Volunteers: How Much Is Your Time Worth?

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Washington, DC, ranked highest at $34.04, followed by New York ($28.73), Connecticut ($28.26), and Massachusetts ($27.43). The most influential recruitment method was the direct ask, so organizations should approach potential volunteers directly.

Diversify Your Retention Rate, and Other Membership Ideas

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I attended the New York and Connecticut events—and, if not for the overlap, would have joined NE/SAE as well. ” Plenty of associations put members in action to recruit new members , but the same could be done to better retain members, as well.

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Democratic Party Groups Press for New Leaders with Local Focus

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During Barack Obama’s presidency, budgets for state-level candidate recruitment have shrunk or been doled out inconsistently, leading to a deficit of Democratic candidates at local levels. Last month, the chair and chair-elect of the Democratic Governors Association—Connecticut Gov.

5 Ways to Make LinkedIn Board Connect Work for Your Nonprofit

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Recently we started asking umbrella organizations, such as legal and nursing associations for help recruiting board members. Although the recruitment process for Praxis board members isn’t finished, I’ve learned a lot! Halpert , a LinkedIn trainer, helped a Connecticut nonprofit search for board members. The overall recruitment process will take three to four months and will result in adding two or three members to the board of Praxis.