Monday Buzz: Why Boston Doesn’t Have Cheap Rooms

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An array of economic and geographic pressures have boosted Boston’s hotel rooms to extremely high rates. Case in point: the current situation in the Boston metro area. What’s causing the extreme price hikes?

Why These Four “P’s” Add Up to Successful Event Marketing

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It’s funny to see how many lessons from his 4 P’s—product, price, promotion and place—still apply in the I nternet and social media age. Price: The pricing strategy on events is one that requires careful consideration , as it will often be a key consideration in people’s ability to attend.

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INBOUND Conference: A Sample Agenda for Customer Marketers


HubSpot’s 2016 INBOUND conference is coming up fast and next week most of us will be hopping on a flight to Boston to attend. They include kickass skills and strategy sessions as well as the keynotes and entertainment that your best networking opportunities will be attending.

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Open Music Initiative Hopes to Solve the Music Industry’s Money Problems

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The Berklee College of Music in Boston is taking the lead with a new group that aims to fix the complexities around artist payments in the age of music streaming.

Study Reveals U.S. Cities With Best and Worst Travel Taxes

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Meanwhile, Portland, Oregon ($22.86), Boston ($19.34), and Indianapolis ($18.10) had the highest discriminatory travel taxes. Congress Taxes Travel, Too It’s not just the local municipalities that the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) is worried about when it comes to travel taxes.

Blue Sky eLearn: 2017 Year in Review

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We hired Ryan Graham as our new Senior Sales Director – providing us with 12+ years of experience in the SaaS learning technology space with companies such as Boston Conferencing, Peach New Media, and Abila. 2017 was another great year for Blue Sky!