What Unsubscribers Can Teach an Email Marketer


I’m sitting at my desk creating another masterpiece (email/landing page/automated email campaign) and I see my “Darn, Another Unsubscriber” folder jump one more. After regaining my composure (with a little music therapy ), my next moves are: Check unsubscribes from emails.

Nonprofit Launches Open-Source Take on Email Marketing

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FreeCodeCamp, a nonprofit that offers coding help to fellow nonprofits, recently launched an open-source email marketing tool to send bulk messages on the cheap. If you send a lot of marketing emails, you know the pain of the high costs that can come with such messaging.

Daily Buzz: The Benefits of Regulating Email Marketing

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Email marketing is still evolving, 15 years after Congress gave the industry a single set of rules that regulate the messages that go in your inbox. Email marketing has been with us a long time, and it always seems like there’s a new headache facing organizations that rely on it.

Email Marketing Trends: What’s Hot in 2017

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Long neglected as part of the communications conversation, emails have become more essential than ever in 2017. Read on for some suggestions on to improve your email production workflow. But the problem is, it can be a challenge to understand all the nuances of building a useful email.

Social Media Roundup: Email Marketing 101

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Within seconds you can send an email and reach hundreds, but what is the purpose? Before you push the send button, consider whether your email is relevant to the receiver. Concerned that too many of your emails are ending up in the junk folder?

Seven Ways to Get More From Your Nonprofit’s Email Marketing Strategy


Like social media, email marketing is where you nurture constituent relationships. Segmentation – The core principle of e-mail marketing is segmentation, or adding people to specific lists based on their interests and actions. Write your emails directly to this person.

Email Marketing Trends: Are You Doing Enough With Your Data?

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A Design Tool to Watch The pain of email design isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but developers are beginning to get a little craftier about solving the problem. It turned out to be one of my most shared blog posts of the past year.

Friday Buzz: What Email Marketing Did for #GivingTuesday

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In one key metric, #GivingTuesday topped Black Friday and Cyber Monday in a big way, according to data from one email marketing firm. When it comes to email marketing, Black Friday has nothing on #GivingTuesday. The small stuff matters in your emails.

Lunchtime Links: Gmail’s Latest Curveball for Email Marketers

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What the latest changes to Google’s popular email service could mean for association marketing campaigns. To run a successful email-marketing campaign, your association has to track message open rates and dig deep into data to understand the needs and habits of its members.

8 Tips to Write Emails Your Association Members Will Open

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Let me guess – your inbox is overflowing with so much content that you don’t know which way is up, much less which emails are worth your time. It’s a relatable circumstance for anyone with an email address (and fun fact: active email accounts are expected to hit 5.6

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Wild Apricot Blog : Basics of email marketing for nonprofits

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4 Questions to Help You Choose the Best Stock Photo for Your Content Marketing Campaigns

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Choosing imagery for your content marketing campaigns is really hard. See the photo we chose for this blog header? For example, let’s say I’m writing a blog post about good email subject lines. Related: 17 Essential Email Design Tips: Inspiration for the Non-Designer.

5 Marketing Pain Points & Solutions (From Our In-House Experts)

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Can we talk about how glamorous the life of a marketer is for a moment? …I While the role of a marketer can be incredibly interesting and rewarding, it doesn’t come without challenges. You’re not alone, you hardworking marketer, you! Video Content Marketing.

48 No-Brainer Tools Every Marketer Needs

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Since there are so many tools out there, our marketing team came together to compile a list of our favorites to share with you. We like having Evernote’s web extension on Chrome to easily save articles, snippets, or images for a marketing swipe file. What are other marketers up to?

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Our Top 5 Most Popular Blogs (Ever)


Over the past seven years, we’ve published hundreds of blog posts. of how we’ve grown the blog. This year, we’re putting even more resources into making the blog the best that it can possibly be. How can we make the blog better? Am I Sending Too Much Email?

17 Essential Email Design Tips + Inspiration for the Non-Designer

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Did you know that the number of emails sent per day is projected to grow to 333 billion by the year 2022? With so much content flooding our inboxes as it is, understanding the basics of email design has never been more critical in the competition for your subscribers’ attention.

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Radically Alter the Focus of Your Association’s Marketing

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Too often an association’s marketing messaging to new members focuses on the association; often how great the association is. Related: 6 Strategies for member email effectiveness. Association email is dying.

How We Got a 50% Email Open Rate (And You Can Too!)


Well, a 52% email open rate to be exact. Good email marketers regularly track their email metrics. Great email marketers regularly track their email metrics and then make improvements to their program based on their results.

14 Blogs and Podcasts that Will Keep You Current on Online Community and Marketing Automation

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That’s a little harder to do when it comes to resources, so we wanted to make it easier for you and create a trusty list of blogs and podcasts that we follow for updates about communities and marketing automation. Their blog articles are well-researched and very in-depth.

Three Marketing Flubs That Cause Conference YES Decision Skids

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Your email marketing blast generated plenty of clicks. Three Marketing Roadblocks Here are three messaging roadblocks that prevent you from converting them to YES: 1. What other marketing speed bumps can we remove to convert more prospects into happily registered attendees?

Email of The Month: Columbus Bar Association


Calling all email marketers in the market for a little inspiration! We know our blog readers are big fans of email design. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new series: Email of the Month. This email is light on copy, but not on content. Email me!

Three Detours That Derail Conference YES Decisions

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Your email marketing blast generated plenty of clicks, but the registration needle hardly moved. Adapted from Donna’s Meeting Innovation post on Cvent’s Event Planning blog. Related Stories Seriously, Your Conference Marketing Is Not About You!

5 Common Word Choices that Could Sabotage Your Marketing Copy


This is especially true when we’re composing content, emails, or blog posts because the way we speak often differs from the way we write. Looking for more tips on writing great marketing copy? Associations Email Marketing Tips

Is your association membership marketing unwanted-spam or permission-driven?

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Email continues to represent an effective marketing tool for many associations. While you see your association marketing efforts one way, how do you analyze what your prospects are thinking and feeling? The gaming example shows the power of imagination in email marketing.

Wild Apricot Blog : Does Your Nonprofit Need an Email Newsletter Service?

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How to Create a Blog that Grows Email Subscribers


Well, I guess I really should name this blog: How I am Trying to Create a Blog that Grows Email Subscribers…. You see, about 7 years ago we had no blog, no marketing team, no email marketing (and yes, we were an email company!)

Membership Marketing Blog: Fundraising with Social Media

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Membership Marketing Blog. Membership marketing – acquiring, engaging, upgrading, and renewing members – is the cornerstone for associations and relationship driven organizations. Whether you are an association professional or a relationship marketer, join the discussion on the Membership Marketing Blog and share your ideas and counsel. Email This BlogThis! And give your remarks on email marketing book. Blog Archive.

5 Steps to a Members-First Email Strategy


With the right email marketing strategy, your association will make it worth the member’s time to open and engage with your emails. Read the blog post to learn 5 steps to implement an email strategy with a members-first approach

What 600 Associations Say About Their AMS


From : Blog Entry >> Heather's Blog Entry Association management software/systems are arguably organizations’ largest technology investment. They provide membership organizations with vital functionality for delivering member services, and serve multiple business purposes—from operating as the core system of record to event and learning management, email marketing campaigns, and much more. Blog Entry

Kickstart a Video Campaign with this Simple Process

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I know you’ve heard it, “Video is the next big thing” and “Video converts”… Marketers hear this all day long, and it’s true. As an association professional reading this blog, you are likely providing courses or certification programs for your members.

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Content Counts When It Comes to Email, New Study Shows

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A couple of recent surveys on email marketing reveal some important stats and trends, including the importance of quality email content. Despite the popularity of social media, email is still going strong as a marketing tool. What email marketing tips do you have?

Follow the Technology Trends and Don’t Get Left Behind - Moery Company

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At one time, email was the shiny new sales tool. Pardot, an email marketing platform, is used as a constant stream of communication to nurture and qualify prospects until they’re ready to “buy.” (For For more information on Pardot, check out my recent blog, Data Sells ).

The ASAE Annual Exhibitor Email Deluge

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Every year, when I register for the ASAE Annual Meeting, I check the box to receive emails from exhibitors. As a writer/marketer, I like seeing how vendors in my community use email marketing. Then, link to a blog post that explains more.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.4.19

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Tony Rossell at Marketing General Inc. identifies six bad marketing habits that are killing membership marketing and growth —fodder for your association’s New Year’s resolutions. Mon 1/8 at 1 p.m.* – 10 Website and Email Marketing Best Practices for Small Nonprofits.

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How to Deliver Epic Content


We walked through pre-publication steps of the content development cycle and reviewed understanding your audience, finding your love-connection with customers, defining topics for content marketing, and writing engaging content. Cross-Marketing. Content Marketing Institute.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 12.21.18

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Peter Houstle of Mariner Management & Marketing has been working with several associations on a chapter ROI matrix. B2B content marketing predictions and trends for 2019. TopRank Marketing ). Hear tips for growing your email list. Follow Blog via Email.

Tips for Marketing (Online Courses) To Your Association Members  

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Associations and nonprofits share a marketing dilemma unlike traditional for-profit businesses. The target market and demographics for a business are centered around prospective clients and existing clients. Tips for Marketing to Association Members.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.3.19

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Learn about email marketing and automation, harnessing data to drive current and potential members’ participation in your community, and analyzing and acting on user behavior to deliver relevant, timely, personal content. Telling Your Story Through Blogs, Photos and Videos.

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Curious About SMS Marketing? These Three Strategies Could Get You Going

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SMS marketing has been around a while, and holds lots of appeal due to its higher engagement and relatively low cost. In a world where emails can be easily ignored and snail mail can get costly to send, it’s easy to see the appeal of the text message as a form of member engagement.

Daily Buzz: Create an Accessible Association Website

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From the WBT Systems blog. The Sprout Social blog outlines how to devise a comprehensive Facebook strategy. Email marketing isn’t a science, but these psychology-based tips from ClickZ can make your messaging more engaging. Accessibility standards are always changing.