Association Management Systems (AMS): 5 Software Strategies

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Your association provides your members with many different opportunities to develop as professionals and grow in their careers. As you get larger or want to offer more advanced programming, managing your membership through spreadsheets or disconnected databases just won’t cut it.

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Field Report (March 18, 2020)

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Another update for you guys, I’m trying to give you real time information about what we’re seeing out in the association industry and in the field. The post Field Report (March 18, 2020) appeared first on The Moery Company.

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Association Management and Board Reports: “Done is Better Than Perfect

Association Navigator

Good regular communication between quarterly in-person meetings with your board is critical to the success of any association executive. The association executives at Verto Solutions even have different names for them.

Resolve to Maximize Your Association Management Software This Year

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This disconnect can be especially true for smaller-staffed associations, as it can be a struggle to balance a desire for sustainable growth with real-world restrictions on staffing and budgets. Analyze and report cross-tabulated data. Happy New Year!

Paradoxes in Association Management

Eric Lanke

In it, she wonders which members association staff should pay the most attention to: those most or those least actively engaged in the association's activities. Here I'm talking about "program" committees, those formed to help the association conduct its programs.

Compare Association Management Software Platforms


Could an Association Management Software (AMS) solution be the answer to the inefficiencies that plague your association? This article will help you evaluate ten association software options. What is Association Management Software (AMS)?

Don?t let legacy association management software be your legacy

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How will the technology decisions you make today affect your association’s future? Make sure your association doesn’t pay the price for outdated software. Have you considered how the technology decisions you make today will affect your association’s future?

Buying Association Management Software in 2019? Start Here.


Before embarking on an association management software (AMS) selection this year, get clear on two things: Why you want a new AMS. Why is your organization considering new association management software? Is your association starting a new line of business?

Five things to consider when choosing new association management software

Nimble AMS

As you evaluate association management software, it’s important to think about your organization’s needs today. But don’t forget about how your decision will affect your association in the future. The AMS you choose today impacts the next generation of staff and members.

Four things to consider when choosing new association management software

Nimble AMS

As you evaluate association management software, it’s important to think about your organization’s needs today. But don’t forget about how your decision will affect your association in the future. The AMS you choose today impacts the next generation of staff and members.

What Will Association Management Software Look Like in 5 Years?


Download Your Free Report of 9 Consumer Trends That Affect Associations. But what does that mean for association management software? Download Your Free Report of 9 Consumer Trends That Affect Associations. Change #4) Seamless Data Flow and Reporting.

The Future of Association Management Systems


This seems to be the question that has haunted association execs for more than 25 years when the initial association management system hit the not-for-profit marketplace. The thought behind that is breaking down silos and creating more efficient reporting, engagement, etc.

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Salesforce or Microsoft: What’s the Right CRM Platform for Your Association Management Software?

Nimble AMS

In the past few years, there has been a noticeable push by associations to leverage enterprise constituent relationship management (CRM) platforms from Salesforce or Microsoft as the platform for their association management software (AMS). and associations.

Association Subculture: Innovation in Association Management

Association Subculture

Innovation in Association Management. I dont watch stock prices and I dont read SEC reports so I am sure that I was blindsided only because I wasnt paying attention. Why do you think your association is immune to those same forces? Your association - unassailable?

New Report: Gauging the Success of Your Association’s Emails


You probably send a lot of emails at your association. Want to know what’s normal and what’s not, what other associations are doing, and what’s actually working?! But do you ever wonder if those emails are actually effective?

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Top Association Management Predictions for 2017

Membership Marketing

For the upcoming year, Aptify just released a report titled, Top Association Management Predictions for 2017. In 2017, membership will continue to be the glue that enhances networking, information distribution, and sales for associations.

10 Reasons to Use an AMC (Association Management Company) To Manage Your Association

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As SOS-Association Management Solutions has worked with trade, professional and charitable nonprofit associations over the past 25 years, we have become convinced that an Association Management Company (AMC) is one of the most cost effective solutions for associations. Many stand-alone associations have high overhead and infrastructure costs which eat up a lot of revenue. 4) Membership Management. 7) Mundane Management.

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5 Reports No Association Should Live Without


Your association management software is the lifeblood of your organization. It contains all key contact information, annual billing, past transactions, related individuals and companies, events management, committees, certifications and much more.

4 readings for association management

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That last item may not be your top-of-mind association, but the truth is that the agricultural industry, though under the radar, comes up with fresh, forward-thinking campaigns. of associations have a plan in place to engage the next generation. Nearly 84% of associations report that getting members involved with advocacy efforts is a major challenge. Retention vs. Acquisition: Do You Focus on the Funnel or Fix the Leaky Bucket?

Back to basics: Education programs

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I recently facilitated two sessions on meeting planning and professional development for the Michigan Society of Association Executive’s (MSAE) Academy of Association Management. Additional insights were gleaned from The Meetings Report jointly published by Event Garde and MSAE.

Association Management Lessons from the Public Sector : Off Stage

Off Stage

3, 2010 - Association Management Lessons from the Public Sector. The Young Foundation released an interesting and useful report this week: the title is “ Capital Ideas: how to generate innovation in the public sector.” Financial Management. Managing Volunteers.

Pay attention to what matters most

Aaron Wolowiec

This probably won’t come as a surprise to many of you, but it seems associations and their members aren’t always on the same page. According to a recent report by Abila , what members want from associations vs. what associations think members want don’t always align.

Attracting More Association Members: A Q&A

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An association’s success is dependent on how happy and fulfilled its members are. The more meaningful experiences and learning opportunities your association offers , the more likely you can get membership renewals and even attract new members.

Eric Lanke: Should Committees Report to the Board?

Eric Lanke

Association executive and author. Should Committees Report to the Board? Its a question, I know, that never even occurs to leaders in many associations. Should committees report to the board?" Who else are the going to report to?". I dont manage this association.

Is Your Association Providing a Quality Digital Experience?


In fact, a recent report from eMarketer revealed that people spend on average 4 hours a day on their phone. . The digital customer experience is a c ombination of all your association’s digital interactions. The post Is Your Association Providing a Quality Digital Experience?

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What’s the difference between an AMS query and an AMS report?


One of the most befuddling concepts for new users of association management systems (AMS)—and customer relationship management (CRM) software too—is query vs. report. What’s the difference between AMS queries and AMS reports? When should you use an AMS report?

How to Define, Track, and Increase Member Engagement [Webinar]


Data from a recent report makes me think that there are a lot of executives that are losing sleep these days. Association Management Member Engagement SocialBusiness

The Beauty of Istanbul | Old Clayburn Association Management

Old ClayBurn Association Management

Old Clayburn Association Management. Working with the world's top professional associations. ← Social Media Panel: The How & Why for Your Association. This entry was posted in Travel and tagged association events , events , istanbul , Travel.

Protected profession: Few managers seeing employment impacts from COVID-19


Community association managers remain largely protected from the employment impacts, such as furloughs and layoffs, that have affected so many other Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic. Management companies, however, haven’t been immune from the pandemic.

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Keeping Association Leaders and Staff Accountable

Association Leaders

Associations are no different – except that associations are led by volunteers. This is the biggest mistake we see associations make every day. Volunteers have “real jobs”; volunteers have families, volunteers have other interests AND volunteers aren’t getting paid to do their “Association job”. What are some things that can be done within the association framework to change this paradigm and create accountability?

Why Associations Are Making Their Private Member Community the Centerpiece of Their Membership Marketing Strategy [Research]


It is the association industry’s deepest look into trends, tools, and tactics. This year over 900 associations participated, making the 2015 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report one of the strongest narratives to date on how to grow membership.

Association Finance: How Much Cash Should You Have in Reserve?

Association Management

Okay, this is a strange segue into a key association finance topic, but as an association management company our clients do frequently ask us how much of a cash reserve they should have on hand. s 40 or so current association clients, cash reserves range from a high of 19.4

How to Find the Perfect CMS to Improve the Member Digital Experience


By Ryan Bruffey, MX Business Development Manager. M embers expectations continue to grow at your association. A study from S uperOffice CRM reported that a whopping 86?percent?of Members make the association world go round.

4 Tips to Increase Member Retention at Your Association


According to the 2015 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report from Marketing General Incorporated, 67% of associations surveyed boasted increasing retention rates year over year with the average individual member renewal at 85% for trade associations and 76% for member organizations.

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Can associations bridge the skills-gap for their members?

YourMembership Blog

Jack is the inventor of Knowledge Direct ® - a robust learning management system (LMS) used by dozens of trade associations and professional societies including the Emergency Nurses Association, the Direct Marketing Association and the American Society of Clinical Oncologists, among others.

Thanks For Playing: Non-Profit IT Staffing 411

Thanks For Playing

Seeking community in associations since 2008. NTEN recently released their annual Non-Profit IT Staffing report. The report itself is free, so if you do HR, IT or tech planning for your association, you should definitely go get it. Top association management Blogs.

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Financial forecast: Budget confidence now, but COVID-19 creating concerns


The vast majority of community association board members express confidence in their current budget, but half expect their assessment delinquencies to increase going forward, according to a survey conducted by CAI in late April.

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CMI's Association Management Blog: Forecasts: Brave the Worst of.

Observations on Association Management

Association executives, and the boards of directors to which they report, would do well to regularly read and consider the predictions offered by rational, intelligent people who either: 1) carefully watch their businesses or professions or 2) make it their business to pay excruciatingly close attention to economic, social, political, scientific, and technological trends. Thats how I look at association boards, too. Challenge Management, Inc. Challenge Management, Inc.

How to Spot a Disengaged Employee in Your Association Staff (And What to Do About It)


The State of the American Workplace report from Gallup estimated that 70% of American workers are not engaged. Association Management Association Executives Employee ProductivityThat’s a troubling statistic. Employees who are not engaged cost employers more money, reduce productivity, and decrease the morale of others around them.

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Poll: Most Nonprofit IT Leaders Do Not Report to CEO

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A new survey of nonprofit leaders found their organization’s IT departments largely reside within operations or finance departments, and a majority of the managers heading IT are reporting to COOs and CFOs. IT directors, who do you report to?