Price Your eLearning Right

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Rethinking Event-Based Pricing. One of the most common mistakes I see in pricing eLearning is exclusively applying the old one-time registration model. Before setting pricing, it’s critical to understand your market. Consider these models to price your eLearning right.

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Pricing Your eLearning Materials: Subscription versus One-Time-Fee Models

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When marketing eLearning materials at an association for continuing education purposes, you’re handed a unique benefit: a membership list and potentially a required certification for members to maintain. One-Time-Fee should be the first pricing option for higher quality courses.

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Photographers Association Offers New Drone Certification

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The Professional Photographers of America says its certification for drone pilots, the first of its kind, is designed to help photographers better validate their capabilities to clients. Second, it is a way to justify the price of services offered by the world’s top photographers.

Associations Need to Lead Change with Education Programs

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The authors of the whitepaper cite Georgetown University noting “Industry-based certifications address several problems that postsecondary credentials currently face: relevance, accountability, consistency, and portability.” Manage Complex Continuing Education and Certification.

Don’t Ignore Non-Dues Revenue Potential of Digital Badges!

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It prompted us to think about what might be the “next practices” associations need to adopt to future-proof the value of their education and certification programs for members and non-members.

The Strategy Behind a Building Plan

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The $70 million price tag is steep—all the more reason for there to be a smart strategy behind it. Also, one of the key people leading the move was battling cancer in the midst of it—we’ll get to that, and there’s a strategy lesson in that as well.

How to Launch an LMS with No Content

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Look into pricing for getting sessions recorded at your next one. You can bundle sessions together in packages by topic, sell them individually, or sell the entire conference as one bulk price. . We must be kidding, right? Well, yes and no!

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Learning Pathways: How to Fill Your Industry’s Skills Gap

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Upon the completion of a learning pathway, the student receives a digital badge, certificate, and/or certification. When a learner completes a path—which can take anywhere from 10 to 68 hours—they can display a digital certificate on their LinkedIn profile. Design learning pathways (and your digital badge strategy ) in tandem with employers in your industry. Will pricing be the same for all classes in the learning pathway? Certificate?

Best Practices for Monetizing Your eLearning Content

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There are numerous technologies, strategies, and methodologies for deploying these strategies, so we will talk about best practices and key aspects to think about when trying to achieve your organization’s monetary goals. How vital is non-dues revenue for your association?

Got NDR (Non-Dues Revenue)?

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Our research shows only half of associations ask advertisers and sponsors if they’re getting their money’s worth—only about 60 percent incorporate that feedback into pricing strategies. Features Revenue feedback help non-dues revenue pricing resources sponsors

How to Use Webinars to Promote Your eLearning Programs

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What kind of pricing should we use for our webinars? Forget about pricing, forget about monetizing your webinars – at least some of them! Learning Strategies Uncategorized Webinar Best Practices elearning free webinars webinar promotions WEBINARS

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Best Practices for Monetizing Your eLearning Content

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There are numerous technologies, strategies, and methodologies for deploying these strategies, so we will talk about best practices and key aspects to think about when trying to achieve your organization’s monetary goals. How vital is non-dues revenue for your association?

Getting a High Return on Your LMS Investment: 5 Takeaways

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They shared some great tips everyone should consider when developing their eLearning program and LMS strategy. You have an existing pricing approach to leverage. The delivery of online education to provide a certification is a great example of providing value to your members.

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Tips on Attracting Millennials to Your Professional Association

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” Most of us know that if we spend 10 minutes researching products online we can find price comparisons, customer reviews, and all available coupons and discounts. Learning Strategies Uncategorized associations millennials professional association societies

The Lifelong Learner’s Guide to Success: Future-Proofing Your Career; Part One

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Professional associations provide certifications, micro-credentialing, and other programs that can help you grow your skillset on your own schedule, and typically for a lower price.

Are Your Dues a Commodity? - Moery Company

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One reason we focus on data mining rather than surveys in trade associations is because most are designed to measure price sensitivity. If your dues are extremely price sensitive, they are likely becoming a commodity. .

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The Lifelong Learner’s Guide to Success: Future Proofing Your Career, Part One

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Professional associations provide certifications, micro-credentialing, and other programs that can help you grow your skillset on your own schedule, and typically for a lower price. Learning Strategies Learning Technologies Uncategorized associations lifelong learningTimes are changing; and so are schools, jobs, and the correlation they have between learning and earning.

Time to cut the fat

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Does your solution work and make sense for them, at a price they’re willing to pay? Also, you have to realize that lean startup may not be suitable for every single initiative of your association or for every single audience – it’s hard to create a Minimum Viable Certification.

5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Association’s Event

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At Snowball Fundraising , we develop fundraising and event tools for nonprofit organizations, so we’ve seen firsthand how important it is to develop and fine-tune the right strategies when events have very specific goals. . Focus on your social media marketing strategies.

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Determining Your Association’s Missionary Product

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Instead they reach out to the marketplace with many products like membership, certification, conference, or publications. The strategy is then to upgrade or cross-sell additional products and services to buyers of the introductory product. And a conference registrant or certification candidate has to make a much bigger financial and time investment compared to the price of purchasing a membership.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.8.19

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MemberSuite explains how associations can respond to this market demand by offering certificate and certification programs. Strategic Pricing for Educational Products. Pricing for education products is all over the map. But pricing is too essential to leave to guesswork.

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From Owning the Publication to Owning the Idea


What price do we charge for a magazine, a newsletter, or a journal when there are no printing or mailing costs? Content Strategy

Top 10 Sustainable Event Trends for 2020


Guy Bigwood, leads MCI’s Sustainability Services group which has produced a number of global chief executive events on sustainability to help to accelerate sustainable practices into corporate strategy around the world. 5 – Sustainability Strategies Replace One-off Programmes.

How to Sunset an Educational Program

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When an organization has limited resources, you can’t afford to invest time and money into educational programs—online courses, certifications, or conferences—that no longer meet the needs of your target audiences. Alignment with organizational strategy, goals, and mission.

The Top 5 Reasons Your Members Aren't Renewing (and What to Do About It)

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Of course, there are a few buckets of “association membership value” you can generally expect members want, such as professional development, networking, or certification in the industry. These automated email campaigns will build on your engagement and value strategy well.

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Survey Says… Online Education’s Role in Membership Marketing

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Gain or maintain professional certification (12 percent). One MGI participant said their membership growth was due to “stronger digital presence and online offerings” and “growth in certification customers.” Offer member and non-member pricing. Certifications: a pathway to engagement. Associations that had a one-year membership increase are also significantly more likely to require certification renewal.

The evolution of member benefit priorities throughout the career journey


For example, members tend to initially join their organization for networking, socializing, job opportunities, and certifications, but networking and socializing quickly become less important. Consider your pricing model.

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Don’t Nickel-and-Dime Members: Ideas to Increase Non-Dues Revenue


Associations have traditionally used membership “as an excuse to sell more stuff at discounted prices to members,” said Garth Jordan , senior vice president of corporate strategy at the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA).

AMCs Engaged!

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Now, going back to dynamic strategy questions. And, more than 100 attendees participated in eligible CAE sessions, receiving their education credits and certifications electronically via AMC Institutes AMS, which was connected to the mobile app. Are You Built for Speed?

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 12.7.18

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Members need certifications and certificate programs to advance in their careers, and associations need the non-dues revenue those programs provide, says MemberSuite. Presenters: Dick Wilson, Data Governance Expert, and Vikas Arya, Principal of Strategy Execution.

Goodbye e-learning

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Another key takeaway: The majority of all respondents report technology has increased their revenue from educational offerings, but less than a quarter have a strategy in place to launch new learning platforms. Have a formal, documented strategy for their use of technology for learning.

Nonmember Fees: A Not-So-Simple Decision

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The right nonmember price for association products boosts revenue, makes membership more appealing, and steers clear of antitrust concerns. Associations have to consider it every time they set prices for new products or set new prices for old ones.

How to give your association’s members an Amazon-like experience

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This is no one-off occurrence, but the result of a carefully planned sales management strategy for its e-commerce platform. A great example of this would be selling a study guide as part of a certification course or suggesting related events to book as part of a conference order.

On Becoming the Netflix of Associations

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The teams are: strategy, content, acquisition and retention. Associations traditionally build their organizational structures around products like: membership, events, education, certifications, publications, research, and more. This includes development and maintenance of the organizational strategy and the data, research and analysis used for decision-making. How we are building a purpose-driven structure, and why.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.21.16

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Hear about five web strategies that will help you beat the competition, engage members and prospects, and grow revenue. Join a productive discussion about strategies related to corporate partnerships and sponsorships. Presenter: Amanda Myers, Director of Member Strategy, Abila.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 9.30.16

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Learn the pros and cons of offering micro-credentials, where micro-credentials fit in the ecosystem of professional development, ethical and practical considerations, and the impact a micro-credential could have on your existing certification program. Joey Price, CEO, Jumpstart: HR.

What Can Associations Learn from Netflix About Member Analytics?


Associations today must compete for members with for-profit organizations that offer similar services and education at lower prices. She has worked for the National Association of Realtors (NAR); an association management firm, Bostrom; and a nursing certification organization.

Help Millennials Get Jobs: Offer Online Learning & Career Resources

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Recruitment strategy: help millennials get jobs. In a recent Associations Now article , they referred to their strategy as “priming the pump.” Upon the completion of a learning pathway, the learner receives a digital badge, certificate, and/or certification. Researchers have found that millennial students favor badging and certificates over traditional degrees. Pricing.

What Burning Man's 10 Principles Can Teach You About Building Community

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According to the organization: “We offer tickets at different prices to allow participants to support Burning Man at the price level which is most appropriate for them. In terms of finances, we don't always have the flexibility to change or lower our membership fees or product pricing.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.22.19

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Do you have a strategy to keep them coming back to you – for content, resources and to take action? At this Coffee Talk, we’ll share strategies for building deeper, year-round engagement through your digital channels – web, mobile, email and social.