How To Design a Digital Badge Strategy

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Dramatic changes have occurred in how learning is recognized, accredited and validated. Digital Badges are a part of these changes and are set to make a big impact on education and certification programs in 2017. How Do I Use the Digital Badge Strategy Design Canvas?

How to Sunset an Educational Program

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Since some of your courses have been around forever, you wonder if it might be time to sunset an educational program or two. How to tell it’s time to sunset an educational program. Talk to past students too about their experience. Value to market.

Q&A: How to Prepare for the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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We recently hosted a webinar to detail what you need to know and how you can prepare*. Check out the most commonly asked questions below for a primer on how you and your organization can learn and prepare for the changes. How GDPR Works.

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3 Types of Online Learning Experiences Association Members Love (And How to Provide Them)

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Online learning and distance education is on the rise, providing easy-to-access and challenging development opportunities for users. One student works on their own to consume educational material and pass assessments. How to Provide an Individual Learning Experience Online.

The Unexpected Problem with Your Association’s Online Learning Program (and How to Fix It)

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Did you know, according to the Pew Research Center , 73 percent of American adults consider themselves lifelong learners? There’s just one problem—according to the same research done by the Pew Research Center, more than half of American adults hesitate to embrace digital learning.

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How to Prepare a Business Case for a New LMS

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Or, it doesn’t have the functionality to allow your online learning business to grow. You need a better LMS but the powers that be aren’t going to like that news. Your argument for a new LMS has to be rock solid, so first we’re going to explain how to prepare a business case for a new LMS. Then, in our next post, we’ll explain how to make a compelling presentation of that case. How is it negatively impacting learners?

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How to Protect Your Member Data and Reduce Risk for Your Association

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We all hear a lot about data security these days — from state, federal, and international data privacy and protection laws to consumer demands for privacy. As your association grows and collects personal information about your members, you simply can’t afford not to protect your member data.

What will 2016 bring for associations?

Aaron Wolowiec

From memberships to learning to partnerships, software and services provider Abila just released its predictions for associations in 2016. The demand for knowledge will continue to grow this year, specifically the focus on certification programs. It’s a new year.

Associations: Solving the Skills Gap with Digital Credentials

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Associations around the world face a common challenge — how to remain relevant and expand their footprint in their particular domain. Success depends on the ability to create value for their brand. According to the U.S. That includes many notoriously hard-to-fill jobs.

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3 Ways Your LMS Facilitates Reflective Learning

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Reflection is an important part of learning, allowing us to process and comprehend new information, taking time to consider it in light of our experience, which helps us to create meaning and knowledge that can be applied to improve performance.

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Information Overload

Moving through the Association World

The past two days I spent locked away in a workshop going over the ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024 standard for personnel certification. As an organization we decided this was a top priority for us to accomplish and this was a first step as we prepare to file for pre-approval. We see this as a top priority because of the increasing interest and support of the government in ANSI Accredited programs, which will greatly benefit our certification base.

When a plan comes together

Moving through the Association World

It was about a year ago when I started my current position as a certification manager at an organization that tests and certifies professional construction managers. We test twice a year, about 2,000 university students test at our Level 1 and 200 professionals for the Level 2 certification. I am the only staff person within the organization that handles the certification program, the membership side has 2 half time staffers.

Daily Buzz: Hone Your Data Management Process

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Add these housekeeping tips to your data management plan. Also: improving the certification exam experience. Your member database is a portal to a lot of information—like, a lot. What is worrying your members about the certification exam? Drowning in data?

Membership 101: Life Time Value

Spark Consulting

One of the questions I get asked a lot is: “How much should I be willing to invest to recruit a member?” That means you spent $200 each to acquire those members. But how much more? What I can tell you, though, is that you do need to think about it.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 12.7.18

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The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… How do you manage if you’re an education department of one ? How does any association professional juggle everything on their to-do list? Nine ways to convert webinar leads into sales.

Education Is Not Enough

Eric Lanke

Dealing with the fundamental thesis of the white paper--that there is a crisis brewing in the global education-to-employment system, and that associations are uniquely positioned to provide useful solutions--is a massive undertaking.

Time to Give Your Resume a Refresh

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It’s always a good time to update your resume, but a reminder certainly helps. September may be nearly over, but there’s still time to spruce up your resume. They have a reputation of being pretentious and vague, and no one wants to read them all the way through.”

6 Key Features of the Best Learning Management Systems

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According to employers, new college graduates don’t have the skills to fill entry-level jobs. Their professional development and competency-based learning offers are second to none. To make sure you’re on the right path, look for a system with these five essential features.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 11.4.16

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Each episode is dedicated to a president starting with George Washington and ending with Donald Trump. I’m listening to them all in order, of course, and have made it up to the Warren Harding episode. Since I love to cook, America’s Test Kitchen Radio is another favorite.

We Asked, You Answered: Learning From Mistakes

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Learn how other association pros bounced back from past errors. Try as you might, mistakes will always be there to put a stumble in your step. So how can you turn that stumble into a spring? While I tried my best to avoid mistakes, being human, it’s inevitable.

3 technology trends to improve your association’s member experience

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These three should be on your priority list to ensure a great member experience. Failing to keep up with technology may cause your organization to fall behind in its ability to deliver a great member experience. The next movie Netflix suggests to you is also AI at work.

48 No-Brainer Tools Every Marketer Needs

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Since there are so many tools out there, our marketing team came together to compile a list of our favorites to share with you. If we forgot any, please comment below and let us know (we’d love to add them to our stash). What are other marketers up to?

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Six Tips for Evaluating Your Nonprofit Training Session

Beth Kanter

Our session will share lots of great advice about what to do before , during , and after leading an effective technology training. Using the ADDIE for designing your workshop, you arrive at the “E” or evaluation. There are two different methods to evaluate your training.

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How Associations Can Improve The Member Experience Through Technology

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How can your association deliver the experience your members have come to expect? Turn to technology innovation. One of the key findings from Salesforce’s second edition of the State of the Connected Customer report , points to the importance of innovation.

Should Staff Be in Your Online Community?

Higher Logic

It’s a tricky tightrope to walk -- how involved should your organization’s staff be in the online community? Although it’s tempting to leave staff out for simplicity's sake, or to have one token staff member and no one else, it’s better to include everyone in the community.

Transgender Law Gets Its First Treatise

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And now transgender people and their attorneys have a landmark guide to the shifting terrain of transgender rights. called the text comprehensive and noted the progress that has been made and the work yet to be done for full recognition of transgender (TG) people.

You’re Never Too Young to Conquer New Challenges

Association Adviser

Do you remember how you started working in associations? Association Adviser: How did you get into association work? I think a lot of the reason I got the IAIABC job was my qualifications, but it was also in large part to my determination. What made you want to get your CAE?

European Ad Groups Work to Define Viewability Standards

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A coalition of groups representing the continent’s advertising sector have taken their first steps toward outlining a universal definition of what “viewability” is in regards to online advertising.

Help Your Members Across the Digital Readiness Gap

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But even when people have access to the web, another type of digital divide may present a challenge to associations with online learning programs—a digital readiness gap. If the target market for your educational programs is on the wrong side of this gap, you need to know and you need a plan for bridging the gap. adults are “relatively hesitant” to use digital tools for learning. Who regularly visited your website to read content or download resources?

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To RFP or not to RFP?

Elipsis Partners

How much detail do you really need to include? While most organizations are open to business process improvement during a new system implementation, sometimes that isn’t possible. We often see that with AMS/CRM system selections, where the system has to cope with complex dues calculations that are mandated by the bylaws. We’ve also seen it with certification management systems, where many of the processes are influenced by the need to stay accredited.

Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans


If you have filed a FAFSA – this means Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and you have already been accepted to a college, then congratulations are in order. Most people refer to them as Direct Stafford Loans or just Stafford Loans. How much are you allowed to borrow?

Association Brain Food Weekly: 11.15.19

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They also suggest questions about integration to ask your shortlist of vendors. I did but now I know better thanks to this post from MemberSuite about the seven hidden costs of a pseudo SaaS AMS. We added chopped lettuce and tomatoes to our gyros. Listen to client case studies.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 11.1.19

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The report provides benchmarking data as well as several association success stories related to that data and some strong opinions. Tim Ebner at Associations Now dug into the report , and talked to Peggy Hoffman and Peter Houstle of Mariner, about some of its findings.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 9.20.19

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The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… I’ve referenced the New Member Engagement Study from Kaiser Insights and Dynamic Benchmarking for many of the posts I write for clients, so I’m happy to see they’re preparing to do another one.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.18.19

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It’s so sad to meet an association professionals whose boss doesn’t provide a budget for professional development—how cruelly ironic considering associations are in the lifelong learning business. Quick hits before we get to next week’s free webinars: Is your marketing mediocre?

Legal Issues That Are Important To Any International Strategy.


global association strategy, regional planning and local infrastructure to grow your business. Legal Issues That Are Important To Any International Strategy. 12 procedures to start a business (versus regional average of 7.8). years to close a business. Return to top.

The Networked NGO in Pakistan

Beth Kanter

Day 2: Certificates Awarded To Senior Staff Attendees. This project has identified the following definitions of success: A Peer-to-Peer Learning Exchange. Purposeful Measurement to Inform Replication. Social media can be filled with metrics to track results.

A thought about the CAE


I came back buzzing from the ASAE annual meeting in Chicago, where everyone who wasn't already one was talking about their plans for getting the certification (CAE, certified association executive credential). I want to get mine too, and this blog is partly to document this process for myself, but I am at the very beginning of this and just getting a feel for what it's going to involve.

From the Corner Office: Michelle Mason, ASQ

Association Adviser

The focus is on advancing learning, quality improvement and knowledge exchange to improve business results and to create better workplaces and communities. If your organization has complex problems to solve, look for employees with high levels of curiosity.

Stronger by Association: AMR Hires Four

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Prior to joining AMR, Brown worked for Monsanto as a contracted Sales Support Specialist for National Brands, and then worked as a contracted supervisor for Monsantos Virtual Seed Segregation. Get Stronger by Association delivered to your inbox. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook.