Fall Social Media Post Ideas


As a chill enters the air and the leaves start to turn colors, make sure your social media is prepared for a seasonal change as well. Keeping your content up to date with the time of year can help drive engagement and ensure your posts are relevant.

How to Build Strong Social Media Communities During Difficult Times

Association Adviser

Building a strong social media community for your association takes effort and empathy. Use these tactics to strengthen your social media communities. The post How to Build Strong Social Media Communities During Difficult Times appeared first on Association Adviser.


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How Associations Can Leverage Social Media - Moery Company

Moery Company

One area we have been doubling down on in the past couple of years has been the use of social media. By doing all of these things, it has enormously increased our social media footprint. We have more people opening, reading, forwarding, retweeting, and sharing our content than ever. Chances are some of our partners reading this first learned about us by reading some of our content and not from a cold call or referral.

Going “All In” on Social Media - Moery Company

Moery Company

This social media tactic may help you build awareness and provide a launching pad for more sales in your organization. Our entire team follows our current clients, prospects, and thought leaders in the association business on every social media platform. At our company – we incentivize social sharing as part every individual’s quarterly goals. If they participate through social to help grow the organization – they receive a bonus.

The C-Suite's Role in Social Media

Higher Logic

Social media has undoubtedly gained an increasing role in the business community. For any organization, the importance of social media is right up there with any other marketing strategy. However, are there reasons for business executives to have their own presence on social networks? If your organization is on social media, you should be too. Consider the following advantages when deciding to build a presence for the C-suite on social media.

Social Media for Associations 101

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Before your association starts a social media account on every existing medium, you need to know what you’re trying to accomplish. Simply having a social media account won’t add value to your association, and if not done correctly, social media can actually inhibit progress. When you know your audience well, you will be able to determine which social networks they are utilizing. Social media is designed to be interactive.

3 Ways to (Better) Showcase Members in Social Media

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Social media gurus tell member organizations again and again – don’t make it about you, make it about them. Turning over your social media platform to them is like a nice introduction from a mic. They can finally be heard over the noise of the social sphere. Creating stronger connections in social media is not that much different than how you accomplish it in real life. How do you use social media in reference to your members?

What If Don Draper Ran Social Media for Your Association?

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Corporate + Social. What If Don Draper Ran Social Media for Your Association? March 27th, 2012 | Posted in Social Media and Business Trends. how would your association’s social media plan be different if Don Draper (the infamous ad exec from AMC’s Mad Men) ran the show? That’s how social media feels a lot of the time. ” What would Don say social media is based on? Social Media and Business Trends.

October Social Media Post Ideas for Associations


Coming up with ideas for social media posts can be stressful and time-consuming. The social media success formula indicates that only 10% of posts should be about your organization. A simple technique for keeping on pace with your content calendar is to post about holidays and events. Here are several holiday and event ideas for your October social media posts: Monthly Holidays and Observances. your association’s social media posts ».

Five Social Media Marketing Trends for 2017

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In social media marketing, whenever a door closes, another one has opened. The quicker your association adapts, the better you will be at using social media to your advantage. Marketers will thus have a range of new options for live content. Because consumers are now integrated into experiences remotely, they will demand content worth their full attention. Most social media content is permanent once it has been posted.

How to Manage Social Media with Hootsuite and Buffer

Reid All About it

Social media is a great way to connect with others, find and share resources, and build a community. At a recent AENC Technology Roundtable , I told my fellow attendees about two time-saving social media tools I couldn’t live without: Hootsuite and Buffer. Like you, I have limited time to spend on social media, unless I’m procrastinating, but my social media ROI is worth the effort. Hootsuite, your content dashboard.

December Social Media Post Ideas for Associations


December is an ideal time for associations to post regularly on social media. Social feeds will be crowded with consumer-targeted advertising, so member-based organizations have the opportunity to stand out with useful and meaningful content. On the other hand, it’s the time of year when many association social media managers take time off. The post December Social Media Post Ideas for Associations appeared first on GrowthZone.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Community Using Social Media

Higher Logic

Get the best part of your community in front of members on their favorite social media channels, and bring them back to your online community with valuable, relevant content. Chances are if it is a popular topic in your community, it will also be engaging on your social media pages as well. Aim for a “discussion of the week” to promote on social media and your members will start to watch for it! Online Community Management Social Media

I Miss Social Media

Jamie Notter

So in that vein, I want to lament about something I miss about the old days: social media. It’s funny to think of social media as a component of the “old days,” but honestly that’s what it feels like to me today. I miss social media when it was new, when conversations were alive, community was being built, and new relationships with smart people across the country and the world were forming on a weekly basis. Social Media

Statement On Today’s Executive Order Concerning Social Media And CDA 230


Claims of so-called viewpoint bias rely on isolated anecdotes that are undermined by the fact that politicians and political groups successfully use social media to reach millions of followers every day.

Why Your Association Needs Social Media

Association Adviser

There are many reasons why your association needs social media, but perhaps the biggest is member engagement. Social media also helps with: Thought leadership. Social media platforms. Take a look at your goals, and decide which social media platforms make the most sense for your organization. In 2012, the average Internet user had three social media accounts–now the average is closer to seven, according to Sprout Social.

October Social Media Themes for Associations


Coming up with ideas for social media posts can be stressful and time consuming. The social media success formula indicates that only 10% of posts should be about your organization. A simple technique for keeping on pace with your content calendar is to post about holidays and events. Here are several holiday and event ideas for your October social media posts: HEALTH. Source: Social Sidekick / Meltwater. Social Media Member Engagement

How to Use Social Media to Humanize Your Brand in 2019

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Now, as a consumer in 2019, how much generic and lifeless content are you hoping to, well…consume? My guess would be little to none, but you’ll still run into it, whether it’s in your inbox or your social feeds. Let’s talk about how leveraging social media to humanize your brand can help you foster more engaging connections with your audience. Is Your Brand a ‘People Person’ on Social Media? Resource: What Is Social Listening and Why Is It Important?

Social Media Tips for Busy Association Professionals


Frank Kenny explains how to post to social media even when you’re too busy. Are you sometimes so crunched for time that you fail to post to social media when you meant to? But that doesn’t mean your social media content shouldn’t get posted. I would like to share a quick story with you of how I discovered a strategy (and a few helpful tools) that allowed me to make sure my social media posting got done even though my days went sideways.

Creating a Social Media Content Calendar at Your Association


By now, you probably know the importance of social media. But whether you’re struggling with lack of content or lack of engagement (or both), we’ve found there’s one tool that typically prompts some activity: a social media content calendar. social media for associations member engagement Small Staff ChatterBut have you ever sat there thinking, “What on earth am I supposed to post?!”. Or…”Why does no one ever like our stuff?!”.

Frank Kenny: Selling Memberships with Social Media


sell memberships) maximizing your organization’s social media and digital marketing efforts. Social media is no different. The social media activities you have completed so far are similar to a single person going to a church social, nightclub, or community festival. Again, social media is no different. It seems a little fuzzier, for some reason, when it comes to using social media and digital marketing to actually get sales.

3 Organizations Using Creative Social Media in Light of COVID-19

Association Success

Not letting this tough time control or ruin their spirits, these organizations took to social media to entertain, engage and connect with their audiences. . With no prior social media knowledge, Tim’s daily posts are the wholesome and comedic relief needed during the pandemic.

Daily Buzz: A Social Media Security Guide

Associations Now

Also: Figuring out the appropriate length of your next piece of content. And keeping social media accounts safe is as important as protecting other arms of your organization. — Content Marketing Institute (@CMIContent) April 3, 2020.

Easy Social Media Posts for Associations


Managing social media for an association can be monotonous. Coming up with a content plan for posts can be just plain hard. It includes two full pages of strategically-selected motivational quotes that can be used in blog articles, newsletters, and across all social media platforms. association social media posts. SEE ALSO: July Social Media Ideas for Associations. Social Media Member Engagement

What’s Trending in Association Content Delivery and Sales?

Moery Company

There are a few trends developing around our content delivery and sales process, and it’s very exciting. Over the last several weeks, we’ve seen growth in content engagement and have observed our sales cycle shortening rather significantly. It makes sense – people are at home, relaxing, having a cold drink, and catching up on their social media. Deliver your very best content in the evening and watch your engagement go up. Communications Sales Social Media

Can Social Media Get Me a Job?

KiKi L'Italien's Acronym Soup

Is it important to have a professional profile to be on social media? Better yet, can social media get you the job you want most? Many people are used to hearing the horror stories of employers looking at their employees' personal social media accounts and finding inappropriate content. Some are adequately frightened enough to avoid most social media all together. What are you thinking of starting or stopping on social media?

Your Holiday Social Media Schedule Is Here!


You know you need to be posting on social media, but hey, who has the time? And for that matter, the content? And good news: The holiday season is one of the BEST times to engage with people (both members and prospects) on social media. See below for your very own holiday social media schedule! Small Staff Chatter member engagement social media for associationsYou do! You just have to plan ahead and get a little creative.

3 Social Media Take-Aways From #pcmapower

Velvet Chainsaw

The PCMA Power chapter hosted industry veterans and Hospitality majors from Kent State University last week in social media roundtable discussions. The mix of ages and experiences brought interesting insight to the role social media can play in attendee acquisition and engagement. Create a helping over selling mindset for your social media. Social media should not be used as one more way to push information to me.

Stop Wasting Time with Social Media

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Corporate + Social. Put an End to Your Social Media Efforts. September 18th, 2012 | Posted in Member Engagement + Retention , Social Media and Business Trends. Give up on social. Curating content that’s helpful to your audience. Then you haven’t really tried social. Social Media and Business Trends. Corporate + Social. Membership Software Association Management Software. Solutions. Associations.

Statement On The Signing Of Texas Social Media Censorship Bill


The First Amendment and Section 230 give Internet companies the legal framework to moderate content to protect internet users from harm including hate speech, COVID-19 misinformation, terrorist propaganda, and financial scams.

Texas 52

Frank Kenny Part 1: Social Media Relationship-Building


Well, in the age of social media, how do you develop and maintain that know, like, and trust that is so crucial? With social media, of course. Social media is the tool that allows you to build and nurture relationships at scale. Here are 7 easy ways for your organization to generate relationship-building conversations on social media: Ask questions. Your organization is a media company now. Do content marketing.

Turn Your Social Media Goals Upside Down

Association Adviser

It shows all too clearly that social media is still considered a broadcast medium by many associations. Too many associations still treat social media as a one-way broadcast medium and are missing great engagement and intelligence-gathering opportunities from members. Social media strategy is much greater than merely nudging or bribing your members to share, tweet or follow your content and calling that engagement. Stephen D. Rappaport.

Tech Tools to Create Cool Content for Social Media

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Technology Beth Ziesenis mobile apps social media tech tools technology Beth Ziesenis is known as “Your Nerdy Best Friend.” ” She always has great suggestions for tech tools that are easy, inexpensive and fun. I always make sure I check out her sessions when. For more about this topic, click on the headline.

Social Media: A Marathon, Not a Sprint

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It was a fantastic gathering of some sharp and creative minds who work in gaming, digital marketing, software, Web design, and social media. One session covered the steps needed to become a social media hero. Contrary to the stereotypical image of a solitary superhero single-handedly saving the day, however, the speaker, John Gonnella, emphasized that social media success is a group effort. Your fans own your social media channel.

A Simple Approach to Social Media Policy


If your organization is using social media or just starting to get serious about its management of social media, you should spend some time developing a social media policy as part of your. Procedure for setting up an official social media account.

Five Content Ideas for Associations

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Categories: Member Engagement + Retention , Social Media and Business Trends Tags: content , content marketing , content strategy You can be the best writer in the world but if you don’t “listen” and “watch” and know your audience, your content will always fall short. Creating top-notch content is as easy as predicting the end of a romantic comedy.

Three Ways Associations Can Improve their Social Media Strategy


It has been over fifteen years since MySpace began redefining what the term “friend” meant and more than a decade since The Social Network told the story of Facebook’s early days. These days it can be a challenge to keep track of all the social media platforms out there.

Associations’ Social Media Confidence Grows

Associations Now

A new report on social media use among associations shows they have grown increasingly more comfortable in using social media over the last couple of years. Associations around the globe are more self-assured than ever when it comes to social media, according to the third “ Social Media Impact Study ” from association management and communications company Kellen. “In How has your social media strategy changed in the last couple of years?

How can RebelMouse help membership organisations with their social media?

Optimist Consulting

There is so much content being produced and shared across social media channels. As a membership organisation you are probably producing lots of your own content and you might also be streaming third party information to members. Most organisations have separate social media channels and therefore separate audiences; however, there is a platform that aims to bring them all together – RebelMouse. Social media

Big Trends in Association Content and Sales - Moery Company

Moery Company

There are few trends we ’ve seen developing with our content delivery, and it’s pretty exciting. First, over the last few weeks, we’ve been posting a live video in the evening and are beginning to see double-digit growth regarding content engagement during the evening hours. It makes sense – people are at home, relaxing, having a cold drink, and catching up on their social media. Deliver your very best content in the evening and watch your engagement go up.