Riding the WAV: Useful Whitepapers for AEs and Brokers : Off Stage

Off Stage

For an information junkie like me, White Papers are the greatest thing since encyclopedias. One of the companies whose white papers I’ve appreciated (and cited in previous articles) is the Wav Group, which offers white papers on real estate technology trends.

Association Management Gen Xer Meme - Right Here, Right Now

Association Subculture

Association Management Gen Xer Meme - Right Here, Right Now. I entered the association workforce and found myself surrounded for the most part with Boomers. I navigated a world of suits and Dilbert-esque arguments over policies, procedures and white papers.

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What Associations Can Learn from Rapid Growth Startups


The white paper, “ Innovate the Lean Way: Applying Lean Startup Methodology in the Association Environment ,” written by Guillermo Ortiz de Zarate and Elizabeth Weaver Engel, hit the association world back in October of last year and if you haven’t had the chance to read it, you need to.

The Hourglass Blog: Association Advantages for Innovation

The Hourglass Blog

Association Advantages for Innovation. Heres part three of the "innovation for associations" white paper Im helping to write while chairing the Innovation Task Force for the Wisconsin Society of Association Executives. Part one of the white paper focused on the principles of innovation we identified from the case studies--organizational traits that are necessary to create a true culture of innovation. Association Management.

Transparency in Association Management : Off Stage

Off Stage

20, 2009 - Transparency in Association Management. and the accompanying issues are affecting government policy and workings, and – by extension – what lessons we, as association managers, can learn from what’s happening in Washington. Managing Volunteers.

The Hourglass Blog: Barriers to Innovation in the Association World

The Hourglass Blog

Barriers to Innovation in the Association World. In one of my last posts I shared the principles of innovation weve drafted as part of the "innovation for associations" white paper being written by the WSAE Innovation Task Force. Its part of an effort by my state association executives society to define an evidence-based model of innovation for the association community. But many associations approach risk from a decidedly conservative perspective.

The Right Tools for the Job

Association Management

Technology associations based on standards efforts share many common goals and challenges. Over the years, through the shared experiences of literally hundreds of such efforts, a set of best practices has emerged, including strategies on: How best to set up a new association.

Tools 173

Education Is Not Enough

Eric Lanke

I just finished reading the latest white paper from Elizabeth Weaver Engel of Spark Consulting, this one written with Shelly Alcorn of Alcorn Associates Management Consulting, entitled "The Association Role in the New Education Paradigm." Associations Innovation

What is an AMS System? Your Association Questions, Answered


Each year, associations work hard to host memorable events and offer educational courses to keep their members engaged and invested in the community. Going through the daily motions of administrative duties and repetitive tasks can take up unnecessary time for your association’s team.

5 Factors that Can Make or Break Your Association Website Redesign


Paper on the floor, nails on what was left of the counter, and a paint-splattered drop cloth was all that protected the kitchen tile. The Challenges in Redesigning Your Association’s Website. So don’t start redesigning your website until you’ve evaluated these five redesign components and how they will impact your association’s growth, strategies, and members. 5 Crucial Factors in an Association Website Redesign. eBooks, white papers, research, and other offers.

eBook 100

Don’t Nickel-and-Dime Members: Ideas to Increase Non-Dues Revenue


Associations have traditionally used membership “as an excuse to sell more stuff at discounted prices to members,” said Garth Jordan , senior vice president of corporate strategy at the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA).

Eliminate Roadblocks to Planning—Integration Transforms Strategy into Action


The corner office of the Association for Ad Hoc Planning – Afternoon. The membership manager looks like a deer in the headlights. Membership Manager. Membership Manager shifts in her chair. Membership Manager. Strategy Meltdown —The screen play.

Eliminate Roadblocks to Planning—Integration Transforms Strategy into Action


the corner office of the Association for Ad Hoc Planning – Afternoon. The membership manager looks like a deer in the headlights. Membership Manager. Membership Manager shifts in her chair. Membership Manager. Strategy Meltdown —The screen play.

Happy Fabulous Five, Spark!

Spark Consulting

Back in late 2011, I was working for the Children’s Hospitals Association. At the time, I was thinking it would be my first CEO position, leading a small association. Today marks five years since I launched Spark Consulting.

Run Your Next Dues Renewal Effort Like a Fundraising Campaign

Eric Lanke

Spark Consulting is out with another white paper -- this one on what associations can learn about relationship building, campaign management, and attracting Millennials from charitable fundraising organizations. It's another thought-provoking read for association CEOs. If you're interested, you can download "Steal Like a Fundraiser: Innovations in Cause-Oriented Fundraising for Associations" here. Associations Member Engagement

Don't Be Misled By the Concentric Circles of Diversity

Eric Lanke

A few weeks ago I mentioned that Spark Consulting was out with another white paper -- this one on the sometimes challenging topic of diversity and inclusion -- and that it was another thought-provoking read for association CEOs. Associations Member Engagement

3 reasons to know your association’s RPM (Revenue Per Member)

SCD Group

What is Your Association's RPM (Revenue Per Member)? When I interviewed Rob Fowler, president/CEO of the Small Business Association Of Michigan, for my September 20 post about SBAM’s freemium membership model , he talked about their Revenue Per Member or RPM metric.

“NO vendors, please.”

Reid All About it

Every day in my association’s online community, people reach out to fellow members to ask questions or request guidance. Today I saw someone ask for examples of associations that have had proven success with social media. Tagged: Association.

How Do Associations Need to Adapt in 2017?

Associations Now

In a new report, the tech firm Abila says software integration, consumerization of membership, and education evolution will be focal points for association strategy in the new year. What should associations double down on? Or download the white paper over this way.

How Associations Can Transform Higher Education

Reid All About it

In the association community, it feels like we’re always playing catch up to the world around us. You may know these two: Elizabeth is CEO & Chief Strategist of Spark Consulting LLC and Shelly is Principal of Alcorn Associates Management Consulting.

Build a Journey to Yes Using Marketing Automation


You can strengthen anecdotal information with research such as member needs surveys, white papers and case studies. Mine the invaluable data in your association management system. Personas are the characters in your association’s story.

Chose Your Dimensions of Diversity and Get Started

Eric Lanke

Spark Consulting is out with another white paper -- this one on the sometimes challenging topic of diversity and inclusion -- and it's another thought-provoking read for association CEOs. First, it's good to see Joe Gerstandt getting some love in the association community.

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SCD Group: 30 Marketing Tips for Associations: Highly Rated Ideas.

SCD Group

AMR Management Services. Stronger by Association. 30 Marketing Tips for Associations: Highly Rated Ideas from ASAE12. 3 Consistent brand messaging from the National Pasta Association via the Kellen Company. #4 Farmers & Ranchers Alliance via AMR Management Services. #8

Tips 76

Member Engagement and Association Building Blocks

Eric Lanke

Here''s the story I told: One of the realities we all face in the world of association management is that some members want to direct their own volunteer efforts. Before joining the board of the Wisconsin Society of Association Executives, I was just a member.

European Association Execs View the Need to Redefine Value in.


global association strategy, regional planning and local infrastructure to grow your business. European Association Execs View the Need to Redefine Value in Changing World. Position your association as a thought leader (especially on emerging issues like sustainability).

Video 111

Give Yourself Some Options: The Perks of a Hybrid Cloud

Associations Now

The Power of Hybrid Cloud , an IDC white paper from earlier this year [PDF], notes that 79.7 Hybrid cloud offers a number of benefits for enterprise-size organizations like associations. An association management system, or AMS, is a great example of this.

Association Marketers Choose Ca$h to Power Membership Marketing

Association Adviser

For our November poll, we asked Association Adviser readers if they’d rather have more staff to help with membership marketing or more money to help power their membership marketing plans. I’d definitely prefer to have more money to execute a membership marketing plan,” said Christina McCoy, CAE, of AMPED Association Management. Source: 2017 Association Communications Benchmarking Survey.

CA 69

ROI and Social CRM Use Case 1: Using LinkedIn for Member Recruitment


Our (SocialFish) definition of Social CRM is “ the discipline of applying social media to membership management “, and the 12 use cases in our white paper, ROI and the Impact of Social CRM , show this in action. Tools – Association Management System.

How Much Should Associations Care About Blockchain?

Associations Now

A recent whitepaper highlights where associations and their members might come into play. The National Association of Realtors, as a part of its strategic investment arm Second Century Ventures, invested in a startup named Poppy that applies the blockchain to real-world transactions.

New ASAE Study Shows Commitment to Global Returns 10x the Value


In June, the ASAE Foundation and MCI released the results of the first year of a five year study to examine how associations are operating internationally at the ASAE Global Symposium in Washington, D.C. associations’ global strategic approach and operating environment.

DC 114

Unclogging Your Blog

YourMembership Blog

Membership Software Association Management Software. Associations. Management Team. Your (potential) audience wants to get to know you a little better and that just can’t be done through white papers. Membership Management. Associations. YourMembership.com® | The Complete Online Member Community® | Membership Management Software | Membership Software Solutions. Nonprofits + Foundations. Chambers + EDCs. Corporate + Social.

Sift Skills: The Value of Big Data for Associations

Associations Now

Associations are good at collecting data, but they’re less adept at analyzing it or knowing what to do with the gold mine of information they have. And association staff members didn’t discover this until they looked closely at the data.

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Online Community Vendor Spotlight: ThePort Network


This is the second in a series of six interviews of CEOs of online community platform providers to the association industry, in conjunction with a white paper we're writing about them. The white paper will be available for free download in the next few weeks. We were one of the first organizations to leverage XML and over the years built one of the most powerful and flexible white label social media platforms in the world.

The Hourglass Blog: Next Steps for Association Innovation

The Hourglass Blog

Next Steps for Association Innovation. First of all, our white paper on association innovation is nearly finished. We’re looking for appropriate venues to publish and/or present the paper, and encourage your suggestions and help in disseminating it.

Eric Lanke: Recipes for Innovation

Eric Lanke

Association executive and author. Possible opportunities for adaptation to association management, maybe? is the CEO of the National Fluid Power Association. Association Executive Management. Association Forecast. Association Subculture.

Too Many Ideas for Boosting Member Retention? Never!

Associations Now

While an in-depth look at the state of membership retention in associations awaits in the mid-summer issue of Associations Now , get a preview with these bonus ideas on boosting retention from several association pros and experts. appeared first on Associations Now

The ROI of Online Member Communities

Associations Now

The model it offers, focusing on the value of questions answered, could be what associations are looking for. The 2016 edition of The Community Roundtable’s “ State of Community Management ” report digs deep into the question of measuring value in online communities.

Class 63

From the Corner Office: Christopher Williston, IBAT

Association Adviser

This month’s Corner Office spotlight shines on Christopher Williston VI, vice president of communications for the Independent Bankers Association of Texas (IBAT) , the nation’s largest community state banking institution. Association Adviser: Tell us a little bit about IBAT.

Texas 124

The Hourglass Blog: A Prescription for Innovation

The Hourglass Blog

This is part of an on-going dialogue between Eric Lanke and Jeff De Cagna on the work of the WSAE Innovation Task Force and the status of innovation in the association community. Association Management. Management. Association Subculture.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.18.19

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… Here’s one for the accidental project managers. Sites like ReviewMyAMS and ReviewMyLMS are certainly popular in the association community. Association Chat on Twitter (#assnchat).