New Association Will Accredit Healthy Destinations

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A new nonprofit organization founded by six resort hotels aims to help travelers in their search for healthy destinations through a new certification process that will evaluate hotels’ wellness programs and services. resort hotels as founding members, is working to help evaluate hotels as “healthy travel destinations” based on a science-based certification process. Those properties that receive certification are eligible for a variety of benefits, including.

Association Rises To The Aid of New Mexico’s Chile Pepper

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The New Mexico chile pepper industry is attempting to protect the integrity of one of the state’s valuable cash crops via a new certification program. This week, NMCA announced a new trademark that will distinguish and preserve the reputation of the cash crop, as trademarks have done for other well-known agricultural products such as Vidalia Onions and Idaho Potatoes.

Invest in Yourself: Book Recommendations for Young Professionals

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Educated: A Memoir – Growing up in rural Idaho, Tara Westover had no birth certificate, never saw a doctor and didn’t go to school. There is a highly disturbing realization when you go from being a college student to becoming a young professional: It’s the realization that no matter how much you prepared, what your GPA was, or how talented or determined you might be, you’re starting at the bottom.