6 Association Management Tips from Steve Jobs


Associations can learn a lot from Steve Jobs and his vision to create an enjoyable user experience and brand culture. 6 Pieces of Association Management Advice from Steven Jobs. This is true in the association space as well. Association Management Best Practices Takeaway.

Compare Association Management Software Platforms


Could an Association Management Software (AMS) solution be the answer to the inefficiencies that plague your association? This article will help you evaluate ten association software options. What is Association Management Software (AMS)?

Beware of Dogfooding in Association Management

Association Subculture

One of the things we struggle with in associations is the development of new programs and services. I mean, we did a survey and everything!". Just a fun video that everyone has already seen, but it''s totally worth a re-watch.

Know Your Members Through Better Surveys: A How-To Guide

Aaron Wolowiec

He has four years’ experience helping associations with member surveys and data. Recently, I was talking to an association about some of the challenges it faced and the subject of who its members were was brought up. Survey build and deployment.

Survey 181

NAHB Association Management Conference is Coming Up


Take our 5-question survey and we’ll give you a $5 Starbucks card. with the Association Networking Tip Sheet. See More: A Critical Marketing Tool for Association Conferences . The post NAHB Association Management Conference is Coming Up appeared first on GrowthZone.

Survey: Membership Growth Stagnant Among Associations

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In its latest survey, the AMS platform GrowthZone says that more associations are seeing member stagnation or declines than are seeing growth. Regardless of their size, budget, or mission, the survey results show that most associations are facing similar challenges,” the report states.

3 Types of Surveys That Actually Boost Membership Retention


One initiative that we highly recommend: surveying your association’s membership. Regardless of how long your association has been around - or what your retention rate currently is - there’s always room for improvement. Now one of the responses we commonly hear when pitching membership surveys is, “Our members just don’t respond to those! The key, though, is conducting a variety of surveys - short, long, open-ended, close-ended, etc.

3 Crucial Moments to Survey Your Association’s Membership


How often does your association ask members for feedback? Now one of the best (and easiest) ways to obtain feedback is through surveys, preferably via email since you have your members’ email addresses. when should you survey your organization’s membership?

5 Easy Ways to Boost Survey Participation


Creating a survey is one thing, but getting people to complete it is a whole different story. Here are five tips: association management association leadership member engagement Association Views

Seven Snowy Lessons in Association Management : Off Stage

Off Stage

7, 2012 - Seven Snowy Lessons in Association Management. But the association manager in me never is quiet. It’s always more comfortable for volunteers to have another meeting, a survey, or a vote and further study. Financial Management. Blog Manager

Poll/Survey Results: Advocacy or Knowledge for Associations?

SCD Group

has become a nation fascinated with polls and surveys. Conducting and releasing polls or surveys is a great tool to advance your association’s profession/industry and/or the issues it is advocating. The reality: all survey research or polls are biased!

3 Ways to Use Survey Feedback to Recapture Member Interest


No matter the time of year, membership retention is always on the mind of any association professional. Earlier this month, we highlighted the importance of using thoughtful member surveys to improve your member retention plan. Check out these three effective ways you can take your member’s survey responses and turn them into quick and easy action items. But now you may be asking yourself, “What do I do once I get all of this feedback?”. Worry no more!

5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Association’s Event

Blue Sky eLearn

For an association, hosting events like conferences, networking meetups, and learning sessions is an effective way to bring people who share a common goal or passion together. Plus, events are one of the ways that your association can raise non-dues revenue. . Data management.

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Survey: Size Matters When Running An Association Today

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70 % The amount of mid-size and large associations that reported now is a good time to be running a membership organization, according to Virtual, Inc. In comparison, 52 percent of small associations reported an optimistic outlook. More findings from the survey: Finances.

Survey 109

Why Associations Are Making Their Private Member Community the Centerpiece of Their Membership Marketing Strategy [Research]


Each year, membership marketing firm, Marketing General (MGI), publishes the results of their Membership Marketing Benchmarking survey. It is the association industry’s deepest look into trends, tools, and tactics.

4 Tips to Increase Member Retention at Your Association


According to the 2015 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report from Marketing General Incorporated, 67% of associations surveyed boasted increasing retention rates year over year with the average individual member renewal at 85% for trade associations and 76% for member organizations.

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Wild Apricot Software News - December 2010

Wild Apricot

I was recently talking to a friend and he was complaining to me that online reviews for his business were are not so great on average - because people who are negative and like to complain are much more likely to fill out reviews/surveys than people who are satisfied. So even if we discount that, after reading through each of 441 customer surveys and personally replying to each one, I was very excited to see that the majority.(

CMI's Association Management Blog: The Contemplative Sciences

Observations on Association Management

Association management is, in and of itself, an odd profession (if, indeed, it is a profession, which I question). When one is employed as a direct staff member of an association, one becomes engaged in a business in which financial profit takes a back seat to many other objectives. Instead of focusing ones energy on that one bright target.profit.ones objectives in an association management environment are spread over several targets. Challenge Management, Inc.

CMI's Association Management Blog: Get It in Writing

Observations on Association Management

XYZ Association Treasurer Joe Jones has instructed staff to sell all remaining shares of Microsoft owned by XYZ Association. The reason for the sale is to generate funds to purchase a new state-of-the-art membership management system for the Association.". surveys. (1).

Association Finance: How Much Cash Should You Have in Reserve?

Association Management

Okay, this is a strange segue into a key association finance topic, but as an association management company our clients do frequently ask us how much of a cash reserve they should have on hand. s 40 or so current association clients, cash reserves range from a high of 19.4

CMI's Association Management Blog: Connections

Observations on Association Management

She has been active with one of our client associations and was president of that association a few years back. In addition to her service as president of that association, she was the driving force for forming another organization, an organization dedicated to fostering mentoring among women to help members find their strengths and empowering them to use those strengths. Ive been in association management for long enough to know thats what its all about.

CMI's Association Management Blog: Seizing Opportunities vs.

Observations on Association Management

My association management company is almost always actively seeking new clients, both associations seeking full-service management and organizations looking for help managing or executing programs. In the case of my company, our business model is to make the best strategic use of our staffs talents in furthering the objectives of our client associations. Many associations are not looking for the kinds of talents we bring to the table. surveys. (1).

Back to basics: Education programs

Aaron Wolowiec

I recently facilitated two sessions on meeting planning and professional development for the Michigan Society of Association Executive’s (MSAE) Academy of Association Management. Significant percentages of association memberships attend annual meetings or trade shows.

Help Us Decide

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Scott Oser ( Scott Oser Associates ), Dave Will ( Peach New Media ) and I are considering launching a webinar series. They’re going to be about ALL KINDS OF TOPICS in association management. They’re going to feature presenters, association executives and consultants, who are RECOGNIZED EXPERTS in their topic(s). We need you to tell us what is most valuable for you, so we drafted a survey. “Oh Not another survey!”

Survey Says: Top 10 Reasons Why Boards Fail

SCD Group

We developed an initial list of 25 and then circulated a Survey Monkey link via Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn and various ASAE Collaborate groups. 140 association executives responded! But, it gave us a good reading on what the association community is thinking.

CMI's Association Management Blog: Everybody Knows

Observations on Association Management

Some of the brightest board members and association executives Ive ever worked with make it a point to keep members thoroughly "in the loop," even risking telling them more than they wanted to know.just to be sure members have every opportunity to know whats being talked about, whats being decided, and how to make their views known if they disagree with decisions being made on their behalf. Challenge Management, Inc. Return to Challenge Management Website. surveys. (1).

CMI's Association Management Blog: Thinking Across Time in.

Observations on Association Management

Experienced association executives, as well as less-experienced but no less committed people who are relatively new to the field, frequently talk about what it takes to be "successful" in association management. My first reaction to the question usually is that the success of an individual generally depends on the collective intelligence of the boards with which they work.the smarter the board, the more likely the association executive will be successful. surveys. (1).

CMI's Association Management Blog: Creativity in Volunteers and Staff

Observations on Association Management

From time to time I encounter volunteers who really give association management professionals a run for their money, in terms of creativity and what they can get done with limited resources. In short, they did what we always expect association staff to do. Thats why its important for association staff to get out from under the routine on a regular basis.try something new and different! Challenge Management, Inc. Return to Challenge Management Website.

3 Strategies to Recruit Members Through Association Software

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When it comes to recruitment for your association, you have to walk a thin line. So how can your association put this theory into practice? Try these strategies, all made possible with the right association management software solution: Increase exposure to your membership program.

CMI's Association Management Blog: Customer Service Matters

Observations on Association Management

One of our client associations is very deeply involved in measuring customer experience and its role in companies profitability or lack thereof. Challenge Management, Inc. Return to Challenge Management Website. About Challenge Management. Challenge Management, Inc. Challenge Management, Inc. CMI) is an association management company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. surveys. (1). skip to main | skip to sidebar. Wednesday, July 1, 2009.

Pay attention to what matters most

Aaron Wolowiec

This probably won’t come as a surprise to many of you, but it seems associations and their members aren’t always on the same page. According to a recent report by Abila , what members want from associations vs. what associations think members want don’t always align.

CMI's Association Management Blog: Training for Performance

Observations on Association Management

Suffice it to say that a lack of adequate training can be cataclysmic to an association. Challenge Management, Inc. Return to Challenge Management Website. About Challenge Management. Challenge Management, Inc. Challenge Management, Inc. CMI) is an association management company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. surveys. (1). skip to main | skip to sidebar. Monday, February 9, 2009. Training for Performance.

Mobile Messaging Wildfire

Association Management

After returning and surveying the wreckage, the neighbor called with thanks, but pointed out that Andy had missed a few beer cans. Notably absent, however (our bad) was text messaging, though Virtual has used it in its own association communications mix.

CMI's Association Management Blog: Dealing with the Recession

Observations on Association Management

That philosophy (perhaps without the whimpering poverty) is just as applicable to associations as it is to for-profit businesses. It is precisely at times like these that associations should take measured, well-conceived risks to help lead their members out of the weeds. Now is the time when associations should look carefully at how the association can help the member bridge the gap between panic and prosperity. Associations can shine in bad times. surveys. (1).

CMI's Association Management Blog: After the Election

Observations on Association Management

The election of Senator Barack Obama as President-Elect of the United States will result in a massive amount of gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair in associations across the land. Association executives and the boards of directors to which they report reacted in elation or horror at the results. But I caution all associations against behaving as if the sky is falling, on the one hand, or that manna from heaven is raining down, on the other. Challenge Management, Inc.

CMI's Association Management Blog: Lessons from an Economic.

Observations on Association Management

The reason I write about all of this in a blog intended to address association management topics is the fact that many associations have jumped on the bandwagon of blame, while simultaneously doing all they can to look out after their members self-interests, even while ignoring broader national interests. Associations should hold to an ethic that does not allow them to blatantly serve their members self-interests at the expense of the common good. surveys. (1).

CMI's Association Management Blog: A Good Concept for all.

Observations on Association Management

A Good Concept for all Associations: Operating Surveys. Operating ratio surveys and reports tend to be considered only for trade associations. But, operating practice surveys, or something like them, can be extremely valuable to members of professional societies, as well, when couched in terms and reported in ways that are relevant to members enviroments. Another hypothetical example may help further express the value of operating practice surveys.

CMI's Association Management Blog: Diversity: Not Just An.

Observations on Association Management

I spent the early part of this week with a group of other association executives. Were all members of a board of directors of a professional association of association executives, so the information and ideas we shared were especially relevant to our day-to-day work lives. While we discussed many issues of substance, the one that I found particularly appealing was one that has been challenging associations for years: diversity. And associations do those things, too.

CMI's Association Management Blog: Mission Critical

Observations on Association Management

Associations that do not pay attention to their mission statements risk losing the support that led to the drafting of those mission statements. Its important for an association to regularly remind its members about what the organizations mission is. The energy and enthusiasm and vocal support of the association that resulted in the mission statement tends to drift and fade unless it is regularly highlighted. Challenge Management, Inc. About Challenge Management.

CMI's Association Management Blog: Successful Associations.

Observations on Association Management

Successful Associations Require Staff Intensity. Thats right, successful associations require intensity. There must be intensity in the underlying purpose of the association and in its mission and vision and objectives. One of the things Ive felt passionate about during my career in association management is that staff members must develop an intensity, a firey passion, about the business or profession of the associations with which they work. surveys. (1).