The certification conundrum

Aaron Wolowiec

Whether it’s for prestige, a salary bump or a resume builder, people from all industries seek out certification programs. But the question is, should your association offer certification programs? Such programs can be costly and sometimes there are legal loopholes, said Mickie Rops , principal consultant for Mickie Rops Consulting, LLC. It’s tempting to jump on the certification bandwagon but first, it’s important to conduct research. To certify or not to certify.

What is CAE Certification for Association Professionals?


In a snapshot, the purpose of the CAE certification is to : establish the body of knowledge; assess the level of knowledge ; encourage professional growth; formally recognize individuals who meet the requirements ; and. The CAE certification eligibility requirements and program materials were developed through an industry analysis survey to identify the day-to-day knowledge used by association professionals. The benefits of CAE certification include: Individual.

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Opportunities for Association Certification

Smooth The Path

Some professionals feel the same way about certification exams. Members are grateful for study groups, but some members cannot get to or afford the cost of study groups so they would appreciate receiving information about how to study independently. Members feel great achievement after passing a particularly difficult certification exam, but they are extremely busy with their day jobs so there’s only so many hours they can allocate to studying.

Three Ways Your Association Can Build and Strengthen a Certification Program


When it comes to credentialing and certification programs, there are many advantages awarded to both the association and the professionals who pursue them. If your board of directors does not understand the commitment needed to make the program a success—and the financial realities of building and managing a robust certification program—then the credential will likely fail, and potentially drain the association of a significant amount of financial resources.

Certification Shift: Associations Seen Moving to Competency-Based Programs

Associations Now

Competency-based certification is gaining traction in the association community. The Society for Human Resource Management caused a major splash in the HR community earlier this month when it announced it will launch a new competency-based certification program for HR professionals and move away from a knowledge-based program that the group helped develop years ago. You don’t want to really make it a much more difficult exam than what’s needed for the purpose of the certification.

New Bill Would Expand 529 Savings Accounts to Cover Professional Certification

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A new bipartisan bill would expand the use of 529 education savings accounts to cover the fees related to professional certification and credentialing programs. ASAE and the Professional Certification Coalition say it would benefit associations and the workforce. ASAE and the Professional Certification Coalition have endorsed a bipartisan bill introduced Dec.

Leveraging strategy to amplify education initiatives

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But when specifically asked during a recent NACEDA prep session, leaders added travel, opportunity costs, value proposition and marketing to their list of challenges. During a similar powwow with the best and the brightest minds, local association leaders added certification, continuing education credits, programming for disparate experience levels, personal/professional motivation and regulations – all of which resonated with this group, as well.

Three Reasons Not To Start An Association Certification Program

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“All organizations can develop certification. Some organizations think creating a certification program is the sure way to solve some of its problems. Identifying Certification Goals. Rops advocates that before starting a credentialing program, an organization needs to identify its certification target and goals. Then identify how certification will address that challenge with a goal statement. The same holds true for a certification program.

Open Source LMS: Hidden Costs for Associations

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At first glance, open source LMS may seem to have certain advantages over a commercial, purpose-built association LMS – no upfront licensing costs, full control over how the system can be customized, etc. However, there are hidden costs when purchasing an open source LMS that may not be immediately apparent at the RFP stage, but should be carefully considered before investing the association’s time and resources into an open-source LMS implementation.

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Sunk Costs, Marginal Costs and Economics - BlogClump


Sunk Costs, Marginal Costs and Economics. Two of these are cost related. Here are some basic definitions from The Economist website : Sunk Costs - When what is done cannot be undone. Sunk costs are costs that have been incurred and cannot be reversed, for example, spending on ADVERTISING or researching a product idea. If potential entrants would have to incur similar costs, which would not be recoverable if the entry failed, they may be scared off.

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Do We Need Social Media Certification? - BlogClump


Do We Need Social Media Certification? My friend Maddie Grant tweeted this post the other day about Social Media Certification. I bet these folks doing the certifications are trying to become the authority by offering them. I am not advocating a certification, but there might be a way to do one that wasnt totally full of fluff. But isnt that like all certifications? Do We Need Social Media Certification? skip to main | skip to sidebar.

Life goes on…and so does learning

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As a result, certification programs, assessment-based certificate programs, digital badging and competency-based education are likely to be areas of significant growth for continuing education and professional development providers.”. For example, if an association offers online certification, it can easily incorporate a YouTube video or podcast.

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The growth spurt continues for associations

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Competitive associations or sources of information (34 percent) and economy/cost of membership (31 percent) are the biggest external challenges to growing membership. More than 30 percent of associations offer certification of some kind. Filed under: Associations , Marketing , Professional Development Tagged: 2016 Membership Marketing Benchmarketing Report , associations , certification , continuing education , marketing , Marketing General Inc.

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The growth spurt continues for associations

Aaron Wolowiec

Competitive associations or sources of information (34 percent) and economy/cost of membership (31 percent) are the biggest external challenges to growing membership. More than 30 percent of associations offer certification of some kind. Filed under: Associations , Marketing , Professional Development Tagged: 2016 Membership Marketing Benchmarketing Report , associations , certification , continuing education , marketing , Marketing General Inc.

Report 120

Digital Badges: The 21st Century Credential

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Online trainings, courses, tutorials, webinars and other forms of continuing education allow individuals personal and professional enrichment from qualified institutions in formats much easier, and usually much less costly, to access than education in a traditional classroom setting. Badges tell how proficient a candidate is in a skill/ability or if they’ve barely met the criteria for passing a certification.

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Long Live Your Education Sessions: How To Repurpose, Reuse and Recoup Meeting Costs

Tom Morrison

Remember this… it is more cost effective to convince your current members to spend their money on meaningful programs than it is to recruit new members. Over the last six years, if there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s all content, if relevant, can be repurposed for new use. Our organization lives in the world of materials and science where the content that was developed years ago is still relevant today.

OpenBadges: Increasing Visibility of Association Education

WBT Systems

There has been much discussion lately about the value of digital badges for both association education and certification programs. This blog notes that “more than 90 percent of educational institutions are offering credentials and digital badges, in part, to serve their millennial students, who favor badging and certificates to traditional degrees”.

Do’s and Don’ts of Selecting a Learning Management System (LMS)


Many associations and chambers have considered adding a learning management system (or LMS) to their tech ecosystem, especially if their industry is focused on continuing education and certifications.

Determining Your Association’s Missionary Product

Membership Marketing

Instead they reach out to the marketplace with many products like membership, certification, conference, or publications. However, when acquisition marketing efforts are spread over many products lines the marketing impact is diluted and the costs increase. And a conference registrant or certification candidate has to make a much bigger financial and time investment compared to the price of purchasing a membership.

How To Design a Digital Badge Strategy

WBT Systems

Digital Badges are a part of these changes and are set to make a big impact on education and certification programs in 2017. Diplomas, degrees, certification, and skills quickly lose their relevance and become obsolete. If you are struggling to get the data needed to complete these, or find that the costs (resources, time, investment etc.) Dramatic changes have occurred in how learning is recognized, accredited and validated.

New Year Resolution: Invest in Association Learning Technology

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Back at the office, this process is paralleled as the new year kick-starts strategic planning sessions to set goals for association management, covering everything from membership growth and retention to updating education and certification programs. Whether your association is planning to launch new education or certification programs, or revitalize and restructure existing programs, our suggestion for your new year resolution is to invest in association learning technology.

Why are Associations missing from the Digital Credentials conversation?

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The rise of online job boards and online and mobile applications has allowed job seekers to identify and apply for jobs faster, at a fraction of the cost historically required, while also allowing employers to reach more prospective applicants. Associations Blog Certifications eLearning Tips General association continuing education Continuing Professional Development Digital Badges OpenBadges webinar

Should Associations Care About Blockchain?

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Is the current system overly complex or costly, possibly due to the need for intermediaries or a central point of control? Credentialing (degrees of all types, licenses, certifications, certificates, digital badges) is possibly, next to cryptocurrency, the most mature application of blockchain technology (and it’s certainly far more beneficial from a social good perspective). And if so, why?

4 LMS features worth having

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An LMS can significantly reduce costs while allowing organizations to create training courses and educational materials at scale. . Along with the cost-saving benefits, LMS-based courses also can help members increase regulation compliance within their own organizations.

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Integrated, automated membership renewal campaign leads to $18,000 increase in revenue.

YourMembership Blog

How one association went from a low-cost email marketing program to a more efficient process and better data quality to streamline membership renewal campaigns. Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA) provides veterinary management professionals ongoing education, certifications, and networking opportunities. Formed in 1981, VHMA has grown to serve over 2,700 members across North America. VHMA was […].

Partnership v. Membership: Prospecting Dos and Don’ts

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Start by offering something that’s low cost (time, energy, attention, money, commitment). For the people who say no to that first offer, make a different low cost offer. Don’t pitch your certification at him if he’s nearing retirement – or fresh out of his formal schooling and won’t qualify for five more years. In Lewis’s last post in our ongoing series , he shared some great advice on prospecting for corporate partners.

Do’s and Don’ts of Selecting a Learning Management System (LMS)


This especially holds true if you’re in an industry that depends on continued education and certifications. But, finding the right combination of cost, accessibility, and functionality always seems to stump those in search of an LMS that’ll accomplish organizational goals. Many associations and chambers toy with the idea of adding a Learning Management System (or LMS) to their tech ecosystem.

Partnership v. Membership: Is There a Membership Role for Suppliers?

Spark Consulting

For instance, the CFA Institute runs a free online program called Investment Foundations that is designed to help people who aren’t Certified Financial Analysts understand what’s involved in being a CFA and why the certification, which is expensive in time and cost and is difficult to earn, is worth investing in. In my previous post in this series, I concluded with the question: What role, if any, does supplier membership play in this ecosystem?

Diversifying from Dues: Ways to drive non-dues revenue for your association

Association Management

Here are a few that I’ve seen work well: Certification programs: Broadly, there are two types of certification programs in the world—hardware certification and “people” certification. Associations are uniquely positioned to be credible providers of certifications. Many of the most recognizable certifications in the world—from CISSP to “Realtor” are run by associations.

Thinking Outside Of The Box

Moving through the Association World

One example is the recent certification exam I have been prepping for. It was also cost effective which is always a good thing. Certification General Technology association management Go Daddy Joe Sapp Outside the BoxIf you’re like me you sometimes feel like you forget to think outside the box a bit.

Association Revenue Resilience: Build a Foundation with Content Pillars


Your website is the hub of all activity for your organization, including training and certifications, webinars and other online events, paid content, donations, and other creative revenue opportunities. A Quick-Turn, Cost-Effective Initiative. Guest Post from Refactored .

Where Does Your Association Fit in a Changing Postsecondary World?

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Additionally, with tuition rates steadily rising, but the increase of the average salary lagging, we are seeing that the ROI for a typical four-year college education may not be worth the cost; a shocking 42% of millennials have student loan debt and with viable alternatives on the table many may turn away from the expensive four-year college route. . In the late 1990s, higher education and the importance of a four-year college degree started to change.

3 ways to generate non-dues revenue

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YouTube also allows you to produce a live feed with up to 6 cameras that you control, for little to no cost. Possible perks that could be available for an ongoing or one-time additional fee include: Educational events that offer industry certification or earned credit.

How do you price a virtual event?

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What you ultimately want is to be able to monetize the event,” said Michael Tatonetti , director of certification and education for the Professional Pricing Society. Taking in all the parts and pieces required to produce your event, and determining the cost, can give you a basis for your pricing. Direct costs, indirect costs and your revenue expectations are major influencers when determining your budget.

Price 101

4 Benefits of Associations Hosting a Virtual Conference


Hosting a physical conference is cost-prohibitive for many organizations with small budgets, making it an out-of-reach goal. Continuing education credits for certifications. Here are 4 reasons why every association should consider hosting a virtual conference: 1) Cost Effective. Travel costs are almost non-existent; few if any people need to be in the same place at the same time.

Getting a High Return on Your LMS Investment: 5 Takeaways

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Cost Savings. Will your investment lead to productivity increases that decrease costs? Your LMS should be able to provide some operational efficiency, which should typically produce cost savings. The delivery of online education to provide a certification is a great example of providing value to your members. Recently, I listened to Tagoras’ Leading Learning podcast, 5 Keys to Getting a High Return on Your LMS Investment.

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Saying Thanks to Volunteers

Mariner Management

Give a gift certificate to your association bookstore. One of the Decision To Volunteer findings pointed to the cost of volunteering as one deterrent.) . It ’ s November – the month of thanks! And right around the corner is April’s National Volunteer Week (4/18/21).

Association Brain Food Weekly: 9.18.20

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That’s why it’s a good time for your association to promote your certificate, microcredential and certification programs. At Associations Now , Lindsay Currie, CAE shares some low-cost ideas from for engaging and retaining members.

Interview with an Expert: Beth Hayson, American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

Blue Sky eLearn

We also need to be aware of the use and need for metadata that exists in digital badges vs. relying on traditional certificates or diplomas alone. It could be a member benefit to stay up-to-date with technology and trends as well as provide tailored unique education, especially if it was cost-effective and streamlined. Use data whenever possible to make decisions on timing, content, relevance, cost, and marketing.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 4.25.16

Reid All About it

EDT* – The Certificate is Obsolete: New Ways to Track PD, CE and Certification . In 2016, professionals should not be forced to keep track and self-report stacks of PDFs and paper certificates in order to demonstrate that they have met certification, CE, or professional development requirements. Here’s the webinar line-up for the association community for the week of April 25.