How Your Association Can Succeed in Social Media

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Done well, using social media makes all your other objectives easier. Social media offers a wealth of marketing opportunities , but they aren’t all relevant to your group. Most organizations already know which social channels their audiences prefer. Social Media

Increase Your Membership ROI – Return on Involvement

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We’ve all seen the #MondayMotivation quote on social media: “You only get out of life what you put into it.”. Do you know if they offer a certification? Today, Aplebaum oversees the commission for the Certified Association Executive certificate.

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Got NDR (Non-Dues Revenue)?

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Even in this hyper-connected, social, mobile, digital age—or maybe because of it—associations and their members still like to meet, network and learn face-to-face. If he had more resources, GACTE’s Gambill said his organization would like to focus more on social media advertising.

You’re Never Too Old to Learn Something New

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I spoke with CEO of AGC Georgia Michael Dunham the other day about association leadership, career development and mentoring (see his Corner Office profile). Right now with social media we’re out there on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter,” she said.

Solutions for Your Membership Conundrum

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These tactics eclipsed the number of associations that are cultivating a social media presence during their live events (19 percent), offering awards for young professionals (16 percent) or offering separate educational tracks for young professionals (10 percent). “We Socializing.