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Now What?

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My blog? Uncategorized advocacy ASAE associations blog Career delp Diversity milestones This year marks some very important milestones for me. ASAE’s Diversity Executive Leadership Program otherwise known as DELP celebrates its 15th anniversary. March will be my 5th anniversary with my current employer. June will be the 1st anniversary of Generation Advocacy. August marks the 5th birthday of Association Advocacy Chick. I’m very excited about all of this.

Would you pull a Claire Underwood?

Association Advocacy Chick

Warning: this blog post contain spoilers from season 3 of House of Cards. If you haven’t seen the entire season run, consider yourself warned. In season 3 of House of Cards, we find First Lady Claire Underwood seeking the UN ambassadorship to the United States. Upon announcing her nomination, she experiences extreme pushback based on lack of experience and appearance of nepotism among other issues.

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Humanizing Government Relations

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The social media aspect alone is worth three blog posts. My fellow lobbyists, I have distressing news. Our members don’t know who we are and why we exist within our associations. They don’t see our value. We have to deal with a Congress that can’t get s**t done (yup, I just cursed). Congressional staffers don’t want to meet with us. We’re being told that a 10% cut to our program areas should be considered a legislative victory.

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ASAE15: We do we GO from here?

Association Advocacy Chick

I was in a place in my life where I wanted my voice heard and saw blogging as an opportunity to do that. I want to thank every person who has subscribed to the blog, read it, or received it from someone else. With my association career going in a new and exciting direction, I’ve decided to put the blog on an indefinite hiatus. I still love to blog and hope to do more in other areas of association management.

Sharing my blogging experience with others

Association Advocacy Chick

However, the part that generated the most interest and discussion centered around blogging. As I talked about starting and maintaining Association Advocacy Chick , many in the audience wanted to know the pros and cons of blogging. Sometimes you wonder if anyone’s reading your blog. Blogging has made me a better writer, a better thinker and overall, a better person. I ended the presentation with a story about one of my blog posts.

So you wanna be a DELP Scholar?

Association Advocacy Chick

Maybe you’ve read this blog and have finally convinced yourself that now is the time: You want to apply to the Diversity Executive Leadership Program (DELP). You’ve received the email from ASAE. Maybe someone handed you the brochure. But, how do you begin? Background information including the application can be found here. In addition, some of my DELP colleagues wanted to offer their advice to those taking the plunge. Apply from your heart.

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Looking back, looking forward

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I didn’t blog as often as I would’ve liked to. I will make you this promise: this year, I will return to regular blogging. Thank you for reading my blog in 2013 and I hope you will continue in 2014. As we begin a new year, we often reflect back and determine what we’d like to see in the new year. I’m no different. It’s kinda hard to describe 2013 in simple terms. It wasn’t a bad year for me. I turned 40.

ASAE12: Are you ready?

Association Advocacy Chick

Be social: If you’ve been waiting for the right time to dive into Twitter or to start blogging, this is it. I started this blog the day after I returned from ASAE10 in Los Angeles. As I type this, I’m 2 days away from getting together with 13,000+ psychologists and students in the land of Mickey. My presentations are ready. I’m pretty much packed and my schedule will actually allow me to eat at some point. However, that’s not what I want to talk about.

Confessions of an interim manager

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For weeks, I’ve been debating how I was going to blog about my experience as an interim manager. Was I going to sugar coat it and say that everything was wonderful or do I focus on the gory details? Neither. I’m going to be honest. As I alluded to in a previous post, my boss unexpectedly resigned in early March giving two weeks notice. She had been offered a great opportunity that she would’ve been foolish to pass up.

Welcome to 2012: Challenge accepted

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Well, the amazing Maddie Grant issued a challenge to blog about the topic How are you going to change the world in 2012 ? In the 17+ months this blog has been in existence, I’ve learned just how rare it is to see someone who looked like me or do what I do as a regular blogger in the association community. This time last year, I wrote about how I aimed to be a better person professionally and personally. For the most part, I’ve shown some real growth in both areas.


Open Community….from an advocacy prospective

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We’re also going to focus heavily on finding case studies of each of the different “big ideas” in the book; we’re collecting them for a blog series on our SocialFishing blog, to discuss in future presentations or book club gatherings, and all kinds of cool stuff.


Association Advocacy Chick

For the past 8 months, I’ve been on hiatus from blogging as I transition into a new position in association management. I knew it would take a powerful event to get me back here. Unfortunately, it was the death of Prince.

What blogging and the Foo Fighters taught me about acceptance

Association Advocacy Chick

Topics included developing content, using blogs for advocacy (LOVE!), getting motivated to blog and so much more. Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of attending Progress U’s Blogger Summit (PUBS) sponsored by DelCor Technology Solutions. Led by the lovely and talented KiKi L’Italien, I spent an entire day learning from some of the best association bloggers in the world (yes, they’re that good).

Get to know me, really

Association Advocacy Chick

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know that I do government relations for an association, have my CAE, and a DELP scholar. However, I think it’s time to open up about the other aspects of this association advocacy chick. So here are some fun facts about yours truly. I’m a middle child. I have an older sister and younger brother. I learned how to drive at 21 and got my license the day after I graduated from GW.

The seven lessons I learned in 2011

Association Advocacy Chick

I do have enough content for a blog. When I first started my blog, my biggest fear was not having enough to say. Without you, this blog would not exist. Things will go wrong and that’s okay. Last week was not exactly a stellar week for me. I moderated a webinar where the first 10 minutes were marred by a glitch in the software. The meeting I hosted was delayed 15 minutes as we scrambled to connect a participant via conference call.

If at first you don’t succeed…

Association Advocacy Chick

One of my first AAC blog posts discussed the ASAE’s 2010 annual meeting and what I learned from it. One of my points highlighted a lack of government relations programming. Knowing that more than a few of my GR colleagues attend annual as well as association executives prepping for the CAE exam, I felt that we were being shortchanged. So, I did what anyone in my position would’ve done: I decided to submit a proposal for 2011.

A Scandalous lesson in social media

Association Advocacy Chick

There are fan sites with everything from in-depth analysis to blog posts on what Washington wore on the show. I’m a huge fan of the hit ABC drama Scandal starring Kerry Washington.

Out of Office Message

Association Advocacy Chick

So during this holiday season where we have witnessed both evil and good, I want to thank you for continuing to support this blog. Whether you’re a regular reader or lurked from time to time, thank you for taking the time to read my blog, share my posts and offer a comment. Uncategorized advocacy blog holidays ipadTo: You. From: Me. Re: Out of Office. As of Friday December 21, I will be out of the office for the rest of the year.

Wrapping it up with a big red bow

Association Advocacy Chick

Through this blog, I found a voice that had always existed, but was too afraid to come out. I wished I listened to my former ASHA colleagues Maggie McGary and Janet McNichol when I first expressed interest in writing a blog two years ago.

When it comes to advocacy, don’t ignore Gen Y

Association Advocacy Chick

Consider having a blog to report on your legislative activities. The following post is a reprint of a guest post I did for XYZ University in September 2012. A special thanks to Sarah Sladek for allowing me to participate! Go to virtually any association’s website and you will find advocacy listed as a membership benefit. Is it really a benefit? Which of your members would rank advocacy among their top five reasons for joining your association?


Association Advocacy Chick

If it wasn’t for you, this blog wouldn’t exist. Those who read this blog. Those who found this blog by accident. I’m thankful for my parents Jean and James and my siblings, Tasha and James Jr. even during those times when I swear I was adopted. I’m thankful for being single when I could be trapped in a loveless relationship. I know that very soon, I will be with that one great guy. I’m thankful for my health and wellbeing.


One Year Later…

Association Advocacy Chick

Sure, blogging seemed easy enough. If you told me last year everything that would come to pass as a result of this blog, you would’ve scared me right out of the blogging business. . To that end, I want to thank my friends, colleagues, supporters, those who retweet my posts, lurkers, and stalkers for contributing to the success of this blog. KiKi L’Italien who has the distinction of being my very first commenter on my blog.

The great and not-so-great from ASAE11

Association Advocacy Chick

I have so much more to say about ASAE11 that I’m saving for another blog post. Louis marked my fourth ASAE annual meeting and I must say, it was one of the best. Here’s what I liked and didn’t like about ASAE11. The Great – Closing General Session Speaker Peter Sheahan. Peter Sheahan was the best keynote speaker I’ve ever heard at ASAE.

I am not a number

Association Advocacy Chick

This blog alone has led to opportunities beyond anything I would’ve imagined. There are people who I’m leery of. Those who claim they never have to prepare for a presentation or a meeting. People who hate chocolate. People who watch reality tv and nothing else. Above all, I’m very leery of number whores. What’s a number whore? A person who connects online for the sole purpose of making themselves look more important than they really are.

Allow me to reintroduce myself

Association Advocacy Chick

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m now blogging under the title It’s On The List. I look forward to blogging again. Uncategorized association management blog blogging podcast workHello! When I last spoke to you, I was eulogizing one of my favorite musicians. Six months later, I thought it would be a good time to get back to our regularly scheduled program. Why It’s On the List ?

When life gets in the way

Association Advocacy Chick

You may have noticed that my blog posts have slowed down to a crawl. I have no plans to stop Association Advocacy Chick (or blogging for that matter) any time soon. Thanks to everyone who supports and reads this blog. My goal when I started Association Advocacy Chick was to produce fresh content at least twice a month. However, it seems like I’m lucky to get one post up per month. While the mind is willing, the time just isn’t there right now. Don’t worry.

A little help from my friends

Association Advocacy Chick

Having a blog presents a number of opportunities. He has blogged for ASAE’s Acronym and was one of the featured bloggers during ASAE10. . He’s chair of ASAE’s Young Association Executive Committee, fellow YAPstar and has his own blog, . It gives me a chance to express my views as an association lobbyist who’s also a DELP scholar. Soon, it will also be a vehicle to showcase the writings of some of my fellow scholars.

Black Like Me

Association Advocacy Chick

Earlier this week, Kristin Clarke wrote a dynamic piece for ASAE’s Acronym blog entitled White Like Me. Using the context of the midterm elections which resulted in no African-Americans in the Senate, she describes the continuing frustration of not having more African-Americans serving in association leadership positions. If you haven’t read it, you can find it here. As an African-American woman, I wanted to offer my perspective on this topic.

I wasn’t expecting this

Association Advocacy Chick

When I started this blog last Thursday, I was not prepared for the outpouring of support that I’ve received. The feedback from the association blogging community has been tremendously helpful. Thanks to this blog, I’ve received two amazing opportunities that I can’t wait to participate in. I value your advice and hope to continue receiving your feedback.


Quick post – Pedigree’s Adoption Campaign

Association Advocacy Chick

From now until Sunday September 19, Pedigree will donate a 20-pound bag of dog food to a local shelter for every blog post about its adoption program. As a dog owner who got her pet from a rescue, I’m a firm believer in pet adoption. The Pedigree Foundation works with shelters to find loving homes for dogs. So far the campaign has generated more than 1 million meal for dogs in shelters throughout the United States. Do your part to help.

Welcome to Association Advocacy Chick!

Association Advocacy Chick

I’ve been considering a blog for the last couple of years, but could never find the time or motivation to do it. With so many of my talented colleagues in the association community blogging, I wanted to join the conversation. I had an idea of what I wanted to talk about, but just couldn’t take that next step. Los Angeles changed that. Earlier this week, the American Society of Association Executives held its annual meeting and expo at the LA Convention Center.

Fridays with Kiki and Maddie

Association Advocacy Chick

I want to thank Kiki and Maddie for not only inviting me to hang out with them, but also welcoming me into the association blogging community with open arms. Earlier today, I had the esteemed honor of being a guest on Delcor Social Media’s Sweet Spot hosted by the fabulous Kiki L’Italien with the equally fabulous Maddie Grant. Sweet Spot is a live weekly half-hour webcast (longer when Maddie co-host) on Ustream that highlights the week in associations and social media.

What ASAE10 meant to me

Association Advocacy Chick

The catalyst for this blog came from my experiences at ASAE’s annual meeting in LA. Here are some of my professional and personal takeaways from this meeting. Technology and social media continues to improve the annual meeting experience. Following the ASAE10 Twitter feed gave me a chance to learn what was going on in sessions I couldn’t attend. I made new Facebook friends and gained new people to follow on Twitter. Smartphone apps helped manage our schedules.

Blogs that work.and spread

Higher Logic

Blogging is writing with a dual purpose. Effective blog posts both educate the reader and benefit the writers -- or the writer’s organization. What you’ll read here comes not just from my study of blogging over the years, but from personal experience.

Keeping your blog fresh


Hi blog readers! A bit red face here at Mariner because we’ve been neglecting this blog a bit. Not because we don’t have anything to say – trust me, we have plenty to say – but because like most of you, we’ve been busy as bees.

Cracking the Culture Code: Blogging

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Blogging is a much better platform for this kind of communication. Your staff members may not be familiar with blogging and the looser, more personal communication style that comes with it. This is a guest post from Eric Lanke , the CEO of the National Fluid Power Association.

7 Blog Post Ideas for Nonprofits


If you maintain a blog for your nonprofit, chances are you’ve come up short on ideas more than a few times. Well, in fact there are lots of creative ways to keep your blog active and interesting. There are lots of ways to keep your blog up-to-date with interesting stories.

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Guest blog: Beyond the RFP.

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The post Guest blog: Beyond the RFP. Widen your AMC’s business development process. by Erin Fuller, FASAE, CAE, President | MCI USA Association Management & Consulting & Member | AMCI’s Board of Directors. The email came out of the blue, from a really strong association executive that I interviewed a few months back who wasn’t the right fit for the professional society leadership role I tried to fill. I brought him in anyway to meet with other members of our team.

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