Recruiting members. and keeping them

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In the years I’ve served on the Board for the Gainesville Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association ( FPRA Gainesville ), we’ve asked ourselves this same question. Support member certification. For those industries and professions with accreditation or certification, provide support to your members pursuing this avenue. Even providing a way for those preparing for certification to connect with each other will provide the support your members need.

Where are the YPs?

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While what Boomers are looking for from their memberships and what they’re willing and able to contribute as members of our professional communities may shift, they aren’t hitting 65 and bolting out the door, gold watch in hand, to move to Florida and fish full time. We own non-college certification and credentialing. “How can I recruit young professional members if there are no young professionals entering our industry?”


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An Expanding Focus: Yacht Group Goes From State to International

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The Florida Yacht Brokers Association started as a group focused on state-level legislative advocacy. But the former Florida Yacht Brokers Association is doing just that. When we mapped out the FYBA membership, it reinforced what we already knew, that FYBA is truly an international organization with members operating in popular yachting areas not just in Florida but around the globe,” Sailor said in a news release.

Can associations bridge the skills-gap for their members?

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He teaches Humanities online at Seminole State College in Florida. Industry should be turning to associations for their continuing education and certification programs. These might consist of workshops, seminars, courses or perhaps complete certification programs. The following is a guest blog post by Jack McGrath, President and Creative Director for Digitec Interactive.

Accessible, Affordable: The Strategy Behind One Group’s Online Learning Efforts

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This might sound like certification, but the association’s CEO, David Shearer, emphasizes that it goes beyond it—in part because the industry is one that’s always changing. The Professional Development Institute is a recognition that cybersecurity education is a lifelong journey, and that achieving professional certification, while important, is only one stop along the way,” he said in the release.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 2.5.21

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Agnes Amos-Coleman, MBA, CMP, education, conference, event, certification consultant, Amos-Coleman. Host: University of South Florida, Muma College of Business, Women and Leadership Initiative. The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community….

New Association Will Accredit Healthy Destinations

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A new nonprofit organization founded by six resort hotels aims to help travelers in their search for healthy destinations through a new certification process that will evaluate hotels’ wellness programs and services. resort hotels as founding members, is working to help evaluate hotels as “healthy travel destinations” based on a science-based certification process. Those properties that receive certification are eligible for a variety of benefits, including.

Does Rewarding Engagement Work for Associations?

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A few weeks ago, the Southwest Florida Ohio State Alumni Club emailed to say they had two tickets for the Ohio State at Michigan football game. Each stamp earns one entry into a drawing for a $750 gift certificate. Goodwill Industries of Southwest Florida gives rewards to both its employees and its customers. To “earn” them, you need to sign up at their weekly events. I joined the golf club last week.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.11.16

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Learn how Texas Medical Association leveraged marketing automation to grow revenue by 313%, the creative approach National Association of Federal Credit Unions incorporates for event communications, and the strategy behind Florida Association of Insurance Agents increasing member engagement by 201%. Learn how digital credentials—data-rich, portable, verified representations of demonstrated skills and earned certifications—are changing the way people learn, recruit, and work.

What the Doctor Ordered: Rest & Relaxation

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In Florida, for example, lawmakers tried—and failed—to pass a measure that would have set aside for $5 million in state funds market the state as a medical-tourism destination to a global audience. The group, based in Florida, offers certification and training programs to doctors, hospitals, and governments worldwide; holds annual meetings for its members; and helps industry officials find leads.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.1.20

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Florida Society of Association Executives ). Agnes Amos-Coleman, MBA, CMP, education, conference, event, certification consultant, Amos-Coleman.

Discover how to Engage Learners with TopClass LMS at iNNOVATIONS 2017

WBT Systems

WBT Systems is proud to sponsor iNNOVATIONS 2017 , hosted by Advanced Solutions International (ASI) in Orlando, Florida on March 8-9. TopClass LMS is seamlessly integrated with iMIS engagement management system, to provide a flexible, comprehensive solution for education and certification programs for enhanced member engagement. We are very excited to sponsor INNOVATIONS, where this year we will be showcasing TopClass 10 LMS and our seamless integration with iMIS.

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Making the case for chapters

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We know that chapters are often in the position to pivot more readily than national when the need arises. We’ve seen it happen over and over again especially in 2020.

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Association Blasts Medicare for Paying Unlicensed Prosthetics Providers

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The American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Pedorthics reports that 15 states currently have certification laws: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington.

26 ways association professionals find problem-solving inspiration

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But the time commitment means for many, the certification is not an option. . It’s one resource Amy O’Rourke, who runs the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators, turns to regularly.

Use Sponsored Grants to Strengthen Your Membership and Events

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Hester Ndoja, CAE Florida Society of Association Executives. At the Florida Society of Association Executives , a membership dues grant specifically for professionals in the field of association management grew out of a recognized need to help people who still need financial assistance diving in to the association community. Hester Ndoja, CAE, is the vice president for membership and development with the Florida Society of Association Executives.

Speaking to Alabama Law Students about the Association World

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Larger associations are independent corporations that usually have a physical presence, like offices, financial assets, and maybe other assets like intellectual property, or a certification or inspection program that the organization sells for a fee. Association jobs are found in every state, but they are primarily clustered in California, New York, Illinois, Florida, and Pennsylvania and of course, Washington, D.C. courtesy of [link].

Best Benefit Ever: For Golf Course Managers, New Association Brings Renewed Perks

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The GCSAA will fold former IGCEMA members into its own organization, granting them complimentary introductory membership through 2015 and continuing IGCEMA’s certificate program. Now that the International Golf Course Equipment Managers Association has dissolved, its members will reap the benefits of their new affiliation with the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America. What’s the benefit?

New Association Seeks to Set Drone-Safety Standards

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Aerial robotics company Hoverfly Technologies will debut a new industry association and flight school certification program for drone operators in May. Hoverfly Technologies, an aerial robotics company, has announced the creation of the Aerial Robotics Industry Association (ARIA) and flight school certification program for aerial robotic operators in the United States. ARIA will set safety standards, and certifications will be granted by ARIA for flight schools around the country.

CPA Group’s Recognition Program Introduces Students to Accounting

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NAF runs STEM academies within high schools in five topic areas that allow students to earn a specialized certification, better preparing them for college and future careers. AICPA will run this new recognition program in schools that house NAF’s Academy of Finance, offering an AICPA-specific certification to accounting students. A new recognition program from the American Institute of CPAs and NAF aims to get more high schools students interested in an accounting career.

Conference Circuit: Life Aquatic

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Location: Orlando, Florida. Items include education resources, jewelry, outdoor gear, crafts, gift certificates, charter fishing trips, vacation packages, and guided tour events. Rundown Attendees: 500. Sponsorship Levels: 5. Plenary Sessions: 3. The National Marine Educators Association’s 2016 Annual Conference starts in Orlando in the upcoming days.

2018 eLearning Predictions: Updated Hype Curve

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When a learner accumulates a sufficient balance of CE credits over a certain span of time, she achieves maintenance of certification. The Army Research Laboratory in Orlando, Florida (the Silicon Valley of simulation), is, a source tells us, leaning toward specifying xAPI (see below) as the standard for LMS-simulator communication. One case study a week paired with a multiple-choice question makes a ton of sense, perhaps even as a replacement for high stakes certification.

Xperience 2018: What to expect.


Xperience 2018 is less than a month away, and we’re highly anticipating hosting the best and brightest minds in the association and nonprofit sectors May 6 through 9 at the Walt Disney Swan and Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Florida. It’s hard to believe another year has gone by, and what a year it’s been. A year ago, Community Brands was formed when we brought together association and nonprofit technology leaders Abila, Aptify, NimbleUser and YourMembership.

For a Good Time, Call on Members in 2017

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However you exchange your information, it has a certain look to it: the design on your paper card, the photos you choose for your online profile, the certifications you choose to include next to your name. Frank Rudd, CAE, CMP, president and CEO of the Florida Society of Association Executives, calls and delivers welcome packages to all new members throughout the year. Kelly Clark, Naylor Association Solutions. Have you resolved to network better in 2017?

Association Disruption: What’s your Educational Moonshot?


The Moonshot Moment Goal for the Indian River County public schools in Florida is to have 90% of all students reading at grade level by third grade. They could start with one of your certificate programs. How grand is your association’s vision for your educational programs? With all the disruption going on around us and in your industry, will incremental change bring your vision for professional development closer to realization?

[Infographic] The Power of Audience Segmentation

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Sending a monthly customer newsletter with industry updates is different from an email campaign for an upcoming event, or even an onboarding campaign for new members or certification course. The Florida Association of Insurance Agents (FAIA) built out an automated membership marketing strategy that included four different campaigns covering everything from new members to renewals. Good marketing delivers relevant content.

Attracting Millennials: Are you thinking age-appropriately?

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Certification programs. The Gainesville Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association held a public relations Shadow Day, where PR students from two local colleges were matched with local PR professionals and shadowed them for a day at their workplace. By Tara Ericson and Kelly Clark. Attracting millennials to your association requires thinking about the different life stages they are living through – and marketing to them appropriately.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 4.10.20

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Agnes Amos-Coleman, MBA, CMP, education, conference, event, certification consultant, Amos-Coleman. Stephanie Murphy, member of Congress representing Orlando, Florida.

Association Disruption: What’s your Educational Moonshot?


The Moonshot Moment Goal for the Indian River County public schools in Florida is to have 90% of all students reading at grade level by third grade. They could start with one of your certificate programs. How grand is your association’s vision for your educational programs? With all the disruption going on around us and in your industry, will incremental change bring your vision for professional development closer to realization?