Attendee Communication Before, During, and After the Event


The main goal for any event is getting people there in the first place — so you probably have a pretty solid plan for promoting it to your members. but, that said, do you have a plan for communicating with your attendees? That’s why you’ll want to put together an attendee communication plan that takes into account what you should tell them about before, during, and after the event.

An Adept Lesson in Crisis Communications on Social Media

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Mozilla is a big organization and has a lot of areas to cover institutionally, and it’s in a tough field where its main competitors are now working together. And throughout the incident, the main Firefox account on Twitter was busy—responding to people who had run into problems using the browser and letting them know where things stood. The post An Adept Lesson in Crisis Communications on Social Media appeared first on Associations Now

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A Rising Tide Lifts All Associations. Take the 2018 Association Communications Benchmarking Survey

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Novel ways of communicating with members develop while outdated channels fade away. New generations of potential members arrive on the scene eager to participate but with communication preferences different from the old guard. New technology makes communicating with members easier in some ways, but more difficult to master in others. The 2018 Association Communications Benchmarking Survey will provide this type of data. Features Marketing & Communications

Integrating social media into the association communication mix

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« The Forest and the Trees | Main. | Integrating social media into the association communication mix. Curious about how other associations are integrating social media into their communications mix and what it takes to succeed? Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Integrating social media into the association communication mix : Comments. Communications. The Big Picture.

3 steps to improve how you communicate the value of membership

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33% of organisations say that their main barrier to growth is effectively communicating the value of membership. Communicating membership value to members. Use this information to enhance and improve communications: Put yourself in your members’ shoes. And remember to continually promote membership benefits to maintain the interest of members – the point of joining is just the start of your communications journey with your members.

Why Associations Need to Revisit Communication Strategy in 2014

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Associations use that "truth" to justify keeping the status quo with their communications efforts and are secure in the knowledge that if their main member demographic is people ages 35+--or even 50+--they can just ignore this social media fad, as well as the mobile device fad and any other "fad" that represents a challenge to the way they''ve always done things. It''s that communications is now a moving target and there is no room for complacency or status quo.

The Big Picture: Top Ten Best (and Worst) Communicators of 2007

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« Monetizing PDF content | Main. Top Ten Best (and Worst) Communicators of 2007. Bert Decker , chief executive officer of Decker Communications , offers up his List of Top Communicators - the best (and worst) from business, politics, entertainment and sports. Take a look to see how communications skills helped make or break these notable individuals. [ Posted at 02:12 PM in Communications | Permalink. Communications. The Big Picture.

What Are You Providing Your Members Through Social Media?

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I’ve talked a good deal about social media and how these platforms better enable you to communicate with members and prospects. Frankly, this type of communication is all about the association – “Join this Committee,” “Become Part of the Industry,” “Be Recognized as a Professional.” Don’t make your communications about you – craft your messaging in such a way that it is all about your members. Business Practices Communications Social Media

The Big Picture: Corporate Communications Aware of Podcasting.

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« Back to the Basics | Main. Corporate Communications Aware of Podcasting—But It Is Rarely Used or Listened To, According To New Poll. A recent survey conducted by the Dallas chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators , which ran mid-March to mid-April, asked more than 300 communicators in Dallas the question, "How do you use podcasting?" Communications. The Big Picture.

The Big Picture: The Forest and the Trees

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« Study Reveals High Levels of Twitter Use at Conferences | Main. Integrating social media into the association communication mix » January 31, 2012. But when I clicked, I was just brought to the main page of a site, not the story itself. But it goes to show that in this day and age, you can, as a proofreader, watch (and catch) all of your p's and q's and still be flummoxed in the communication process by an incorrect link. Communications.

Associations Live: Intra-Office Communication Revisited: Could You.

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skip to main | skip to sidebar. Intra-Office Communication Revisited: Could You Be Doing Things Better? A fun, new way to shake up internal communication is through the program Skype. Skype allows each staff person to maintain communication at their desk without the in-person interruptions, "quick-questions", favors or awkward conversation that sometimes take place before you get what would be a 2 second response in Skype chat. communication. (13).

Building Buy-In for an Online Community at Your Association

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If a document like this doesn’t exist, hold some informational interviews with your executive director and the head of the board to figure out what the association's main goals are for the upcoming year.

Plexus Consulting Group?: Better Communications: Make A Plan.

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skip to main | skip to sidebar. Better Communications: Make A Plan, Stan! Have you been caught in the communications trap? At the annual meeting, a respected past president says into the microphone, “This organization does a crappy job of communicating. What should I renew when this organization can’t communicate any better than that?” Communications are vitally important. Better Communications: Make A Plan, Stan!

How to Know What You Don’t Know

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We’ve all assumed we know what we’re doing when it comes to association communications, and we’ve all been humbled to discover that’s not always true. The 2019 Association Communications Benchmarking Survey is your way to provide this type of help. Now in its eighth year, the survey presents an ever-evolving set of questions to reflect the ever-changing association communications landscape. Take our 2019 Association Communications Benchmarking Survey today.

Small staff? Embrace Content Marketing

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2 : Dictate your thoughts: To scale the content, it’s important for me to keep it brief and focused on one main idea, like “What Sponsors Want to Buy!” Communications Marketing Podcast Small BusinessThe Moery Company faced major headwinds in its start-up phase. Primarily, no one knew what the heck we did. But I learned early on about the value of thought leadership and content delivery as being the most valuable part of modern marketing.

The Member Journey Has Changed: Are You Changing With It?

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I define and see the impact of digital transformation for associations using three main pillars. Technology also plays an increasingly important role to enable our organizations to better understand our members, and personalize marketing, communications, and member services. Communications Engagement Member Communities Associations Member Experience Nonprofits and Charities Member Engagement Marketing Automation Online Community Integration

From the Corner Office: Carol Miller, MHI

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That’s the main message Association Adviser received from Carol Miller, vice president of marketing & communications at MHI , the nation’s largest material handling and logistics association. Association Adviser : Tell us about the marketing and communication goals of the MHI. AA : What are some differences between marketing/communication when you first started with the MHI, and now? At the same time, some members prefer digital communications over print.

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8 Tips to Write Emails Your Association Members Will Open

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If your target audience has opted into your communications, the open rate should be on the higher end. Follow our tips to improve your association’s email open rate and boost member engagement, building a stronger communications strategy along the way. If you send out different kinds of emails (newsletters, event information, system communications about your technology etc.) The same is true of email marketing communications.

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Advice for Associations to Succeed in 2020 – Four Tips to Effectively Manage a Small Team

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When our communications department (a team of one) was writing a book and managing our daily communication efforts, I stepped in by helping brainstorm ideas for the book and serve and an editor. Key #4: Communication, Communication, Communication.

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JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 179: Why Associations Need “Association Hustle”

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During this episode, he touches on five main topics – membership, sponsorship, sales, communications, and advocacy of which readers will find actionable takeaways to help strengthen their associations. During this episode, he touches on five main topics – membership, sponsorship, sales, communications, and advocacy of which readers will find actionable takeaways to help strengthen their associations.

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How Attendees Use Technology to Interact at Events

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As an event organizer or planner, your main goal is to keep attendees informed and engaged throughout the show. Events Marketing & Communications Membership Technology Beth Ziesenis Charles Popper event app event tech event technology events live video streaming Meerkat Periscope social media wearablesThe use of technology at events has grown tremendously and varies greatly for different. For more about this topic, click on the headline.

Is Your Organization LinkedIn Yet?

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While LinkedIn has mainly been used by individuals for networking or career development, it might be time for non-profits to consider a presence on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Marketing Non-profit Communications Non-profit technology nptech social media Social networkingWith more than 90 million members in over 200 countries and updated social sharing and company page features, LinkedIn might want to include it as part your organization's social media mix.( read more ).

Taking Your Member Magazine From Good to Great: Part 2

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Once you have a good understanding of some of the main components of a member magazine’s content strategy, you're ready to move on to marketing and promotion. Features Marketing & Communications association brnading content strategy event marketing intergrated marketing magazine branding magazine marketing member magazineIf you’re going to have a great. For more about this topic, click on the headline.

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Starring….Your Association Publications

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Okay, perhaps this is not exactly how association communication awards presentations really go down. However, the recognition and pride that communications awards bring to associations are no less than Oscar-worthy. Are you rolling out a new communications program?

Leadership ? Continued discussion 2/18/10 ? on Leadership ? by.

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Sharon D’Orsie, an assistant professor of environmental safety and health at the University of Southern Maine, in a August 2004 article in Professional Safety , provides clarification. Leaders communicate.” on Leadership … by Steven Davis, CAE. Leadership … an Ongoing Discussion. « Leadership … Continued discussion 1/29/10. Leadership … Continued Discussion 2/24/10 » Leadership … Continued discussion 2/18/10.

The Objectives Behind Creating Your Online Community

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This month we will describe some of the main objectives that will help streamline the process. Communications Community Management Engagement MarketingCreating a community may seem like a daunting task. If you already have a community, these objectives can help you validate the value while re-grounding your team and stakeholders. In the last post we discussed how online community can help establish business value.

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Building Inclusive Online Communities

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Researchers suggest that one of the main ways to limit bias is to slow down. Communications Community ManagementWhat would happen if you asked me for my email address and I told you it was How might your perception of me be shaped by that one piece of information? What if I told you it was a gmail address? Would that draw any reaction at all? If we’re honest, we all know that we routinely draw multiple, broad conclusions from a single piece of information.

How to Increase Nonprofit Website Traffic (And How That Translates to Revenue)

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In the alt text, you can either describe the image or include the main point of the content. Body text should also include latent semantic index (LSI) keywords, which are similar to your main keyword and give search engines more details on your topic. Communications Nonprofits and CharitiesWebsites are par for the course.

Creating Conscious Meetings

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What used to be “woo woo” spiritual practices like meditation, essential oil and choosing holistic foods, is becoming more main stream. Filed under: Innovation , Meetings , Young Professionals Tagged: business , CEO , communication , Holly Duckworth , hotels , meditation , Meetings. Innovation Meetings Young Professionals business CEO communication Holly Duckworth hotels meditationHolly Duckworth.

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Creating Conscious Meetings

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What used to be “woo woo” spiritual practices like meditation, essential oil and choosing holistic foods, is becoming more main stream. Filed under: Innovation , Meetings , Young Professionals Tagged: business , CEO , communication , Holly Duckworth , hotels , meditation , Meetings. Meetings Young Professionals Innovation communication CEO business hotels Holly Duckworth meditationHolly Duckworth.

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Facebook Profiles and Pages and Groups, oh my!

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And the two main tools.( Tags: Facebook Social networking Best practices General non-profit interest Non-profit technology Non-profit Communications Web 2.0 If questions from our readers are any indication, there’s still a lot of confusion about the differences between Facebook’s Profiles, Fan Pages, and Groups — and which of these might best suit a nonprofit’s social-networking plan. Let’s take a closer look.

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Stronger by Association: How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy

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While Pulizzi’s presentation was more than 200 slides, his main objective was simple. Communications Audits and Digital Media Presentati. American Academy on Communication in Healthcare. Pages. CONTRIBUTORS. AMR MANAGEMENT SERVICES. Monday, July 25, 2011. How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy. Joe Pulizzi did an excellent job of breaking down the meaning of content marketing and how to maximize your organizations content during The Drake Forum.

Blogs that work.and spread

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If you’re a community manager, you can use effective blog posts to recruit and communicate with both current and potential community members – and all of these principles apply. So a graphical summary of your main points makes posts spread more effectively. Communications EngagementBlogging is writing with a dual purpose. Effective blog posts both educate the reader and benefit the writers -- or the writer’s organization. Let’s take a look at how to do that well.

It’s a Great Time to Be a Young Association Professional: Erin Sevitz on Working Hard, Being Agile and Leaving Your Mark

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This month’s Corner Office features Erin Sevitz, director of communications for the International Facility Management Association (IFMA). Association Adviser: Tell us about your career path toward becoming director of communications for IFMA. Since then, I’ve had a few titles at IFMA, including editorial manager, senior manager of internal communications, and even a five-month term as interim vice president of marketing and communications.

Non-profit Website or Non-profit Blog?

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In fact, the main differences between a website and a blog are in the technology behind the scenes, and how your visitors interact with your content.( Blogging Non-profit Communications websites social media Think a blog is just another name for a online journal, not really suitable for a serious non-profit organization? Think again! A blog can be whatever you want it to be.

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A Year’s Worth of Blog Topics Ideas

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There’s no question that blogging is one of the most powerful communications tools a nonprofit can have in its online arsenal, if you’ve got the resources to put behind it. Here’s a way to tackle that writer’s block – not just today, but for months to come: Check the Calendar Have you noticed how Google changes the header image on its main search page from.(

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The Next Big Sponsorship Deliverable

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The side-dish of sponsorships is now the main course. However, even an inhouse IT or communications team can help track basic analytics related to your events. It seems like a lifetime ago that meetings were live and in-person and sponsorship opportunities were also in-person. The deliverables were heavy on networking and access to prospects – we were almost guaranteeing our sponsors that they could meet who they needed to in a meeting, on the tradeshow floor, etc.

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Five Tips to Write Better

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Image credit: Maine High School Writing Center. communication personal reflections I write a lot. Obviously, reading this, you know about the Spark blog (which started in 2008, long before Spark was even a twinkle in my eye, as the independent association blog Thanks for Playing ). I also write whitepapers. And for other association industry publications. And I write a food blog. And I’m just kicking off my 9th consecutive season blogging about the NFL.

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Keep Your Association on Track: 4 Ways to Stay Organized

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We’ve gathered four tips to help you organize your association’s key data and communications, and then keep them organized as the year progresses. Communicate digitally to disseminate information. Communicate digitally to disseminate information.

The Forest and the Trees

The Big Picture

But when I clicked, I was just brought to the main page of a site, not the story itself. But it goes to show that in this day and age, you can, as a proofreader, watch (and catch) all of your p's and q's and still be flummoxed in the communication process by an incorrect link. Communications"An 18-point checklist for proofreaders." Paste it to your wall. Follow these rules. That's what the e-newsletter link promised.