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Lots of folks have talked about San Diego and the ASAE Annual Meeting. Location, sessions, timing, registration, special events, cost - the whole nine. Labels: annual meeting , asae , conferences , san diego. The Fun Stuff in San Diego. Thoughts from ASAE Annual in San Diego. skip to main | skip to sidebar. BlogClump - Blogging About Associations From a Gen Xer. A Gen Xer giving his thoughts and opinions on the Association world.

Conference Circuit: Jewish Scholars

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The Association for Jewish Studies’ 48th Annual Conference begins in San Diego this weekend. More than 1,000 Jewish studies scholars will head to San Diego in the upcoming days to share ideas and explore how the academic community has deepened its engagement with the arts, the humanities, and the social sciences. Venue: Hilton San Diego Bayfront. Location: San Diego. Rundown Attendees: 1,100. Sessions: 190 plus.


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2016: An Association Blogging and Podcasting Odyssey

Spark Consulting

I remember participating in my first bloggercon at ASAE in a sunny plaza in San Diego in 2008, shortly after I’d launched Thanks For Playing, the precursor to the Spark blog, with about 30 other association professionals, sharing our thoughts about how to use this new platform to strengthen our industry and our community. How do you cover the cost of content creation? (Do Do you cover the cost?).

Conference Circuit: Go With the Flow

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More than 1,000 water-treatment professionals will make their way to sunny San Diego after the Labor Day weekend to increase their business connections and resources, gain knowledge, and find cost-effective solutions to their challenges. Venue: San Diego Convention Center and Omni San Diego Hotel. Rundown Attendees: 1,100. Exhibitors: 125 plus. The Association of Water Technologies’ Annual Convention and Exposition kicks off next week.

5 ways to communicate the value of your membership

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Here a 5 ways to communicate the value of membership to your audience: Add a monetary value to your benefits – if you can, explain what the cost of the benefit would be if they had to pay directly. The Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego has a visually appealing grid to help members understand the different levels. Obviously there is a cost to this, but I thought it was a clever idea and appropriate for the audience.

The Guardian Expands U.S. Reporting With New Nonprofit Arm

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The company has changed its strategy recently in part because it was required to cut costs significantly last year to rein in major losses. Earlier this year, Voice of San Diego spun off its News Revenue Hub , a program designed to help news outlets build membership-driven revenue programs, as a separate nonprofit.

Best Benefit Ever: Bank on It

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MBA announced the union at its 102nd Annual Convention and Expo in San Diego. “We believe this will create cost savings for them and give them access to first-rate opportunities as a direct result.” A new partnership between the Mortgage Bankers Association and one of the best-known names in lending could boost benefits for mortgage bankers. What’s the benefit?

Dealing With a Data Breach? Follow This Advice.

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At the association’s 2014 conference in San Diego this week, DMA released The Essential Guide to Data Breach Notification , produced by the the association and the law firm Venable LLP, offering advice on how to deal with potential worst-case scenarios. Often, these breaches have hidden costs that ripple through related sectors. The average cost to a company of responding to a data breach is $5.9

Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.17.20

Reid All About it

He also addresses unconscious bias and privilege: “We need to see and acknowledge the costs and missed opportunities that the biases at work in our personal, professional, and societal lives impose before we can address them.” This pasta al limone from Bon Appetit reminds me of a dish I had for lunch one day in a restaurant in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. Joe Buehrle, vice president of organizational planning for Social Advocates for Youth, San Diego.

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How College Football Bowls Boost the Economy

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Corralling all these games together is the Football Bowl Association (FBA), which recently commissioned a study on the economic impact of college bowls, conducted by researchers at George Washington University and San Diego State University. Everything costs more.”. New research commissioned by the Football Bowl Association finds that even small-stakes college bowl games give local economies a significant boost. But the bowl system faces some challenges ahead.

The Headaches of Thanksgiving Travel: Could They Happen Year-Round?

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Kennedy International (JFK), Orlando International (MCO), Las Vegas’ McCarran International (LAS), San Diego International (SAN), Honolulu International (HNL), and Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International (FLL)—all could experience delays twice a week at the Thanksgiving Wednesday level by 2016. costing the economy $6 billion in travel spending.

Save Journalism. Not Newspapers.

Guilt by Association

The San Diego News Tribune has been narrowly saved, for now. The San Francisco Chronicle is a dead man walking. But with newspapers’ huge capital costs – those iconic printing presses – perhaps only bankruptcies will set them free and allow them to compete successfully with the pure plays. This is the year that the newspaper, as a business model, dies. The Rocky Mountain News closed last month.

Membership and Chapter Growth is a Team Effort at AGC of America

Association Adviser

One serves San Diego and one serves the remainder of the state. Again, it has been a team effort from everyone who has worked to improve AGC’s mix of affinity programs, sponsorships and conference exhibit strategy, where we try to maximize the experience and value for attendees but also strategically manage the cost side of events. From the Corner Office: Jeff Wilson, Associated General Contractors of America.

Catching Back Up with Shirky - BlogClump


The Fun Stuff in San Diego. Thoughts from ASAE Annual in San Diego. skip to main | skip to sidebar. BlogClump - Blogging About Associations From a Gen Xer. A Gen Xer giving his thoughts and opinions on the Association world. Tuesday, August 26, 2008. Catching Back Up with Shirky. I took a small break from my Here Comes Everybody reading. Fatherhood, a trade show, and a growing stack of magazines will do that.

Rapid Response: What the Immigration Order Means for One Conference

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That’s because ICA—which represents scholars in all aspects of human and mediated communication—is only three months out from its May 2017 annual conference in San Diego. While this will incur additional cost, Gardner said the expense is one the group is “very happy to absorb in order to help facilitate discussion and knowledge sharing.”. While there are extra costs and technology hurdles involved, Gardner said the issue has already been on the agenda. “We’re

A Wee Glimpse Into Tech09


nice to see everyone since San Diego. 10:14 key issues: time to clean house, figure out core competencies, core programs, cost reduction but in a forward thinking way 10:16 key issues: bridging generations, succession planning, retaining retiring members, reaching out to younger generations 10:21 key issues: embracing cloud computing and open source in large or small ways 10:58 presenting our RUTI update.

Now this is a cool business card


A good point from their site - Cost of a card reader - $250, cost of this - $30. And there's lots of other uses - I am 100% sure that part of the reason our YAP party was so huge at ASAE's annual meeting in San Diego was thanks to some tiny little invite cards we handed out selectively, which simply had the location of the party on the front and the website on the back. Check it out. What do you think? What would yours look like?