How to Create an Association-Backed Certification Program

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But if you have, here’s the answer: association-backed certification programs. As independent entities, associations are uniquely positioned to drive professional certification programs. These programs serve two main purposes: they help individuals validate their knowledge and help consumers identify individuals who truly have the knowledge they claim to possess. Typically a certification program produces a large bank of questions.

How to Save Staff Time on Tedious Certification Tasks


Don’t you wish you could spend less time answering the same set of certification questions, doing data entry, and dealing with other tedious administrative details? Read the post to learn three ways to minimize the time spent on certification tasks

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How to Motivate Certification Candidates

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However, the path to the CAE credential involves a great deal of sacrifice—and many give up along the way. The candidates for your association’s certification programs face the same challenges as CAE candidates: Finding time and money to earn the required continuing education credits. Dedicating mornings, nights, and weekends to reading books, understanding information, meeting with study groups, and preparing for the exam.

What is CAE Certification for Association Professionals?


The Certified Association Executive (CAE) Program was established in 1960 by the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) to promote the highest standards of association management. For over 60 years , it has served to credential association professionals and has stood as a mark of excellence. It is continually refined to keep pace with the growth and changes in association management as well as professional practices. How to Set Realistic Association Goals.

The 1-Minute Guide to Getting a Website Security Certificate – For Free

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Your custom domain could be missing out on website traffic and member registrations if you haven't secured it with an SSL certificate. This guide shows you why and how to get one

Opportunities for Association Certification

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I was lucky my parents invested in an SAT prep course to help get me into a fantastic college. The prep course made it easier for me to dramatically raise my score because the course taught me all the little tricks needed to take the test. Later on, I used the same pre-test discipline to prepare and take the GMAT’s. Many people say that it feels like these tests only test how well the taker can take a test. I’m proud to have my certification.”

April Update: How to Learn About Fundraising, Marketing & Management for Free

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This month's newsletter covers the best free webinars on the internet, how to get an SSL certificate for free, and 3 new event registration hacks

@CESSE Optimizing Sales Results for Certification, Certificate & Training Businesses


Whether you are selling certification in the United States or around the world, learn proven lessons on capturing potential candidates, how to motivate candidate behavior, and mixing education “prep products” to motivate and drive sales. We shall share a “two-pronged” approach to sales, build employer and employee demand and learn how to leverage strategic alliances. The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc., (ISC)²®,

Keeping Your Members Involved: A Helpful How-To Guide

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Once your members have attended their first event or taken their first course through your association, you’ll want to take the necessary steps to keep them involved and motivated. When it comes to keeping your association’s members engaged, your software solutions are your secret weapon. Let’s take a look at some of the best strategies you can use to keep your members involved in your association’s efforts. Host a fun event to help your members expand their networks.

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A Case for Going Global with Certifications

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The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors launched a new certification with an aim to increase global exposure to the new designation, the profession, and the association. Taking the leap to launch an association certification abroad can seem daunting, but it might be just the way to achieve your strategic goals. In launching the LACP, Mayeux said he hopes to draw recognition to the certification itself, as well as to NAIFA’s brand.

How to Use Webinars to Promote Your eLearning Programs

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How can we monetize our webinars? There is, however, an (almost) constant thread when it comes to webinars – a lower barrier to entry for both the person hosting the webinar and the person attending. Use this to your advantage! Making it as easy as possible for your audience to decide to register for a webinar means you’re one step closer to getting them to engage with your brand. Promote related content on lobby slides prior to the event.

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How to Become a Community Manager

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There’s no one right way to run a community, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that there’s not a single path to becoming a community manager. In fact, when people ask me about what makes someone great at community management, I tend to describe more personality traits than anything else: adaptability, curiosity, an analytical mind. And yet, there are plenty of things you can do to prepare yourself for getting a job as a community manager.

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Association Education and Certification: Best Benefit Ever

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It’s a question that many associations ask when planning benefit programs and communications to members. How do you make your member benefits both appealing and valuable to entice renewals and new membership subscriptions? You can scroll through the entire collection on their website , but we have picked out some examples from the collection to inspire you as you consider how to sell and market your association education and certification programs to members.

Everybody’s Due-ing It! Ideas to Drive Non-Dues Revenue

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Associations are always looking for new and creative ways to drive additional non-dues revenue. At a recent Association SIG Summit, Blue Sky Client Success Manager, Kara Adams, joined a group of association executives as they crowdsourced ideas to drive non-dues revenue. We hope by sharing the ideas below, that you’ll be inspired to try some of these out within your own organization. You’ve probably listened to one before. Heck, you may listen to them daily!

How to ask someone to be your mentor

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Now, it’s time to form that relationship. But how do you ask someone to be your mentor? According to Yale University , the first step is simple: Schedule a conversation by sending an email asking the person if he or she can meet with you in person or via Zoom. There’s that fear that they’re going to say no, or you think you’re going to take up a lot of their time — that it’s a huge time commitment. Apply to a new position?

How To Design a Digital Badge Strategy

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Dramatic changes have occurred in how learning is recognized, accredited and validated. Digital Badges are a part of these changes and are set to make a big impact on education and certification programs in 2017. A flexible, structured Digital Badge Strategy applied to your planned and existing online learning programs will help to validate your badging initiative – ensuring that you meet your learning and organisational goals.

How to Get Sign Ups to Show Up

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But when the event rolls around, you’re dismayed to see that most of your registrants never make it to the call. According to a 2016 Webinar Benchmarks Report*, the registrant-to-attendee conversion rate for most webinars is between 35 percent and 45 percent. That’s right – it’s normal for over half of your registrants not to show up. They plan to attend. They’d love to be there, but have had to book another appointment at the same time.

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Q&A: How to Prepare for the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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We recently hosted a webinar to detail what you need to know and how you can prepare*. Check out the most commonly asked questions below for a primer on how you and your organization can learn and prepare for the changes. Rather, it is background information to help you better understand the GDPR legislation. How GDPR Works. Q: Does Brexit mean GDPR won’t apply to the UK? Q: How can we comply with the new regulations?

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How to Empower a Community of Problem Solvers

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How can embracing a more community-centered mindset help create problem solvers? Despite our best efforts, it can be easy for associations to fall into a siloed way of working. We can get so wrapped up in only thinking about problems and challenges we face specific to the work we are tasked with doing that often times we do not see the downstream impacts until much later. That also challenges associations to understand who exactly it is they are meant to serve.

3 Types of Online Learning Experiences Association Members Love (And How to Provide Them)

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Online learning and distance education is on the rise, providing easy-to-access and challenging development opportunities for users. Because with online learning, associations can provide training to a larger number of members in more flexible formats, something that is helping online education become a popular member benefit. One student works on their own to consume educational material and pass assessments. How to Provide an Individual Learning Experience Online.

How to Become a Bookkeeper from Home


Almost all companies must practice proper bookkeeping to keep track of their business transactions. Before I proceed to talk more about bookkeeping, it is essential to digress a little and explain the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant. Bookkeepers fall under the umbrella of accounting, and their main focus is on the day-to-day financial operations of the company, such as recording income and expenses. You are to be heard and not seen.

The Unexpected Problem with Your Association’s Online Learning Program (and How to Fix It)

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Did you know, according to the Pew Research Center , 73 percent of American adults consider themselves lifelong learners? And today, with learning management system (LMS) options that seamlessly integrate with your online community, it’s possible to create a centralized member experience that includes education and certifications of all types. Digital readiness describes how willing people are to use digital solutions or tools.

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Virtual Meetings Grow Association Communities—How to Get Started


Canceling a conference is a decision that most association CEO’s never imagined they would be forced to make. Fortunately, technology now gives us alternate ways to continue our work, including providing members with education and fellowship. And, by the way, maybe it’s time to identify additional sources of revenue.) books, the need for organizations to move beyond the traditional definition of member was a consistent theme. I wanted us to expand in all ways.”

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How to Lead in a Time of Declining Trust

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But there are a few ways to get ahead. Trust in the certifications it delivers to its members. Problem is, trust isn’t what it used to be. Every day seems to deliver a cycle of an attention-grabbing Event, followed by hours of analysis of the Event, followed by a debunking of the Event, which produces analysis of the debunking in which the debunker may or may not be a Russian bot. New opportunities are arising to present associations as trusted sources.

How to meet the high expectations of today’s members

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Tips for associations to exceed member expectations through personalization. . Your association must deliver the experience your members have come to expect or there’s a good chance they’ll take their business elsewhere. Just consider these statistics from the report: 76 percent of customers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations. 76 percent of customers say it’s easier than ever to take their business elsewhere.

How to Launch an LMS with No Content

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We’ve talked to plenty of organizations who don’t believe they are ready or qualified to purchase a learning management system because of lack of content. Instead of leaving these on your regular website, move any educational white papers over to your LMS. . you have some content ready to upload. You can decide to record the entire conference with videos of the presenters; or save some money and only record audio and slides or a portion of the conference.

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Ad Industry Launches Certification Program to Fight Fraud

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The Trustworthy Accountability Group, a coalition of advertising groups supportive of transparency efforts in advertising, has launched a new certification program to battle what’s considered rampant fraud in the digital ad industry. The ad industry’s transparency coalition is going to get some extra teeth. The buyers will be required to comply with the Media Rating Council’s Invalid Traffic Detection and Filtration Guidelines.

Learning Pathways: How to Fill Your Industry’s Skills Gap

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If you ever hiked up a mountain without the help of a trail, you know how frustrating and, sometimes, dangerous it can be. A learning pathway is a designated route through online classes, courses, and other educational programs that is designed to help someone achieve a learning goal, for example, prepare for a specific career or update skills. Upon the completion of a learning pathway, the student receives a digital badge, certificate, and/or certification.

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How to Prove Member ROI with Data Analytics and Business Intelligence


Members at your association want to be completely sure that when they are pay ing their annual dues, they are investing in a full experience that brings them val ue. . For professional associations, value could mean hosting interactive monthly meetings for your members – providing access and business opportunities to a network of like-minded executives. . How often are members engaging in training certification courses? .

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How to Become A Travel Agent from Home


According to statistics, at least 8 million Americans are working from home today. The main reason behind this is improved internet connectivity and the desire for independence and more flexibility when it comes to careers. It also allows one the luxury of being able to control their schedules, and let’s face it; most jobs usually involve a lot of pressure and frustrations. Let us start from the top and understand precisely how to become a stay at home travel agent.

Law School Partnership Brings Finance Group’s Certification to Broader Audience

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The Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists and Fordham University’s Law School are partnering to bring the Certified Financial Crime Specialist certification to law students and graduates. One of the ways that the Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists (ACFCS) equips its professionals to catch—and ultimately, prevent—financial crimes is through its Certified Financial Crime Specialist (CFCS) certification.

How to give your association’s members an Amazon-like experience

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Why cross-selling is important for organizations to increase revenue and improve member retention. According to Fortune magazine, Amazon consistently ranks as the second most admired retailer in the world. According to Fortune magazine , Amazon consistently ranks as the second most admired retailer in the world. This is providing the ability to offer a customer related products and services and to increase sales by encouraging customers to buy more than the original item.

How to balance personalized communications with data privacy for greater member loyalty

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How associations can provide personal communications while still respecting member privacy. From experiences with companies like Amazon and Netflix, your members have come to expect a personalized online experience in just about everything they do. Meanwhile, we’re all hearing a lot about data security these days — from data privacy and protection laws like GDPR to consumer demands for privacy. And the right approach to both will lead to greater member loyalty.

How to Design a Digital Badge Strategy


From : Blog Entry >> Michelle's Blog Entry Dramatic changes have occurred in how learning is recognized, accredited and validated. Digital Badges are a part of these changes and are set to make a big impact on education and certification programs in 2017. A flexible, structured Digital Badge Strategy applied to your planned and existing online learning programs will help to validate your badging initiative ensuring that you meet your learning and organisational goals.

How to Protect Your Member Data and Reduce Risk for Your Association

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We all hear a lot about data security these days — from state, federal, and international data privacy and protection laws to consumer demands for privacy. As your association grows and collects personal information about your members, you simply can’t afford not to protect your member data. But, how do you ensure that your data is secure and that your association management software (AMS) system continues to grow with you? What to look for. What to know.

Stronger by Association: Engle Earns Meeting Planner Certification

AMR Management Services

Engle Earns Meeting Planner Certification. – AMR Management Services is proud to announce Will Engle has earned his designation as a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP). The foremost certification of the meetings, conventions and exhibitions industry, the CMP program recognizes individuals who have achieved the industrys highest standard of professionalism. “Will’s commitment to the industry in earning this key certification is what sets AMR apart.".

How to Sunset an Educational Program

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Since some of your courses have been around forever, you wonder if it might be time to sunset an educational program or two. When an organization has limited resources, you can’t afford to invest time and money into educational programs—online courses, certifications, or conferences—that no longer meet the needs of your target audiences. How to tell it’s time to sunset an educational program. Talk to past students too about their experience.

Sales Operations Demystified: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How To Do It Right

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Sales operations refers to the unit, role, activities and processes within a sales organization that support, enable, and drive front line sales teams to sell better, faster, and more efficiently. Through strategically implemented training, software tools and engagement techniques, sales ops leaders enable sales reps to focus more on selling in order to drive business results. . But perhaps more than anything else, sales operations brings a system to selling.

How to engage your members in today’s hyper personalized world


To engage today’s members, personalization is no longer a nice-to-have. Here are some ideas to get you started. Here are four ideas to help you engage your members with the personalized experience they’ve come to expect. We’ve all come to expect highly targeted experiences like those from leading companies like Amazon and Netflix. We want companies to address us by name in the communications they send us. Need some inspiration to get started?

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How To Create An Entirely Unique, Clangorously New Conference Experience

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So how can a conference set itself apart from other commoditized experiences? This means that organizers need to focus on designing that attendee’s experience. How do you do that? How does it feel? Creating a loyal attendee that returns to your event year after year requires a long term investment. It requires commitment to the goal. Because short-term financial investments are difficult to quantify. Certification and CEUs are commoditized.