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Improve Intergenerational Communication: 3 Tips to Attract & Retain Younger Members

Higher Logic

When Kim Lear spoke at our most recent Super Forum , she reminded us that improving intergenerational communication has never been more pertinent than now. Effective communication is all about managing expectations. If it’s the latter, it’s time to reshape your strategy. Why This Matters for Associations: The Impact of Reaching Out.

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10 Association Communications Stats with Tips to Reach Younger Members More Effectively

Higher Logic

The sooner associations wake up to the reality that their multigenerational membership base isn’t going to retain itself with an outdated communications strategy, the sooner they can break through to emerging generations and maximize overall engagement and retention. 10 Association Communications Stats + Membership Tips.


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Technology in the Workplace: Merging Boomers and Millennials


As even the most traditional workplaces are modernizing their technology systems and creating technology-based strategies, the lines between younger and older generations are clear. Millennials were the first wave of technologists, but many people from Gen Z are also entering the workforce. Communication.

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Millennial-friendly meetings: Bring on the couches and big screens

Aaron Wolowiec

Google images of millennials and you’ll find young professionals connected to their smart phones and tablets. All this aside, while millennials crave technology, they still value face-to-face meetings – albeit with a different flare – and understand the importance of networking, according to a new report by Skift and Meetings Mean Business.

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Daily Buzz: Attract Millennials and Gen Z to Meetings

Associations Now

What millennials really want is more digital integration and to be included in all aspects of a meeting, says Jason Dorsey, president of The Center for Generational Kinetics, in an interview with BizBash. The best way to reach millennials is to create the foundation for a great event before the event happens,” he says.

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Why Millennials Join Associations and What Associations Can Do to Keep Them

Association Adviser

Despite popular sentiment that millennials are disinterested in joining traditional professional associations, young people are uniquely positioned to benefit from association membership in important ways. Don’t make the mistake of lumping all millennials together or thinking they’re not joiners. .

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Technology, your association, and your members. Where do you stand?

YourMembership Blog

How do you go about making decisions involving the technology needs for your association that enable you to serve your members more effectively? We asked that question last week in our webinar, Make the Right Choice: Eva luating Technology for Your Association.