What is CAE Certification for Association Professionals?


In a snapshot, the purpose of the CAE certification is to : establish the body of knowledge; assess the level of knowledge ; encourage professional growth; formally recognize individuals who meet the requirements ; and. The CAE certification eligibility requirements and program materials were developed through an industry analysis survey to identify the day-to-day knowledge used by association professionals. Leadership.

Wanna Boost Employee Retention? Focus on Leadership Training and Certifications

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A new report from PayScale found that most employees wanted either a strong focus on certifications or to be trained on skills related to leadership and management. According to Professional Development: What Employees Want , a new report from PayScale, the nearly 38,000 workers surveyed by the compensation software firm were asking for two things: management and leadership training (32 percent) and professional certifications (30 percent).

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Association Education and Certification: Best Benefit Ever

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There are lots of great ideas in this collection, and one theme that runs through the collection is that of innovative association education and certification programs that have been tailored to the specific needs or interests of the association membership. Best Benefit Ever = Association Education and Certification Programs. So how do you make your education or certification program appear to be the best membership benefit ever?

The Pandemic’s Effect on Association Membership, Events, and Leadership – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 227

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I’m very excited about the opportunity to tell you about the conversations I’m having with association industry leaders during this pandemic and cover some of the topics, issues, and questions I’m getting from our clients and share them directly to you. However, now may be a great time to offer a trial membership program because of everything that you’re doing for your industry, just make sure you have a plan on what you’re going to do afterwards.

Professional Development and Certifications

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MSAE's Young Professionals Networking Group met to discuss the various certifications one can receive in the association and hospitality industry as well as where to get professional development courses, credits and classes. Fees associated with application, study materials and re-certification. Content based on the meetings, convention and exhibitions industry. Fees are association with application, study materials and re-certification.

A Better Alignment of Membership and Certification

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Last year the association launched the “APICS Membership” mobile app, which gives members information about their benefits, their status and expiration dates for certifications, and connections to their local chapters. ” Members can choose from one of six answers via a dropdown menu, ranging from “starting my career” to “seeking leadership opportunities within APICS.” In APICS’ case, the focus is clear: certification.

Three Reasons Not To Start An Association Certification Program

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“All organizations can develop certification. Some organizations think creating a certification program is the sure way to solve some of its problems. Sometime it is a valid way to solve industry-related challenges. Identifying Certification Goals. Rops advocates that before starting a credentialing program, an organization needs to identify its certification target and goals. Three Goals That Are Not Appropriate For Certification Programs.

Education, Industry Groups Focused on Student Readiness in the Workplace

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The National School Boards Association’s new report offers to help industry groups interact better with school districts to prepare “life-ready” graduates. Associations know all too well that despite many well-paying jobs available in the industries they represent—whether construction or hospitality —there aren’t enough applicants willing or prepared to fill those positions. Some require technical training or certificates.”.

Meetings Industry Moves Forward With Safety Initiative

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During the 2016 edition of IMEX America, stakeholders announced steps to further safety endeavors within the meetings industry through the launch of a new council. The council extends the events industry’s ongoing collaboration with the Department of Homeland Security. At this week’s IMEX America , in Las Vegas, the topic of security was top of mind for attendees—something reflected by a new industry council introduced this week.

What Recent Changes to the CAE Say About Leadership

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An ethics track and a lowered experience requirement recognize the standard-bearing role associations play—and leaders’ urge to grasp the association industry faster. The industry itself continues to shift and change.”. The commission conducts a task analysis every five years to update content for the CAE exam, and one result was an acknowledgement that ethics has been focused on increasingly in recent years across multiple industries.

Stronger by Association: Engle Earns Meeting Planner Certification

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Engle Earns Meeting Planner Certification. The foremost certification of the meetings, conventions and exhibitions industry, the CMP program recognizes individuals who have achieved the industrys highest standard of professionalism. The credential, awarded by the Convention Industry Council (CIC), is the most widely known and well-respected designation for meeting planners. Engle Earns Meeting Planner Certification. Industry Expe. Pages.

Daily Buzz: Bridge Your Industry’s Soft Skills Gap

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Develop a training curriculum to help members drive the industry forward. Similarly, LinkedIn’s 2018 Workplace Learning Report says the top priority for talent-development teams is training workers in leadership, communication, and collaboration. This presents a special opportunity for your association to step up and bridge the soft skills gap in its respective industry. Employers in your industry need your association’s help,” writes the WBT Systems team in a blog post.

Study: Hospitality Industry Jumps Aboard LEED

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Green Building Council highlights the rising popularity of LEED certifications among hotels worldwide. That certification could help your organization put on a sustainable event. A good place to start might be to check if venues have received a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green-building certification. The council reports that there are 400 LEED-certified hotels worldwide, with another 1,600 hotels working to receive LEED certification.

ASAE Installs New Officers and Directors for Fiscal Year 2021 to Begin September 1st


If amended, Americans could use the credit to pursue and obtain industry certifications and other professional credentials.”. About ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership ASAE is celebrating 100 years of making society smarter, better and safer.

Your Four Most Asked Questions Answered

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I’m very excited about the opportunity to share with you the conversations I’m having with association industry leaders during this pandemic and cover some of the topics, issues, and questions I’m getting from our clients and share them directly to you. However, now may be a great time to offer a trial membership program because of everything that you’re doing for your industry, just make sure you have a plan on what you’re going to do afterwards.

Six Issues Associations Are Having Difficulty Responding To

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Often association leadership views change as something that disrupts the peace. And it’s transforming associations, business, industry, and daily life. “We Our Board of Directors speak about learning and education in of terms and attendance at workshops, number of butts in seats, compliance, certification and standards. Most certification academic standards have limited value. Which one frightens your association leadership the most and why?

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Recruiting members. and keeping them

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Attend Chamber of Commerce events or industry conferences. Throughout the years, this has led not only to a strong leadership stream in our chapter, but also to long-time friendships. Support member certification. For those industries and professions with accreditation or certification, provide support to your members pursuing this avenue. Features Membership board members celebrating members FPRA member certification member recruitment membership scholarships

Associations Partner to Serve Up Future Leaders for Food Service Industry

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Two restaurant and food service associations are working together to help foster the industry’s next generation of leaders. The National Restaurant Association is partnering with the Women’s Foodservice Forum to develop and encourage a new generation of leaders for their industry. Leveraging the expertise of Women’s Foodservice Forum will allow us to enhance our efforts to address these challenges and ensure the industry’s future success.

Associations: Solving the Skills Gap with Digital Credentials

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Prior to the digital revolution, these credentials were called certificates of completion. Unlike a paper-based certification, a digital badge is embedded with relevant “ metadata ” such as the badge title, description, date earned, issuer, recipient, expiration date and even specific details about the work submitted by the recipient. Competency Models: To some degree, many associations have already defined skill and competency models for their industry.

Defining the Process of Change

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This work has given me the opportunity to hone my leadership skills. Should we build new certifications? Changes and cultural evolutions must create relevance; improving the condition of our members, their companies, and industries as a whole. Ultimately, I’ve also learned how much leadership is a lifestyle and not only a professional role. The process of change is often defined as change management or change leadership. Or change leadership?

Partnership v. Membership: Is There a Membership Role for Suppliers?

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Some suppliers want long-term loyal relationships with the association and are deeply invested in the overall good of the profession or industry you serve. Additionally, people increasingly move fluidly across industries throughout their careers. Supplier membership can be a great entry-point for small firms in your profession or industry that can’t afford pricey exhibit booths or sponsorships, like the solopreneur consultant mentioned above.

You’re Never Too Young to Conquer New Challenges

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Although it took her a little longer to realize what association work represents and the endless opportunities it offers, she wasted no time becoming involved in the association community on a deeper level than just 9 to 5, joining ASAE’s Young Professionals Committee, attending the NextGen mentorship program, and earning her Certified Association Professional certification at age 31. and it’s a huge industry. But if you work for an association, you’ll have impact on an industry.

Great Marketing is NOT More Email

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Certifications Most association approved certifications follow a format of covering a number of core competencies/domains that summarize the foundation of the industry. Many will pair certification-takers with study buddy's who will support each other through the test taking process until that happy day when the letter comes in the mail - you are certified! Here is your certificate!

Understanding the ABCs of Association Management Credentials

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This is especially true when attempting to navigate the alphabet soup of credentials and certifications geared towards association management professionals. For those of us who have the financial resources and availability, there is no better time than now to differentiate yourself with a professional certification or designation. ASAE’s CAE certification is the most ubiquitous association management certification, and with good reason.

Seismic Conference And Attendance Shift Predictions Part 2

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Many employers already know that certifications don’t equate to skills competency. Attendees may be able to pass a certification exam but can’t think critically, collaborate, problem solve and innovate. Conference organizers will also invest in helping industry presenters become better learning facilitators instead of dispensers of information. Change is no longer an event that happens once in a blue moon. It is the pace of today’s business.

Membership 101: The Role of Volunteerism

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” If you’ve been around the association industry for more than a few minutes, you’ve undoubtedly heard at least one membership professional say that. Bigger investment: item writing for their ONCC certification. This has had a positive impact on two of their key organizational metrics: membership retention and leadership development for individual nurses, which then increases the capacity of the entire system. “Engaged members renew.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.16.20

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By the way, he’s the director of certification and education at the Professional Pricing Society so he knows what he’s talking about. Fri 10/16 at 10 a.m.* – Breaking News: Reporting on Covid-19’s Impact on the Meetings Industry.

Advice for Associations to Succeed in 2020 – Ask the Hard Questions

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However, the world of associations must walk a unique tight rope: keeping in mind the needs of the industry and those of their members while responding to the focus of the current board and the potential for what will happen under future leadership. Let’s say you have chosen to focus as much time, energy, and resources to a new certification program. Association management’s strategic planning is very different than that of traditional corporation.

Where Does Your Association Fit in a Changing Postsecondary World?

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labor force and those on the upper end of this generational spectrum are beginning to take on leadership roles within their respective organizations. As more and more millennials become leaders in their industries, I think the new standard of prerequisites to get a job will be less dependent on a four-year degree. Based on my research, and experience as a millennial in the workforce, my inclination is that distance learning, continuing education units, certifications, badges, etc.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.31.20

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If your members have to acquire new knowledge and skills to thrive in this new pandemic environment, WBT Systems suggests offering this type of certificate (and digital badge) program. Agnes Amos-Coleman, MBA, CMP, education, conference, event, certification consultant, Amos-Coleman.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 9.18.20

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That’s why it’s a good time for your association to promote your certificate, microcredential and certification programs. Agnes Amos-Coleman, MBA, CMP, education, conference, event, certification consultant, Amos-Coleman.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 8.28.20

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I’ve got another important survey for you—this one is on racial diversity in the events industry. With the information collected in this research, we hope that we can pinpoint the areas of improvement with manageable takeaways for event professionals across the industry.”

Price Your eLearning Right

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For example, package a certification program seat fee with an online learning kick off course, webinar discussions, and study aids. Or, redesign a two-day in-person certificate program as a multiple course online program paired with exercises, assessments, and web coaching. Licensing: The corporate training industry (this excludes associations) represents over 160 Billion in North America alone. Rethinking Event-Based Pricing.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 8.21.20

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Association Success is running a survey to benchmark diversity in the association industry. This ten-minute survey will help all of us get a better, bigger picture of just how equitable the association industry is for everyone in it.

Building Buy-In for an Online Community at Your Association

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Instead, you need to align your new online community with the mission and priorities of your association's leadership. Where community fits in: Be your industry’s thought leader. Communities are a great way to promote your association’s status in the industry. The goal: If your organization offers certifications, continued education, or trainings as membership benefits, your leadership may want to boost involvement in these areas to grow non-dues revenue.

SBI Events Team Earns Virtual Event & Meeting Management (VEMM) Credential


While the pandemic may have slowed us down at the onset while in-person events were rapidly canceled or postponed, we are now moving full steam ahead in the virtual event space, and are proud to share that our entire Events team has completed the Virtual Event & Meeting Management Certification.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.9.20

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Agnes Amos-Coleman, MBA, CMP, education, conference, event, certification consultant, Amos-Coleman. ExpoChat is a Twitter-based conversation on topics related to the trade show industry. Unprecedented Leadership During Unprecedented Times (Planet IMEX Association Leadership Forum).

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.22.20

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The goals they discuss are thought leadership, meeting leads and decision-makers, product showcasing and brand awareness. Agnes Amos-Coleman, MBA, CMP, education, conference, event, certification consultant, Amos-Coleman. WILMI (Women In Leadership Meetings + Incentives) Digital Event. Examine the importance of networking, personal leadership and refining your passion. Host: Events Industry Council. Moving Training and Certification Online in Less Time.

40+ Helpful Events Resources for Association Execs and EventProfs


Tahira Endean is a force to be reckoned with in the meetings industry. She’s passionate about creating and delivering human-centered events and is an awarded instructor of Sustainable Event Operations, as well as an industry speaker, blogger, and author. Where you can obtain the CIS – Certified Incentive Specialist and CITP – Certified Incentive Travel Professional certifications. ADMEinternational Destination Management Executives, DMCP Certification.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.29.20

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Pivot Virtual Summit: Visioning a New Future for the Events Industry through Self Care, Innovation & Community. Hear industry-leading thought leaders talk about the events industry as we know it today and what we see for the future. Agnes Amos-Coleman, MBA, CMP, education, conference, event, certification consultant, Amos-Coleman. Pivot Virtual Summit: Visioning a New Future for the Events Industry through Self Care, Innovation & Community.