The certification conundrum

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Whether it’s for prestige, a salary bump or a resume builder, people from all industries seek out certification programs. But the question is, should your association offer certification programs? Such programs can be costly and sometimes there are legal loopholes, said Mickie Rops , principal consultant for Mickie Rops Consulting, LLC. It’s tempting to jump on the certification bandwagon but first, it’s important to conduct research. To certify or not to certify.

Leveraging strategy to amplify education initiatives

Aaron Wolowiec

My session will illuminate current best practices in training and conference session planning and has come to be titled, “Leveraging Strategy to Amplify Education Initiatives.”. In an article I wrote in June 2002 for Associations Now , I encouraged readers to take a break from the daily firefighting we’ve come to expect and instead approach tasks with more reflection, strategy and collaboration. Aerial of downtown Detroit Riverfront Photo Credit: Vito Palmissano. On Oct.

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Three Reasons Not To Start An Association Certification Program

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“All organizations can develop certification. Some organizations think creating a certification program is the sure way to solve some of its problems. Identifying Certification Goals. Rops advocates that before starting a credentialing program, an organization needs to identify its certification target and goals. Then identify how certification will address that challenge with a goal statement. The same holds true for a certification program.

How To Design a Digital Badge Strategy

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Digital Badges are a part of these changes and are set to make a big impact on education and certification programs in 2017. A flexible, structured Digital Badge Strategy applied to your planned and existing online learning programs will help to validate your badging initiative – ensuring that you meet your learning and organisational goals. Diplomas, degrees, certification, and skills quickly lose their relevance and become obsolete.

Member Engagement Strategies: A Guide for Associations


It’s likely that you have developed a set member engagement strategy over the years. Association member engagement strategies. These long term goals can be achieved through various member engagement efforts and strategies. Determining effective KPIs is an important part of measuring the success of your member engagement strategy. While tickets are an extra cost, events offer a rewarding experience that justifies the member’s purchase.

Sunk Costs, Marginal Costs and Economics - BlogClump


Sunk Costs, Marginal Costs and Economics. Two of these are cost related. Here are some basic definitions from The Economist website : Sunk Costs - When what is done cannot be undone. Sunk costs are costs that have been incurred and cannot be reversed, for example, spending on ADVERTISING or researching a product idea. If potential entrants would have to incur similar costs, which would not be recoverable if the entry failed, they may be scared off.

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Determining Your Association’s Missionary Product

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Instead they reach out to the marketplace with many products like membership, certification, conference, or publications. The strategy is then to upgrade or cross-sell additional products and services to buyers of the introductory product. However, when acquisition marketing efforts are spread over many products lines the marketing impact is diluted and the costs increase. Cost of Wrong Strategy Growing Membership Growth Strategy How much to spend for a member Lifetime Valu

The Strategy Behind a Building Plan

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The $70 million price tag is steep—all the more reason for there to be a smart strategy behind it. Also, one of the key people leading the move was battling cancer in the midst of it—we’ll get to that, and there’s a strategy lesson in that as well. and though the bar doesn’t have a certification, it does require completion of a paid course in order to maintain membership in good standing.

Digital Badges: The 21st Century Credential

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Online trainings, courses, tutorials, webinars and other forms of continuing education allow individuals personal and professional enrichment from qualified institutions in formats much easier, and usually much less costly, to access than education in a traditional classroom setting. The degree will always be an important credential, but it won’t always be the gold standard,” said Jim Fong, director of UPCEA’s Center for Research and Marketing strategy.

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Legal Issues That Are Important To Any International Strategy.


global association strategy, regional planning and local infrastructure to grow your business. Legal Issues That Are Important To Any International Strategy. Glassie, partner at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP, in Washington, DC outlining 10 legal items that are critical to any association working on an international or global strategy. 2143% income per capita – the costs to deal with construction permits. Creating localized certifications is the ideal.

Where Does Your Association Fit in a Changing Postsecondary World?

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Additionally, with tuition rates steadily rising, but the increase of the average salary lagging, we are seeing that the ROI for a typical four-year college education may not be worth the cost; a shocking 42% of millennials have student loan debt and with viable alternatives on the table many may turn away from the expensive four-year college route. . Learning Strategies Learning Technologies Uncategorized associations college postsecondary education universities

Getting a High Return on Your LMS Investment: 5 Takeaways

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They shared some great tips everyone should consider when developing their eLearning program and LMS strategy. Cost Savings. Will your investment lead to productivity increases that decrease costs? Your LMS should be able to provide some operational efficiency, which should typically produce cost savings. The delivery of online education to provide a certification is a great example of providing value to your members.

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The Learning Equation that Changes Everything

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Corporate training and certification programs are headed more and more often in this direction for compliance and cost-effective reasons, only to see their employees become less and less effective at producing organizational or process-oriented change. Learning Strategies Uncategorized elearning instructional design learning design learning equation terrible learnersAs adults, most of us operate with a fundamental belief that we are terrible students.

Strategies for Bolstering International Membership ?


global association strategy, regional planning and local infrastructure to grow your business. Strategies for Bolstering International Membership. A well-known and respected international association executive, Carolyn will contribute her thoughts on what’s important to include in global strategy and thinking. Many times, however, it can be a struggle to apply the same strategies that have worked successfully in the U.S.

Top 6 Types of Content and Perks to Offer Your Members

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Chances are you already make use of one or more of these tactics, but thinking of them as part of your broader member engagement strategy is the key to success. There are a few strategies you can use to promote it: Offer some of your eLearning content for free. Integrate your eLearning content into your social media marketing strategies. Just make sure you’re using robust membership software that can handle more integrated or complex strategies.

Interview with an Expert: Beth Hayson, American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

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We also need to be aware of the use and need for metadata that exists in digital badges vs. relying on traditional certificates or diplomas alone. There is going to be an expectation for accessibility of better data to create educational strategy as well as meaningful and relevant content for your membership. It could be a member benefit to stay up-to-date with technology and trends as well as provide tailored unique education, especially if it was cost-effective and streamlined.

How to Use Webinars to Promote Your eLearning Programs

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Once they start attending your webinars and finding value, they’ll continue coming back to you for more content – on-demand webinars, recordings from conferences, online certification and continuing education programs – you name it. But first, win their trust by offering them insightful and engaging content at no cost! Learning Strategies Uncategorized Webinar Best Practices elearning free webinars webinar promotions WEBINARS

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New Year Resolution: Invest in Association Learning Technology

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Back at the office, this process is paralleled as the new year kick-starts strategic planning sessions to set goals for association management, covering everything from membership growth and retention to updating education and certification programs. Whether your association is planning to launch new education or certification programs, or revitalize and restructure existing programs, our suggestion for your new year resolution is to invest in association learning technology.

Interview with an Expert Series: Associate Executive Director, Myke Kudlas

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The course was designed to help Radiologic Technologists prepare for the Computed Tomography (CT) certification exam. The CT technologist excitedly told her that he had recently finished ASRT’s CT Basics course and completed his certification. Unfortunately, due to the continuing education rules of the radiologic technologist certification body, our continuing education is necessarily linear, with participation measured by seat time.

Why are Associations missing from the Digital Credentials conversation?

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The rise of online job boards and online and mobile applications has allowed job seekers to identify and apply for jobs faster, at a fraction of the cost historically required, while also allowing employers to reach more prospective applicants. Key elements of a viable badge-based learning strategy. Associations Blog Certifications eLearning Tips General association continuing education Continuing Professional Development Digital Badges OpenBadges webinar

David Gammel's Web Strategy Report, Volume 2 Issue 2

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Thoughts On Strategy: If you can’t innovate now… If you are unable to innovate your web presence now you never will. The economy is hitting meeting revenue hard in some sectors while programs such as certifications and distance learning are booming for the same organizations. Can social media be applied to your core strategies? These wee little laptops are designed to get you online with a portable device that costs much less than your annual latte habit.

Driverless Associations

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The plan includes specific goals, strategies, and growth performance indicators for the industry. This level of investment helped NIRI launch its industry Certification Program. In today’s world evolving consumer attitudes and business trends require high level business strategy discussions with board members. Surveys that measure your Association’s connection to business strategies and determine the solutions to move the needle in the marketplace.

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Webinar Recap: Virtual Events; Trends, Best Practices, and Pitfalls

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It is not always cost effective to send your entire team to a face-to-face meeting and now hybrid meetings make it possible for everyone to be involved. Whether it’s a micro-module, digital badging, gamification, evaluation or assessment, certificate of completion – anything you do online should conclude with a reward or recognition for the user.

4 Ways to Ensure Association Membership Renewal in 2020

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For these people, the cost of the membership is greatly justified by the value that the association brings, whether it’s through continued learning courses or large conferences with important speakers. . Read on to learn the different tactics and strategies you can implement to ensure association membership renewal: Maintain consistent communication. If your association has longevity, you should already have a dedicated email strategy.

Top 10 Sustainable Event Trends for 2020


For many years, MCI has been active globally among corporations, governments, university and non-profit sectors to develop, implement and promote sustainability strategies for meeting industry destination and service suppliers as well as corporate and association executives seeking to reduce the negative impact of their meetings. Aside from helping the planet, these trends will also improve attendee experiences, build stronger communities and generate significant cost-savings.

Diversifying from Dues: Ways to drive non-dues revenue for your association

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Fortunately, there are some tried and true strategies toward increasing revenue. Here are a few that I’ve seen work well: Certification programs: Broadly, there are two types of certification programs in the world—hardware certification and “people” certification. Associations are uniquely positioned to be credible providers of certifications. Bottom line, “nonprofit” is your tax status, not your business strategy.

Draw from New Buckets to Fill Your Non-Dues Revenue Needs

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By creating an overall communications strategy that pulls from each of the buckets below, it allows your association to create diverse advertising offerings, customize relevant content for different member groups, strengthen your brand and emerge as an industry thought leader. Plus, it will not only help your association cover the costs of the webinar series or video production, it will also help you recoup some of the non-dues revenue lost from events.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.16.20

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By the way, he’s the director of certification and education at the Professional Pricing Society so he knows what he’s talking about. Reed, FASAE, CMP, Chief Event Strategy Officer, American Society of Hematology. Strategy and Data Alignment.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 9.18.20

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That’s why it’s a good time for your association to promote your certificate, microcredential and certification programs. At Associations Now , Lindsay Currie, CAE shares some low-cost ideas from for engaging and retaining members. Learning Strategies for Virtual Events.

How Content Opens the Door to New Streams of Non-Dues Revenue

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They also help associations finance lobbying and advocacy efforts, fund certification programs and scholarships, and invest in new tech and programs – all of which keep them relevant to members and help them fulfill their mission. Here are three steps your association can take today to begin creating a strong content strategy that will help you maximize your non-dues revenue potential. Then create a communications strategy based on specific feedback and data.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.22.20

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Presenters: Graham Harvey, Chief Strategy Officer, Matchbox Virtual Media. How have event strategies changed in the last 45 days and what does the future hold? Joe Post, Vice President Strategy, Adage Technologies. Agnes Amos-Coleman, MBA, CMP, education, conference, event, certification consultant, Amos-Coleman. Moving Training and Certification Online in Less Time. They’ll share lessons learned and strategies for adapting during this time.

Your Conference Is Offering Learning Scrap That Is Not Even Worth Recycling

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CEU And Certification Challenges When you layer those stats with the fact that CEUs are rapidly being commoditized, it’s pretty much a race to the bottom. The challenge with many certifications is that passing a test of memorization questions is no longer seen by employers as leading to better on-the-job performance. They know that passing a test or attending a workshop only leads to quasi-certification. Your conference and association value proposition is under attack!

From Owning the Publication to Owning the Idea


What price do we charge for a magazine, a newsletter, or a journal when there are no printing or mailing costs? The trick of course is to organize this flow of ideas from creator to consumer in ways that cover costs and that generate the capital needed to re-invest in creating and seeking out new ideas. Content Strategy

Association Brain Food Weekly: 4.25.16

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EDT* – The Certificate is Obsolete: New Ways to Track PD, CE and Certification . In 2016, professionals should not be forced to keep track and self-report stacks of PDFs and paper certificates in order to demonstrate that they have met certification, CE, or professional development requirements. Learn about strategies to create, distribute and measure the effectiveness of video content to amplify your message.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 4.25.16

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EDT* – The Certificate is Obsolete: New Ways to Track PD, CE and Certification . In 2016, professionals should not be forced to keep track and self-report stacks of PDFs and paper certificates in order to demonstrate that they have met certification, CE, or professional development requirements. Learn about strategies to create, distribute and measure the effectiveness of video content to amplify your message.

Pricing Your eLearning Materials: Subscription versus One-Time-Fee Models

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When marketing eLearning materials at an association for continuing education purposes, you’re handed a unique benefit: a membership list and potentially a required certification for members to maintain. By taking the time to choose your eLearning pricing strategy carefully, you can increase your chances for success in getting more members to purchase your eLearning materials. Quality & Creation Costs.

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Building Buy-In for an Online Community at Your Association

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Looking to personalize and target your email communications strategy to different member segments? The goal: If your organization offers certifications, continued education, or trainings as membership benefits, your leadership may want to boost involvement in these areas to grow non-dues revenue. Use your community to show members the courses and certifications available to them, then give them a place to discuss and meet fellow learners.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 8.21.20

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Agnes Amos-Coleman, MBA, CMP, education, conference, event, certification consultant, Amos-Coleman. Experience a best-in-class virtual event to inspire and start building your new event strategy. Key Contract Clauses: A Meeting Planners’ Guide to Cost Containment & Risk Reduction.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.7.16

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Presenter: Nick Borelli, President and Strategist, Borelli Strategies. Presenter: Gayle Rosnick, CMP and CMP-HC Certification Director, Convention Industry Council. Learn how to leverage the digital engagement at your event to demonstrate ROI; best practices for using a mobile app to realize instant cost savings; and actionable tips for sharing the value of the event with your team. Scott Punk, SCPM, President, JSPunk Strategies.

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Can Competitors be Collaborators?


Nowadays, the best partner might be your direct competitor,” says Paavo Ritala, a professor of Strategy and Innovation at LUT University of Technology in Finland. Thus, with rising costs of R&D and globalizing competition, it often makes sense to collaborate with competitors on product development, innovation and joint manufacturing.”. Why we need to work together now more than ever.