Millennial-Friendly Benefits Worth Considering

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Not sure how to crack the code to attracting and retaining that millennial workforce you’re looking for? Benefits could also help associations looking to attract millennials and other entry-level employees. More than two-out-of-five millennials—42 percent, to be exact—are walking around with student debt, according to a survey by the Institute of Politics at Harvard University. The post Millennial-Friendly Benefits Worth Considering appeared first on Associations Now

Help Millennials Get Jobs: Offer Online Learning & Career Resources

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Millennials get their share of depressing headlines these days—like this one from NBC News : “Majority of millennials are in debt, hitting pause on major life events.”. A stunning sad fact: only 22 percent of millennials are debt-free. The state of millennial membership. Every association wants to recruit millennial members, but the cost of membership may exceed a millennial’s budget. Recruitment strategy: help millennials get jobs.


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Focus on Millennial Learners to Benefit Members of All Ages

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There are countless articles describing how we need to change the way we deliver learning to attract and engage millennial learners, but many of these articles seem to forget that organizations must deliver learning to learners across multiple generational groups. Do millennial learners prefer different types of training? Millennial learners are more likely to perform better when instructors connect their lessons to real life.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 8.21.20

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Bruce Rosenthal (Bruce Rosenthal Associates and Partnership Professionals Network) and Christopher Gloede (Ricochet Advice) recently published a useful report, The New Sponsorship Model for Virtual Events. The report also includes a sample virtual event prospectus to give you additional ideas.

Study: A Slow Hiring Process Turns Off Gen Z Recruits

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Trying to win over the latest graduating class? The 2019 Yello Recruiting Study [registration] noted that 54 percent of generation Z candidates wouldn’t bother submitting a job application if the process was overly complicated or overtly old-school, while 51 percent of millennials who are currently students felt the same way. The report, more generally, notes that the current job market favors applicants over recruiters, leading job seekers to ask for higher salaries and more perks.

Gen Y Favors Loyalty When Shaping Brand Perception, Study Finds

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Millennials are practical and engaged when forming brand perception, contradicting the idea of their “brand agnostic” mindset, a Concentric Marketing study finds. Getting into the millennial mind (scary, we know) is far from simple when it comes to products they purchase and brands they follow. Sure, Time magazine dubbed this generation as the “Me, me, me” bunch —but millennials’ focus stretches beyond themselves. “Me” Workout classes were taught during the day.

Building Inclusive Online Communities

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And, because you’re responsible for relationship upkeep, content, facilitation, reporting, etc., The second type is perception bias , which occurs when you form an opinion about a group that makes it difficult to fairly assess an individual within that group – think about how Baby Boomers view Millennials and vice versa. But learning how to build inclusive digital spaces is an ongoing process, just like developing reporting and engagement skills.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.7.16

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Class Central has reviewed and compiled a list of The Best Intro to Programming Courses for Data Science. In deciding to audit a tax-exempt organization, the IRS looks at the gap between the tax reported and paid, and the tax the IRS says is owed. – Stand Out in 30 Seconds: Effective Communication for Millennial Professionals. Host: Association CareerHQ and Millennial Week DC.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.25.19

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The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… Oh my god, Millennials, Gen Z, they’re here! The Top Ten Two-Minute Tips for Inclusive Meetings (Meetings Master Classes 2019 Session 1). Learn methods to create value formulas and metrics that define, measure and report success. Quick, change everything about your educational programs because these young folks are soooo different. No, don’t.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.21.16

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Data from the survey will form the basis of a report Tagoras will release in the coming months. Several people in ASAE’s Professional Development section are auditing this 5-week online class on design thinking. Learn how to get started with relationship marketing; how to divide and track your audience, from basic segmentation to defined personas; and the importance of relationship marketing to attract, engage, and nurture millennials.

3 Tips For Tweaking Your Business Travel Program

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Consider offering your employees more flexibility and comfort when they travel—but don’t be afraid to take a close look at their expense reports. This week, The Wall Street Journal made the radical suggestion that executives who travel infrequently should fly in economy class, while heavy business travelers—say, staff who travel a lot for event planning—should get upgraded to business class.

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How Do We Solve the Workforce Crisis?

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And with brightly colored exercise balls and couches everywhere, the place looked like a kindergarten class crossed with a freshman dorm. Interestingly enough, around that exact same time, associations started to report widespread declines in membership. In recent years, there have been countless articles written and studies conducted to try to pinpoint why employee turnover among Millennials is skyrocketing. Gallup reports that employee turnover now costs U.S.

Daily Buzz: Conference Swag Beyond the Bag

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Several well-reported studies show that millennials are prioritizing experiences over stuff,” Segran says. For instance, I’d appreciate a back massage at a conference, or perhaps a yoga class, or a free headshot. Tote bags, notepads, and USBs: You’ve offered them as meeting giveaways too many times, and they end up in the trash. Ditch these tired ideas for more earth-friendly options. Also: the benefits of a young professionals committee. Meeting swag.

Challenges and Opportunities for Association Education Programs

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This report, recently published by Gallup (and available for free download), is written from a more corporate perspective, but some of it’s findings could be very relevant for associations. By targeting millennials in particular with a membership offering including education or certification programs that provide opportunities for professional growth, associations can attract a younger membership to ensure the future stability and growth of the organization.

How Do You Encourage Women To Join Your Industry?

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And while much of the decline is attributed to fewer women holding positions in computer occupations, the Census Bureau has also reported that among science and engineering college graduates, men hold STEM occupations at twice the rate of women [PDF]. The development of world-class talent in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) is critical to America’s global leadership ,” the White House states on its Office of Science and Technology Policy website.

YP Impact: 4 Integration Issues Associations Must Address

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With all the “unknowns” about young professionals and the millennial generation, wouldn’t it be great to have the opportunity to round up some of the brightest young minds and discuss the issues that are important to them and what changes they’d make to the association community? One theme that seemed to resonate with the class of 2014: integration. What are the important issues affecting young professionals in the association community?

4 Posts on Association Marketing

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Four ways to get more from your most popular blog posts By John Haydon via John Haydon blog One way to be smart about using a blog for your nonprofit is to get more from your top viewed posts (you can find these in a Google Analytics report called “Top Content By Title”). Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show Debut: A Brand Identity Master Class Via BrandAmplitude blog Our view is that there is more to Fallon’s success than a talented entertainer who intuitively knows his audience.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Millenials Crave & Deserve It. Where. - SCD Group

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These came labeled as follows: Millennials At the Beach (left); At the Museum (center); On a date (right). Now, these photos and emails are funny to Boomers and older people who just can’t understand how Millennials can possibly really communicate on smart phones. And, I used a typewriter like this one to type my own papers, speeches and reports. Labels: Cecilia Kang , Generation Y , Harvey Mackay , Millennials , Neil Howe , Saeculum , SCD Group , St. Pages.

Does the Banner Ad Still Make Sense in 2016?

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millennials) read text online. Last month, Forbes legal writer Daniel Fisher wrote that fewer and fewer plaintiffs are collecting the payments they are eligible for under class action settlements, largely because attorneys rely too heavily on online banner ads to provide notice to potential claimants. Last month, I reported on an industry effort to ensure online video ads work properly in a variety of contexts, but it goes deeper than that.

Mo Rocca on Creativity, Comedy, and Obit Con vs Comic Con


Well, Lord knows I haven’t taken any journalism classes. My daughter was always going to dance and acting classes and all this stuff. And you know, she’s doing stuff for classes by zoom. I’m not a political reporter. “I highly recommend shooting marbles with Vanna White.”.

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Why a Big Change Isn’t the Best Fix

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Half of all respondents rated today’s CEOs, as a class, as “bad.” And though millennials have a rosier view of them than other groups (33 percent rank them as “good”), the C-suite doesn’t get much love these days across the political and demographic spectrums. A scandal or two usually fills the business pages and nightly news reports. CEOs are challenged to innovate, but a recent poll suggests that what’s really needed is stability and trust.

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Shaking Up Patterns

Jamie Notter

I love teaching this class and digging into the idea that when we get together in groups, we tend to fall into familiar patterns and system dynamics. During the class I talked a lot about what Oshry calls “the sound of the old dance shaking.” One simple thing I’ve found to be a catalyst for conversations about patterns is creating Wordle cloud of board meeting agendas, survey responses, annual reports, and other core operating documents. Consulting.

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The Many Benefits of Selling Online Education to Corporate Members

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Forbes reports that “Coursera has about 500 corporate customers today, up from 30 last year, with bookings growth of 400 percent, compared to 70 percent growth among Coursera’s paying users overall.”. Why take a generic class in leadership, communication, negotiation, or conflict resolution when you can take one that’s designed by an association specifically for your profession or industry?

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What I Learned About Online Donor Engagement from Fundraisers in Brasil

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I presented a master class on The Networked Nonprofit as pre-conference session, a mini-workshop on the Happy Healthy Nonprofit , and a plenary session on engaging donors moderated by Macelo Jambeiro, a talented digital strategist that works for an agency called Alder & Lang and previously with The UN Global Report is also using Facebook Messenger bots to engage young people around different issues.

Reflections from Social Good Brasil and a New Word: PhilanthroTeen!

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One of things immediately struck me – the crowd was filled with younger people – teens, college students, and millennials who want to use the technology and do social change on their own terms. I loved hearing Isadora Faber, a pre-teen girl who lives in Florianópolis and creator of page Daily Class on Facebook.

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