LMS Support: Top questions you’re not asking your LMS vendors — but should

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If you’re in the market for an LMS, you’re probably waist deep in the search process and dreaming of the light at the end of the tunnel. Certainly, you need the features and functionality your learners expect, and you need the administrative features and functionality that align with your existing technology and learning program. Often when choosing an LMS , many buyers are not asking critically important, detailed questions that can make or break an LMS implementation.

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5 LMS Implementation Lessons from an Onboarding Manager

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You have decided to implement a L earning M anagement S ystem (LMS) , you’ve secured a budget from your board and you have a few fellow colleagues that have agreed to help you on this mission. But where do you start and how do you ensure that your LMS actual goes live in a timely manner? As the Director of Client Onboarding at Blue Sky eLearn, I have helped hundreds of a ssociation and c orporate client s implement their LMS. Congratulations!

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LMS Selection: 7 Features Associations Need

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Through a learning management system (LMS). But like everything else, not all association LMS platforms are created equal. Below are the seven essential features that associations should look for when selecting an LMS. Look for ways you can use the LMS tools to add to the experience for your members. An LMS will help your team create the most functional course possible while keeping the user experience in mind.

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LMS Matchmaker: Deal Breaker Edition


However, implementing a learning program with a corresponding learning management system (LMS) can pose quite a challenge for associations. You also probably have a diverse membership with varying needs, generational preferences, and technology comfort levels.

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How to Develop Really Good LMS Requirements

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The request for proposal you send to learning management system (LMS) providers is only as good as the process you use to develop your LMS requirements. If you don’t accurately and completely identify and prioritize your real needs during that process, your new LMS will fall short of expectations. Before you even think about creating a request for proposal (RFP), you must spend time on the LMS requirements gathering and analysis process. Prioritizing LMS requirements.

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How to Create a Really Good LMS RFP

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You finally got the budget to purchase a learning management system (LMS). Ask around for request for proposal (RFP) samples and send one of them to a dozen LMS vendors? You know the answer already if you read last week’s post : an LMS RFP is not the first step of the selection process, it’s the result of the first step. The first step is gathering and prioritizing your requirements for a new LMS. Borrowing another association’s LMS RFP. What’s in an LMS RFP?

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The Importance of an LMS Roadmap When Selecting a Learning Platform

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Is your LMS provider stuck in a rut? If your LMS isn’t moving forward with you, it might mean it’s going downhill. The next time you select a new learning platform, one of the factors to consider is the vendor’s LMS roadmap. LMS roadmap: are promises delivered? If the roadmap isn’t providing the information you seek, ask the vendor specifically about their plans to add new features and functionality, especially the ones in your LMS requirements.

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Keep Your Association on Track: 4 Ways to Stay Organized

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For your association’s member businesses, this may mean mastering new emerging technologies in your industry or even hitting specific success metrics within their own internal processes. We’ve gathered four tips to help you organize your association’s key data and communications, and then keep them organized as the year progresses. Communicate digitally to disseminate information. Online learning management technology (your LMS).

How Technology Partners Help Associations Comply with GDPR

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Since the EU approved GDPR on April 14, 2016, association technology firms have had lots of time to prepare for GDPR. In this post, we describe what your technology providers should do to help your association comply with GDPR. It also means: Asking co-workers and technology partners a lot of questions. The people who use your LMS or subscribe to a newsletter have voluntarily entered a mutually beneficial relationship with you, that’s true, but relationships change.

Learners and Your LMS: If you build it, will they come?

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Working with many associations over the years, we have listened to many organizations describe the reasons why their members do not use their existing Learning Management System (LMS) and why they are looking for a new learning solution to re-engage their learners. Here we share four of the most common reasons associations seek to change their LMS platform. The first reason that LMS systems fail is that the learner has to go through too many steps to access the LMS.

Association Tech Selection in the Virtual Age: Bridging the Gaps in the Digital World


Maybe you need to find technologies that: Replace manual processes and make it easier for your staff to work efficiently. Then you must understand how the technologies you’re looking at will help you achieve your goals. Key Technologies to Explore.

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Successful Learning Management System Implementation eBook

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What are the key questions to ask when planning an LMS implementation project to ensure its success? It can take between three to six months to implement a new cloud LMS , and between six to nine months to implement an on-premise LMS for a large corporation or extended enterprise. A new LMS implementation or migration to a new system can be quite disruptive to an organization. Do you need an LMS with responsive mobile design?

Learning Management Systems for Associations: The Essentials

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With so many options out there, and every vendor keen to advertise their platform with the latest bells and whistles or the ”prettiest” interface, how do you make sure that your LMS performs the way your organization needs it to? What are the basic elements an LMS for Associations must have to deliver effective, engaging member education and certification programs, while also simplifying the delivery of learning for administrators?

Which Association Learning Trends Predictions Came True in 2016?

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With just a couple of weeks to the end of the year and a huge variety of association learning solutions being showcased this week at ASAE Technology Conference 2016 , it’s a good time to look back at the association learning trends that were predicted for 2016 and see which of these are still relevant. Which trends will be relevant to the associations attending ASAE Tech 16, looking to enhance or revise their learning technologies?

Associations: Solving the Skills Gap with Digital Credentials

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Existing Technology: Between learning management systems (LMS), association management systems (AMSs) and social media, many associations have a robust technology ecosystem in place to support rapidly changing skills-based training and digital badges. and international institutions of higher education, corporations serving the higher education information technology market, and other related associations and organizations.

Association Learning: Does your Story Inspire Members?

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These programs are continuously changing to adapt to the changes that occur in any profession or trade as society develops, such as the introduction of new technologies that may redefine the skills and knowledge required for certain occupations. How do you currently facilitate communication from members about your education programs? You might want to consider incorporating more opportunities for online communication through social media?

Driving Growth with Hybrid Events

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Opening up the lines of communication with virtual attendees can provide valuable insights on what type of content would make them want to attend in person, giving event marketers and show organizers extra fuel for event growth. The association sets up a learning management system (LMS) which provides year-round access to the session content, allowing members worldwide to work toward accreditations by viewing the content online. Expanding hybrid events with technology.

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6 Digital Tactics to Keep Association Members Engaged

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For that reason, we’ve outlined several ways you can use technology to keep your association members engaged and involved. Targeted Communication. You won’t have to pay for another platform, and your AMS and CMS will communicate seamlessly. Your website should also serve as a connection between your members and their portals, where they can log in to access communications and update their information. Targeted Communication.

2018 eLearning Predictions: Updated Hype Curve

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As always, we try to use this blog post to speak from our experience as a learning technology partner to organizations that provide continuing education and professional development. In eLearning, we are at the very start of the hype curve with distributed ledgers: we can imagine the technology solving one of our recurring problems. We think it’s likely that we’ll see a successful pilot integration of EHR data with an external LMS in the next three years.

The 3 C’s of Social Learning for Associations

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When applied to association education programs, social learning theory seeks to reinforce knowledge while encouraging peer-to-peer communication, debate, critical thinking and development of leadership skills. In this way, associations have been providing social learning opportunities for their members since long before social learning became associated with social media that enables people to connect and communicate online.

Ask the Association Veteran Anything – January 2021

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And depending on the content, you can allow the learners to turn on their webcams and communicate through the audio in the platform at designated times. . What is the best way to organize educational content on an LMS? .

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21st Century Skills in eLearning

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Communication. Communication is the ability to share ideas with others through various media, such as writing, presenting, listening, and technology. Instructional Design 21st Century Skills associations collaboration communication creativity Critical Thinking elearning LMSWhich century do you want to prepare your learners for: the 1900s, or the 2000s? The answer may seem obvious, but that’s not readily apparent in the eLearning we design.

Building a Community: 5 Tips for Digital Member Engagement

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This way, your team won’t send out communications with outdated information and have to deal with manually changing it themselves. Allow your members to communicate seamlessly through a messaging system, as well as more public forums that they can contribute to. Exploring a learning management system (LMS) or improving your existing one can dramatically boost member engagement. Investing in an LMS lets your association offer classes online.

Re-Energize Online Learning for Members

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For an association-focused approach to content curation, you might also want to check out this mini-course recommended by the analysts at Tagoras to help you get started with curating learning content: How to Curate Content and Knowledge Like a Pro , or read our blog post on using your LMS as a content curation tool. Associations Blog eLearning Tips association Association LMS Continuing Professional Development Digital Badges elearning Online education tips Social Learning

Association Brain Food Weekly: 2.5.21

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Explore the trends and technologies your association can better monetize and/or innovate with so you can more effectively educate and communicate with your members, constituents, and the public. Host: Jay Daughtry, Chief Communications Officer/Owner, CQbd.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 2.12.21

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Hosts: ASAE Communications Professionals Advisory Council, Membership Marketing Advisory Council and Meetings & Events Advisory Council. Facilitators: Alexandra Bradley, Director of Communications and Engagement, American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.19.18

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One thing we can predict about the future: implementing new technology will never stop. A key ingredient for successful technology projects is collaboration. Mike Guerrieri at DelCor Technology Solutions explains how technology and collaboration can be a virtuous cycle. Hear about the unexpected ways technology has impacted the career trajectories of event professionals worldwide. – Technology Trends Round Table.

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Compare Association Management Software Platforms


Additional features include: Fundraising/CRM, Accounting Software, Web Hosting, and Learning Management System (LMS). Additional features include: LMS, CRM, Social Community, Website Design/Hosting, Workflow Automation, Advertising, and Media Solutions. Customizable with many modules: membership, events, finances, CRM, communications, education, eCommerce, business intelligence. Productivity Technology Growth

6 Ways Associations Can Use Webinars to Engage Members and Increase Non-Dues Revenue

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Use Webinars to Communicate. Showcase Benefits of Technology. To supplement the webinars, provide additional online courses and certifications through a Learning Management System (LMS) and boost your non-dues revenue even more. Use Webinars to Communicate. Want to learn more about automating your email communications ? Showcase Benefits of Technology. Use webinars as a new medium for educating, communicating, onboarding, and networking.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.11.19

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Even though WBT is a learning management system (LMS) provider, not one of the trends and opportunities they highlight is about technology. Ernie Smith at Associations Now talks about three technology trends that associations should keep their eye on. Technology Trends Round Table 2019. Hear our executive team discuss the technology trends that grew over 2018 and what they expect in nonprofit technology in 2019.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.9.20

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At MIT Technology Review, Tanya Basu shares ideas for helping remote workers recreate watercooler moments —the same ideas can help you simulate conference hallway conversations too. Luring members/customers to your LMS. marketing and communication professional.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 4.12.19

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Association professionals, please consider participating in the 2019 Association Communications Benchmarking Survey. Now in its eight year, the results from this Naylor Association Solutions survey will highlight association communications best practices and identify improvements and challenges associations continue to face with member communications. To make many of the changes Mike suggests, you need more than technology, you need staff with an innovation mindset.

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Association Management: Online vs. In-person Engagement

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How you communicate with members and the opportunities you offer directly impact their experience with your organization and the chance that they’ll renew. With a lack of face-to-face interaction, how you communicate with your members is more important than ever.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.4.19

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Dan Lautman of DelCor Technology Solutions did something that many people only talk about: he unplugged for a month. When you’re selecting technology, like a learning management system (LMS), there’s so many ways you can botch the decision, mostly because you don’t know what you don’t know. WBT Systems suggests ten factors you should consider while developing requirements for your new LMS. LMS Success: Keys to Building Participation and Revenue.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 11.6.20

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Building Your 2021 Communications Plan. Discover everything that needs to go into your 2021 communications plan. So, how do you get the answers you’re looking for without the ability to attend in-person demos or corner a salesperson to get the low-down on their AMS or other association technology solution? The Secret to Communication with Speakers and Attendees in a Virtual World. One of the main challenges with planning virtual and hybrid events is good communication.

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21st Century Skills and eLearning

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Communication. Communication is the ability to share ideas with others through various media, such as writing, presenting, listening, and technology. Managing eLearning Blog 21st Century Skills associations critical thinking elearning instructional design LMSWhich century do you want to prepare your learners for: the 1900s, or the 2000s? The answer may seem obvious, but that’s not readily apparent in the eLearning we design.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.16.20

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Discuss new guidelines for social distancing, sanitation, and food preparation and review ways meeting professionals are utilizing technology to expand the reach of their events to include those impacted by travel restrictions. – Technology and the Global Nomad (AWTC virtual meetup).

Events in Crisis? 6 Key Recommendations on What to Do Now & What to Do Next 

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Once You Know Your Plans, Communicate Early and Often . There is so much communication these days – emails, social media, the news – make sure to make your messages count. . Once you have a postponement date, communicate your plans as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. .

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Interview with an Expert Series: Tracy King

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Tracy has taught communication studies at multiple academic centers to students around the world. She’s a thought leader and invited speaker on workforce development, education strategy, instructional design, and learning technologies. . I started experimenting with Blackboard and Moodle when I was teaching communication courses at a St. When I started teaching the online course for our communication department, it was a combination of digital content and correspondence.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.30.20

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Jimmy Le, Senior Conference Planner for the IEEE Communications Society. At the same time, new technologies and trends continue to reshape the way we use the web, transforming members’ expectations and what to attract and retain them. Using Technology to Facilitate Online Meetings.

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