The Secrets to Increasing Ongoing Member Engagement [Web Class]


To hear more debunked member engagement myths, join us on the free November 9 th web class. It’s easy to motivate a team of 4 or 5 people, but how do you motivate your membership base of 5,000? Join us on November 9 th for our live web class. Join us on November 9 th for our exclusive free web class and we’ll teach you, step by step, how to create an effective framework for measuring your success. What You Will Learn During the Web Class.

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Your AMS technology partner’s approach to training matters

Nimble AMS

As the article mentions, the Nimble AMS team believes that training is about more than just taking a class or two after your new system goes live. Introducing Nimble AMS Administrator II class: A focus on automating your processes.


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Daily Buzz: Jumpstart Your Technology Strategy

Associations Now

Technology can streamline many processes, but not all associations are taking advantage. Technology is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal, yet only 25 percent of associations prioritize technology to help manage their organizations, according to Salesforce. To jumpstart your technology strategy, Hopkins recommends: Strategizing your tech goals. “By Creating a technology budget.

7 Signs You’re an Association Technology Disruptor

Associations Now

Being an Association Technology Disruptors isn’t just about quick fixes and applying Band-Aids to problems. We call them changemakers and association technology disruptors. They are integral team members of associations that span industries from automobiles to college sports to distilled spirits. David King, Director of Information Technology and Operations Manager for the Distilled Spirits Council.

Always the Last to Know: PlaceAvoider

Spark Consulting

A team at Indiana University Bloomington decided to address this. Find out more at MIT’s Technology Review. Ultimately, the software will allow “…people in common environments—students in a class or workers at a meeting—to set default expectations about what levels of privacy they can expect.”. cool technology Google Technology Review

Higher Logic Acquires Vanilla


Vanilla’s success in the corporate market complements our success with B2B technology companies like Change Healthcare, Juniper Networks, Imperva, and others. We are excited to welcome the Vanilla team into the Higher Logic family.”.

A nimble approach to training and customer success

Nimble AMS

Your association management software (AMS) is the technology that helps your organization manage its membership and operations, so you can imagine how important it is for your staff to confidently utilize the system to its fullest. Technology Nimble AMS

GrowthZone Acquires BuilderFusion


GrowthZone, leading providers of software and technology solutions for associations and chambers of commerce, recently announced it has acquired BuilderFusion. Our demonstrated ability to provide cutting edge, innovative software to associations complemented by our best-of-class support is an enormous benefit for BuilderFusion customers.”. Not to mention an expanded support team and more frequent product updates and enhancements,” commented Craig Weston, Founder of Builder Fusion.

3 things association CIOs should know about AMS platforms

Nimble AMS

Enterprise cloud platform technologies have transformed the association management software (AMS) landscape. Associations can now move beyond traditional AMS systems to leverage modern technological innovation. Legacy AMS systems can’t keep pace with the latest CRM technology.

Your Conference Renewal Begins With Wondering

Velvet Chainsaw

Once you pass that test, you have to maintain that certification by taking continuing education classes over a specific period of time. It is more than just upgrading your conference AV or technology. Your conference transformation starts with you and your team adopting an attitude of inquiry, reflection and wondering. Where does true conference improvement begin? The conference revitalization process is probably very different than many of your past experiences.

Choosing the Best Association Management Software


Software can range considerably in its features and capabilities, so you’ll need to make sure the prospective AMS is a good fit for your team’s day-to-day operations and long-term growth goals. Productivity Technology Growth

Building a Community: 5 Tips for Digital Member Engagement

Blue Sky eLearn

Look for website builders that offer templates in case your team isn’t well-versed in code. If your team doesn’t have much experience in web design, a website builder with responsive design features is best. Investing in an LMS lets your association offer classes online.

A Billion More Customers Coming to A Regional Market Near You.


For the first time in history more than half the world is middle-class-thanks to rapid growth in emerging countries. Here in American over 90% of our people are middle class or better. Here is our presentation which includes non US business data as well as links to the Economist Special Report and Pew Research Study on the global middle class. global association strategy, regional planning and local infrastructure to grow your business. About. Channels.

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The 5 qualities of a successful remote culture

Association Success

That’s why we asked Wall Street Journal-bestselling author Robert Glazer to join us for “ How to build a world-class remote team ,” a virtual workshop that will share key principles and actionable steps to assist organizations with their transition and success as a virtual office.

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Lining Up Ways to Help People Do and Be More: Guillermo Ortiz de Zarate, NCARB

Association Adviser

He also didn’t anticipate creating a software platform that aims to create strong, diverse teams, or to be living in the United States as long as he has, but here he is — and his colleagues at the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) are grateful for his trust-based approach to management and technology. He has also helped build Lineup, a software platform that helps organizations efficiently manage talent and form teams with diverse strengths.

Compare Association Membership Management Software Platforms


Make sure any prospective AMS is a good fit for your team’s day-to-day tasks and overall operations. Class/meeting registration. Productivity Technology GrowthEditor’s note: This article was originally posted on September 23, 2019. It has been updated.

How to Start or Grow Your Online Career Center

Association Adviser

So, how do you start the task of creating a first-class career center? With the help of their Office of Business Excellence, an internal team of project and process improvement managers, ASHA formed a large project team that represented membership, governance, professional practices, sales, publications, and anyone else who had content related to career development. Consider investing in a new position or team to manage your growing career center. “We

The Changing Face of Association Membership

Nimble AMS

As part of our product development strategy, the Nimble AMS team has conducted extensive research into membership trends outside of the association industry. One example of this customization is allowing users to pay for specific activities, such as yoga classes or spin classes.

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20 reasons for associations to love Salesforce

Nimble AMS

As Salesforce celebrates 20 years in business, the Nimble AMS team reflects on the reasons why associations benefit from an AMS built on Salesforce. Since Nimble AMS is built on the Salesforce platform, and in honor of the occasion, I asked folks across the Nimble AMS team to share what they think are the benefits of the Salesforce for associations. . A strong user community is a critical to succeed with technology. World-class reliability. Technology Salesforce

Protech Adds Chief Revenue Officer to Accelerate Growth and Boost Industry Partnerships


Protech), a proven association management technology provider for associations and member-based organizations, hired John Bjorn as Chief Revenue Officer. COLUMBIA, Md. Nove mber 11, 2020 – Protech Associates, Inc.

Virtual: A Day in the Life - Training Specialist

Association Management

I’ve been a Training Specialist at Virtual for five-plus years, I’m part of a team that manages the coordination and administration of the Global Certification Programs for one of our largest clients, a security standards council for the payment card industry. I also work with a team that plans and designs the Community Meeting, which is our client’s biggest yearly conference. I work with both my client contact, events team and the class trainer to organize the training class.

4 Ways to Take the Confusion Out of Your Marketing Automation Platform

Higher Logic

I like to think of myself as pretty tech savvy, but sometimes one just needs to bite the bullet and actually go through a little training or a tutorial to fully reap the benefits of a new gadget, technology, or upgrade. If you are still shopping around for a new marketing automation platform, one of the best ways to serve yourself and your team is to learn about that platform before you seal the deal. Also have a plan for new staff members that join your team.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.26.20

Reid All About it

Conference and education teams. As some associations canceled in-person conferences and made the switch to virtual, two association teams found themselves owning different elements of the experience—the meetings team handled the content while the education team managed the platform.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 8.21.20

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Experience a best-in-class virtual event to inspire and start building your new event strategy. Experience a best-in-class virtual event to inspire and start building your new event strategy. The Future of Technology for Nonprofits and Associations.

Association Management Systems (AMS): 5 Software Strategies

Higher Logic

Your team needs to know what programming your members have participated in, whether they’ve paid their dues and more. If you’re using Salesforce, look for an AMS that is native to your CRM, saving your team the effort of integration and ensuring that your member database and the member profiles it contains are always up-to-date. Automated communications keep all of your members in the loop and save your team time (and increase event revenue !)

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.9.20

Reid All About it

At MIT Technology Review, Tanya Basu shares ideas for helping remote workers recreate watercooler moments —the same ideas can help you simulate conference hallway conversations too. Gaining Influence in a Vendor’s Platform Roadmap (Connect 2020 Technology Track).

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Investing in Yourself: Professional Development for Community Managers

Higher Logic

Rachel has spent the last 20 years helping organizations implement emerging technologies to advance their business strategies. In the SOCM 2015 a significant majority of best-in-class communities provide one or more types of professional development opportunities to their community teams. Community management can be isolating - lots of you probably work as part of a larger marketing or communications team, but you're still the only community person on the team.

Reaching Millennials (Gen Y) with Mobile

Association Adviser

The app included class schedules, account information and most importantly real-time bus schedules. Kelly Donovan is the team leader for online marketing at Naylor, LLC. Marketing & Communications Technology millennials mobile mobile apps mobile website SMS text messaging Two millennials weigh in on the latest research findings. As two members of the millennial generation, we pay special attention to articles that claim to state the best ways to market to us.

How Associations Can Transform Higher Education

Reid All About it

Kevin Kelly, from his book, The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future ). When I went to college, a middle class kid could afford a four-year liberal arts education. Project management and team dynamics. Not your typical classes, I know, but they’re life skills people need to develop personally and professionally. Supplement this curriculum with specialized classes that train people to enter an industry or profession.

SBI Announces New Association Executive


Additionally, Kenan is working towards her Certified Account Executive (CAE) credential, placing her among an exclusive group of first-class association executive professionals.

How to Create Sponsorship Value for Your Association’s Virtual Event


C heck out the first p ost about staff communications a nd the second about conference technology. . I n April , after making the decision to convert our Fusion 2020 customer conference to a virtual event, the marketing team at Protech was determined to maximize value for our sponsors.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 9.25.20

Reid All About it

How to Scope and Implement Virtual Event Technology. Virtual event technology is key for pulling off a virtual event, but implementing new tech is never easy. Learn the four stages of scoping and implementing virtual technology to ensure consistent data, improve the attendee experience, increase engagement, prove ROI, and build effective cross-functional teams. Presenters: Taylor Bohn, Senior Event Technology Analyst at Cvent. Host: Unleashed Technologies.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 12.13.19

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Learn how to assess and improve editorial team alignment, peer review policies, and instructions for authors. Learn how to build and implement an equality mindset for your organization that champions world-class results and a new status quo.

Unpacking the Association IT Director’s Workout Bag


To get a good workout at the gym, you typically have the choice of working out on your own, with a trainer, in a small group, or in a class. In some associations, IT directors are the top technology leader in the organization and, in other associations, they may report to a CIO. They coordinate and implement systems and services that keep essential data and technology solutions available to the rest of the organization.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 9.16.16

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Register to attend in person or watch the live stream as KiKi and her guests discuss: how communications and association experts are navigating massive social and technological changes for their organizations and clients; their top concerns and visions for the future; and how association executives can confidently and proactively move forward in marketing and PR initiatives. Learn how to increase the productivity of your events team by 67% using simple automation.

Spring Hill College Alumni Board and New Offices for the Verto Solutions Companies

Association Navigator

There are about 1,300 students – more than half of them are from outside Alabama, and the current freshman class is the largest first year class in the school’s history. is 2 blocks north of the old space, and it’s larger, more comfortable, more modern, and hopefully more inspiring to the team. Critical support from outside Verto was provided by the brokers from CBRE , the design architects from Wingate Hughes , the construction management team at James G.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.21.16

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Tagoras , a consulting and education firm specializing in the market for lifelong learning, invites you to participate in a survey that will help our community better understand how membership organizations use or don’t use social technologies to deliver learning. After completing the survey, you’ll have the chance to win one of five registrations to Learning • Technology • Design 2017 – and, if you win, I’ll be very envious. The PD section team will help you solve it.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.21.19

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Join a roundtable discussion about the very good reasons that your business unit might go out, specify, evaluate and purchase a technology solution without involving your IT peers. Learn what you should look out for, what you will then be accountable and responsible for, and why you might consider NOT doing the “end-run” around your IT team. Organizer: ASAE Technology Professionals Council. Best-in-Class: Big League F&B Trends from Caesars’ Michele Polci.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.2.16

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The rapid rise of social media and mobile technology has had a profound impact on website design and email marketing, yet many NGOs haven’t yet adapted to the new aesthetics and functionality of a mobile, social Internet. Speaker: Joshua Peskay, Vice President, RoundTable Technology. – Executive Director Essentials: Effective Team Development. While writing this I realized I haven’t been taking my own medicine.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.2.16

Reid All About it

The rapid rise of social media and mobile technology has had a profound impact on website design and email marketing, yet many NGOs haven’t yet adapted to the new aesthetics and functionality of a mobile, social Internet. Speaker: Joshua Peskay, Vice President, RoundTable Technology. – Executive Director Essentials: Effective Team Development. While writing this I realized I haven’t been taking my own medicine.