7 Content Types to Consider in Your Organization's Next Newsletter


Not long ago on the MemberClicks blog, we touched on content ideas for your organization's newsletter. But in addition to content topics , there are also different content types you can play around with to keep things fresh and your readers engaged.

My top 8 highlights from RSA’s e-newsletter

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I delivered an e-newsletter workshop recently for a client. One of the activities I took the group through was looking at other membership organisation’s e-newsletters. Do you use any of these techniques in your e-newsletters? Uncategorized e-newsletters membership

Nonprofit Newsletter vs. Nonprofit Blog: Which Will Bring More Success

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Here's a full look at the pros and cons of publishing a nonprofit newsletter versus a blogs to help you figure out the best content marketing strategy for your nonprofit. blog newsletter

3 Fresh Content Ideas for Your Organization's Newsletter


Newsletters are great for engaging your organization’s membership. But in order for your newsletter to effectively do that, the content must be: Valuable. Easily scannable (No one wants an overly-long email). Fresh.

Whitepaper: Is AI Right for Your Association’s Newsletter?


Abstract: Email newsletters remain a vital communications vehicle for association engagement and marketing. Can the promise of artificial intelligence provide… The post Whitepaper: Is AI Right for Your Association’s Newsletter? Association Insights Content Marketing AI Artificial Intelligence Association Newsletter Association Newsletters News Briefs whitepaper

15 Content Ideas for Your Association’s Newsletter


Does your association send out a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter? But don’t stop sending out those monthly or bi-monthly newsletters because they’re a GREAT way to engage your association’s membership. If so, you know coming up with ideas can sometimes be tough.

Small staff? Embrace Content Marketing

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But I learned early on about the value of thought leadership and content delivery as being the most valuable part of modern marketing. I adopted a loosely defined content marketing effort, at the expense of traditional marketing programs, that transformed our business.

Four Community Newsletters You Need to Subscribe To

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Community management is a growing industry, with more resources than ever before - but sometimes it can be hard to find the golden nuggets within the ever increasing sea of content. Although some might think them old-school, email newsletters are having a renaissance.

Who Should Own Your Email Newsletter Production Process?

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The email newsletter is a centerpiece of digital strategy for many organizations. And this can make executing your email newsletter tricky business. And, of course, volunteers might want a say in what goes inside your email newsletter.

Daily Buzz: Whittle Down Your Email Newsletters

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What changes would make your email newsletters more engaging? The Wall Street Journal is starting by cutting back on the number of newsletters it produces. How many newsletters does your organization send out each week?

10 point checklist to maximise impact of member e-newsletters

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On 3 rd December I delivered a full-day workshop for the Small Charities Coalition on Building engagement through e-mail newsletters. What are the open and click through rates for your e-newsletter? clear on objectives: It’s a good idea to write 3 or 4 objectives for your e-newsletter.

Generate Revenue from Email Newsletters


As a representative of industries and vertical markets, your email newsletter is a connection point to facilitate the exchange of important information for your community. The immediate way to gain revenue is to sell digital sponsorships within your newsletter.

Thursday Buzz: Make Your Newsletters More Relevant

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The audience is king when it comes to your newsletters. “It may sound obvious, but having a thorough understanding of what your members/readers want helps enormously when creating content for your newsletter.” Are you taking that to heart?

Top 6 Types of Content and Perks to Offer Your Members

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That’s where digital content and other perks come in. Creating special content and unique benefits for your members is the most direct (and often easiest) way to start boosting engagement. Podcasts and Other Audio Content. Start by adapting your other types of content.

Membership Hack: Microvolunteering for Content Creation

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Your members can pitch in as content creators of social media feeds, newsletters, or blogs. At the Austin chapter of the National Association for Catering and Events, creating engaging content is everyone’s responsibility.

Austin 104

What's in a Newsletter?

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We know that most associations send out a newsletter on a periodic basis, both electronically and on paper. It's become a basic practice to do so - so basic that many of your readers probably take it for granted and only glance over the content each issue.

Naming Your Association’s Newsletter: 4 Questions to Ask Yourself


When it comes to newsletters, sometimes the name is just as important as the content inside. Now we’ll be the first to admit, naming can be tricky, so to help you out, here are four questions to ask yourself when embarking on the newsletter naming journey: association management membership management Small Staff Chatter marketingYou want it to be fun, catchy, memorable - something your members will want to open and read through.

Newsletter Launch

Moving through the Association World

It took a bit longer than planned but we finally finished up the re-launch effort of the TMG Connection Newsletter. You can view the newsletter here , and the blog that goes along with it here. For example what we have seen from our stats is that our original content that was written by staff has had the most traffic and longest page visits. The next step of this project now is to keep up with content on the blog.

Turn Your Community into a Content Marketing Engine

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Once considered a fad, content marketing has proven it’s “King” and shows no signs of slowing down. With 2017 coming to a close, now is a great time to revisit your marketing plan and amp up your content initiatives. What Is Content Marketing and How Do I Get Started?

Three Tools for Recycling Past Presentations for Content Marketing

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Her Spin Sucks email newsletter is one of my favorite reads each week, so when Gini Dietrich sent out an invite for a free webinar on the future of content marketing, how could I resist? Content Marketing

Why Your Association Should Sell Native Sponsored Content in Your Media Programs

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But what can you do for them when their ideas have outgrown your website or newsletter ads? Offer native sponsored content. What it is Native sponsored content looks just like content from your association, but […].

The Best Marketing for Educational Programs is Content Marketing

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Unfortunately, promotional content isn’t worth most people’s time unless they’re already highly motivated to buy. But, informational or educational content is another story—and that’s why content marketing is the best marketing strategy for educational programs. Why content marketing is effective. The best kind of marketing is content marketing because it helps you develop a relationship with your readers. How content marketing works.

Why wait for an Association's Monthly Newsletter?

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When sharing information for your association’s members, why wait for a “Monthly Newsletter?”. I love ASAE’s digital Associations Now , the daily electronic newsletter providing valuable information for association professions. Weekly newsletter?

Daily Buzz: Involve Members in Content Creation

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When it comes to generating content, add their perspectives into the mix. Sure, you won’t see most traditional news outlets turn to their readership for help in cultivating the content they pay for, but De Correspondent , a Dutch, membership-based news site does.

That Time the Godfather of Content Laughed at Me


More than two years ago, when I wrote about why I thought content marketing doesn’t work for associations , I figured it was a benign enough topic. Literally being laughed at for being stupid and knowing nothing about content marketing or associations…or pretty much anything.

5 Tips for Building a Content Marketing Strategy for Nonprofits


Content Planning Beyond Just Website Design and SEO. Because of this, there can be more of a struggle to produce engaging content on a regular basis. Content marketing is the peas to your website design carrots. 92 percent of nonprofits utilize content marketing.

Editorial Calendar: Content Marketing Step 4


CONTENT MARKETING OVERVIEW. When we started this series, we said that there were four key elements for building a sound framework for your content marketing strategy : 1. Conducting a content audit. Mapping your content to your prospect buying cycle.

Non-profit Superpowers, Powerful Facebook Content, and More

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This week’s link round-up offers 4 posts that can help you “unlock and use your superpower”, identify powerful Facebook content, tell compelling stories on your website, and create great donor newsletters. Facebook Apricot Jam Communications

How to Deliver Epic Content


In part 1 , I reviewed how to create compelling and audience-focused content. In this post, we’ll cover how to effectively circulate, measure and adjust your content. CIRCULATE: SHINING A LIGHT ON YOUR CONTENT. No content is perfect out of the gate.

Ideas for Reframing Your Community’s Awesome Content

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Many years ago, when I was underemployed, I’m a little ashamed to admit that I did some writing for content farms. These days, though, you don’t need that kind of factory farmed content--you can get organic, pasture-raised content just like Grandma used to make, directly from your community!

Build a Strong Foundation for Your Communications with an Editorial Content Plan

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It’s essential for your association to have a clearly defined editorial content strategy if you want to reach your communications goals. Consider these best practices when creating your association’s editorial content plan for the year.

Content Curation: Hi Impact Social Media Task #4


Content curation is your hi-impact social media task #4. Along with content strategy , engagement and content creation , it is an important step towards online success. Good content curation will develop your competitive edge, establish your authority, and get you more followers.

Managing Meeting Content

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There’s a lot of content developed and distributed around every meeting and event an association holds. How can an organization be more strategic about content creation and delivery? As anyone involved with a big conference knows, meeting content comes from everywhere within an association. But this is the first year where we’ll also be doing work on AssociationsNow.com , which includes our daily e-newsletter as well as each editor’s weekly blogging responsibilities.

ICYMI: What Old School Hip Hop Teaches Us About Content Marketing


What Old School Hip Hop Teaches us About Content Marketing from Aptify. Content creation is a grind. Gain an inspirational perspective from this unlikely source to make content creation more fun, authentic, creative and effective. How do you curate content?

Member Engagement Through Content Marketing


In this article, we’d like to introduce the concept of content marketing. Tactic #2: Content Marketing. Content marketing is simply the creation and proliferation of informative content online. Clearly, content that drives engagement must be digital and distributed online.

Four Tools for Recycling Past Presentations for Content Marketing

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Her Spin Sucks email newsletter is one of my favorite reads each week, so when Gini Dietrich sent out an invite for a free webinar on the future of content marketing, how could I resist? But Gini taught me much about content marketing just by inviting me to her webinar that I cannot attend. With Gini's example fresh in my mind, I started investigating free or inexpensive tools I could use to recycle presentation material for content marketing. Content Marketing

How to Master Infotainment in Your Digital Content

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Have you ever come across the expression: “content is king”? Content may be king (or queen, or fearless overlord – whichever moniker you prefer), but your topic, and how it’s presented, must interest your audience. 5 Tips for Creating Infotainment Content.

Curating conference content to promote member engagement

Aaron Wolowiec

The annual conference finally draws to a close and the last thing on your mind is the resource and content treasures unearthed throughout the event. However, what I’m specifically talking about here is curating conference content that already exists. Following is a high-level overview of the five simple, but effective strategies for curating conference content I’ll share during my July 26 webinar. Aggregate social media content. On Thursday, July 26, at 2 p.m.

Turn Your Association Event Into an Incredible Content Powerhouse

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Is your association taking advantage of all the event-related content that your annual conference generates? While putting forth your best efforts to put on a great event and increase attendance (and future members), it’s easy to leave event- and year-round content opportunities on the table.

Bonus content: Event Garde e-News – May edition

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The first edition of Event Garde’s monthly e-newsletter launches today (and we’re sharing here some of the bonus content from that publication). Q & A with Kristen Parker, Digital Content Manager for Event Garde.