Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.13.17

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The weekly list of free professional development events for the association community… I’m excited and honored to be heading to Association Charrette today with 19 other association geeks for a weekend full of “insightful conversation about emerging trends and disruptions” in the association industry. One of the most fascinating technological developments is the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver a more meaningful and valuable customer and member experience.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.22.19

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Your new member onboarding shouldn’t just be show and tell , says Billhighway. They suggest working with your chapters on an onboarding plan that helps you learn about new members’ needs, introduce them to the chapter and association, and guide them onto the most relevant membership path. Dan Hickey at DelCor describes the seven steps your association should take when building a technology project team. Young Members: What’s Affordable?


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Growth Hacking Your Community with Vanessa DiMauro

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It should attract new members, offer smooth onboarding and persistent attention, and ultimately embrace marketing tactics like great content, campaigns and social media outreach. NSBE was founded in 1975 and has around 30,000 members. The community’s success hinged on everyone at NSBE getting involved – the team even required every staff member to moderate the community for one day, to better understand the community’s inner workings and how important it was as a member benefit.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.13.16

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Hear how the National Association of Tax Professionals used Google Universal Analytics to uncover insights they previously only made assumptions about, and how the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association streamlined their business processes with Google Tag Manager. Presenters: Tom Jelen, Director of Digital Communications, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. – Measuring: Using Digital Metrics to Gain Member Insight.

The Marketing of Marketing is not Telling Us The Whole Story About Member Research


Technology promises to give us unprecedented access to our members’ hearts and minds but does it really deliver? When you first step into a marketing role at an organization with few member insights, start with the data. Perhaps you have the tools to segment your audience to figure out who the organization’s biggest champion is, or the biggest user, or most profitable member group. We may start to repel members instead of attracting them.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.30.16

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Wouldn’t you like to provide industry news to members without having to write it from scratch? – Six Simple Ways to Use Technology to Improve Your Event. Learn about best practices to use when selecting and applying new technologies to your event, and examples of important ( and easy-to-use ) tools such as planning and content management, analytics, and website management. Join us as we discuss the role infographics play in a healthy communications mix.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 9.13.19

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MemberSuite describes how technology (beyond the conference app) can help you improve the event attendee experience. What a member (or anyone) says they need isn’t always what they really need. At Association Success , Chris Beaman explains why you have to dig deeper and keep asking Why to fully understand how to meet member needs. Digital Strategies to Engage Members (Coffee Talks with Results Direct – Alexandria VA).

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