2016: An Association Blogging and Podcasting Odyssey

Spark Consulting

I’ve been blogging about association management since 2008 – and I was far from the first one into the pool. I remember participating in my first bloggercon at ASAE in a sunny plaza in San Diego in 2008, shortly after I’d launched Thanks For Playing, the precursor to the Spark blog, with about 30 other association professionals, sharing our thoughts about how to use this new platform to strengthen our industry and our community.

Association Management Gen Xer Meme - Right Here, Right Now

Association Subculture

Association Management Gen Xer Meme - Right Here, Right Now. I was recently tagged in Maddie Grants Social Fish Xer Meme and am happy to have been invited to play. It puts a lot of years on you when you are sponging media off of any generation that comes in contact with you. I entered the association workforce and found myself surrounded for the most part with Boomers. I started meeting other executives and association professionals who were/are in my age group.

Association Subculture: Winning by Failing Big

Association Subculture

This clip might be old news for everyone, but it shows a new vantage point on the epic failness from the San Diego fireworks show of 2012. Our associations have to get more comfortable with the idea of failure. Yes, the San Diego fireworks display this year did not go as planned. Shelly kept up the fast pace by diving head-long into her career in the world of association management. Creativity in Association Management - Are You the Roadblock?