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2018 eLearning Predictions: Updated Hype Curve

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Value-based accreditation: Continuing with the CE credit economy, we note that many CE providers are concerned with competition in the market, which we can describe in economic terms as deflation of the price of CE credit. Less abstractly, the CE business of non-profit associations is threatened by for-profit CE providers that undercut the associations’ prices. An example would be getting your high-fidelity medical simulator to talk to your LMS and LRS.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.21.17

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A few years ago I took an excellent online Coursera course, Modern American Poetry. LMS provider WBT Systems writes about instructional design innovations that associations could borrow from “ModPo” and a few other award-winning MOOCs. Learn what to look for in a mobile app to best support your sponsorship sales, which metrics are most important to focus on, and how to think about pricing and packaging of sponsorship opportunities.

Remember the 3 E’s When Marketing Educational Programs

WBT Systems

Besides other associations, you now have online professional platforms like LinkedIn (now owned by Microsoft) and Udacity to worry about, plus all the MOOCs like Coursera and EdX. Provide advanced level programs for executives or 101 courses for affiliate/associate members. Overturn traditional assumptions about price/performance relationships. See who’s visiting your website and LMS, and who’s opening and clicking your emails.

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