Library Groups Say LinkedIn Policy Changes Could Violate Users’ Privacy

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And an official with the Connecticut Library Association suggested that LinkedIn was abusing its position as a resource in libraries to increase its subscriber count. Library patrons have long had access to resources from, now known as LinkedIn Learning.

Avoid Tech Support Phone Scams

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Martin Roth is a principal, of Norwalk, Connecticut-based INCON Research, Inc., which provides on-site computer and network support for small businesses, individuals and not-for-profit organizations in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Technology cyberscams IT Microsoft scams Martin Roth, INCON Research, Inc. Even savvy PC users can get fooled into thinking a reputable support person from your software or hardware providers needs to gain access to your computer.

Monday Buzz: Take Advantage of Google’s Management Resources

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Some of the out-there choices include taking your team spelunking in the Canadian Rockies or praticipating in a plane-crash survival course in Connecticut. Technology makes remote work easier than ever. Looking for more leadership development resources?

Bagel-Eating Contest Aims to Draw Attention to Start-Up Bagel Group

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He said that several dozen spectators cheered on the 10 competitors, who traveled from New York, Philadelphia, and Connecticut to take part in the competition. The second-annual National Bagel Eating Contest hopes to bring awareness to the fledgling National Bagel Association.

Could Your Association Thrive in a Remote-First Culture?

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And what if not every role, especially not the ones involving technology or creativity, need quite that level of centralization? This is a growing debate in the fields of technology and media in particular that I think associations could probably appreciate. Nowadays, technology has effectively removed the need for work like this to be done up close.

Wednesday Buzz: Clarity in a World of Acronyms

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Obviously, there’s a bit to mock here, but there are also valid technology points being raised. Pizza has long been a cultural barometer of the rise of technology and simplicity. When talking about your association to the outside world, don’t forget to ditch the jargon.

How to Prepare for a Skype Interview

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I am moving to Connecticut in a few months and for the first time in decades actually have to think about details related to a new job search, including preparing for an interview. Eye contact is important even with technology - so look as if you are making eye contact. And finally, technology can go wrong at the search committee site too.

Drone Journalism: Media Groups Raise First Amendment Concerns

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But groups interested in using the technology for journalistic purposes argue that there is a pretty sizable one: freedom of the press. An incident in Hartford, Connecticut , around the scene of a fatal car crash drew an FAA investigation of its own this year.

111 Intriguing Chats for 2011


ahier - Brian Ahier; The Dalles, Oregon; Passionate about healthcare, technology and government 2.0. Dig design, innovation, technology. andreamiller20 - Andrea Miller; Atlanta; Elementary Instructional Technology Specialist. benberkowitz - Benjamin Berkowitz; New Haven, Connecticut; BrandtKrueger - Brandt Krueger; Minneapolis; Geek Dad, Husband, and Corporate Technology Director for metroConnections, Inc. (A

Metro-North Crash Intensifies Calls for Improved Safety, Funding

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As the investigation of the deadly New York City train derailment this week continues, transportation regulators and industry groups have zeroed in on the issue of safety—specifically, the funding and technology needed to make commuter rail travel more secure. In May, two trains collided on a stretch of track in Connecticut. Across the country, transportation and railroad industry groups have complained about a lack of funding and technology needed to keep commuter rail travel safe.

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Why Building Resilient Networks Matter

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Aided by technology, they gathered and shared and used data to figure out where my parents were and how to get them out. From there they traversed Long Island Sound to New London, Connecticut, and then drove to Boston.