5 tips on how to use colour to enhance your member communications

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It has made me think about the role of colour in communications, so I wanted to share a guest blog from Steven Randall of Ocean Design. From the foods we choose to eat to the clothes we decide to wear, colour says something to us every day.

How to Sunset an Educational Program

WBT Systems

Since some of your courses have been around forever, you wonder if it might be time to sunset an educational program or two. How to tell it’s time to sunset an educational program. Talk to past students too about their experience. Value to market.

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Why Doesn’t Your Company Have a Social Media Voice Document?


Now let’s get to the meat of the post. People in your organization are going to be connected to social somehow. How can we expect uniform education across the company? A Social Media ‘Voice’ document. Or is it a tone document?

How to Develop Really Good LMS Requirements

WBT Systems

The request for proposal you send to learning management system (LMS) providers is only as good as the process you use to develop your LMS requirements. You need to involve key stakeholders: staff who use the LMS, use data from the LMS, or use technology that interacts with the LMS now or in the future. You don’t have to invite everyone to the table, but you should have representation from each stakeholder department. How the LMS requirements process works.

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How to Communicate a New Membership Model

Membership Marketing

But once a new membership model has been researched, defined, and approved, the next steps are critically important: the communications plan to introduce the model to members and the larger marketplace. Develop Dues Notification Letter, Email, and Article – It is unlikely that you can communicate with members too frequently about a change in their membership. The renewal communications need to highlight the changes and benefits of the new mode.

How to Keep Employees Productive and Motivated Through COVID-19

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To weather the storm, organizations must demonstrate understanding and a willingness to adapt. As the COVID-19 pandemic causes mass layoffs, economic turmoil, and a rapid shift to remote work, companies search for ways to keep employee morale and productivity afloat.

How to Grow Your Community Management Career Faster

Higher Logic

Community managers hold an integral job that can get lasting results for businesses, yet they don’t always have the opportunity to communicate their importance. That can make growing a community management career slow-going, but only if you’re content to take the back seat.

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Q&A: How to Prepare for the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Higher Logic

We recently hosted a webinar to detail what you need to know and how you can prepare*. Check out the most commonly asked questions below for a primer on how you and your organization can learn and prepare for the changes. How GDPR Works.

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How to Get a Handle on Your Digital Workplace


Your IT department migrated everyone to Office 365 a few weeks ago. However, as you start trying to figure out how to reply to your colleague via Teams chat, your manager is simultaneously sending you chat messages via Skype for Business to find out the status of the same email campaign.

How to Create a Really Good LMS RFP

WBT Systems

You finally got the budget to purchase a learning management system (LMS). Ask around for request for proposal (RFP) samples and send one of them to a dozen LMS vendors? Only after a thorough requirements analysis process will you have the information you need to create a really good LMS RFP. Never send an RFP to 12 vendors or even 8 vendors. The goal of an RFI is to help you determine which three or four vendors should get your RFP. Why do they come to you?

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Working with an Instructional Designer: How to Prepare for Success

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You’ll get the best results from this partnership if you know how to best prepare for working with an instructional designer. It’s better to find out you need to line up additional resources early on in the project rather than the last minute. Not all IDs have the same skillset nor do they all choose to offer the same services. Are you relying on the ID to come up with the course content? Listen to the expert. Communication plan.

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How to Create a Great Mentoring Program in Your Online Community

Higher Logic

Through mentoring, employees get the chance to learn vital skills and increase competency in ways that boost morale and job satisfaction – something that’s improving with technology. Associations, which are widely-recognized experts in their industries, are stepping up to offer such programs.

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How to Create an Association Crisis Response Plan


Crisis response planning is something most organizations don’t want to think about. The intent of crisis communications is to strategically restore and preserve an organization’s reputation. To begin your communication planning, start here: Build the team.

How to Plan the Perfect Video Shoot

Association Success

Are you looking to harness the power of video content for your association’s marketing and outreach strategies? Would you like to shoot your own video? How many people am I going to be dealing with at any point?

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Hunter Warfield – How to settle your debts?


It is however, essential to note that according to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which is a body that seeks to protect you from harassment, they are not allowed to behave in this way. Some rules and regulations have been put in place concerning debt collection agencies, and these include: Debt collection agencies are prohibited from using harmful and unfair tactics when trying to collect a debt.

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How to Design a Successful Mentoring Program

Association Adviser

Benefits for mentees range from a boost in self-confidence to life-long positive professional impacts, such as learning how to speak up and be heard and understanding how to accept feedback. Surveys and discussion groups are a good way to begin this conversation.

How to Prepare for Future Generations of Association Membership

Association Success

It’s not too late for associations to welcome millennials into their ranks. About half the time it’s people of other generations complaining about millennials, and the rest of the time it’s a feeble discussion about how to prepare for millennials who will be entering your association’s membership soon. Be careful not to speak of us as if we’re current college students who will soon be entering the workforce. The time to prepare for millennials has passed.

Daily Buzz: How to Jump Back Into Your Career After Parental Leave

Associations Now

Clear goals and communication can get you back in the professional groove. Finding your footing again in the professional world may prove to be a difficult task. And don’t just communicate, but over-communicate, your aspirations with your employer, colleagues, and family.

Keep Your Strategic Communications Plan Alive

Associations Now

Drafting a strategic communications plan is hard enough, but keeping it relevant can be more difficult. Putting the words “strategic” and “communications” together can strike fear in the hearts of many association executives.

Daily Buzz: How to Make Remote Workforces Work

Associations Now

Here’s how they did it. Also: how longtime members can increase the value of your association. You’ve heard the conversations about remote workforces: There are many pros and cons, but when it comes down to it, do they work? Unconscious bias can affect how you plan a meeting.

How To Facilitate Effective Virtual Meetings

Beth Kanter

Organizations have also been encouraging their employees to work from home or enlisted travel bans. It’s time to up your virtual facilitation and convening skills. My first remote job was to work with a virtual team to manage an online network for artists, called Artswire.

The Year Without Pants and How to Replace Email

Association Navigator

According to Amazon: 50 million websites, or twenty percent of the entire web, use WordPress software. whose 120 employees work from anywhere in the world they wish, barely use email, and launch improvements to their products dozens of times a day.

Non-profit Communications: Which Media to Use?

Wild Apricot

Earlier this week, Beth Kanter wrote about how to translate social listening into good twitter conversation that supports your objectives , riffing on David Lipscomb ’s Social Messenger Framework — one of the communications planning tools that he’s made available at RedPed21.com. Tags: nptech Non-profit Communications publicity social media

How to deal with Gmail’s new Promotions Tab


From the get-go, our entire Dev team signed up to kick the tires. We were lucky enough to get early access to do some testing so we can allow you to implement this efficiently and effectively, should Gmail decide they want to roll this out widely. A nod to…AOL?

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How to Make the Most of Mobile Apps for Meetings

Associations Now

Six in 10 meeting planners have used a mobile event app at their conferences in the past two years, according to a new study. What a mobile app does is create an opportunity to turn that three-day event into a 365-day community. “If

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Virtual Associations: How to Transition Away From the Brick & Mortar

Association Success

Working virtually can mean anything from accessing technology that allows you to work when you’re not in the office to running a company without a physical location. Association managers and members are already using tools to access information and network virtually. Imagine how a virtual environment could improve member services, create operational efficiencies and increase the well-being of your team. Those who are fearful will want things to stay as they are.

Association Communication Evolution


Association communication has evolved over time as new technologies have become available. They communicated face to face because there were few other options. The Academy of the Mysteries of Nature was required by the Pope to close eighteen years later under suspicion of sorcery but the Royal Society of London which first met in 1660 has lasted a little longer. In 1662 it was first permitted to publish and it is still doing so.

How to Prepare for a Chapter Restructuring

Chapter Chat

You know it’s time to make changes. After evaluating your existing chapter model and envisioning options for a new one, you’re ready to move forward. Each must acknowledge the contributions and strengths of the other and leverage those strengths to deliver value to members.

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How to Use Twitter: A Guide for AEs : Off Stage

Off Stage

13, 2009 - How to Use Twitter: A Guide for AEs. I reviewed the proposed new Social Marketing course from Internet Crusade, as well—it’s going to be very helpful to our members, I think (should be released soon!). There’s a ton of information out and about on the topics—the real problem is finding the time to sort out what will work for you and your situation and what won’t. You will want people to find you easily. Off Stage.

How to Find Volunteers for Committees and Task Forces

Associations Now

Finding volunteers for long-term goals and short-term needs can be difficult, but it may help to consider whether you need to set up a committee or a task force. How do you engage your board members to do their best work on initiatives?

How to Handle Staff Who Fall for Phishing Emails—Putting Your Association at Risk


How is it they fall for phishing emails time and again? What does it take to get them to pay more attention and not be so careless? You’d hope that after failing a few simulated phishing tests, everyone would learn how to spot a phishing email.

How To Use Microsoft Technology To Supercharge Your Fundraising

Beth Kanter

SOS Children’s Villages International uses cloud technology to help fundraise for children in need. Note From Beth: I am thrilled to host this guest post from Microsoft Philanthropies General Manager that showcases examples of digital transformation and fundraising.

Building Buy-In for an Online Community at Your Association

Higher Logic

You don't have to be a hypnotist or a master of persuasion to build support for an online community among your association’s board and executive team. Instead, you need to align your new online community with the mission and priorities of your association's leadership.

Tips for Writing Your Own Blog Post

Moery Company

I had two great conversations about blogging recently, so I am inspired to pass on a few tips on how to get started. First – don’t be concerned with creating cutting-edge content or attempt to be profound.

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How to Create a Data-Sharing Partnership with Chapters: Part 2

Chapter Chat

Ask any component relations professional to describe the worst possible relationship between an association and its chapters and you’re bound to hear the words “us vs. them.” Which obstacles you must overcome to convince them to share data. Partners communicate frequently.

How to Build a Case for and Implement Joint Membership for Your Association and Chapters

Chapter Chat

Read Part 2 to learn how to: Find out if joint membership is a good idea for your association. Now, we’ll take our joint membership plan through the steps to implementation. Introduce the joint membership plan to chapters. How much will joint membership cost?

How to Use Google Tools for Member Engagement

Associations Live

With Google you can search, send documents, email, have a business account, find places and many others. MSAE's Membership Networking Group met to discuss how Google can help your membership efforts, here are some top takeaways: You need to direct your messages to one single person. Each message should be unique to that members needs. All members are different, its up to you to decide which tools will help create enthusiasm within your membership.

NAASF Crowdsources Customer Support and Advocacy with Online Community

Higher Logic

The North American Association of Subway® Franchisees (NAASF) uses online community to advocate for members and solve industry problems for fast food franchises. NAASF recognized a communication challenge and set out to develop a better system for its franchisees to gather and share knowledge.

3 Features to Look for in an Online Community App [Research]

Higher Logic

Everything needs to look just as good on a smartphone as a laptop, whether you use responsive design or an app. So if your association or business wants to make engaging mobile users in your online community a priority, an app is the way to go.

Starring….Your Association Publications

Association Adviser

Okay, perhaps this is not exactly how association communication awards presentations really go down. However, the recognition and pride that communications awards bring to associations are no less than Oscar-worthy. Are you rolling out a new communications program?