The Great Reshuffle: The Certifications Opportunity You need to Capitalize On


In this reshuffle, your association is in a prime position to offer certification programs to professionals working in and entering your industry. Why Certifications Are More in Demand Than Ever. Jobseekers see certifications as a differentiator in the talent marketplace.

Five tech solutions to prepare your software environment for 2023

Nimble AMS

Investing in innovative software solutions will help to modernize your employee work culture , streamlining crucial staff processes and alleviating inefficiencies. Modern software is also key to enhancing the member experience, boosting retention, and attracting new members.


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Top 11 Chamber Management Software AMS Systems


Whether your chamber of commerce is regional, local, or niche-specific, a feature-rich Association Management Software (AMS) is a must. This article will help you evaluate different association management software for chambers of commerce. Chamber Software 101. Certification.

System 124

Choosing the Best Association Management Software


Whether your membership organization is an association or chamber of commerce, feature-rich Association Management Software (AMS) is a must. This article will help you compare and evaluate the best association management software currently on the market. .

A Futurist’s View: On The Amazon Of Certifications

Association Success

Associations are stronger together, how can they collaborate to create a place to develop, provide, and update certifications? What if that competitor also had a simple way to sell valuable certifications “in bulk” to your member’s employers? What if that competitor offered a state-of-the-art online learning platform to deliver those certifications, making the learning experience easy and enjoyable? Certifications have long been the domain of associations.

3 Strategies to Recruit Members Through Association Software

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Try these strategies, all made possible with the right association management software solution: Increase exposure to your membership program. Before you read on to the strategies, make sure you check out one of the best membership software providers with Fonteva’s essential guide to membership software. Follow-up: Will members who attended receive a special badge or certificate to display on their public member profile?

Tools and Software Every Professional Association Needs

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The right software and tools can help you clear that plate and find a wide range of benefits for your association. Association management software is one of the best ways to get most of the tools you need all in one package. That’s where robust AMS software comes in handy.

Tools 116

Wanna Boost Employee Retention? Focus on Leadership Training and Certifications

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A new report from PayScale found that most employees wanted either a strong focus on certifications or to be trained on skills related to leadership and management. According to Professional Development: What Employees Want , a new report from PayScale, the nearly 38,000 workers surveyed by the compensation software firm were asking for two things: management and leadership training (32 percent) and professional certifications (30 percent).

How modern membership management software can help your association’s key functional areas

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Your organization’s ability to thrive now and for years to come depends heavily on your choice of association management software (AMS). . With Nimble AMS, every customer is using the same latest and greatest version of the software.

How to boost the member experience by integrating career center software with Nimble AMS

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47% of members report joining an association for certifications or credentials and 45% say they chose an organization for job opportunities. . Start boosting the member experience when you integrate modern career center software with your AMS. .

Top Membership Management Software Options & Reviews


As your association grows, your requirements for your membership software grow, too — so much so that you’ve outgrown your current membership management solution! We’ll cover these topics: What is Membership Management Software? What is Membership Management Software?

CompTIA Explores New Certification Offerings to Back Evolving Tech Field

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The technology trade group, working from the wish lists of employers and industry pros, is hoping to bring certifications to areas such as data visualization and the programming language Python. CompTIA’s certification game is already pretty strong—but there’s always room for more. Through this process we’ve identified several areas within the tech ecosystem where job roles have become well defined and a vendor-neutral certification is needed.”.

Compare Association Membership Management Software Platforms


Whether your membership organization is in the association or chamber of commerce sector, a feature-rich Association Management Software (AMS) is a must. This article will help you compare and evaluate different association management software options to help you do just that.

Online #learning exams and assessments.

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Case Studies eLearning Industry News + Trends Product Information certification elearning learning management software learning management system online education online learning online learning assessment online learning exam online testing platform personalized learning professional development professional education young professionalsWhy learners embrace them and associations are best qualified to deliver them.

See the ROI of a Powerful Association Management Software


For associations, investing in a powerful Association Management Software is a critical step towards promoting efficiency for staff while also reinvesting time back into the association and its members.

Compare Association Management Software Platforms


Could an Association Management Software (AMS) solution be the answer to the inefficiencies that plague your association? This article will help you evaluate ten association software options. What is Association Management Software (AMS)? Association Software 10 1. Membership software was initially offered as desktop (boxed) software product when it was first introduced. This is referred to as software as a service (SaaS).

Salesforce or Microsoft: What’s the right CRM platform for your association management software?

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In the past few years, there has been a noticeable push by associations to move to an association management software (AMS) built on an enterprise constituent relationship management (CRM) platform. That is how modern software is built and delivered.

Solving the Trade Association Software Dilemma

Association Adviser

Whether it’s a CRM system tailored for associations, an industry specific AMS or a homegrown Microsoft Access Database, it’s critical you have a good system for tracking your members, managing your conferences, events, training classes, certifications, membership dues and collections, and other day-to-day membership related activities. And, in the event that your accounting software doesn’t include payroll, you also need a good payroll and HR solution, whether it’s in-house or outsourced.

Best Association Management Software | Our Top Picks


The best association management software, or AMS, solutions are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of associations just like yours. The time and money that effective software saves leaves you more resources to devote to pursuing your goals and continuing to grow. If a more lightweight, membership-oriented solution might be more appropriate for your software needs, be sure to check out our membership software comparison and buying guide too!

Stop throwing money at your old association management software

Nimble AMS

It’s the same with legacy member management software. It’s the same with your legacy association management software (AMS). Besides the fact that your old software might not be keeping pace as your association grows, it’s likely costing more than modern software in ways you haven’t even thought about. Consider these questions as you think about your old-school software: Why are you still paying to upgrade your software?

12 Best Community App Platforms of 2022 (Software Pricing and Features Reviewed)

Disciple Media

A community app is software that enables creators and aspiring community leaders to build an online oasis where like-minded individuals can interact, share opinions and experiences, and support each other’s efforts. Bereft of features like quizzes and certificates.

Price 36

6 signs your association management software may be a dinosaur

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Six signs your association management software may be outdated. . Here are six signs that your association management software (AMS) may be outdated or obsolete: 1. If so, you’re using the only version there is because that’s how modern software is built and delivered. To continuously deliver new capabilities, a software company must focus on innovation versus supporting multiple software versions. You dread the software upgrade process.

Five things to consider when choosing new association management software

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As you evaluate association management software, it’s important to think about your organization’s needs today. Here are four things to consider as you think about how your choice of association management software (AMS) will impact the next generation. With workflow automation technology, you set up business rules in software that automatically route data and files between people and systems. The AMS you choose today impacts the next generation of staff and members.

Four things to consider when choosing new association management software

Nimble AMS

As you evaluate association management software, it’s important to think about your organization’s needs today. Here are four things to consider as you think about how your choice of association management software (AMS) will impact the next generation. With workflow automation technology, you set up business rules in software that automatically route data and files between people and systems. The AMS you choose today impacts the next generation of staff and members.

Why Your Organization Needs an LMS


A Learning Management System, or LMS, is software designed for online training, tracking, and reporting that supports content creation and storage for continued learning.

LMS 55

Squeezing Non-Dues Revenue Out of Your AMS


Certification exam charges after the AMS auto-reminds of upcoming credential expirations. The world suddenly changed, but should your AMS? Maybe not.

Integrated, automated membership renewal campaign leads to $18,000 increase in revenue.

YourMembership Blog

Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA) provides veterinary management professionals ongoing education, certifications, and networking opportunities. Industry News + Trends Member Engagement + Retention Membership Management Product Information association management software association membership growth email marketing marketing automation member engagement member renewal membership growth membership management membership marketing membership retention

Why your association needs to adopt a flexible IT budget

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Association Management Software: Your association management software (AMS) is the main technology your organization will need to upgrade if you feel your current software isn’t connecting you to all a reas of your organization.

LMS 103

Six key areas your association should identify to improve member engagement scoring

Nimble AMS

Before your association begins adopting new software to meet member needs, you’ll want to start with re-envisioning your member engagement strategy. TECH TIP: Add value to the member experience when you integrate Nimble AMS with Community Brands software, YM Careers.

4 reasons association executive directors love Nimble AMS

Nimble AMS

It’s a modern association management software (AMS) system built on the leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform, Salesforce. With this type of software, you simply access what you need when you need it, and never have to deal with the complexities of managing software updates.

Becoming data-driven is easier than ever for large associations


It integrates with enterprise association management software (AMS) systems like Aptify by Community Brands, making it easier than ever before for organizations to make better use of the massive amounts of data they collect in a wide variety of software systems. .

How to use innovative technology to attract members to your association

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Consider adopting modern association management software (AMS) to drive member recruitment. TECH TIP: Attract new members by integrating Nimble AMS with YM Careers , Community Brands software designed to foster your members' careers and maximize revenue.

The Gift of Time = Association Staff Efficiency


Multi-functional association management software is the foundation of productivity, empowering association staff to focus on member needs and growing the organization. With cumbersome software, they often spend hours on manual data entry.

3 cyber security steps your association should take to protect member data


Using membership management software that supports strong security practices is fundamental to protecting your member data. Choose association management software (AMS) with a strong security foundation. It’s important to have software in place that supports strong security.

Three terrific tech tips to transform the member experience

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Before you begin the process of selecting the best association management software for your organization, you’ll need to consider your budget and the process of getting board buy-in. Individuals join associations for professional development opportunities and certification requirements.

Need to Improve Your Cybersecurity? Start with These 3 Tips


Tip #1) Stay on Top of Software Updates. Software updates for your enterprise systems, desktop software, and web-based vendors are critical. You should keep all your business and association software systems updated. This includes servers and the many software applications (especially the mission-critical applications) that are used daily. What to Look for in Your Software. What to Look for in Your Software. What to Look for in Your Software.

Tips 100

Can associations bridge the skills-gap for their members?

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Industry should be turning to associations for their continuing education and certification programs. These might consist of workshops, seminars, courses or perhaps complete certification programs. The ultimate objective is to create a profile-based learning plan that integrates with your association management software to suggest learning products or courses to your members, based on their profile and the very specific needs of their industry.

LMS Integration: Why is it important?

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You have tests, surveys, and certificates. In addition, your LMS working together with other software systems provides a better user experience – allowing for ease of use and engagement. Learning Strategies Learning Technologies Online Learning Uncategorized AMS integration CRM integration elearning learning management systems LMS LMS integration SaaS software integrationYou probably know what an LMS is – a Learning Management System. Maybe you’re already using one.

LMS 140

What will 2016 bring for associations?

Aaron Wolowiec

From memberships to learning to partnerships, software and services provider Abila just released its predictions for associations in 2016. The demand for knowledge will continue to grow this year, specifically the focus on certification programs. In fact, Abila predicts certification revenue will surpass membership revenue in 2016. For many members, certification has greater perceived value and affords a significant career edge that mere membership can’t provide.

I Hate My AMS – But Would Never Think About Changing It

Association Adviser

Back in the day, an association management software system (AMS) focused on the basics of helping an association manage its membership data – things like contact records, member types, member applications, accounting and reports. Today, it’s common for an association software suite to support job boards, blogs, forums, surveys and even business analytics. Like all new (at the time) software companies, they wanted to do whatever it took to meet customer needs.