Hotel Group Launches New Job-Recruiting Initiative

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The American Hotel & Lodging Association’s Hospitality is Working campaign will support the recruitment and placement of Opportunity Youth—16 to 24-year-olds who are out of both school and the workforce—in the hospitality industry.

Cheat Sheet: #ASAE12 Annual Meeting Sessions For Professional Development Staff

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Dallas Convention Center (DCC): D171. Find out what association CEOs and credentialing program managers say about how credentialing programs influence member recruitment, retention, and association activity level; and how the programs contribute to association revenue streams.

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Does Your Association Produce Videos?

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I’m presenting at the ASAE Annual Meeting in Dallas, August 11-14. We’re conducting a short survey of association video use; we’ll report the results during our presentation in Dallas.

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Texas House Considers Discriminatory Bill Alternative

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The Dallas Observer reported that 66 witnesses spoke against the bill, while six spoke in favor. You do not want to tie the hands of Texas employers on their ability to recruit talent,” Texas Association of Business President Chris Wallace told the committee.

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Add Chapters to Make an Old Association Feel New

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Launching a chapter network has helped PEN America, a literary organization with almost 100 years of history, recruit new members and reinvent opportunities for member engagement at the local level.

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Monday Buzz: Membership Data You Need to Know

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According to the MemberSuite blog , analyzing these five trends delivers the most impactful insights: demographic data, renewal trends, recruitment information, event data, and the average length of membership. Find Us on LinkedIn Looking for more association leadership content?

Pope Francis: Catholic Student Associations Capitalize on Papal Visit

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The University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Catholic Student Association (PCSA) found that displaying a cardboard cutout of the pontiff during a recent recruitment event drew large numbers of prospects.

5 Elements Turning a Game into a Signature Event

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[Editor’s note: I originally planned to create several posts about this event; but, alas I’ve been sick in bed since returning from Dallas.] Recognize Sponsors CFP recruited major corporate sponsors AND did an outstanding job in recognizing them before, during and after the event.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.14.19

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Host: Dallas-Fort Worth Association Executives (DFWAE). Membership Recruitment Tips and Tricks.

What are your association’s tribes?

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The other day I heard an interview with Mark Cuban (entrepreneur & owner of the Dallas Mavericks). Think of his writing below in terms of your member recruitment and retention efforts: "Sooner or later, tribes begin to exclude interested but unaffiliated newcomers. "It He was being asked about the 2016 Presidential campaign and specifically about the phenomenon of the Trump and Sanders’ campaigns.

Happiness is Contagious?

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On the airport shuttle in Dallas, walking to the hotel in New Orleans or a shopping mall in St. And we may need to consider focusing recruitment efforts on the happier folks. The September 13, 2009 New York Times Magazine had a fascinating article ( by Clive Thompson. Thompson discuss a study conducted by Nicholas Christakis and James Fowler on the impact social connections have on your life.

Can Disruptive Innovation Benefit Associations?

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Rather than sitting around and talking about negative trends or "fussing" about Millennials, two businesses within these industrie shave refocused and created innovations designed to re/engage participants and recruit new ones. You have to go to Atlanta or Dallas (or another major city) to find a building that has all these pieces." What do you do if participation is dropping? Not just once but often enough to be a trend. It could be membership. Or convention attendance.

CMI's Association Management Blog: Diversity: Not Just An.

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Many of todays largest and most successful businesses have long used an aggressive strategy, for example, of actively recruiting the "best and the brightest" minority students from colleges and universities. CMI) is an association management company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Friday, November 21, 2008. Diversity: Not Just An Economic Imperative. I spent the early part of this week with a group of other association executives.