2013: A Millennial’s Perspective

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Your pricing and member benefits need to reflect that. This show app wasn’t the first ASAE event app, but it seemed like ASAE placed more emphasis on referencing the app and communicating through it (via Twitter widget) during the show than they did at previous events. Millennials (and most others) are not impressed by gimmicks, so a true customization of the membership experience is one of the few appropriate responses to this concern. Pricing Challenges.

Why Millennials Join Associations and What Associations Can Do to Keep Them

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Despite popular sentiment that millennials are disinterested in joining traditional professional associations, young people are uniquely positioned to benefit from association membership in important ways. Many of the things millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000) value most, including connection, collaboration and community outreach, can be integral aspects of membership. Don’t make the mistake of lumping all millennials together or thinking they’re not joiners. .

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Spread the Word: Millennials Love Mayo, Survey Says

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Every industry has been doing its due diligence to gain insight into the millennial generation. We know, we know: Another story about millennials will have you rolling your eyes. That headline was enough to get you to click through and read about how much millennials love mayonnaise. There’s such an emphasis on millennials across the board right now, so the food industry needs to take notice as well.

Greeting Card Industry Shifts Over Millennial Taste

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Millennials have eschewed sending greeting cards, so the industry has gotten edgier in response—making room for different voices and different kinds of cards. Facing challenges with changing culture and constant competition from instant communication, the greeting card industry is developing new tactics to capture the growing millennial audience. They just aren’t keen on price or greeting card technology.

Broaden Your Reach to Millennials and Gen Z with Snapchat

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Now, Nokia makes bathroom scales , and according to Nicholas Mattar, the director of marketing at the Detroit Regional Chamber, who presented this week at ASAE’s 2017 Marketing, Membership & Communications Conference , 13-year-olds are using the social app Snapchat on their personal smartphones. We also know that associations are constantly trying to find meaningful ways to connect and communicate with these populations.

Associations play an important role in higher education

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And then comes the price tag. According to their research, students and employers agree on the skills necessary to succeed in the workplace: critical thinking, problem solving, oral and written communications, teamwork, ethical conduct, decision-making and the ability to apply knowledge. Finally, some advice for millennials reading this: “You have personal power and more options than you have ever had. When I graduated college 16 years ago, times were different.

The Trick to Innovating with Gen Y

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Pricing. How Do You Innovate With Millennials? There have been many articles written on how to attract millennials and hopefully, by now, you’ve put some processes and activities in place to attract this very large generation. Innovating with millennials sounds like a no-brainer. Millennials aren’t thinking years in the future. ” Placing millennials in charge of the little things is perfect for them. Pricing.

Membership and the Millennial Generation: A Whole New World

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Membership and the Millennial Generation: A Whole New World by Mark Scheffer, Nonprofit Communications Report Millennials. Here Worth reflects on several notable attributes of the Millennial generation and the impact they are having on membership organizations. Around 40 percent of millennials are of a minority or racially-mixed background. “It Millennials are often said to be the first American generation expected to less well economically than their parents.

Writing+Listening+Communications+Productivity = Readings for Association Executives

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How to Listen When Your Communication Styles Don’t Match By Mark Goulston via Harvard Business Review Why do people who consider themselves good communicators often fail to actually hear each other? Eight Tactics To Increase Millennial Productivity In The Workplace By Jenny Dearborn via Forbes BrandVoice The Baby Boomer generation pursued pension plans, corner offices and a linear career path. Notice, the price was not the key factor here.

Building Buy-In for an Online Community at Your Association

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Once you know who’s at risk, you use automated campaigns to send timely, personalized member communications to those members. Looking to personalize and target your email communications strategy to different member segments? Many associations are looking to technology to help them achieve various goals like millennial recruitment and maximizing staff resources. Objection 1: Price. Price is always a valid concern – but what you’re proposing is worth the investment.

How to Tame Technology

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Sarah Rosenberger , membership, communication and marketing coordinator for the Indiana Society of Association Executives (ISAE) , agreed. ” Nicole Malcom, director of operations for the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) , argued that associations don’t research [new tech initiatives] well enough to determine if they will really be used by the members, and they don’t shop around to find the best price and best fit for their organizations.

Key Takeaways Association Marketers Need to Know from ASAE’s 2017 #MMCCon

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There were many great education sessions at ASAE’s 2017 Membership, Marketing & Communications (MM&C) Conference, held earlier this month in Washington, D.C. Geofilter pricing can be as minimal as $5 and is based on the geofilter’s duration and boundary lines (ranging from 20,000 to 5 million square feet). Marketing & Communications association marketing

Association Tips: 6 Irresistible Member Benefits that Convince People to Join and Renew

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Active job boards are a great way to attract millennials as well. Even millennials who are already working in their chosen industry are often interested in new opportunities because, while they’re one of the most well-educated generations , millennials still make less money than their older counterparts. All that makes job boards an excellent benefit for acquiring new millennial members. You can set prices for courses individually, or base them on membership tier.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 9.30.16

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Learn how different meeting rooms support learning outcomes and help maximize meeting ROI, develop a better understanding of how technology can help build multi-way communication in the room and for virtual participants, and hear about different venues types and non-traditional room layouts that help foster connections between and among delegates. Leveraging the Millennial Generation in your Workplace. Joey Price, CEO, Jumpstart: HR.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.26.18

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This time, Sohini Baliga, a communications expert from the charitable fundraising world, joined Elizabeth to address three major areas where charities are way ahead of associations. Attracting millennial/young professional supporters. The Millennial Generation: A Demographic Bridge to America’s Diverse Future (Washington DC). The millennial generation, now 44% minority, is the most diverse generation in American history.

4 Posts on Association Marketing

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This Best of The Week focuses on tips for association executives on association marketing: The 8-Second Challenge: Email Marketing for Our Shrinking Attention Span By Cynthia Price via Entrepreneur Email is not dead. Fallon’s success can be attributed to several intangible factors known to appeal to Millennials: He’s positive He’s inclusive He’s sharable.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.27.17

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Patricia Andrade, VP of Marketing, Communications, and Community Relations, ABTS Convention Services. Recruit and Retain Millennial Members. Millennials make up one third of the workforce today, and at the rate Baby Boomers are retiring, millennials will make up 75 percent of the workforce in the country by 2025. Hear about strategies and tactics for not only understanding and recruiting millennials but also for retaining individuals in this age group as members.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.21.16

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Learn about the types of AV vendors and how to evaluate the best options for your event; budget items that may not be listed, and how to leverage them to negotiate on gear and price; speaker contract riders, along with other contract and logistics issues; and questions to ask vendors and questions they should ask you to provide appropriate solutions. Presenters: Lisa Campo, Marketing & Communications Manager, American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.

Daily Buzz: Don’t Be a Perfectionist

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How to meet the membership & education expectations of Millennials and Gen Z | TopClass by WBT Systems [link] #assnchat #membership #associations pic.twitter.com/1Epl7pd3VB. Generation Z and young millennials are different. As a recent WBT Systems blog post points out, they have much greater price sensitivity and much lower brand loyalty than older generations. Quartz at Work ’s Lila MacLellan looks at how the best remote teams communicate.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 8.7.20

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But, this week, WBT Systems reveals the high career costs of working from home for Gen Z and millennials. Partner together to develop opportunities for them to bring their expertise to your members—for a price, of course. That means rethinking how you communicate on a small screen.

Can Associations Thrive in a Crowded Marketplace?


If your association is in the same industry as any of these membership sites, then your members likely have more alternative choices when it comes to benefits and price. A website, online community , and communication engine are all included. By providing skills development and job opportunities, your association could also help attract millennial members. When my family played Monopoly, whoever got those two blue properties (Park Place and Boardwalk) usually won.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.22.19

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Learn about the programs and engagement tactics most influential in establishing a strong perception of value with young members, the median price of membership and how it squares with what we know of the financial burdens millennials and Gen Z are facing, and actionable steps associations can take to eliminate cost as a barrier to joining – or renewing. Presenter: Carol Vernon, founder and principal, Communication Matters: Executive Coaching & Training.

EVOLVE: Technology will Mandate Marketers to Keep Up with the Times


One-way push communication doesn’t work in a vacuum. Access proliferation puts the customer in an active role that allows them to take control over what they buy through search, friend recommendations, site reviews, text/chat communication. This new omni-channel assumes a unified communication channel among all the customer touch points. Smartphones have become an imperative, especially among Millennials.

How Top Leaders and Advocates Navigate Fast-Changing Times

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Boomer succession plans can be just as important as millennial recruiting. . On the flip side, the higher dues price connoted “more prestige,” and ICF attracted a substantially larger number of more engaged members who were more likely to get certified and renew. But our annual Association Communication Benchmarking study showed that association leaders rate advocacy among the five most important topics to members (60 percent).

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What Smart Associations Do Differently

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But many of the legacy challenges remain: information overload, communication clutter, attracting and retaining younger members, maintaining their position as their industry’s No. Sources: *Oscars (MPA); **Billboard Top 100; # Year end closing price for Dow Jones Industrial Average ## U.S. A new study from Iris Mobile and The Center for Media Research found that 75 percent of millennials (Gen Y) access the Internet via their phones. Hank Berkowitz, Association Adviser.

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Apples and Oranges: Why Counting Members Isn’t Always Useful

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Here’s a thought experiment: If tomorrow Apple slashed the price of all its computers to $99, how many new customers would it have? Obviously, Apple would be losing a lot of money at that price point. A discussion at last week’s ASAE Marketing, Membership & Communications Conference raised this concern, at least indirectly, as several association professionals weighed in on the impact of new or re-envisioned membership models.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 8.9.19

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Their post describes the benefits of learning subscriptions for members, employers and associations, and shares ideas for tiers, pricing, and retention tactics. The most important element in marketing and communications is segmentation, says MemberSuite. Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders: How to Attract, Retain and Engage Millennial and Gen Z Talent. Learn how to incorporate tactical strategies designed to enhance the management, engagement and training of millennial employees.

To Invite Innovation, Make Friends With Risk and Change


We watched those containers explode as IT pulled everything from communications to continuing education into its orbit. Whether it’s understanding the impact of Millennials on the market, meeting the demand to go mobile with education and communications, or expanding its customer base beyond the membership—CHEST’s staff and volunteer leadership are creative problem-solvers who embrace growth and change. Communicate goals regularly.

The Hourglass Blog: Association Innovation as Brand Strategy

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The Bentonville behemoth wants you to become someone who gets the brands they desire at the best possible price every day. The Minneapolis merchant wants you to become someone who appreciates the value and appeal of great design at a great price; youre as much a connoisseur as a consumer. Whats our brand image and what does it communicate to people in our marketplace? Communication. Developing Millennial Leaders. Millennials.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.16.18

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Find out why the most successful fundraisers raise more money by NOT treating everyone equally, and why you shouldn’t either; the keys to creating compelling, multi-channel campaigns to recruit new members and volunteers; and why millennials are loyal to some organizations and not others, and how you can create the right experience to attract them. Sohini Baliga, director of communications, Taxpayers for Common Sense, and executive director, Vienna Choral Society.

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The Hourglass Blog: Only Xers Care about Work/Life Balance

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Like a lot of articles about generations in the workplace, this one calls X out as being particularly motivated--to a degree not seen in Boomers or Millennials--by a quest for "work/life balance." Theres a reason why work/life balance is a particular concern of Xers and not Boomers or Millennials. Millennials, conversely, are busy figuring out how to make their life their work. But I sense an undercurrent of jealousy in a lot of Xer talk about Millennials. Millennials.

Membership Wakeup Call for Associations

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As we go live with this issue, the stock market is near its all-time high, housing prices are rebounding in most parts of the country and the jobless rate has significantly improved since we launched Association Adviser in March 2010. Associations must adapt to shifting demographics, new communication platforms and changing member preferences. “This will require hiring staff that have stronger communication and project management skills,” she said.

Survey Says… Online Education’s Role in Membership Marketing

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MGI noted the benefits of recruiting younger members: associations with increases in their one-year membership and five-year membership numbers are significantly more likely to have a higher percentage of millennial members. Offer member and non-member pricing. Clearly communicate the value and ROI members will receive when they participate in one of your programs. No one likes to admit it, but let’s face it, we’re all curious about how we stack up or rank compared to others.

The Hourglass Blog: The Bedrock of Innovation

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The perceieved price of failure in these environments is too high to attract the necessary champions for innovation. Communication. Developing Millennial Leaders. Millennials. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Saturday, November 20, 2010. The Bedrock of Innovation. I was combing through my backlog of HBR blog posts recently and came across this one from shortly after Google pulled the plug on their Google Wave experiment (remember that?).

The Hourglass Blog: Do You Want Your Members to Be "Smart" or.

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In it, he dissects the difference between customers who know how much your services really cost (referring to them as "smart" customers) and those who dont (referring to them as "stupid"), and shares experiences hes had with companies that charge "stupid" customers much higher prices than "smart" ones. In Schrages world, if the customer finds out how much the software really costs, they’ll demand a lower price or go to another provider. Communication. Millennials.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.11.18

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Learn proven email marketing strategies for your live and digital events: generating awareness and registration, nurturing for attendance, and helpful follow-up communications that leave attendees wanting more. Bryan Clark, Associate, Vedder Price. Hear about multiple case studies of association video campaigns that are used for membership, communications and events.

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SCD Group: 8 Articles for Association Executives: Best of the Week.

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Why the Nonprofit World Needs Millennials By Derrick Feldmann and Kari Saratovsky via Huff Post Blog Traditional models of nonprofit engagement are being taken over by a new era of mission-driven social enterprises and an entrepreneurial spirit that runs counter to what many believe the nonprofit sector is capable of. We become better communicators and deepen our social bonds. Is there a "magic" price for association membershi. Pages. About. Contact. Causeaholic.

The Hourglass Blog: The Unsung Heroes of Innovation

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The perceived “price of failure,” in terms of the potential loss of power and influence within an association hierarchy, is often too high to attract the necessary champions for innovation. Communication. Developing Millennial Leaders. Millennials. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Monday, August 16, 2010. The Unsung Heroes of Innovation. Heres an interesting post on innovation from the Harvard Business Review.

The Hourglass Blog: Barriers to Innovation in the Association World

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Furthermore, the perceived “price of failure,” in terms of the potential loss of power and influence within an association hierarchy, is also often too high to attract the necessary champions for innovation. Communication. Developing Millennial Leaders. Millennials. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Thursday, July 29, 2010. Barriers to Innovation in the Association World.

The Hourglass Blog: The Giant Hairball of Complexity

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So when Netflix raised its prices 60% and then decided to split its DVD delivery service off from its video streaming service, you wouldve thought I would have had a strong negative reaction. What fascinates me about the latest Netflix controversy is not the rebellion it has created among Netflix users, or the companys efforts to better communicate with and placate its customers. Communication. Developing Millennial Leaders. Millennials.