Association Education and Certification: Best Benefit Ever

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There are lots of great ideas in this collection, and one theme that runs through the collection is that of innovative association education and certification programs that have been tailored to the specific needs or interests of the association membership.

Lessons From a Certification Overhaul

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SHRM’s shift to a new certification model points to associations’ need to better understand their members—and the people their members serve. All of this suggests to Alonso that SHRM was “40 years overdue” in implementing the new certification model.

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Wanna Boost Employee Retention? Focus on Leadership Training and Certifications

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A new report from PayScale found that most employees wanted either a strong focus on certifications or to be trained on skills related to leadership and management. For the most part, management/leadership training was the most commonly selected option across the generations.

The Pandemic’s Effect on Association Membership, Events, and Leadership – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 227

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The easiest thing to deliver right now may be education or certification; you may want to loosen your membership requirements there, especially for jobs where people must be on site and they could be doing nothing right now at their homes.

Inclusive Leadership: Make It an Association Priority

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What Is Inclusive Leadership? Inclusive leadership is a complicated topic. Leadership itself is multifaceted and we’ve seen a change in leadership over time. Leadership used to be very focused on command-and-control.

New Bill Would Expand 529 Savings Accounts to Cover Professional Certification

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A new bipartisan bill would expand the use of 529 education savings accounts to cover the fees related to professional certification and credentialing programs. ASAE and the Professional Certification Coalition say it would benefit associations and the workforce.

Professional Development and Certifications

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MSAE's Young Professionals Networking Group met to discuss the various certifications one can receive in the association and hospitality industry as well as where to get professional development courses, credits and classes. Fees associated with application, study materials and re-certification. Fees are association with application, study materials and re-certification. Associations Leadership Young Professionals Miscellaneous meetings conventions

Leadership through Blended Learning: Sorority LMS Success

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Blended Learning programs are the ideal way to deliver leadership development programs as they are more effective at creating behavioral change and deep learning. The post Leadership through Blended Learning: Sorority LMS Success appeared first on WBT Systems.

4 Leadership Tips to Take Your Association to the Next Level


And in order to take leadership to the next level and run a successful association, you’ll need some practice. Taking initiative in order to see positive changes for your association is a leadership must. Looking for more association leadership tips? By Web Scribble .

Associations Live: Career Development, Professional Certifications.

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Career Development, Professional Certifications and Advanced Education. You receive a certificate at the end of your course. Institute for Executive Director Leadership offers a 10 month program designed for higher level professionals. Leadership. (11). skip to main | skip to sidebar. Associations Live. Connecting MSAE members and a world of ideas! Thursday, May 26, 2011.

Three Reasons Not To Start An Association Certification Program

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“All organizations can develop certification. Some organizations think creating a certification program is the sure way to solve some of its problems. Identifying Certification Goals. Rops advocates that before starting a credentialing program, an organization needs to identify its certification target and goals. Then identify how certification will address that challenge with a goal statement. The same holds true for a certification program.

What Recent Changes to the CAE Say About Leadership

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Plenty of recent leadership scandals, inside and outside of nonprofitdom, have shed light on the importance of establishing a solid grasp of ethics. That’s something that is more almost coming into alignment with where certification is in terms of what’s expected,” he says.

New Certification Exam Prep Tool Sets Student Members Up for Success

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An online instructive tool helps the American Society of Radiologic Technologists’ student members review for their certification exam. The post New Certification Exam Prep Tool Sets Student Members Up for Success appeared first on Associations Now

Stronger by Association: Engle Earns Meeting Planner Certification

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Engle Earns Meeting Planner Certification. The foremost certification of the meetings, conventions and exhibitions industry, the CMP program recognizes individuals who have achieved the industrys highest standard of professionalism. Engle Earns Meeting Planner Certification.

Associations: Solving the Skills Gap with Digital Credentials

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Prior to the digital revolution, these credentials were called certificates of completion. Badges recognize program and certificate completion, with badge color based on skill level.

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Getting Leadership Buy-in For Your Conference Upgrades

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Now you have to convince your leadership including the C-Suite, possibly the Board of Directors, and others, that these changes are the right move to make. What types of discussion starters can you have with your leadership to impact positive changes?

Your Four Most Asked Questions Answered

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The easiest thing to deliver right now may be education or certification; you may want to loosen your membership requirements there, especially for jobs where people must be on site and they could be doing nothing right now at their homes.

Take the 2016 Nonprofits, Leadership and Race Survey

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The Building Movement Project is conducting a national survey on Nonprofits, Leadership and Race. The 2016 Nonprofits, Leadership and Race Survey will provide valuable information about the current components impacting leadership in the nonprofit sector. Data Leadership

Recruiting members. and keeping them

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Throughout the years, this has led not only to a strong leadership stream in our chapter, but also to long-time friendships. Support member certification. For those industries and professions with accreditation or certification, provide support to your members pursuing this avenue.

Six Issues Associations Are Having Difficulty Responding To

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Often association leadership views change as something that disrupts the peace. Our Board of Directors speak about learning and education in of terms and attendance at workshops, number of butts in seats, compliance, certification and standards. Many associations are slow to change.

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A Board In The Know

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Our organization is in the beginning stages of applying for ANSI Accreditation for our certification and examination program. Board of Directors Certification Leadership association management Board Leadership Constructor Certification Commission Joseph SappLast week was our 2nd of 2 in person board meetings of the year. It was 5 hours long and was what I would consider a pretty heavy agenda.

Shaking Up Patterns

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Leadership insight.right when you need it. in Change , Leadership - 3 comments. This weekend I taught a three-hour session on Systems to students in Georgetown’s Organization Development and Change Leadership Certificate program. I went through this program 11 years ago myself (though it didn’t have the “change leadership” moniker back then). Leadership. Consulting. Speaking. About. Contact. Generations. Humanize.

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Defining the Process of Change

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This work has given me the opportunity to hone my leadership skills. Should we build new certifications? Ultimately, I’ve also learned how much leadership is a lifestyle and not only a professional role. Or change leadership? Change Leadership.

Partnership v. Membership: Is There a Membership Role for Suppliers?

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Your suppliers will likely want to be involved in the volunteer leadership of your association, but board service may not be the best place for that to happen, as they may start pushing an agenda and interests that are peripheral to those of the core membership.

Great Marketing is NOT More Email

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Certifications Most association approved certifications follow a format of covering a number of core competencies/domains that summarize the foundation of the industry. Here is your certificate!

You’re Never Too Young to Conquer New Challenges

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I felt like I needed more leadership opportunities or a change in association jobs. My boss at the time encouraged me to volunteer with ASAE as a way of gaining leadership experience, so I browsed their committees and found the Young Professionals Committee.

Membership 101: The Role of Volunteerism

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Bigger investment: item writing for their ONCC certification. This has had a positive impact on two of their key organizational metrics: membership retention and leadership development for individual nurses, which then increases the capacity of the entire system.

Bonus content – Event Garde e-news – March edition

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Q: Transfer: Let’s say you just attended a certification course. Filed under: Leadership , Learning , Professional Development Tagged: Debra Zabloudil , Event Gardeian of the Month , knowledge transfer , Learning , networking , The Learning Studio Inc.

Would Mother Earth approve of ‘green’ venues?

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According to the report, there are seven best practices among environmentally friendly venues: 83 percent have achieved a sustainability-related certification. On Friday, we’ll celebrate Mother Nature’s finest creations.

Would Mother Earth approve of ‘green’ venues?

Aaron Wolowiec

According to the report, there are seven best practices among environmentally friendly venues: 83 percent have achieved a sustainability-related certification. On Friday, we’ll celebrate Mother Nature’s finest creations.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.22.20

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The goals they discuss are thought leadership, meeting leads and decision-makers, product showcasing and brand awareness. Agnes Amos-Coleman, MBA, CMP, education, conference, event, certification consultant, Amos-Coleman. WILMI (Women In Leadership Meetings + Incentives) Digital Event.

40+ Helpful Events Resources for Association Execs and EventProfs


Where you can obtain the CIS – Certified Incentive Specialist and CITP – Certified Incentive Travel Professional certifications. ADMEinternational Destination Management Executives, DMCP Certification. Event Leadership Institute.

The New Normal

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2012 Advice Membership Staffing Volunteers Work Associations Certification Joseph Sapp Leadership marketing membership success volunteers2012 has been off to a fast start. With my organization’s exam at the end of March and our Annual Meeting in Mid-April it makes the start of the year feel like a sprint to get through the first quarter. As we are just a few weeks away from both events it is starting to see some of the stress with staff and volunteers.

What I’m Reading

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Lowell Aplebaum offers some clever ideas for marketing your conferences, certifications, and components. blog roundup curation diversity innovation leadership Anil Dash creativity Inc. Tips for start-up success. Also, wow. How is creating something new like climbing a mountain? We tend to focus on summiting the peak, but that’s not the hard part. Be happier at work. Some of these are trite, but I absolutely agree on a few, including the importance of your physical environment.

Mastering Your Craft

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and problematic - sure, but the best you can do is a completion certificate. innovation trends leadershipThis past fall, I had the opportunity to participate in a multi-day retreat with a bunch of smart people where we focused on the future of work.

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Advice for Associations to Succeed in 2020 – Ask the Hard Questions

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However, the world of associations must walk a unique tight rope: keeping in mind the needs of the industry and those of their members while responding to the focus of the current board and the potential for what will happen under future leadership.

#ThrowbackThursday What is a Non-Profit?

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For members of professions, from architects to zoologists, there is the impressive business of professional publications, accreditation, and certification that is developed and delivered by nonprofits. Trends Leadership Partnerships

Where Does Your Association Fit in a Changing Postsecondary World?

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labor force and those on the upper end of this generational spectrum are beginning to take on leadership roles within their respective organizations. In the late 1990s, higher education and the importance of a four-year college degree started to change.

Invest in Yourself: Book Recommendations for Young Professionals

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I’m talking about books that help you grow by developing your time-management, leadership, and interpersonal skills. I simply stated that I was looking for “non-fiction books on any topic (personal finance, leadership, culture, biographies, etc.).” Features Leadership Membership

When Your Superpower is Member Development and Revenue Generation: Tamela Blalock, CAE, CMP, DES

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Making the president’s role a gradual three-year experience with two people helping you versus an intense three-year job on your own diversifies the number of people who can experience board leadership. If our leadership was in a state of complacency, then I would be awake at night.