Time for a MOOC-like makeover

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Massive Open Online Courses. But either way, MOOCs probably aren’t going anywhere, so it’s wise to take some tips from their success. So what’s a MOOC? A MOOC is a social, networked learning experience that blends a subject matter expert (instructor), technology and convenience. In the background, a successful learning management system is key to operating a successful MOOC. There are MOOC-like things associations can do to entice learners.

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MOOCs: A myth for the masses? Not so much

Aaron Wolowiec

An infographic by Online-PhD-Programs.org summarizing MOOCs. Massive Open Online Courses – or MOOCs – seem to be all the rage. MOOCs are online classes that are available to anyone with a computer and/or Internet access. Some MOOCs are free, but others aren’t. It’s a bit confusing as MOOCs are still trying to find their place among social media, 24-7 access to news and a society that thrives on convenience. percent of respondents offer MOOCs and only 4.6

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The State of the MOOC: What Associations Should Know

Associations Now

Massive open online courses, or MOOCs, have been around long enough that some strong takeaways are starting to show themselves. Read on to see what Harvard and MIT have learned about MOOCs—and what your association should keep in mind. The buzz around massive open online courses, or MOOCs, hasn’t dissipated in the years since the trend has picked up. million people that accessed content in a course, just 16.6 Is Now the Time For Your MOOC?

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Wednesday Buzz: Use MOOCs to Build Community

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Encourage your members to hang out with other members when they dive into your online courses. Does your association provide massive open online courses (MOOCs) or virtual continuing education courses to members? But Lifehacker notes that online courses can be turned into group activity. “I say meet up with a couple of friends instead and turn one of these courses into something that feels like a real classroom,” recommends Patrick Allan.

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Life goes on…and so does learning

Aaron Wolowiec

A variety of tools – from web and social media analytics to e-mail statistics to low-cost feedback systems like iPerceptions – can be used to extend and strengthen traditional, less agile market research methods,” Cobb said. Tagoras has produced a list of tips for associations that want to compete in a global market for continuing education and professional development. So now I’m wondering, where do Massive Open Online Courses fit into this equation?

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Moose to MOOCs and 3 other articles for association executives

SCD Group

Universities bolster MOOCs for online learning By Mary Beth Marklein via USA TODAY. Content Marketing Using Niche Networks By Monica Bussolati via Bussolati.com. Here are a few tips that will help you finalize a solid content marketing plan. Yet despite countless courses and seminars on the techniques of association management, they are continually overwhelmed by unmanageable events. Markets become unpredictable.

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Associations play an important role in higher education

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But with credentialing programs, MOOCs, conferences and other online offerings, associations can fill the skills gap. Students drive their own pace of completion through a program’s curricular courses or modules by demonstrating competencies through learning exercises, activities and engaging experiences. Because the learning can occur in varied settings and forms, individuals are not restricted by course schedules and access to programs. Try MOOCs or coding camps.

Can Associations Corner the Education Market?

Associations Now

Take massive open online courses, or MOOCs, for example. By virtue of being free and open to anyone around the world, MOOCs present an opportunity to think about the format and delivery of association educational offerings, suggested Shelly Alcorn, CAE, of Alcorn Associates Management Consulting, at the ASAE NextGen Summit in Reno, Nevada last fall. The post Can Associations Corner the Education Market?

Remember the 3 E’s When Marketing Educational Programs

WBT Systems

An effective online learning marketing plan has three phases. The three E’s of marketing educational programs will help you succeed with each of these three phases of marketing. Expeditionary Marketing. You don’t often hear about expeditionary marketing but in times of change, this bold approach could take your online educational programs—and non-dues revenue—to new heights. First, escape the tyranny of served markets. Emotional Marketing.

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Always the Last to Know: Analytics Academy

Spark Consulting

It’s a six unit free MOOC that is designed to provide (and I quote): An overview of today’s digital measurement landscape. Deep-dives into Google Analytics reports with specific examples for evaluating your digital marketing performance. The course includes video lessons, quizzes, and a learner community. Do you use Google Analytics to track your web traffic and use data? Would you like to do it better? Google is launching Analytics Academ y to help you do just that.

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Is your online education ready for Generation Flux?


This article originally appeared on the Avectra blog with the title, Association Learning Communities Offer More than MOOC. ————– Since the announcement by Harvard and MIT about the launch of their joint online education venture, edX , I’ve seen several articles and opinion pieces about MOOC – massive open online courses. The best thing of all: MOOC is free. Lessons from MOOC. MOOC, schmooc.

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2018 eLearning Predictions: Updated Hype Curve

Web Courseworks

We use our knowledge of practical use cases to put the media and marketing hype in perspective. Value-based accreditation: Continuing with the CE credit economy, we note that many CE providers are concerned with competition in the market, which we can describe in economic terms as deflation of the price of CE credit. What should bother us is the possibility of lower educational value being associated with the flood of cheap CE “products” into the market.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.7.16

Reid All About it

Class Central has reviewed and compiled a list of The Best Intro to Programming Courses for Data Science. This list is part of their Data Science Career Guide , a six-part series recommending the best online courses and MOOCs for people entering the data science industry. What online courses (including your own) and MOOCs would you recommend to people entering (or thinking about entering) your industry or profession?

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10 Tips to Take You from Zero to eLearning Hero

Blue Sky eLearn

Some companies offer turn-key online courses that you could buy or revenue share so you have something to offer initially. You’ll hear all sorts of terminology in the eLearning world – MOOCS, Moodles, gamification – don’t be overwhelmed by this! A course or a workshop? Use the same terminology across the board – in your LMS, on your website, on social media, and in the marketing messages. Have a marketing campaign in place and ready to go.

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How Associations Can Transform Higher Education

Reid All About it

Here are some of the courses I’d require: Strategic thinking and goal-setting. They need to offer relevant, dynamic curriculums—accreditation requirements hold them back now from responding quickly enough to market (and student) needs. Thanks to MOOCs , many people around the world are patching together a college-level education by taking classes from Brown, Penn, UVA, Harvard and other respected universities. How long will it be before it enters your market?

Mastering Your Craft

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And a college degree, even in a fairly "job training" focused field like business, marketing, or computer programming, is no longer a guarantee of a good job, or any job. Enter MOOCs ( massive open online courses ). Right now, MOOCs are great - take classes from an Ivy for free! - This past fall, I had the opportunity to participate in a multi-day retreat with a bunch of smart people where we focused on the future of work.

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What Three Fringe Learning Formats Might Offer Associations

Associations Now

As the association industry continues to mull the possibilities of cornering the education market , a new whitepaper from Tagoras takes a look at three “fringe” education formats. For example, flipped content is something new and different associations can market as part of their current educational product portfolio to help raise its value. How could MOOCs be of value to associations? Another potential drawback of MOOCs is their generality.

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3 E-learning Myths It’s Time to Put to Bed

Aaron Wolowiec

With the global e-learning market now valued at more than $100 billion, we are well past the point where e-learning is simply a trend. The default assumption seems to be that it involves adding animation and game-like elements to courses, but effective interaction can be achieved with much simpler methods. Another is to have learners download worksheets they can make use of before, during or after a course experience. Jeff Cobb, co-founder of Tagoras Inc.

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10 Steps from Zero to eLearning Hero

Blue Sky eLearn

Some companies offer turn-key online courses that you could buy or revenue share so you have something to offer initially. You’ll hear all sorts of terminology in the eLearning world – MOOCS, Moodles, gamification – don’t be overwhelmed by this! A course or a workshop? Use the same terminology across the board – in your LMS, on your website, on social media, and in the marketing messages. Have a marketing campaign in place and ready to go.

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Finding Radical Value in Core Competencies

Association Subculture

Regardless, the major innovations associations are seeking may not always be in completely new territory, but in having the courage and fortitude to effectively meet the challenges we have been presented with in our areas of core competency that have compelling possibilities in these new markets that are presenting themselves. Reframe Delivery – Massive open online courses or “MOOCs” are effectively disrupting the landscape.

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The Many Benefits of Selling Online Education to Corporate Members

WBT Systems

The global corporate online training market is expected to grow by nearly 10% annually over the next five years. that we’re hosting with our friends at Talented Learning: How to Scale Online Learning: B2B Market Strategies for Associations. Even MOOCs have caught on. HR and learning consultant Josh Bersin said , “Learning and development startups still face a loyalty challenge… It’s not an easy market with so much competition.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.21.17

Reid All About it

A few years ago I took an excellent online Coursera course, Modern American Poetry. LMS provider WBT Systems writes about instructional design innovations that associations could borrow from “ModPo” and a few other award-winning MOOCs. Host: American Marketing Association. Grow Your Event with Digital Marketing That Works. For most event marketers, email is still the primary go-to tool. David Haas, digital marketing services, FreemanXP.

Learning + Technology: The Latest on What Associations Are Doing


To what extent do social media, mobile, and trends like massive open online courses factor in? Self-paced online courses, at 65.5 Less than 10 percent of respondents indicated that have experimented with trendy new options like massive open online courses (MOOCs), digital badges, flipped classrooms, or gamification. Related Posts How to Lead Your Way to a Social Organization Read the 2013 Speaker Report What’s coming down the pike in social marketing?

Report: Where Association Learning Technology Is Going

Associations Now

But while the survey highlights great strides made in the association space since Tagoras conducted its first Association Learning + Technology report in 2008, the latest report highlighted some places for improvement—specifically with emerging technologies such as massive open online courses (MOOCs), flipped classes, gamified learning, microcredentials, and microlearning.

What Happens When Digital Education Reaches Your Profession/Industry?

SCD Group

Massive open online courses, which are free and have attracted hundreds of thousands of learners but offer no degree, already have forced traditional higher education to re-examine how to reach more students at lower cost. Expanding nonprofits who see your market as growth opportunity? Startup MOOCs who see education as more than for 18to 25-year-olds? Sharing knowledge represents a core mission for many associations.

Smithsonian Dives Deeper Into Online Learning. What Now for Associations?

Associations Now

As I was reading The Washington Post online earlier this week, I came across this headline: “ Smithsonian Makes Deal to Offer Online Courses.” Of course, it piqued my interest being that it falls under the umbrella of topics I cover in this blog. Here are some more details about the Smithsonian’s courses: At least 12 multimedia lectures will be developed over the next 10 years, all based on a licensing agreement with education group The Great Courses.

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Challenges and Opportunities for Association Education Programs

WBT Systems

Some of the relevant insights provide great messaging for associations seeking to market their education and certification programs to members. Here, associations have a huge opportunity and advantage over their MOOC competitors to lead the required change in continuing education – the issues of industry knowledge trust, authentication, and validation of qualifications earned. Online learning communities , discussion groups, or courses can provide a shared learning platform.”

9 Ways to Increase Online Student Engagement

WBT Systems

An online course that merely provides information is no better than any other in today’s competitive lifelong learning market. Your association must differentiate itself by offering online courses that engage, connect, and transform students. When more students enjoy and complete your course successfully, your eLearning programs benefit from their return business and referrals. #1 The course shouldn’t feel like it’s running on auto-pilot.

SCD Group: 5 Articles on Association Meetings & Education

SCD Group

College may never be the same By Mary Beth Marklein, USA TODAY Massive Open Online Courses --MOOCs, for short. And MOOCs already have attracted the interest of some employers, paving the way for a potential revenue source. The spark ignited last fall, when more than 160,000 people worldwide signed up to take a free artificial intelligence course taught by Stanford research professor Sebastian Thrun, who is perhaps best known as a leading force behind Googles driverless car.

Wake Up to Educating the Future Workforce

Associations Now

His response: “The problem is the job market. … The job market is changing yet again from commodity-based capital to intellectual-based capital, and that requires more education. … In another session, participants discussed the rise of Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Last year, Associations Now highlighted the Online News Association’s ONACamp , a traveling series of free courses training journalists in the newest tools of the trade.

Association Disruption: What’s your Educational Moonshot?


Thinking small isn’t going to turn your association into a market leader and innovator, but an educational moonshot will. Help people put together a career curriculum based upon courses offered by your association and other online learning organizations. If necessary, learners could supplement your programs with college courses offered by MOOCs. Michelle Brien is VP of Marketing & Product Strategy at WBT Systems and a member of.OrgCommunity.

Digital Analytics Basics: Free Online Academy from Google

Beth Kanter

Google has launched Analytics Academy , a three-week online course t three-week course offers the basics for those seeking to understand the how to improve results through better digital measurement. Deep-dives into Google Analytics reports with specific examples for evaluating your digital marketing performance. In short, an example would be a group of self-directed learners coming together online to organize a course without the direction of an instructor.

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8 New Ideas for Engaging Online Students

WBT Systems

The course’s curriculum, content and delivery must be designed specifically for online learning. If you don’t have these resources, check out: Coursera’s Learning to Teach Online course. Don’t wait for the end of the course to find out about adjustments you can make along the way. You might be sick of hearing about storytelling—it’s been a marketing buzzword the past few years. Score bonus points if you can get a course alumni to do this.

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Tuesday Buzz: Reflections on the Web’s Birthday

Associations Now

For example, Vint Cerf, Google’s vice president and an internet evangelist, predicts “more businesses will be born online with a global market from the beginning. Massive open online courses (MOOCs) will become important revenue streams.” Here’s just a peek into what’s going on: Great example of content marketing. Some of the wisest people in technology reflect on the birth of the World Wide Web, which turns 25 this week.

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Tuesday Buzz: When the Gated Online Community Works

Associations Now

Aptify marketing guru Kiki L’Italien has been hosting # assnchat for years now, and in that time, she’s spotted an interesting trend—the topics being discussed are moving away from more general issues of the day. ” Be sure to check out the rest of the interview, where L’Italien talks about other relevancy issues, as well as up-and-coming technologies such as massive open online courses (MOOCs).

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What does the collaborative economy mean for associations?

Mizz Information

I’ve been reading and thinking about the collaborative economy for a while now, and of course can’t help but wonder what it means for the association industry. What happens when people are no longer in the market to purchase products because they prefer to borrow them--will those vendors still exhibit at tradeshows? Never heard of “collaborative economy”?

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Help Your Members Across the Digital Readiness Gap

WBT Systems

If the target market for your educational programs is on the wrong side of this gap, you need to know and you need a plan for bridging the gap. Familiarity with education technology : How familiar people are with online learning, MOOCs, digital badges, Khan Academy, and other online educational resources. They’re relatively aware of educational technology—60% have used the internet for some type of personal learning but only 23% have taken an online course.

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How to Prepare a Business Case for a New LMS

WBT Systems

Don’t overlook competing programs from other associations, higher education institutions, MOOCs, and for-profit companies, like LinkedIn, Udemy, and firms in your industry. Can you find members who haven’t taken your online courses but have taken courses elsewhere? Find out how your courses come up short. See if you can find any industry workforce research or forecasts that show or predict market demand for the type of education you could offer.

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How to Continue the Conference Learning Experience

WBT Systems

Cannibalization is people’s biggest fear of the hybrid space,” says Jennifer Kush, PCMA’s director of experience marketing. “It Not only does our virtual audience grow from year to year, having hybrid access has motivated more people to come to the physical version of the same event the next year,” said Carolyn Clark, PCMA’s vice president of marketing and communications. Recorded sessions can become part of a digital badge or online course curriculum.

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How to Get Your Association to Support Staff’s Professional Development

WBT Systems

Review position descriptions at your association (including your own position) and at other associations to decide which skills and knowledge you need to: Take your association’s educational programs, program management, or program marketing to the next level. Once you know what you want to study, explore all formats, both in-person classes, workshops, conferences, and presentations, and online courses, conferences, summits, and webinars. Attract new market segments.

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