow Non-Dues Revenue With These Online Career Center Tips


An association’s mission is to serve members, and right now, your members might be experiencing the need for new employment. . With that in mind, Dawn urged associations to think beyond job boards. . Managers? . Next, find out how members use your association’s website.

CMI's Association Management Blog: Get It in Writing

Observations on Association Management

Memorialize the agreement in a newsletter/message to the board/staff memo/etc. and ask parties to the agreement to proof it before pubication : Here is an article for the newsletter/board update/etc.; XYZ Association Treasurer Joe Jones has instructed staff to sell all remaining shares of Microsoft owned by XYZ Association. The reason for the sale is to generate funds to purchase a new state-of-the-art membership management system for the Association.".

AE on the Verge: 3 Reasons to use only text in your e-newsletter

AE on the Verge

Association management, meetings and mania. 3 Reasons to use only text in your e-newsletter. Im sometimes asked why our association e-newsletter isnt loaded with a template, graphics, colors, and pictures. Check out what a heavily formatted and imaged newsletter looks like on a very small screen. We encourage members to take sections of our newsletter to redistribute to their clients/customers/others or into social media. AE on the Verge.

Trade Association CEO Support: Newsletter Distribution

Trade Association CEO Blog

Trade Association CEO Support. The role of association CEO is diverse and whether youre a volunteer or a paid staff executive director this blog is the starting line for concepts and ideas to solve your leadership challenges. The Role of Association CEO. Whether your association budget is large with many staff or your budget is small with few or no full-time staff, the responsibilities of the CEO are common and many. Newsletter Distribution. Event Management. (1).

Trade Association CEO Support: The Newsletter

Trade Association CEO Blog

Trade Association CEO Support. The role of association CEO is diverse and whether youre a volunteer or a paid staff executive director this blog is the starting line for concepts and ideas to solve your leadership challenges. The Role of Association CEO. Whether your association budget is large with many staff or your budget is small with few or no full-time staff, the responsibilities of the CEO are common and many. The Newsletter. Newsletters are for news.

How to Create Sponsorship Value for Your Association’s Virtual Event


Trade and professional associations rely on their annual meetings and conference s as a primary source of non-dues revenue. But , during the COVID – 19 pandemic , organizations were forced to changed how they host and manage these events. . By Liz Palm, Marketing Director .

CMI's Association Management Blog: Imminent Danger

Observations on Association Management

The Blockbuster experience, regardless of ultimate outcome, is a less for associations: listen to your constituents and know their preferences. If your members want hard copy newsletters, give them hard copy. Challenge Management, Inc. Return to Challenge Management Website. About Challenge Management. Challenge Management, Inc. Challenge Management, Inc. CMI) is an association management company headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

3 Strategies to Recruit Members Through Association Software

Blue Sky eLearn

When it comes to recruitment for your association, you have to walk a thin line. Prospective members are much more likely to respond positively to a recruitment strategy that feels like a natural part of their interactions with your association than they are with outright marketing strategies that, in today’s media landscape, feel obvious and forceful. So how can your association put this theory into practice? Your association maintains profiles of your members.

Thanks For Playing: Always the Last to Know: Readz

Thanks For Playing

Seeking community in associations since 2008. Does your association have a magazine or newsletter? Association blogger and general troublemaker. Top association management Blogs. Snow White & Risk Management. Alltop Association Management. How to Manage Social Employees, Social Media at Events, and Car Talk. Association Subculture. Association Management Lessons from Harley Davidson. Association 141+.

Great Leaders Are Grateful

Association Leaders

We recently received a newsletter from The Telephone Doctor that addresses this issue (among a few others). Association Management Companies CM Services Leadership Uncategorized VolunteerismOne thing I have noticed about most great leaders is they are grateful. They are grateful to have achieved success but most importantly, they are grateful to those people who help them achieve success.

Mobile Messaging Wildfire

Association Management

In our last survey of association management and operations practices, Virtual looked at vehicles associations are using for member communications, and we listed the following options: member emails, online discussion forums, blogs, printed and email newsletters, webinars and webcasts and all-member conference calls. Notably absent, however (our bad) was text messaging, though Virtual has used it in its own association communications mix.

Pay attention to what matters most

Aaron Wolowiec

This probably won’t come as a surprise to many of you, but it seems associations and their members aren’t always on the same page. According to a recent report by Abila , what members want from associations vs. what associations think members want don’t always align. For example, millennials just starting their careers often turn to associations for job opportunities and career advice. Email messages were the most popular, followed by e-newsletters.

Reaching Out To Global Markets Through Meetings & Events.


global association strategy, regional planning and local infrastructure to grow your business. The following post was written by Ajay Bhojwani, MCI director of association management, consulting and congresses for MCI Middle East in Dubai and published in ASAE’s Global Link newsletter, July 2010. As an association, where funds are prudently spent, it is important to invest in the right strategy that would allow you to grow. Association Management.

Member Engagement: When It’s Not You, It’s Them


Well, your members are likely just as busy, and as much as they want to get involved in your association (they joined after all!), Plus, they need a little help making engagement a habit - they’re not used to visiting your website or reading your weekly newsletter, and they need help fitting that in their day-to-day. Here are a few tips: association management member engagement membership management Association Views

Managing the Communications Plan for Your Association’s Virtual Event


After shifting away from an in-person customer celebration at the Four Seasons in Baltimore due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Protech Associates’ Fusion 2020 Customer Conference surpassed all previous attendance numbers for the event. By Heather Hughes, Marketing Communications Specialist.

Association Staff Stretched to the Limit? How to Get More for Your Association Without Breaking Your Team

Association Adviser

What can association professionals do to make the most of the resources they have without leading to staff burnout? Slightly more than half of respondents to the 2018 Association Communications Benchmarking Survey reported feeling understaffed. Whatever the reason for feeling understaffed, there are steps you can take to address the gap and keep your association on the right track. One way to fill that gap is by working with an association management company.

Team 93

Brushing up on the Basics: A Refresher on Membership Essentials


If you’re an association professional, you know every day is a whirlwind. One minute you’re drafting your monthly newsletter, then the next you’re planning for your annual conference. It’s important to have a refresher every once in awhile, and while they covered a LOT in their session, I wanted to bring a few points (and key questions) back to you: association management association leadership membership management Small Staff Chatter

Was Machiavelli Right? Are the Best Leaders Situational or Steadfast?

Association Leaders

I subscribe to an electronic newsletter published by booz&co called ‘strategy+business’ It often has interesting business and leadership related articles. Association Management Companies CM Services Leadership Uncategorized Volunteerism leadership machiavelli Situational leadership values

Association Marketing: 4 Ways to Promote Your Professional Association Wins

Association Management

I’m always amazed how many professional associations do great things and then forget to tell anyone about it. Good news is inspiring, and your audiences—stakeholders, association members, future members—will want to share in the moment. So if your association announcement is really worth sharing, be sure to tell your members more than once. Several of our trade association clients produce customized “value reports” that help demonstrate a member’s return on investment.

Goodbye e-learning

Aaron Wolowiec

So when I came across “Association Learning + Technology 2014,” a recent report by Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele , founders of consulting firm Tagoras , imagine my delight! ” The 52-page Tagoras report provides such data, which were collected based upon a survey of 200 trade and professional associations. There’s a goldmine of information in the report, which you can get for free if you subscribe to Tagoras’ free e-newsletter. As a former journalist, I love data.

Engaging Your Members Through Routine


But perhaps one of the biggest is the simple fact that members aren’t used to engaging with your association. Now imagine having to throw in something new, like reading a weekly newsletter or checking out a monthly calendar (plus actually having to register for those events). association management member engagement membership management Small Staff ChatterEngaging with your members is tough - for a lot of reasons.

Member Engagement Strategies: A Guide for Associations


Association memberships are rewarding experiences and unique in the way that members pay dues in order to continue to be a part of the organization. Engagement secures your association’s relevance and fuels healthy member retention. Association member engagement strategies.

The Most Popular Community Management Articles from the Last 12 Months


But through all the turmoil, we found that associations and businesses remained focused on what they do best – serving their customers and members. These articles will give you a head start on 2017, covering topics from member engagement to business management. Article #1) How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Association’s Member Engagement Tactics. Article #2) 3 Types of Association Members and How to Engage Them. Top 3 Association Management Articles.