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For the past 8 months, I’ve been on hiatus from blogging as I transition into a new position in association management. On March 4, Sandra Giarde attended her first Prince show in Sacramento.

Take Education Beyond Conference Sessions Using the Latest Apps

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“The learning value of events is often not in the formal programming, but in the interactions we have with other attendees and subject matter experts,” said Jeff Cobb, managing director at Tagoras, an educational consulting firm based in Carrboro, North Carolina.

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Announcing New Educational Partnership with CalSAE - IDEAL

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Alcorn Associates Management Consulting has partnered with the California Society of Association Executives (CalSAE) to begin a new learner-centric educational program called IDEAL. IDEAL stands for In-Depth Education Association Laboratory.

Robert Gates, Donald Stern and Association CEOs

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Sacramento welcomes retiring NBA Commissioner Donald Stern. So, what caught my eye is the hiring strategies of two large associations. who has no association management experience. A Better Job Description for CEOs By Mark Athitakis via Associations Now.

Have you written your Humanize review yet?


” Elizabeth Engel , Director, Marketing and Sponsorship, the National Association of Childrens’ Hospitals, Washington, DC. ” John Stepper , Managing Director, Deutsche Bank, New York City, NY. Yet we, too, struggle with language to describe the future of management.

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Association Subculture: It Gets Better.Sometimes

Association Subculture

Yesterday I read how another one of our Sacramento communitys beautiful gay teenagers committed suicide over New Years. And can we ask ourselves as association professionals what role our association is willing to play in legislative battles on behalf of marginalized populations?

Virtual Memberships, part 3 of the series : Off Stage

Off Stage

”)--Realtor associations rely on MLS services to provide a constant stream of new members, and retain existing members who stay around until real estate is no longer a viable business decision for them. Imagine operating as if your members had a choice as to whether your association were giving them a valuable return on investment, that they were free to vote for the success of your association product with their dues. Financial Management. Managing Volunteers.

Association Subculture: Why Being Anti-Indispensability is Pro.

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Are we fully capitalizing on our power as associations?" "Do Associations are vital. I dont care what personal choices they decided to make about which association best fits their needs. Can an association connect a person with other valuable people? association. (25).

Association Law Blog: The IRS, Private Inurement and Non-Profit.

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This blog focuses on legal issues of interest to association leaders, including executives, volunteers and members. It is NOT intended to provide legal advice, but rather to share my informal thoughts on legal issues commonly faced by trade and professional associations, as well as foundations and other charities. This blog does not focus on homeowners associations or religious organizations. The IRS, Private Inurement and Non-Profit Association Management.

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Peace Sells.But Who's Buying - Association Membership?

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Peace Sells.But Whos Buying - Association Membership? And maybe its time associations did something about it. I really like the discussion that has been occurring on the topic of eliminating membership dues in associations. To read more check out these blog posts - RIP: Membership by Scott Briscoe from ASAEs Acronym and to prove the idea has been around for a while check out a great post from Jason Della Roca - Free Association. Labels: association , dues , music.