Association Management: Online vs. In-person Engagement

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As an association leader, you know the importance of engaging your members. Managing your members is no easy feat— it requires dedicated association management software as well as a strategic plan for engaging your constituents. The importance of association engagement.

7 lucky reasons to attend Xperience 2017.

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A golden pot of educational and association industry-building opportunities await leaders and their staff in Orlando. The luckiest of all days is upon us, and if you haven’t yet registered, it’s just your luck I’ve put together 7 reasons why you should make your travel plans today to attend Xperience 2017—A Conference for Everyone. This […].

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5 reasons everyone at your association needs to go to #Xperience17.

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As an association leader, you have a great case for going to Xperience 2017. Industry News + Trends Member Engagement + Retention Membership Management Product Information Revenue Solutions Social Media and Business Trends YourMembership News association career center association management software conference innovation leadership skills learning management system member engagement membership growth

Daily Buzz: Avoid These Two Common Social Media Mistakes

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Your brand’s social media network won’t grow if you aren’t engaging with other users. Also: Make sure first-year members know how to find value in your association. Social media is about—well, being social, right? Social media is a two-way street. Another mistake brands make on social media: using the same messaging across channels. Help New Members Find Association Value. Want to grow your association?

Best Association Management Software | Our Top Picks


The best association management software, or AMS, solutions are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of associations just like yours. With features spanning database capabilities, messaging and email tools, accounting and payment systems, and event planning, a top AMS solution is a smart move for practically any group. Overview of this Association Management Software. Powerful event management features. Program management tools.

Goodbye e-learning

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So when I came across “Association Learning + Technology 2014,” a recent report by Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele , founders of consulting firm Tagoras , imagine my delight! As 8-to-5 days at the office have slowly turned into 24-hour social media networking from the car and virtual meetings during the kids’ soccer practices, social media has filled in the gaps. Use a learning content management system (LCMS). As a former journalist, I love data.

Behind China's Great Firewall ? A Social Media Platform Primer.


global association strategy, regional planning and local infrastructure to grow your business. Behind China’s Great Firewall – A Social Media Platform Primer. FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube are the most recognized social media tools used in the world today. ” Associations planning to use social media tools to expand their footprint into this region will definitely need to know how to play in the Chinese social media game.

Social Media and Shiny Object Syndrome

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Resist the urge to jump head first into social media. Find out how two association marketers developed a streamlined social media strategy for their national and affiliate offices to complement and enhance their overall marketing plan. We were not in this only because we felt we needed to do something on social media, but we felt that social media was a very effective tool in helping us achieve our overarching special-events goals.

Social Media Roundup: Build Your Own Road

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One associations pro’s efforts to build her own startup in the AMS space. Two takes on that mindset in today’s Social Media Roundup: Start Me Up. It sounds risky to drop everything and launch a startup in the association space, doesn’t it? In a new interview with Association Mavens ‘ Bryan Kelly, Carden explains exactly what inspired her to start her clearinghouse of association management system reviews and drove her decision-making process.

Coming soon to association learning: gamified learning and microcredentials

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Tagoras recently released its much-anticipated 2016 Association Learning + Technology Report , which contains a wealth of information about associations’ efforts to incorporate technology into their educational programs and platforms. We know the educational landscape is changing as associations adapt to their members’ learning needs and habits. Other key takeaways from the report: Social media – Not surprisingly, associations use YouTube for education.

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Association Weekly Wrap-Up for February 22nd!

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The weekly wrap-ups are a great resource to find industry provoking articles, blog posts, upcoming events, fun facts, and provide up-to-date news and tips found throughout the association and workforce space each week. 5) Focus on the Future: Your Association Needs to Evolve in the Workplace by Shannon Neeser. Your association has probably been a resource for professionals to share useful and specific inside industry knowledge for years.

Can associations bridge the skills-gap for their members?

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Jack is the inventor of Knowledge Direct ® - a robust learning management system (LMS) used by dozens of trade associations and professional societies including the Emergency Nurses Association, the Direct Marketing Association and the American Society of Clinical Oncologists, among others. Industries are facing a major problem that associations may just be the key to solving. So how can associations fill this gap?

What is an AMS System? Your Association Questions, Answered


Each year, associations work hard to host memorable events and offer educational courses to keep their members engaged and invested in the community. Going through the daily motions of administrative duties and repetitive tasks can take up unnecessary time for your association’s team. Investing in a new AMS system can be intimidating and take a lot of research, so this guide is intended to give you a head start. What is an AMS system? What is an AMS system?

5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Association’s Event

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For an association, hosting events like conferences, networking meetups, and learning sessions is an effective way to bring people who share a common goal or passion together. Plus, events are one of the ways that your association can raise non-dues revenue. . There’s a lot riding on your association’s next event, so how can you get the most out of it? . Picking the Right Association Management Software. Focus on your social media marketing strategies.

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Non-Dues Revenue: Like it or Not, Cash is King

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Features Revenue Aaron Weisberg AMS Association management system Brian Choate career centers Caren Kelly events Exchange Events Karl Ely Kelly Donovan Clark Liz Richards MHEDA Michael Pennington NDR non-dues revenue social media sponsored content sponsorships Timberlake AMS Solutions video WRLA Jack Welch, the former hard-charging CEO of General Electric, was famous for boiling down business strategy into basic terms.

The Waning Days of Leadership in Association Management

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The Waning Days of Leadership in Association Management. After investing most of my association career studying and practicing leadership skills both as an individual and as part of different organizations either as executive, staff or a volunteer, I am beginning to ponder whether "leadership" principles are universally applicable anymore. Think of a time when accusations regarding perceived leadership "vacuums" in your association were bandied about. association. (25).

Social Media Roundup: Careful Building That Custom AMS

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An association management system maker who designed a custom AMS before getting into the biz explains the pitfalls he encountered. Your association management system (AMS) has to carry a pretty big workload, so it’s important to get the dang thing right. ” More thoughts in today’s Social Media Roundup: A Custom AMS Headache. The post Social Media Roundup: Careful Building That Custom AMS appeared first on Associations Now

Is Your Association Providing a Quality Digital Experience?


Rob ’s in-depth session offered suggestions on how association management software (AMS) and content management system (CMS) integrations can improve your nonprofit’s online engagem e nt and brand awareness. . The digital customer experience is a c ombination of all your association’s digital interactions. The post Is Your Association Providing a Quality Digital Experience? appeared first on Protech Associates.

Social Media Roundup: A #Tech13 Look Back at the AMS

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In discussing the developments of a cornerstone of association technology—the association management system (AMS)—one technology expert reflects on how far technology has come … and how much further the systems can go. That, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup: Through the Techie’s Looking Glass. What to say when you’re feeling nostalgic: Man, we’ve come a long way since the dummy terminals and desktop-based systems of yesteryear.

Association Management - Simplicity + Volume Might Do the Trick

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Association Management - Simplicity + Volume Might Do the Trick. What if your association stopped creating so many services? What if, when someone asked what your association did, you could answer in less than ten minutes? Use unique delivery systems. What could your association do if you could simplify what you do while simultaneously amplifying your volume? and enjoy some words from one of my most favorite social commentators - George Carlin).

Serve Your Members and Grow Non-Dues Revenue With These Online Career Center Tips


An association’s mission is to serve members, and right now, your members might be experiencing the need for new employment. . With that in mind, Dawn urged associations to think beyond job boards. . One suggestion is to implement an online career center where members can post their resumes, share job opportunities or gain career advice from your association. It can also serve as the central hub for members to interact, share content and manage industry resources. .

L&M website on social media platform

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Following the successful launch of one of our clients ( IIIP ) on Movable Type (MT), we continue our learning on this robust social media platform by upgrading our own site to MT. As with the IIIP site, we needed to reevaluate our content for the expanded capabilities of this context-based social media environment. We are also developing our own association management system within MT to manage client sites as clients choose to move to this platform.

How to Find the Perfect CMS to Improve the Member Digital Experience


By Ryan Bruffey, MX Business Development Manager. M embers expectations continue to grow at your association. To help associations adjust to these growing expectations , we’d like to share some tips on evaluating your content management systems (CMS) to improve the member digital experience, including some tips gleaned from our webinar with Refactored ‘ s C hief Strategist Rob Be an. Members make the association world go round.

What is your organization’s “digital IQ?”

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Conducted by George Washington University School of Business and L2 (a think tank for digital innovation), the study "measures and ranks the digital competence of 100 organizations across four dimensions: effectiveness of an organization's site, digital marketing, social media, and mobile." association management software association management software system association websites Best practices memberbership software nonprofit non-profit nptech web based software

3 Strategies to Recruit Members Through Association Software

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When it comes to recruitment for your association, you have to walk a thin line. Prospective members are much more likely to respond positively to a recruitment strategy that feels like a natural part of their interactions with your association than they are with outright marketing strategies that, in today’s media landscape, feel obvious and forceful. So how can your association put this theory into practice? Your association maintains profiles of your members.

7 Creative Ways to Promote LMS Engagement

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When launching a learning management system (LMS) for the first time, organizations need to take into consideration different ways to generate excitement and interest in their new platform. This could mean email blasts and posts on social media to start creating buzz, as well as providing incentives and discounts for early visitors. However, many associations may just link to a webinar registration page from their website or association management system.

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Attracting More Association Members: A Q&A

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An association’s success is dependent on how happy and fulfilled its members are. The more meaningful experiences and learning opportunities your association offers , the more likely you can get membership renewals and even attract new members. Though member retention is crucial to keeping your association on track , you shouldn’t stop your member acquisition efforts. What kind of opportunities do association members want?

What will 2016 bring for associations?

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From memberships to learning to partnerships, software and services provider Abila just released its predictions for associations in 2016. One of the most valuable resources you have is your association’s e-learning content,” Abila wrote in its whitepaper. As further evidence, according to Associations Trends’ TRENDS 2015 Report , about two-thirds of survey respondents receive less than half their revenue from dues. It’s a new year. New predictions. New trends. New goals.

The Correlation of Social Media Usage and Membership Growth

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Membership marketing – acquiring, engaging, upgrading, and renewing members – is the cornerstone for associations and relationship driven organizations. Whether you are an association professional or a relationship marketer, join the discussion on the Membership Marketing Blog and share your ideas and counsel. The Correlation of Social Media Usage and Membership Growth. First of all, there has been an explosion of the use of social media in associations.

Reads of the Week: March 8, 2013

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He was heading to TEDActive (the live Palm Springs simulcast) where he anticipated learning about association management from a dolphin researcher. I can feel for them because for eight years I was the general manager of an independently-owned (and very successful) restaurant, long before the days of social media. Tia Fisher at Social Media Today shows you what to do if your Twitter account has been hacked.

Reach Out ? Friday Fix

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Membership Software Association Management Software. Associations. Corporate + Social. Management Team. February 17th, 2012 | Posted in Member Engagement + Retention , Social Media and Business Trends. If you have a touch-log system, find someone who has not been in touch with you or interacted with your organization over the past six months. Take a look at his/her social networking profile(s). Social Media and Business Trends.

Member Engagement Strategies: A Guide for Associations


Association memberships are rewarding experiences and unique in the way that members pay dues in order to continue to be a part of the organization. That’s why it’s important that your association actively works hard to keep members coming back year after year, offering value through opportunities and events that can’t be found otherwise. Engagement secures your association’s relevance and fuels healthy member retention. Association member engagement strategies.

Why These Four “P’s” Add Up to Successful Event Marketing

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It’s funny to see how many lessons from his 4 P’s—product, price, promotion and place—still apply in the I nternet and social media age. Particularly when you consider that this photo represents the state of the art in computing the year that Kottler wrote his seminal textbook “Marketing Management.”. helps attendees feel that an event is more than just an association meeting—it’s a happening. Go social: Of course, social media is a key part of your promotion strategy.

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8 things your association’s online career center should do


Provide member value and job opportunities to your association’s members. One of the top benefits an association provides for its members is job opportunities. In fact, according to the 2018 Member Education and Career Development Report , 66 percent of members look to their professional associations to help them find new job opportunities. . Community Brands offers career center, AMS, and LMS solutions that are part of an integrated software suite for associations.

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Persistent versus Transient Information


Association Managers that are wondering why their members are not engaging on Facebook or any other online community that is primarily designed to be a social meeting place, may want to consider that online social communities are designed primarily for transient information and communication. These lightweight social exchanges are most often transient communication. Primary association benefits are networking and access to specialized information.

Persistent versus Transient Information


Association Managers that are wondering why their members are not engaging on Facebook or any other online community that is primarily designed to be a social meeting place, may want to consider that online social communities are designed primarily for transient information and communication. These lightweight social exchanges are most often transient communication. Primary association benefits are networking and access to specialized information.

Why Measuring Member Engagement for Unions is More Important Now than Ever Before


As a result, unions need to start adapting and thinking more like non-profit associations and clubs. As a result, unions need to start adapting and thinking more like non-profit associations and clubs. Membership in these non-profits has always been optional, and associations have therefore been ahead of their union counterparts in providing additional value to members and driving better engagement through data and metrics. Managing Your Data. Association Management

The Association World in China ?


global association strategy, regional planning and local infrastructure to grow your business. « A Guide to the Association Market in China. The Association World in China. China represents the largest single consumer market in today’s world and as such a target expansion audience for associations and companies alike. What are some of the key opportunities or challenges that associations should consider if wanting to do business in China?

Give Your Data the Muscle to be Convincing


If you’ve been considering how to make the most of new data that’s available from your association management system, Thad Lurie, number cruncher extraordinaire and vice president business intelligence at Experient, had some great recommendations. Think smart devices, social media, etc.) A data centered approach certainly supports the trend in the association community toward knowledge-based strategy and governance.

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The Technological Divide: Leap or Fall?

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For the first time in history, four distinct generations of adults are now socializing, communicating and actively participating in the workplace. Four distinct generations of adults are now socializing, communicating and actively participating in the workplace. Grew up with all media (including cable, VCR, video). Differences become irritants that can lead to battles that engulf a family business or work team and can ruin their social as well as business life.