How Detroit Got Its Groove Back

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The city’s convention and visitors bureau announced hotel and convention bookings are up significantly for the next two years—the result of a hard-fought effort to elevate Detroit’s image. We had to work extremely hard to convince customers that Detroit is operating and is suitable for major conventions. Detroit may be dealing with bankruptcy , but you wouldn’t know it by looking at its convention and hotel room bookings for the next couple of years.

JPMorgan Chase Gives Major Boost to Detroit Nonprofits

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Meet In Motor City The association community will get a glimpse of just how far Detroit has come in the last few years when members of the industry gather for ASAE’s 2015 Annual Meeting and Exposition, taking place August 8 to11. ASAE’s Annual Meeting and Exposition in Detroit will give the city a great platform to tell its comeback story and position Detroit as an ideal location for association meetings,” said ASAE President and CEO John H.


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3 Reasons Why the Big Red “M” is Sponsoring an IndyCar - Moery Company

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We have several reasons: #1 Marketing today is all about getting attention. This sponsorship differentiates us from every other company buying a booth at an upcoming association industry conference. Big example: We’ll be traveling to Detroit, Michigan; Fort Worth, Texas; Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, and Lexington, Ohio for a scheduled IndyCar race. Business Development Marketing Sponsorships

Motor City, ASAE 2015 and a Remarkable Year at YM

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I am excited about making my way to Detroit, except for the 4:00 AM wakeup call to make my flight – reminds me too much of my days as a kid delivering newspapers. We acquired Job Target’s Career Center Business Unit to go with our Association Career Network, marking a turning point in the industry by combining the strongest career center platform and services model with the best media and advertising sales force in the marketplace.

Insects for Dinner? New Trade Group Hopes to Make the Case

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The group, launched at an event in Detroit, highlights the fact that some startups see the Motor City as ripe for edible-bug manufacturing. For the rest of you, the edible-bug industry really wants you to know that it’s not as weird as it sounds and that an association is being created to highlight just how great bug tacos actually are. And of course, concerted marketing and public awareness campaigns educating the public about the industry as a whole,” Allen added.

Obsessive Innovation: Why Associations Must Constantly Turn to What’s Next

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At the ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition in Detroit Sunday, opening general session speaker Josh Linkner explained to association leaders the five “obsessions” of innovative thinkers and showed them how they can be adopted back at the office. The way Josh Linkner sees it, Detroit is the perfect setting for a gathering of association executives who want to embrace innovation.

Reinvent What You Do, Not Who You Are

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I have been increasingly distressed (and increasingly vocal) over this drumbeat coming out of our community that our best days are behind us, that our only hope of survival is rejecting who we are, that "market share" means "not all members," that "selling products and gaining sponsors" is the panacea to our financial challenges, that efficient decision making may require sacrificing democratic principles, that associations are increasingly irrelevant in today's "fast moving society.".

Association E-Learning: 3 Tips to Provide Member Value


For example, are any of your association’s members struggling to adjust to working from home or seeking a job in a volatile job market? Create content about navigating specific changes in your industry. For example, let’s say you’re a part of an association for marketing professionals.

What to Do When Membership Is Booming?

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When your industry is red hot and your membership numbers are, too, how do you sustain your momentum? The Robotic Industries Association takes a three-pronged approach. That’s what the Robotic Industries Association is starting to see. Fueled by a booming industry, RIA has experienced 25 percent membership growth in the last two years. Robotics is a hot industry, and we continue to see strong growth,” says RIA Vice President, Bob Doyle.

The Future of Rental Cars Is Here

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The result of all these changes is that an industry that has undergone quite a bit of consolidation in recent years, with mergers affecting both traditional car-rental companies and newer ones like Zipcar, is seeing lots of innovation without nearly the level of attention that ride-sharing companies like Uber have received. The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) believes that the opportunity is ripe for car-sharing firms to see some growth from in the business travel market.

Effectively Training a Global Audience: What Works?

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At Artisan E-Learning, we were tasked with creating a course for JLG Industries that provided technical training in several languages. Amy Morrisey is the president of Artisan E-Learning and serves as sales & marketing manager. She currently serves on the board of ATD Detroit.

5 Super Questions for Associations and Association Publications

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And Gannett-owned Detroit Free Press, along with the Detroit News and their joint Detroit Media Partnership, said it planned to leave the companies' downtown home, where it printed newspapers for decades. #3 Looking at what’s happened to the broader industry of printed publications and journalism, it makes sense. Are you combining traditional marketing vehicles with social media platforms?

Advance Reading for #ASAE15

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Heading to the 2015 ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition in Detroit? Read: “ The American Geophysical Union is Using Data to Dig Up Industry Experts ,” by Katie Bascuas, July 30. Session: “Referral Marketing: The Key to Millennial Recruitment,” 11:30 a.m. Read: “ Why Referral Marketing Could Be the Key to Millennial Recruitment ,” by Christine Umbrell,, July 20*.

The new association “normal”

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ASAE The Center for Association Leadership , which supports the interests of more than 22,000 association executives and industry partners representing 10,000 organizations worldwide, sat down with President John Graham about new membership models and game changers he sees happening for associations during the coming year. AA: You referenced ASAE’s hybrid membership model in your opening remarks at ASAE’s annual convention in Detroit. John Graham, president of ASAE.

Conference Circuit: 2014?s Events in Review

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E3, the most important video-game industry event , utilized standard social media outlets in addition to a Twitch live-streaming channel to document its extensive events. Some associations aimed to not just document and promote through social media but also equip professionals with the digital tools for success in their industries. The New England Library Association stressed the importance of the industry with its conference theme “Be Bold.

Thoughts on Adopting a Digital Mindset

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While presenting at the Reinders Green Industry Conference, I discovered that Reinders – a regional distributor to landscapers, irrigation companies and golf courses – is rolling out a new digital ordering platform that will help customers as well as the company. The Domino’s CEO cites a mea culpa ad campaign, digital delivery and unlikely new markets. The most common response: setting up research offices in the technology industry’s backyard.

Blogging Live from TEDx Raleigh

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By engaging their own passions, his company created an experience for those visiting the Michelin exhibit at the Detroit Auto Show. B corps as a marketing opportunity: Employees are seeking meaning in their work. Industrial Revolution gave us a linear process with which we messed up the planet. He talks about how farming has become an industry — big factory farming. What used to be manure that served as fertilizer for crops is now industrial waste.

Member, Meet Sponsor: A Model for Reaching Under-Served Segments

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As shared here in January , SPE began to offer free student memberships in 2014, via a partnership with Society of the Plastics Industry, which acts as a sponsor to subsidize the student memberships. The regular dues rate of about $300 is reduced to $60, with the remainder paid by one of NESDA’s “ Industry Angels ” sponsors. Much like the program at SPE, “The goal of the ScaleUp program is to connect industry to our student membership,” she says.

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Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects: Making Sponsorship Special Again

Idea Architects

simply to support the industry or to have their name attached to an. need members and customers to pay a greater percentage of the real costs of a product or program so we can more accurately assess the market’s. But with the signal-to-noise ratio already so poor, and we attendees already so good at filtering out all the marketing being thrown at us at every turn in a meeting and in everyday life, I'm not so sure how effective that will be.

111 Intriguing Chats for 2011


It should also be noted that the list reflects my interests: associations, events, travel, tech, government, education, social media, communications, marketing, public relations, and jobs. Analyst of Social Computing & Interactive Marketing @ Forrester, tracking Social Media, Twitter, Influence & Facebook & WOM. CharlieCurve - Charlie Wollborg; Detroit; Chief Troublemaker at Curve. I know a thing or two about marketing. Marketing Strategist.

Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects: I Want ASAE to Fail. And You.

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We can then talk about the environment in which the association and the profession or industry it serves are operating and what little bets and strategic investments would be the right thing to do. We are on the front lines of this dynamic in the association marketplace as we take on development of an online Network for the event marketing space. 15, Detroit, OACS-MACS Fall Conference. Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects. Jeffrey Cufaude is an architect of ideas.