For-Profit Colleges Under Pressure From Proposed ‘Gainful Employment’ Rules

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Department of Education proposal that would tie federal financial aid eligibility of for-profit colleges to the results the schools deliver drew a wide array of reactions ahead of its comments deadline this week. The association asked DOE to withdraw the proposal entirely. A U.S.

Leveraging strategy to amplify education initiatives

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So, as a self-proclaimed “meetings coach” and Michigan native, I’m pleased to have been invited by Brian McGrain of CEDAM (Community Economic Development Association of Michigan) to submit a presentation proposal for this year’s summit.

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FAA’s Drone Proposal Forged With Stakeholder Help

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The result represents a compromise among a variety of industry stakeholders, some of whom didn’t get everything they wanted out of the final proposal. The post FAA’s Drone Proposal Forged With Stakeholder Help appeared first on Associations Now

The Website Security Debate You Should Keep an Eye On

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Here’s what you should know about the debate over security certificates. Another service it offers is security certificates for many websites, which create a method of verification for https connections, often used on websites that involve some sort of transaction.

Building Buy-In for an Online Community at Your Association

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The goal: If your organization offers certifications, continued education, or trainings as membership benefits, your leadership may want to boost involvement in these areas to grow non-dues revenue. Price is always a valid concern – but what you’re proposing is worth the investment.

How Associations Increase Membership Sales


Certifications. create and track proposals. run comprehensive reports so you can forecast your close rate and revenue. You may not realize it, but you’re in the business of selling. Think about it. You sell memberships. Renewals. Sponsorships. And conference registrations.

ASAE Launches Challenge to Recognize Power of Digital Credentials

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With a new competition and the help of other organizations, ASAE is asking the public to submit proposals on how to use digital credentials to help close the skills gap. Bureau of Labor Statistics report.

Scotch Whisky Association: Stop Selling Fake ‘Scotch’

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Proposed product names included Glen Dare, Castle Glen, and Glend. SWA has tackled imitation distillers and false product labeling in numerous countries including Mexico, Austria, Belgium, and India, according to its 2013 Legal Report.

That Shiny Sparkly Thing Again

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They got several good proposals, scheduled a manageable number of demos, and it came down to two strong finalists. In this case, the second vendor had one of the coolest reporting interfaces we have seen recently. We recently helped a client make a system selection.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 4.17.20

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Agnes Amos-Coleman, MBA, CMP, education, conference, event, certification consultant, Amos-Coleman. COVID-19: Knowing How and When to Develop Partnership Proposals (Partnership Professionals Network Idea Exchange). Join a discussion on how and when to develop partnership proposals.

Do You Lead With the Right Metrics?

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To that end, there’s an interesting data point in Association Laboratory’s “ Looking Forward 2016 ” report that signals the importance of getting deep into what you measure. You track revenue and memberships, but that’s not enough to know if your association is hitting home.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.26.19

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Presenters: Agnes Amos-Coleman, MBA, CMP, education, conference, event, certification consultant, Amos-Coleman. Hear the results of an 1100-event professional research report that analyzes the current state of event experience design.

Going Global in Trust-Challenged Times

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Emily Bratcher’s report last week on a global certification launched by the National Association of Insurance and Finance Advisors spotlights one example of that trend.)

How to Become a Bookkeeper from Home


You do not need to have a degree in accounting or a CPA certification to work as a bookkeeper. Accounting , on the other hand, requires you to have a degree plus a CPA certification. Filing an accounting report.

Need Skills to Pay the Bills? Associations Can Help

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advocate for allowing individuals eligible for Workforce Investment Act or other workforce-development programs to use funds to pay for association certifications, conferences, products, and services.

Secrets to Market Share and Product Sales Growth ?


This requires local customer intelligence developed from a “product analysis” to measure the proposed product portfolio against: Relevance – how close are your current products to local needs, expectations of service, and the desired outcomes of targeted customer segments?

Association Brain Food Weekly: 4.10.20

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Agnes Amos-Coleman, MBA, CMP, education, conference, event, certification consultant, Amos-Coleman. 2020 Nonprofit Cybersecurity Incident Report. COVID-19: Knowing How and When to Develop Partnership Proposals (Partnership Professionals Network Idea Exchange).

Online Jobs for College Students


However, it’s not that simple; each job will require you to bid for it by sending proposals to get hired. Your work, if hired, will be to report on glitches, ease of use, and answer survey questions concerning the user experience and practicability of the app. Oh, College!

How to Prepare a Business Case for a New LMS

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Reporting limitations. When discussing workflow, try to quantify the amount of time spent (and wasted) dealing with inefficient processes, fulfilling requests for data or reports, or troubleshooting problems. Certification programs and digital badges. Sketch out the next steps: requirements analysis, request for proposals, system selection, and system implementation. Do you feel like giving your learning platform a heave-ho out the door? But you can’t, not yet anyways.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.13.20

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I go to one or two ASAE conferences a year and usually volunteer as a session proposal peer reviewer for one of them. I like the curated approach of the MIT Technology Review’s Coronavirus Tech Report.

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