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Association Growth Strategy: 6 Tech Tools to Drive Member Recruitment + Retention

Higher Logic

For associations focusing on strategically attracting new members (and keeping them engaged for the long haul), it’s important to package your tech stack for ample growth and retention. Association membership in the modern age is all about providing people with real value on their terms, and strategically leveraging technology is an effective way to attract and retain those members who you’ll transform into your trusty advocates. Give people indisputable reasons to renew.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.23.21

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If you are interested in the current trends in charging for webinar registrations and sponsorships, I urge you (or the person at your organization who knows your webinars best) to participate in a Leading Learning/Tagoras survey , which closes tonight. Nick Skillicorn, Idea to Value ).


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Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.19.21

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Throughout March, Mary Byers, CAE, and the Loyalty Research Center are sharing stories about highly innovative organizations, their best practices, interviews with innovators, and challenge questions about innovation to ponder. Skip down to the list of free webinars if you prefer takeout.

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Where are the YPs?

Spark Consulting

How can I recruit young professional members if there are no young professionals entering our industry?” That track just doesn’t happen to include college. Associations Now recently profiled an initiative by the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association focused on exactly this: recruiting young people into the industry. One of the things that basic math tells us is that associations are in for a bit of a rough patch related to membership.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.5.21

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WBT Systems explains how these boxes enhance the online course experience and provides ideas for box content and logistics. Achurch Consulting explains why it’s important to provide virtual watercooler moments to your remote team and suggests all kinds of ways to do it.

Six Components to Building Your Membership Model

Membership Marketing

Six Components to Building Your Membership Model. I am speaking with a number of clients about options on how to build new memberships or adapt current categories. Instead of trying to build an exhaustive list of the different membership models now being deployed, I thought that it might be of more value to outline the components that go into and can be changed to form a new membership. and also your knowledge and ability to deliver what is needed.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 2.5.21

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The Community Roundtable invites online community managers to participate in their 2021 State of Community Management survey. CAE study group. Fridays@4 is hosting a free CAE study group —you have to join first , but that’s free too. Rob Woodgate, How to Geek ).

Association Brain Food Weekly: 2.26.21

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Years ago, I read Mindset by Carol Dweck fully expecting to get validation of my growth mindset. Despite my penchant for learning, I was shocked to discover I had a fixed mindset. But I work alone, so I’m more likely to take advantage of these opportunities.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.22.21

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Maddie Grant and Jamie Notter at Propel have launched a free course, Introduction to the Rockefeller Habits. A few CEOs whom I admire practice these habits so I plan to make room in my schedule to take the course. Because there’s always time to learn, right? to 4 p.m.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.16.21

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I’ve written frequently over the years about generations but now, thanks to this open letter to the Pew Research Center from Professor Philip N. Cohen, I’m going to only talk about career stages and ages. Sometimes a topic starts to regularly pop up in my life. to 4 p.m.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 4.23.21

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Much of what he and his commenters say about newsrooms also applies to associations. Read their post to get answers to your legal questions and different perspectives on the assumptions driving your event decisions. Skip down to the list of free webinars if you prefer takeout.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 9.25.20

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The ASAE Communication Professionals Advisory Council requests your participation in a short, 11 question survey to help the community understand the challenges of planning virtual conference communications. WBT Systems explains how to help your virtual conference attendees continue their learning and networking experience. At the NTEN blog, Jarrett Way from Mighty Citizen explains how to improve diversity and inclusion in your marketing and communications.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.12.21

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Pay special attention to the four philosophies on the AMS’ role in the association tech stack, and the pros and cons of each. This investment can produce great returns to retention and revenue.”. I’d love to see ASAE explore this issue and provide support if there’s a need.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.24.20

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Associations have a role to play in the training, credentialing and lifelong learning market, but few have taken advantage of those opportunities. To get a sense of what your association is missing, take a few minutes to read Jeff’s article and then share it with your staff and board.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 12.18.20

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Welcome to the last Association Brain Food of 2020. I’m sharing more reading recommendations than usual because I’m hoping you’ll have time during the holidays to catch up on your reading. How are your chapters really doing? No, not too good to be true. Welcome to 2021!

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.10.20

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But if you are, or even if you’re not, you might like this story about a professor who asked his students to try an experiment: turn in their cell phones for nine days and write about living without them. One way to cut through information overload is to see what other people are reading.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 2.19.21

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Jeff De Cagna has come up with ten purposeful provocations that every board member and association professional should commit to heart. Not for the sake of breaking a rule, but to find your way to a better outcome. Sounds delightfully unorthodox to me. to 4 p.m. –

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 12.11.20

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This survey data will provide quantitative insights to help guide associations planning 2021 conferences. Please email Chris Gloede if your association has questions about the study or is interested in participating. I reduced the amount of cream and added shiitake to the mushroom mix.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 11.6.20

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At some point in 2021, associations will switch from virtual-only conferences to hybrid conferences. Billhighway explains how to identify bright spots —chapters that are achieving success by doing something different, something others chapters can replicate. MemberSuite digs into that finding and explains how to create a culture of innovation that delivers real membership value. Good eats—skip down to the list of free webinars if you prefer take-out.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.1.20

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Here’s a pair of posts about a virtual event format I’ve only recently come around to. I must admit, I was a skeptic about using an avatar to attend an event in a virtual world. 20 great questions to ask right now instead of “How are you doing?”

Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.17.20

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Design thinking is completely doable when you get it explained to you like WBT Systems does in their post, Design Thinking for Associations: Let’s Take It from Conceptual to Practical. I agree, it’s time to completely rethink how you approach sponsorship. to 2 p.m. –

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.8.20

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Chapters have always had the face-to-face advantage but now even they must get on the virtual bandwagon. Will college students return to campus this fall? I just now left the Non Dues-A-Palooza virtual happy hour to finish writing this post (dedication!) to 1:30 p.m. –

Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.8.21

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Inspired by Priya Parker’s The Art of Gathering , WBT Systems describes how to close a conference in a meaningful way instead of ghosting your attendees. At ASAE, Warren Hoffman of the Association for Jewish Studies explains how they priced their virtual annual meeting.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.15.19

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I pulled myself out of it by reading about leadership—educating myself and getting inspired to make some positive changes at work. WBT Systems explains this week how association membership can help professionals deal with burnout and provide a substitute for the 21st century scourge—workism. If only I knew enough to join the state restaurant association, my poor colleagues would have been spared from my toxic bitchiness. Associations Need to Know. to 5:00 p.m. –

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 11.4.16

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Each episode is dedicated to a president starting with George Washington and ending with Donald Trump. I’m listening to them all in order, of course, and have made it up to the Warren Harding episode. I subscribe to dozens of podcasts and normally don’t listen to every single episode, like I do with Presidential. Since I love to cook, America’s Test Kitchen Radio is another favorite. Now on to the list of this week’s free webinars and learning events.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 9.6.19

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Do brands have anything to teach associations about earning and rewarding customer and learner loyalty? They explain how to earn and reward learner loyalty. The Harvard Business Review describes how the New York Public Library involved employees from 93 branches in innovation communities —could be a good model for chapters. Another person who has dedicated countless hours to the association community is KiKi L’Italien. ” What to say? How to respond?

Membership Marketing Blog: Consumer Use of Email Declines, but.

Membership Marketing

It’s clear that communication is shifting not only to other platforms, but to other devices. (If If you plan to email your kids and you want a response, be sure to send them a text.)” Respondents reported a small increase in using email to build awareness among prospects. They showed little change in using email to engage or onboard new members and support renewal efforts from the previous year. Feel free to share. Case Study. (9).

Product and Service Engagement Drives Membership Retention and

Membership Marketing

Effectively, it is the fast track to membership success. Intuitively, we all know that members using the associations services is good, but seeing the statistics to support it highlights the critical nature in the membership lifecycle of member engagement. Overall, we had more than 650 unique associations respond to this question. Organizations that reported a higher level of usage where more likely to say that they experienced better outcomes in their membership results.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.31.17

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I’m heading to southern Utah with my guy and two sisters-out-law for a week of hiking amidst the red rocks we love so much. For example, think about the “25 year old married with kids and working” compared to the “25 year old living at home with parents, periodically going to school and yet to pay their own bills.” Aptify shares five under-utilized member recruitment tactics. I’ll be happy to feature it as long as it’s not too product-centric. to 1 p.m.