Interview with an Expert Series: Associate Executive Director, Myke Kudlas

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That one topic was taking up a huge amount of class time as I taught and re-taught the same concepts. After that initial experience, I began experimenting with Captivate and other authoring tools to improve the quality of the presentation and introduce interactive elements to it. Radiologic technology is a very hands-on, visual profession.

What If Your Association Can’t Afford an Instructional Designer?

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If you don’t already have an authoring tool, you’ll need to budget for that too. Tagoras’ Learning • Technology • Design virtual conference. Many authoring tools have lively online user communities. Hire someone to conduct a Train the Trainer session for your SMEs either in-person or through an online series of classes. Invest in an authoring tool and set aside enough time (and money, if needed) for staff to learn how to use it.

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Successful Learning Management System Implementation eBook

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Your requirements list will help you to list the metrics by which you will measure the success of the technologies and resources you will use to deliver your program, and the suitability of different LMS platforms.

LMS Selection: 7 Features Associations Need

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Built-in Course Authoring. Built-in course authoring tools are a good way to accomplish this, not to say they should replace your current course authoring. Look for ways you can use the LMS tools to add to the experience for your members. Assessment Authoring.

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