Strategy Development and Deployment

Eric Lanke

Couple of conversations this week with members of my association's Board on the differences between strategy development and strategy deployment. I put it on an annual cycle of strategy development and deployment. At the Board table, our strategy is defined by three factors.

Members Hire Bold Strategies

Potomac Core

Members Hire Bold Strategies. As busy executives are under constant pressure to meet and exceed profit targets, they expect the organizations they are part of to deliver bold strategies and results. New Mantra: Members Hire Bold Strategies. Members Hire Bold Strategies.

Create an Attendee Experience Strategy

Associations Now

Here’s how to build an AX strategy. While the thought of building an AX strategy may seem overwhelming at first, it’s necessary. Here are three ways to get started on creating an AX strategy: Walk in your attendee’s shoes. Get attendee input on your AX strategy.

11 Elements of a Winning Member Engagement Strategy

Higher Logic

Achieving great engagement requires a commitment to a great member engagement strategy. Why is a Member Engagement Strategy So Important? And the first step to improving member engagement is creating a winning member engagement strategy. Member Engagement Strategy Takeaway.

#1 Onboarding Strategy - Moery Company

Moery Company

To receive our weekly Moery blog and podcast episodes, please provide your email. The post #1 Onboarding Strategy appeared first on The Moery Company. IStock/Credit:marchmeena29concept. How much time does your membership department devote to the “onboarding process” of new members?

2019 Marketing Strategy: Food for Thought From Seth Godin

Higher Logic

The start of a new year is a great time to reevaluate your current marketing strategy and decide which tools and changes you can implement to drive maximum success in the months ahead. Is your current strategy promoting positive change?

Part 2: Straightforward Association Blogging Strategies


See how to continue your journey to improve your association blogging techniques. Simply focus on one new tactic every time you blog and soon you’ll be generating blog posts that help your members, your organization, and your industry. Begin better blogging now.

Blogs that work.and spread

Higher Logic

Blogging is writing with a dual purpose. Effective blog posts both educate the reader and benefit the writers -- or the writer’s organization. What you’ll read here comes not just from my study of blogging over the years, but from personal experience.

Daily Buzz: 2019 Renewal Strategies

Associations Now

Audra Hopkins from the WebScribble blog recommends starting with a strong, revamped onboarding plan. The Sprout Social blog shares the best #holidayhashtags to use for your niche audience. The post Daily Buzz: 2019 Renewal Strategies appeared first on Associations Now

How Technology is Transforming Strategy

Principled Innovation

This post originally appeared last Wednesday on the ResultsDirect AssociationCentric Blog. For decades, the practice of strategy has been about the application of static planning frameworks to the task of solving mostly understandable business problems. Consider just three ways that technology is irrevocably shifting the nature of strategy, and thus how association leaders need to think about the work of strategy-making in the years ahead.

Daily Buzz: Maximize Your Content Marketing Strategy

Associations Now

In order for your organization’s content marketing strategy to be effective, it needs to be working toward a larger goal, whether that’s growing awareness or building up your email list. Content is just content unless it’s working to achieve a higher goal.

Combining Your Inbound and Outbound Marketing Strategies

Higher Logic

In recent years, digital marketing strategies like search engine optimization, paid advertising, social media marketing, and blogging, have replaced traditional marketing tactics as the preferred methods for promoting products and attracting potential customers.

Five Strategies for Better Digital Member Service

Associations Now

If your organization is attuned to a more hands-on customer service strategy, it can be a weird feeling to have to field a response in a Twitter comment or a comment thread on a blog post. The post Five Strategies for Better Digital Member Service appeared first on Associations Now

Changing Strategy and Member Engagement

Eric Lanke

A few weeks ago I wrote about the presentation I gave at my association's Annual Conference, communicating our overall strategy and the progress we're making on it to our membership. Changing your strategy can sometimes be a challenging time.

Daily Buzz: Why Your Association Needs a Learning Strategy

Associations Now

A learning strategy can help your team understand how to effectively deliver value. That’s why every association needs a learning strategy, according to a post on the WBT Systems blog. cmgr #onlinecommunities #strategy #askquestions #assnchat [link]

YouTube Subscriber Strategies for Nonprofits


Some may be surfing on their phone while on break at work, and find a blog post they can read quickly. The strategy is for them to share their audiences. He can be found on the blog every Friday with the latest news on social media. By Matthew Yeoman.

Daily Buzz: Jumpstart Your Technology Strategy

Associations Now

Here’s how to plan an efficient tech strategy. Getting on board with a strong technology strategy can help you navigate the tech world and find the best tools and resources to keep things going strong at your association,” says Audra Hopkins on the Web Scribble blog.

4 Things To Do Before Starting a Blog Program in Your Customer Community


When you started your customer community, you created the content, wrote the blogs, and encouraged your customers and prospective customers to join. Online Community Software Customer Communities Customer Engagement Content StrategyYou did all the work.

Guest blog: Beyond the RFP.

YourMembership Blog

I admit that for many years that was our “strategy” around business development. The post Guest blog: Beyond the RFP. Widen your AMC’s business development process. by Erin Fuller, FASAE, CAE, President | MCI USA Association Management & Consulting & Member | AMCI’s Board of Directors.

Experimentation as Strategy


Blog association e-learning elearning momentum productivity strategyBy Mary Byers, CAE, CSP According to Forbes contributor Mike Maddock, “In order to make a product or service everything it can be, it needs to be repeatedly soft launched with both internal stakeholders and external customers. This means literally sending the idea—be it a product or a service—into a limited part of the marketplace […].

Nonprofit Newsletter vs. Nonprofit Blog: Which Will Bring More Success

Wild Apricot

Here's a full look at the pros and cons of publishing a nonprofit newsletter versus a blogs to help you figure out the best content marketing strategy for your nonprofit. blog newsletter

Top 10 Informz Blog Posts from 2017

Higher Logic

Over the 2017 calendar year, we published 125 awesome blog posts across the spectrum of marketing automation topics. In this webinar we cover how to determine why former members allow their membership to lapse, and quick, targeted strategies for bringing them back into the fold.

Three Ideas to Perk Up Your Internal Communications Strategy

Associations Now

Here are a few internal communications strategies to try. When it comes to internal comms, strategies, of course, vary greatly. So why bother with an elaborate strategy? found that 60 percent of organizations don’t have a well-considered internal communications strategy.

Content Marketing Strategy Tweaks: Boost Your Game in 2019

Associations Now

An array of recommended strategy tweaks highlight the importance of not resting on your laurels. As association messaging strategies go, content marketing has gone from buzzy trend to old standby. If you don’t have an actual content strategy, maybe you should get one.

Daily Buzz: Building a Branding Strategy

Associations Now

And it needs a branding strategy to become more recognizable. Lane shares three tactics to use in your branding strategies: Tell a story. “No In a blog post on Medium , author and Inc. The SendX blog shares their guide to email deliverability.

Strategies for Association Micro-Learning


Get strategies and tips for getting. young professionals to join your association >> Don’t miss out on the big (macro) picture: Have a micro-learning strategy. Educational blog posts. The post Strategies for Association Micro-Learning appeared first on GrowthZone.

Why is your content strategy failing?


It is important to understand that it is not enough to just have a content marketing strategy in place. Planning out an effective strategy that does both the jobs well can be difficult, and may not necessarily hit all the right chords amongst your consumers. Self-promotion on the blog.

Daily Buzz: Create a Cohesive Community Strategy

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Your online community strategy shouldn’t just be about online interactions and, when done well, it creates untapped potential for your association.”. But they also work to improve customer service , says the Higher Logic blog.

Strategy Means Change

Jamie Notter

Strategy Means Change. in Change , Strategy - 1 comment. I did some strategy work with a client this week where they were drilling down below the level of core strategic principles and actually figuring out what they were going to do differently to move in their desired direction.

Why Do I Keep Blogging?

Eric Lanke

Why did I start blogging and why do I keep doing it? I started blogging because I thought I had something to say. Eventually, The Hourglass Blog ran its course, and I wound up saying everything I thought I wanted to say on the subject. I had a great experience this past week.

All about editorial content planning and blogging strategy [SLIDES]


I’m going to see if she might be willing to present this for us sometime in the new year… Search Marketing Expo: Blow me away blogging from PRsarahevans. Check out this fab slide deck by Sarah Evans.

Unclogging Your Blog

YourMembership Blog Blog. Unclogging Your Blog. Eighty-percent of companies (who start blogs) never post more than five blog entries. Abandon ship and simply leave the blog out there as a reminder of their own lack of follow-through, manpower and/or strategy. What is so incapacitating about a blog? Blogging doesn’t have to be reminiscent of an English class assignment. Blogs don’t always have to be about the words.

Your New Content Strategy [REGISTER!]


Questions like, “do we have a content strategy?” Veteran communicator Bob LeDrew has helped develop communications and content strategies for not-for-profits and associations. Key Takeaways: An overview of content strategy. When your content strategy is complete.

5 Steps to a Members-First Email Strategy


With the right email marketing strategy, your association will make it worth the member’s time to open and engage with your emails. Read the blog post to learn 5 steps to implement an email strategy with a members-first approach

Association Staff and the Marriage of Strategy and Resources

Eric Lanke

I had another experience this week that helped reinforce the important role that association staff must play in successfully marrying strategy to resources. Associations Strategy and Execution

7 Blog Post Ideas for Nonprofits


If you maintain a blog for your nonprofit, chances are you’ve come up short on ideas more than a few times. Well, in fact there are lots of creative ways to keep your blog active and interesting. There are lots of ways to keep your blog up-to-date with interesting stories.

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My Top 5 Blog Posts of 2017

Eric Lanke

As we end another year, here's a look back at the five posts on this blog that received the most page views in 2017. I hope you plan to stay engaged in 2018. + + + This post first appeared on Eric Lanke's blog , an association executive and author.

Culture and Strategy are Two Sides of the Same Coin

Jamie Notter

This post was originally published on the Switch and Shift blog. There’s a lot being written about organizational culture “eating strategy for lunch,” and I certainly understand the sentiment. Culture and Strategy are two sides of the same coin. Culture Strategy Truth

Should Associations Pursue a Membership or Customer Strategy?

Membership Marketing

One question that comes up from time to time is whether an association will economically benefit more by pursuing a customer growth strategy instead of membership growth. For the most part, the client data that I have gathered would argue strongly for following a membership strategy.

Strategy and Context

Jamie Notter

Strategy and Context. in Change , Strategy - 2 comments. Sohrab Vossoughi wrote a great post on HBR about Sony and how its successful strategy in the 1980s ended up being unique to that context. In other words, a winning strategy is context specific, thus it needs to evolve and grow (we talk about this in Humanize in the chapter on Generative ). Strategy Means Change. Weekly Wrap-Up: Forward Thinking for Associations | Affiniscape Blog. Strategy.