Choosing the Right Model – Certificate or Certification

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Recently, Michelle Nolin, Learning Strategy and Instructional Design consultant from Learn Ethos, LLC and Linda Anguish, Director of Accreditation Services at the Institute of Credentialing Excellence presented a webinar on choosing the right model between certificates and certification programs.

The certification conundrum

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Whether it’s for prestige, a salary bump or a resume builder, people from all industries seek out certification programs. But the question is, should your association offer certification programs? But the key is to determine the market demand. To certify or not to certify.

Association Education and Certification: Best Benefit Ever

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There are lots of great ideas in this collection, and one theme that runs through the collection is that of innovative association education and certification programs that have been tailored to the specific needs or interests of the association membership.

Setting Strategy for Certification’s New World

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It’s tempting to jump right into the new ways to engage members in certification. Like most things in the association world, certification is undergoing a transformation. Your market research is in beta-testing of those systems.”.

How to Create an Association-Backed Certification Program

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But if you have, here’s the answer: association-backed certification programs. As independent entities, associations are uniquely positioned to drive professional certification programs. Typically a certification program produces a large bank of questions.

A Futurist’s View: On The Amazon Of Certifications

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Associations are stronger together, how can they collaborate to create a place to develop, provide, and update certifications? health system), who is to say that the association industry won’t also experience a massively disruptive market entrant?

CompTIA Explores New Certification Offerings to Back Evolving Tech Field

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The technology trade group, working from the wish lists of employers and industry pros, is hoping to bring certifications to areas such as data visualization and the programming language Python. CompTIA’s certification game is already pretty strong—but there’s always room for more.

Wanna Boost Employee Retention? Focus on Leadership Training and Certifications

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A new report from PayScale found that most employees wanted either a strong focus on certifications or to be trained on skills related to leadership and management. In a job market where competition is aggressive and a new position is always around the corner, employees want a skills upgrade.

Study: Certifications Lead To Higher Salaries and Greater Job Fulfillment

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A new study found that a majority of professionals who completed an online certification course reported bumps in salary and job fulfillment—promising news for associations and their members. Have you found that a certification led to increased growth and fulfillment in your career?

Could An Early Career Certification Be Right For Your Association?

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The HR Certification Institute just launched a new early career certification that helps the organization serve the entire lifespan of HR professionals. And an early-career certification may make it easier for those just getting started.

48 No-Brainer Tools Every Marketer Needs

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Since there are so many tools out there, our marketing team came together to compile a list of our favorites to share with you. We like having Evernote’s web extension on Chrome to easily save articles, snippets, or images for a marketing swipe file. What are other marketers up to?

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@CESSE Optimizing Sales Results for Certification, Certificate & Training Businesses


Whether you are selling certification in the United States or around the world, learn proven lessons on capturing potential candidates, how to motivate candidate behavior, and mixing education “prep products” to motivate and drive sales.

Global Growth: 3 Tips for Launching an International Certification

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Locally based content experts and the right partnerships are the keys to success in global certification expansion, according to the HR Certification Institute. In promoting HRCI’s global certifications, AMEDIRH continues to elevate the practice of HR throughout Mexico.”

New Venue Certification Considers Both Facilities and Quality of Service

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The new Venue Standard global certification takes a different approach to assessing convention centers, evaluating quality of service as well as the venue’s offerings. A common one is certification status.

Associations Live: Career Development, Professional Certifications.

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Career Development, Professional Certifications and Advanced Education. You receive a certificate at the end of your course. marketing. (7). skip to main | skip to sidebar. Associations Live. Connecting MSAE members and a world of ideas! Thursday, May 26, 2011. Professionals who are interested in making a commitment to their profession, career and future look to earning advanced education or potentially obtaining a credential.

Ad Industry Launches Certification Program to Fight Fraud

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The Trustworthy Accountability Group, a coalition of advertising groups supportive of transparency efforts in advertising, has launched a new certification program to battle what’s considered rampant fraud in the digital ad industry.

Three Reasons Not To Start An Association Certification Program

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“All organizations can develop certification. Some organizations think creating a certification program is the sure way to solve some of its problems. Identifying Certification Goals. Rops advocates that before starting a credentialing program, an organization needs to identify its certification target and goals. Then identify how certification will address that challenge with a goal statement. Any successful program needs to address a market need.

The growth spurt continues for associations

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According to Marketing General Inc. ’s s 2016 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report , it’s issues such as balancing a limited budget, engaging younger members and understanding what members truly want, especially in terms of networking and professional development.

Report 156

The growth spurt continues for associations

Aaron Wolowiec

According to Marketing General Inc. ’s s 2016 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report , it’s issues such as balancing a limited budget, engaging younger members and understanding what members truly want, especially in terms of networking and professional development.

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Just got my Marketing Essentials Certificate!


My boss just walked into my office and presented me with my certificate of completion for the Basic Marketing Essentials ASAE course, for which he had bought a frame from CVS. Tags: CAE associations marketing ASAE I'm really surprised at how good that made me feel. I'm a whole 18 hours closer to being ready to take my CAE exam, but it's not that - maybe it's that he recognizes that I really feel like I'm on the right path, now.

April Update: How to Learn About Fundraising, Marketing & Management for Free

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This month's newsletter covers the best free webinars on the internet, how to get an SSL certificate for free, and 3 new event registration hacks

Stronger by Association: Engle Earns Meeting Planner Certification

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Engle Earns Meeting Planner Certification. The foremost certification of the meetings, conventions and exhibitions industry, the CMP program recognizes individuals who have achieved the industrys highest standard of professionalism. Engle Earns Meeting Planner Certification.

Daily Buzz: Market Education Programs to Nonmembers

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Don’t exclude them by marketing only to members. Also: why meeting planners should collaborate with digital marketers. Of the many perks in joining an association, learning and certification programs rise to the top. Nonmembers are searching for continued learning programs, too.

Tips for Effectively Marketing Repackaged Content

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Repackaging content is nothing new, but ensuring it’s marketed correctly can keep your association top of mind among members. Good marketing is the key to making association content feel shiny and new. What are your marketing tricks for repackaged content?

Association Law Blog: Certification Programs: A Legal Issues Checklist

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Certification Programs: A Legal Issues Checklist. Establishing or operating a certification program is rarely a simple matter. Certification programs frequently provide compelling membership value, and enviable revenue streams. On the other hand, numerous issues arise with a certification program. Inherent Risks of Certification Programs - Credentialing programs always involve risk. Certification Programs: A Legal Issues Checklist.

Bonus Content – Event Garde e-news – February edition

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Elyse Kopietz, director of communications, marketing and events, Michigan Manufacturers Association. Q & A with Elyse Kopietz , director of communications, marketing and events, Michigan Manufacturers Association. Q: Transfer: Let’s say you just attended a certification course.

Do We Need Social Media Certification? - BlogClump


Do We Need Social Media Certification? My friend Maddie Grant tweeted this post the other day about Social Media Certification. There is no authority in Social Media Marketing, there is no standard. I bet these folks doing the certifications are trying to become the authority by offering them. I am not advocating a certification, but there might be a way to do one that wasnt totally full of fluff. But isnt that like all certifications?

Survey Says… Online Education’s Role in Membership Marketing

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Associations want to know how their membership recruitment, retention, and marketing tactics compare to others so they can improve member growth and engagement. Every summer, the association community looks forward to the release of the Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report from Marketing General Incorporated (MGI). We poured over them and pulled out highlights as well as insights about online education’s role in membership marketing and the membership value proposition.

Leveraging strategy to amplify education initiatives

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But when specifically asked during a recent NACEDA prep session, leaders added travel, opportunity costs, value proposition and marketing to their list of challenges. Aerial of downtown Detroit Riverfront Photo Credit: Vito Palmissano. On Oct.

OpenBadges: Increasing Visibility of Association Education

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There has been much discussion lately about the value of digital badges for both association education and certification programs. Associations Blog Certifications eLearning Tips Integrations LMS Debates TopClass Digital Badges e-Learning learning management system LMS OpenBadges

Association Marketing: They Said/We Said

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Certification. Related: Radically alter the focus of your association’s marketing. The post Association Marketing: They Said/We Said appeared first on Smooth The Path. Association Marketing

Don’t Ignore Non-Dues Revenue Potential of Digital Badges!

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This week Eric Kuhn, opening keynoter at ASAE’s 2017 Marketing, Membership & Communications Conference advised attendees to “ adopt social media next practices , not just best practices “, when describing social media as one of the most powerful marketing tools for associations.

Life goes on…and so does learning

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As a result, certification programs, assessment-based certificate programs, digital badging and competency-based education are likely to be areas of significant growth for continuing education and professional development providers.”.

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Association Certification and Accreditation Programs: Minimizing the Liability Risks

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Venable LLP, Washington, DC Certification and accreditation programs ("certification" programs) sponsored by trade and professional associations are increasingly common. However, standard-setting and certification programs are not without liability risk, sometimes potentially significant risks. Fortunately, proper care in establishing and operating certification programs can go a long way toward minimizing those risks. by Jeffrey S. Tenenbaum, Esq.,

What will 2016 bring for associations?

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The demand for knowledge will continue to grow this year, specifically the focus on certification programs. In fact, Abila predicts certification revenue will surpass membership revenue in 2016. Let’s say your staff completes a certification program or engages in e-learning.

Great Marketing is NOT More Email

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In the age of twitter and pinterest, of free video calls and meetings, marketing has to shift from full-frontal blast to dialogue. Here is your certificate! You want marketing for your certification, the prep-courses and everything that goes with it?

Challenges and Opportunities for Association Education Programs

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Most certification academic standards have limited value – without the ability to apply learning. Some of the relevant insights provide great messaging for associations seeking to market their education and certification programs to members.

Online Course Marketing Tactics from Six-Figure Digital Entrepreneurs

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When digital entrepreneurs—those who make their living selling online products and services—see a need in their market, they design a revenue-generating online course to meet that need. They also use online course marketing tactics that help them become millionaires in the process. Amy Porterfield , who teaches online marketing to aspiring digital entrepreneurs, is one of many digital entrepreneurs whose courses have put them in the six-figure club.

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3 Ways to Improve Membership Acquisition at Your Association

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The Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report from Marketing General Inc. reports which recruitment marketing channels have performed the best for associations (trade and professional). Developing a growth strategy for your association takes time.

Associations: Solving the Skills Gap with Digital Credentials

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Prior to the digital revolution, these credentials were called certificates of completion. Badges recognize program and certificate completion, with badge color based on skill level.

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