SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico | US report criticizes FEMA response to Maria in Puerto Rico

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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — A federal report has found that problems including staff shortages and lack of trained personnel slowed the U.S. government response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. The report also stated there were logistical challenges given Puerto Rico’s location and noted that the Federal Emergency Management Agency had to assume many responsibilities of the local government given the loss of power and communications.

Strategic Communications Power Membership Value at the American Public Power Association

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Its communications department, headed by Vice President of Integrated Media and Communications Meena Dayak, has led a strategic rebranding of the association to emphasize what its members do — provide community-owned electric power for 2,000 towns and cities nationwide while creating content for utility members to share as their own, fielding ongoing media requests in times of disaster and calm, and producing a daily newsletter with original content.

Membership Hack: Referral Incentives

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Referrals put a friendly and familiar face to our membership,” says Jackie Dilworth, communications and marketing manager at AAP. For every new or reinstated member who joins, the referring member gets a chance to win either a $500 Visa gift card or free registration plus a one-night stay in Puerto Rico for AAP’s 2019 Annual Meeting. The Association of Academic Physiatrists incentivizes members who recruit members in August.

Political and Social Factors Could Upend Travel Industry

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During a forum hosted by Meet Puerto Rico on the future of travel, a panel of industry experts discussed potential challenges from and solutions to the changing travel culture. Travel is a central factor in global exchange, communications, and business.

Talking Translation: MLB Players Group Eyes Giving Teams Spanish Interpreters

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Beltran, who is from Puerto Rico, did not have a full grasp of the English language at first. While Pineda prefers talking to the media himself, an on-staff translator could provide critical support when clear communication is essential, MLBPA says.

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The Surprising Truth About Donor Fatigue And What Nonprofits Can Do To Avoid It

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Alison Carlman, Director of Impact and Communications at Global Giving, offers a deep dive into some Global Giving data to find the answer. as they have to the recent hurricanes in Puerto Rico + the Caribbean ($4.6M Photo by Fuel Relief Fund on GlobalGiving.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.1.18

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Another sign of the deplorable state of cable news: a study found 5,000 people may have died from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, but cable news—CNN, MSNBC and Fox—focused on the trivial Roseanne story instead.