Understand the Three Professional Stages to Improve Association Value

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Here is another way to look for gaps in your association’s value proposition. The results of years of member research show that high-performing professionals tend to move through three stages during their career. Related: How new members are prompted to engage.

Why Just One Kind of Member Research Isn’t Enough

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By pursuing both quantitative data and qualitative input from its members, the Construction Financial Management Association discovered a gap in its member value proposition—and how to fix it.

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Why Your Survey May Not Be Getting You the Results You Need

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If we ask on a survey, do you feel supported by the association? Is the survey asking me about the time 5 years ago when a staff member connected me with another member and eventually I got a great job through that connection? Words are open to interpretation.

How to Exponentially Improve Member Engagement at Any Association

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Wouldn’t it be great if members felt this way every day of the week? At some associations, members do feel this way, and your members can feel like this too. The good news is size is not holding associations back. Related: Member Engagement Research.

Case Study: In-depth Member Interviews Feed Association’s Strategic Plan

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What else should the association do to support members during these extremely challenging times? This was the nagging question one association VP had. With this in mind they decided to test out a qualitative research methodology as input to this strategic planning process.

Developing My Dream Association

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If I were to build an association, I would pull the most significant insights from all of the research I have conducted. Here is what I would focus on as I created my dream association. One of the core staff values would be to be intensely member-focused.

Mind the Member Gap

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When I talk to relatively new members there is almost always a 3-5 year gap between when the member started in the profession or industry and when they actually became a member of the association. Well, solve the value equation and the rest will take care of itself.

Associations and the Network Effect

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For example, the Florida Society of Association Executives (FSAE) recruited me to speak at this year’s annual conference. An executive director of one of those area realtors associations saw me give the presentation and asked me to come and talk to their board.