The Association Value Trigger Point Explained by New Member Background

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When I speak about a way to engage new members early in their membership by using an Association Value Trigger Point (AVTP), association professionals often ask me if their association should have just one AVTP or should we have many for our different members? I find that association’s that have an AVTP put a lot of time, effort, and resources into their AVTP so funneling new members through one great experience is recommended.

Building Buy-In for an Online Community at Your Association

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You don't have to be a hypnotist or a master of persuasion to build support for an online community among your association’s board and executive team. Instead, you need to align your new online community with the mission and priorities of your association's leadership.


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Want to Maximize Association Membership Value? Create Indispensable Engagement

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Although “engaging people” might not seem like the most groundbreaking approach to organizational growth, it’s a simple idea that has wide-reaching effects. What is engagement, at its core? Maybe you’re struggling with: Retaining and recruiting more members. Member Retention.

Is Your Association Breaking This Key Rule While Trying to Engage Younger Members?

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I’ve come across many organizations who try endlessly to engage younger members, but to no avail. Once associations start following that rule, they are able to engage younger members with ease. For example, if I give a store $4, the store lets me leave with $4 worth of pomegranate pips (yum!). Why Associations Routinely Break the Halfway Rule. Many associations do not honor The Halfway Rule in the eyes of our new and younger members.

Mismatches Between New Strategies and Problems Happen at Associations

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An association’s board had been talking about how young professionals were the least engaged of all the member segments. In fact, offering a free first year of membership has unintentionally created more problems for the association and its newest members. These strategies might even be working well for other associations. Before investing time and effort into a new strategy, define your association’s problem.

When We Create a Vacuum of Information Our Members Make Up Stories

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For example, when a member calls the association’s headquarters, leaves a message, and does not get a call back within 24 hours that member may start thinking: “My message got lost”, or. “They (the association staff) do not care about us (the members)”, or. “The association must not care much about customer service”, or. Members are busy making up stories when they do not know the answer.

19 More Takeaways from ASAE’s Membership, Marketing and Communications Conference


Calling all Small Association Leaders: 5 Great Ways to Generate Real Membership Value and Growth. Re-engaging lapsed members. Retention starts the day a member becomes a member. Track Membership Engagement. Source: Hubspot’s 101 Examples of Effective Calls to Action. eMembership—Low cost membership for members and the association both accessing content on their phones and tablets. The Future of Membership Engagement.

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